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Blogging Tips

Signature and Forum Marketing for Bloggers

Signature and Forum Marketing for Bloggers

There are several ways of promoting your blog like Signature marketing. Over the years, I have put in back bending hours to learn and implement every other blog promotion technique that I came across and I continue to learn at a frenetic speed.

Various ways to promote blog

Add Blog URL to email signature (Signature Marketing)

Link to other blogs.

Have a blogroll section.

Visit forums and comment actively to help others and help yourself.

Participate in Link exchanges.

Social Media Posting

Social bookmarking

Blog Carnival

Blog Commenting

Blog directories and blog search engines

Article Marketing

RSS Feed optimization

Put blog URL on your visiting card, car stickers etc.

Shall we go through what is called as ‘Signature Marketing’.’?


Signature Marketing:

When corresponding with people via traditional mail you always include a signature, don’t you? On the internet, since you do not have a letterhead that is embedded with your contact information, your contact details can be included in your email as a signature. Each email you send can include a proper email signature that will look professional and thus adds credibility to your business.

A signature block is a block of text and small images (icons and logos) that are automatically appended to the bottom of an e-mail message or forum post.

It is common practice for a signature block to consist of one or more lines containing some brief information about the author of the message.

What does a ‘Signature’ contain?

Information usually contained in a signature block includes the poster’s name, phone number, and email address, along with other contact details if required, such as URLs of the websites owned or favored by the author. (Please make a note of the word, ‘favoured’)

Create an Email Signature in GMail

  1. Login to your GMail account.
  2. Select Settings link from the drop down menu adjacent to the ‘gear’ icon. Setting screen will appear with General tab selected
  3. Scroll down to Signature.
  4. Select the radio button beside the empty text box.
  5. Type out your website/blog URL as your signature in the empty text box.
  6. Scroll further down the page until you see the Save Changes button.
  7. Click the Save Changes button.

That was pretty easy.

Test Email Signature in GMail

Now that you have a signature set up you should test that it is working and looking the way you wanted it to.

From your Inbox, click the Compose Mail link in the top left.

Do you notice your signature was automatically inserted?

How is it looking?

If you feel you need to revise your signature, just go back to Settings and repeat the process above.

Now each email will contain the information on how to contact you when you are sending Gmail. It is free advertising.

Signature Marketing using forums:

I am continuing with signature marketing using forums.  Your signature can be very effectively used in forums too where you are sure to get clicks on your signature.

I know it for sure because; I never bypass an option to include my signature. It was helpful for me in learning about thousands of websites on myriad subjects. It also helped me getting wonderful online friends over the years.

Forums and Forum Signature:

An Internet forum, or message board, is an online discussion site. From a technological standpoint, forums or boards are web applications managing user-generated content.

Forums are great avenues for driving traffic to your blogs. People participating in an Internet forum can build bonds with each other. An interest group will easily form around a topic’s discussion, subjects dealt with in or around sections in the forum.

Forum users are generally net savvy and open to making online purchases. Many forum users are also respected experts and bloggers in the specific topics covered by the forum.

When you sign up for a forum, you will be able to edit your profile.

In your profile, you can add your signature and give your website URLs. Just about every member of the forum will see and click on your signature provided you actively participate in the forums.

It is also a great place to learn ways to monetize your blog. Savvy internet marketers know that forums can be an ideal way of building a reputation, establishing an expert status, and driving traffic to your web site.

When you sign up in a forum of your interest, remember these points.

* Read the posts.

* Respond to people’s questions.

* Ask questions.

* Make yourself known.

* And build your own profile there.

Search engines, like Google, often crawl popular forums and index posts. That means your posts will appear in the search engines, another extremely important reason you want to be as professional as possible when you chat in forums.

When you first join a forum, read for a few days to get a feel of how things work. You will come to know the most popular members and whose opinions seem to be the most trusted. Once you’ve accustomed yourself to the forum etiquettes, start posting.

Drive people to sites that might help them or answer their questions before pointing to your blog posts. Establish yourself as a person ready to help out.

Don’t shout; don’t get angry. Forums are vulnerable places for your emotions to take the better of you.

Not all forums are worth your time. Successful forum marketing means finding the right community for your business. Some forums even prevent new users from adding their signature before posting a certain number of posts.

Remember these points while participating in a forum.

Many forums have unique guidelines that you need to pay attention to. Some of the most important issues to look for include:

  • Are users allowed to place links in their posts?
  • Are users allowed to promote their own businesses?
  • Are users allowed to post commercial messages in their signatures?
  • Are users allowed to contact other members for commercial purposes?
  • What restrictions are placed on new users?
  • What special privileges are given to veteran users?

 Pick a good user name and avatar

Your user name and avatar are the first things other users will notice about you. Pick a user name that is easy to remember and pronounce. Using your real name might be appropriate, especially if your name is closely identified with your brand.

What is an avatar?

Avatars are small pictures attached to all your posts. A good head shot of yourself or cute pictures of your kids or pets make the best avatars. Avoid using any pictures that might be considered offensive or controversial.

Create a compelling profile

A good profile can help you establish credibility on the forum. Provide a solid description of your expertise and experience. Feel free to add in a couple of personal tidbits to humanize your profile. Information like your hometown, your pet’s name, or your favorite sports team is good ways to break the ice.

Introduce yourself

Many forums encourage new users to introduce themselves to the community by making an introductory post. This is usually done in threads especially designated for welcoming new members. These threads are usually called some variation of “Say Hi Here,” “How Did You Find Us,” or” New Members Check In Here.”

Your introductory post should include a brief description of your expertise and an explanation of why you joined the forum. Let the other users know that your main goal is to contribute to and learn from the community. Do not make any marketing pitches in your first post. If you try to sell anything in your first post you are very likely to get banned.

Put your website’s address in your signature

Like email signature, Forum signatures are blocks of text or graphic that are attached to the end of all your posts. If you are in a forum that allows self-promotional signatures, make sure you take full advantage of this opportunity.

How to avoid getting banned:

Do not get drawn into heated arguments. It would be a shame to get banned just because you don’t agree with someone else’s opinion.   Here’s how you can avoid the drama:

  • Constantly remind yourself that your mission here is to build goodwill for your business.
  • Stay away from charged up topics like politics or religion.
  • Resist the urge to respond to criticism. If you have to answer, at least give yourself a couple of hours to cool off before responding.
  • Use emoticons to indicate when you are being facetious.
  • End discussions the moment you sense that it is getting contentious. Just say you agree to disagree and that you want to move on to other more pleasant topics.

How to get paid to use your signature?

Do you remember the word ‘favored URL’ mentioned earlier? Some members who don’t have their own websites can offer to put others’ website URLs in their signature and charge a monthly fee for that.

The fee can be high if you have contributed more posts in the forum. For example, if you have posted about 1000 times in various threads, your signature will appear in 1000 posts. That’s a big visibility on the internet.

Do you catch my point?

Forums are difficult to maintain especially with spammers around. That’s why several forums meet an early death.

The best forum for bloggers and Internet marketers is

It has been around for than 10 years.

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The Salient Qualities for Bloggers to Succeed

The Salient Qualities for  Bloggers to Succeed

When majority of the people unfamiliar to blogging are asked to define what a blog is, their definition usually revolves around a personal journal or a social networking tool mostly used by young adults and teens which is entirely different from the Bloggers perspective.

How to be One Among Successful Bloggers

Anyone familiar with blogging knows that blogging is NOT just a personal journal, in fact, far from it. A blog is a powerful marketing tool which both businesses and individuals are using to establish brand recognition and connect more intimately with a super-targeted group of clients, consumers or customers.

More and more people are recognizing the fact that they can market their personal brand or

business exclusively through blogging, thereby saving thousands of dollars on traditional offline marketing costs such as newspaper ads, handbills, flyers, television ads, and giant hoardings.


As of today, there are more than 600 million blogs online and I know that at least 100,000 new blogs are being created every day. And I also know that a minimum of 50,000 blogs are abandoned daily.

Do you know that most bloggers do not persist beyond the three-month mark?

Why it happens for most bloggers?

* Blogging consistently is NOT easy.

It certainly is easy to set up a BlogSpot account or even install WordPress, but unfortunately most blogs don’t go much farther than that. Many bloggers find that writing informative and original articles consistently is difficult, and they are right – it is difficult. However, most experienced bloggers will tell you that it takes a while to build up that elusive blogging rhythm – the one in which you easily weave together insightful and unique posts.

* New blogs yield little to no financial return, initially.

Many bloggers start blogging because they see big time bloggers like John Chow and Darren Rowse pulling thousands of dollars each month from AdSense and third party advertisements. These super bloggers make it look easy, but the fact remains, John Chow and Darren Rowse have been blogging for their heart out.  I know them personally. They are genuinely interested in helping bloggers to earn money. However busy they are, they always replied to my questions. It is extremely rare for a blog to make money before its three-month mark.

* Consistent web traffic takes time to build. Be patient.

I’ll admit it’s hard to feel motivated to blog when you know not many people are reading your work. However, this early stage of blogging is arguably the most crucial. The first three months are the time to show everyone that despite not having tons of comments or a large number of RSS subscribers, you are writing interesting, original, and link-worthy articles.

* Lack of passion?

Many new “make money online” blogs have been popping every now and then. To my knowledge, “How to earn online” is the most taken up Niche by new bloggers mainly because they are led to believe that it is also one of the most searched phrases on the Internet. How many of those bloggers actually make money online and are passionate about it? John Chow didn’t start writing about how to make money online exclusively – he initially just used his blog to talk about his passions, only one of which was making that online dough.

* Lack of persistence

Most people would love to quit their day job and blog full-time. So, they start blogging but find that, like anything, it takes a considerable amount of time. Add that to their already busy lives and it is something that often gets put off and eventually abandoned. When anyone adds blogging to their busy lives, they must start practicing time management much more seriously. I find that it doesn’t take me much longer than 30 minutes to write a solid post.  Can you dig out the earth to check whether the seeds you planted have started growing just three days after sowing the seed? Blogging takes months of hard work to see any noticeable benefits.  My first AdSense check came only after 9 months.

I respect bloggers who have been blogging for at least six months; it’s an indication of some dedication and seriousness. The longer you have been blogging, the more people will see you as an expert or authority on your blog topics. There is a lot of power in published work.

Infinite patience of bloggers results in immediate results.

Establishing authority through blogging is completely opposite to the old way of generating business. In the past, businesses marketing a product had to interrupt your activity to bring a product or service to your attention. For example, a TV commercial interrupts the show you are watching and may be perceived as an annoyance by us but the marketers assume (quite foolishly of course) that it is the only way to get their products to us.

The Internet is the exact opposite of offline marketing techniques. For every online product and service, consumers are seeking out the business. When someone types in your product or service into Google, are you on the front page?

It doesn’t matter whether you sell concrete or provide a freelance service; every type of business or service can benefit from engaging the endless supply of niche consumers that exist online.

How do Bloggers can establish authority?

Authority is not something that comes easily or quickly. However, it can take far less time to establish authority than by marketing through traditional media outlets such as television, radio, and newspaper.

You are not likely to see commercials selling tooth paste and shampoos on the Internet. Those types of ads have no place on the Internet as every product that is for sale in the web has to be backed with testimonials.  You can’t ask the advertisers to produce that man or woman who smiles immediately after swallowing head ache tablets-can we? In the web world, a smile is not a positive feedback; only words can convey it.

Establish authority by gaining credibility

Many bloggers are now starting blogs to simply “make money online,” but if you can delay the temptation for instant monetary gratification (e.g., plastering Adsense Ads on your site), you will establish credibility and long-term trust at a much faster rate.

Remember, before you gain authority you must gain credibility. By sacrificing short-term profit, you will show your target audience that you are committed to the greater good of serving your audience instead of bombarding them with ads. Ultimately, to gain credibility, you must help people and not just advertise to them.


Whatever niche you are in, take the time to become an authority. Start by building your community of followers and by implementing an intelligently conceived marketing plan. The barriers to entering the world of online business are extremely low, so more bloggers are hopping on board every day. Remember this, and do everything you can to implement your master plan for success!


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How to Build a Successful News Blog -TwitIQ

How to Build a Successful News Blog -TwitIQ

If you want to be a professional blogger looking to generate an online income but confused about which niche is highly profitable, then, you are reading the right information now. Creating News blog is the right way.

A news blog is a good foundation to start with because you’ll never run out of content ideas. In addition, there is an abundance of material that makes your content research quicker.

How to Find the Focus of Your News Blog

News blogs are fast-paced blogs which track, aggregate and disseminate current news on a set range of topics. Their main selling points are comprehensiveness and timeliness: a good news blog must cover the field thoroughly and speedily by pointing readers to the new information or developments.

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Learn the Basics of Blog Commenting – A Practical Guide for Bloggers

Learn the Basics of Blog Commenting

If you ever have imagined attracting a visitor to your blog almost instantly, then, blog commenting is the only way. In addition, blog commenting is the effective method for getting some valuable backlinks.

Blog comments are what make a blog truly interactive. Blog comments are the lifeblood of a blog. Comments alone separate a blog from a static website. As the conversation builds, your relationship with your readers will be solid and meaning full and it also paves way to increase your blog’s popularity.

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How to Build a Dynamic Website Using WordPress

How to Build a Dynamic Website Using WordPress

To Create a Professional WordPress Dynamic Website

Dynamic websites enable content to be continually updated, users can be targeted and interactively integrated into content creation – for example, in forums and blogs. With WordPress the free, user-friendly content management software, you can create your own small websites as satellite projects or integrate them into an already existing page without any programming knowledge. For example, to accompany their specialist books and magazines, to keep current data available or to present new publications.

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