Blogging Tips

Blogging Tips

4 Best Ways to Increase Traffic to Your Blog

4 Best Ways to Increase Traffic to Your Blog
There is never a better way for people to share their thoughts and opinion to the world than blogging. Blogging essentially means keeping an online journal or a diary and maintain it on a daily basis.
Not only individuals but businesses also maintain their blog to help increase the amount of sales on their web sites. To achieve increased sales, bloggers must first try to increase traffic to their blogs. It is the prime goal. Every blogger without exception wants to keep his visitors coming back for more. There are four salient methods to enhance blog traffic.
Before explaining about the four ways, I want you to know that blogging is no more a hobby but a real business and if treated as such, the goal of starting and maintaining a blog will be met.
Not only companies but individuals have also started selling goods and services through their blogs. Businesses choose blogging because it is as an inexpensive way to advertise their products or services.
1. Regular content update: The first discipline for bloggers to increase visitors to their blogs is to post content on their blogs as frequently as possible. I would say, at least 3 posts per week is a must. Visitors will stay loyal to blogs that are updated daily. Nowadays bloggers update their blogs daily if not several times a day. Readers are likely to lose interest in your blog if they have to wait several days for new content. In fact search engines too expect a blog to be updated with fresh content frequently. Be aware that there are literally thousands of blogs available on the Internet. If your blog is not updated on a regular basis, you will lose your readers to another blog.
2. Participate in web communities: There are number of discussion forums also known as web communities in the internet. Participating in such discussion forums is a definite way to get new visitors to your blog there by raising the blog traffic. Interacting with the members of forums by way of asking questions and answering others’ queries will slowly expose your knowledge in the topics and you will be considered as an authority in your niche. You can also show genuine interest in others’ blogs and ask them to visit your blog. When you visit others’ blogs, it is advisable to leave meaningful comments on their blog post. This act of yours will be definitely reciprocated by other members of the forum.
3. Tracking the blog traffic: Any website (blog is also a website that can be maintained by anyone without any web development knowledge) will soon die if the webmaster (blogger) doesn’t employ any tracking methods to know:
* The nature of visitors,
*from where they came from,
*for how long each visitor stayed on the site,
*what they clicked
And so on.
The best tracking tool is provided by Google free of cost to every blogger and webmaster. It is called Google Analytics.
4. Include keywords: You blog can gain readership if you methodically input proper keywords that are related to your blog’s topic in your content title and the body. If you are lazy to do this, your blog will not grow at all. Keyword analysis is a laborious task and every blogger cannot afford to evade it.
As mentioned earlier, blogging is a serious business and unless a blogger understands and employs these four ways, he will abandon his blog soon.
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Blogging Tips

All You Need to Know Before Creating a Blog

All You Need to Know Before Creating a Blog
As a veteran blogger, I would like to share my 12 years of blogging in this with prospective bloggers. Blogs capture the readers from all walks of life because they are interactive

Have you ever heard of ‘blog factor’?

So what’s this “blog factor“?  A unique concept planted in the cyber world several years ago has now evolved into such a proportion that no one expected.  About 7 years ago, the estimated number of blogs was approximately 9 million and added to that, about 50k blogs were launched every day.

What is a blog?

Simply put, blog is a digital diary stored in the cyber space by individuals and corporate bodies. Blog (short for Web log) is a place where you and I update latest information that interests us.

We can blog about:

  • Our current thoughts
  • Opinion after reading a news, watching a movie or after reading a book
  • What we saw on the road, who we met by chance
  • A product or a service that we recently bought

Do you know that some blogs are nothing more than a daily glimpse into someone’s life, while others contain sophisticated content?

Why a blog?

As previously said, They are your personal digital diary that anyone can read and also, who doesn’t like others attention to ones dreams and opinion. It is a surefire way to get all the attention you crave for.

Every search engine has a deep love affair with blogs because of fresh content that gets updated every second somewhere in the world.

When you have completed one year of blogging, you would have slowly evolved into a professional blogger which means you will start earning money through various avenues, the prime being the Google AdSense where the king Google will serve advertisements of its clients on yours and you are paid a certain sum of money for every valid click on the ads.

Every big corporate body, every famous brand including Coke and Colgate will have their blog alongside their website because through their blogs, they can propagate their products quickly and effectively in the Internet and that too by spending negligible amount.

What to blogging about?

Ah, there is no dearth of topics to blogging about. Just about anything we talk about to our family, friends, colleagues and strangers can be an interesting blogging topic. As they, you can write about anything under the sun without hurting another human being.

I once read about a novel author’s blog where every character of his fiction became blogging topic! What a creative idea! It was a sort of the novel’s character’s diary.

Blogging subjects are found in hundreds of categories and further divided into hundreds of sub-categories. The blogging ideas are just countless. All you require is a basic interest on the topic that you wish to blogging about.

So, how to launch a blog?

Creating a blog is very easy. All you have to do is register yours in, and you are on your way. It can be completed in about 5 minutes provided you have decided on the name of your blog and a brief description of your blog.

To create yours in that is owned by Google is totally free. Yes, you can start a blog free of cost and even you can make money out of it!

Wow! Wouldn’t you be interested?

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