7 Ways Mobile Marketing is Helping SMEs Grow Their Business

7 Ways Mobile Marketing is Helping SMEs Grow Their Business

Gone are the days when users used to go to an internet browsing center to access their emails and social media accounts, all these are just a click away on their smartphones now which has opened a new market for digital marketers. While large industries can target a larger group of audience owing to their abundant marketing budget, small and medium enterprises (SMEs) have a limited budget hence they need to spend it carefully to only focus on a smaller group of target audience and with mobile marketing doing so good, this is one area where they cannot skimp on the budget.

We have listed below 7 ways mobile marketing is helping SMEs grow their business;

1. Easily Accessible by User:

It goes without saying that most people always carry their smartphones around hence reaching them out through their phones by sending an SMS or even marketing emails which they can access from their phones have become relatively easier. You do not have to wait for the users to open their laptops to see your marketing efforts and this makes a lot of difference as the chances that the audience will miss your message reduces drastically. If you manage to come up with a catchy and engaging message, then the chances of getting conversions increases dramatically.

2. Increased Brand Awareness:

Through mobile phones, to spread brand awareness is easier as the entire day the customer is connected with you hence you can take the benefit of it. Announcing a launch or introducing an app will help in gaining new interests from the audience.

3. Fast Way of Communicating with Customers:

If a customer wants to engage with your brand, in earlier days they had to open their desktop or laptop to do so which delayed the entire process but with mobile-optimized websites nowadays, customers prefer visiting your mobile site and engaging through it as it can be done from anywhere. Most customers also visit their social media accounts through their smartphones, and you have a huge market that you can tap. Also, adding features like a chat on your site can directly link you to the customers and you can pay them personal attention to bring in the conversions.

4. Easy Mobile Payments:

Another important feature that has improved mobile conversions in recent days is a simple payment gateway for mobile apps and websites so that the customers need not wait to pay from their desktop or laptop.

5. Multiple-Platform Targeting:

As most people use their smartphones to access their social media accounts hence mobile marketing can also have an impact on these platforms by targeting the right platform for the type of your audience.

6. Analytics to Measure the Outcome:

The introduction of useful tools to measure web analytics has made it easy to track your marketing campaigns. Have an eye on how your customers are engaging through their phones and which channel they prefer to engage from. Allocate a higher marketing budget and more effort on that channel to take the benefit of the higher customer engagement to bring in more conversions

7. Offer Deals to Use Mobile Apps:

Many websites are using marketing tactics like offering extra discounts when you order via mobile app and it has been seen that this has increased the app download rate and engagement through mobile phones as users are always seeking out for best offers before they engage with a brand.


Small business owners need to distribute their limited budget across various marketing areas hence it makes more sense to allocate a larger budget for the areas which brings in good conversions and mobile marketing is one such area which you have to focus on, to stay ahead in the game and keep up with your competitors.

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