Party Apps: Need Models for Your Party? There’s an App for That

Party Apps: Need Models for Your Party? There’s an App for That

Party Apps At Your Service, for Your Convenience

Nowadays the world runs on Applications which makes life certainly easier. Apps are available for every service that begins with necessity and ends up as compulsion. The world of smartphones has proven that you can access everything from the vicinity of your comfort level and thus party apps are available for your convenience. The domain of apps is taking its notches high and there is hardly any service that is not brought into notice by the newly emerging apps. This time the zone of apps has unveiled a new application that has added a new and unexpected entry in the list of the services provided by these apps.

The time has come when you do not have to worry about arranging a magniloquent party. With a party apps, your party will be studded with hot models in just one go. Yes, an application named Surkus  a party apps is here to provide you with the most unexpected service of the era. Now, models can be made available in just one go. Surkus brings to you aspiring models, actors-in-waiting and even social media dwarfs.

The app promoters and several other clients are ready to pay attractive prizes to make their party appear garnished at its fullest. The party apps is no less than a hub for sculpted beauties. You can easily connect with seekers who are aspiring to rent the kinda glamour you are looking for, out of which 50 per cent of the fee is taken by the party apps Surkus, so it is a profitable business scheme, where both parties meet their needs. The members enrolled in this party apps can easily make $100 in just a couple of hours by loitering around nightclubs or private parties.

Stephen George, a 30-year-old, living in Los Angeles launched this party apps named Surkus. He has clarified that till date there are 150,000 members of  the party apps Surkus and the numbers are increasing every now and then.

The members of the party apps Surkus can also move as “atmosphere models” after parties at clubs. They can also attend promotional parties and some of them, who are really talented, gets casted in films and modelling works. Thus, the business is really profitable and it’s no longer considered an un reputed job.

You can easily join this party apps by getting in touch with their Facebook profiles and meet several clients, by providing the details as per your preference like age, figure, number of followers on instagram and many more. This application is providing its service for the last 18 months and its popularity is growing day by day. The members are very clear as far as their intention to do this work is concerned.

They intend to earn money and the ones who intend to grow in terms of their career also have a list of opportunities coming their way. It’s all about rethinking the way of living. With the ever-changing world, the convention of surviving should also be dealt in a new way, thus Surkus has set an example that with a just idea and correct implementation the world can survive in a much easier way, where none is left out.

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The First Alexa Phone Gets Amazon Even Closer to Total Domination

The First Alexa Phone Gets Amazon Even Closer to Total Domination

Amazon Alexa has gone way beyond the path traversed by the modern popular digital assistants like Siri, Cortana or Google Assistant but it hasn’t found much popularity or adoption like them. Reason is simple as it is only available on selected smart home devices offered by Amazon but everything is going to change with the launch of the Alexa phone or we could Alexa being present on the phone. It is worth noting that Amazon developers has trained Alexa to perform over 10,000 skills which literally allows it do almost anything from its app.

Alexa is on smartphone but no one cares

The list of the things which can be performed by Alexa voice commands are immense and can’t be listed to its full potential. At home users can utilize Alexa to control the lights, play local radio, set timers and much more. Using Alexa is almost live getting Jarvis level of assistance at hand which is quite futuristic and empowering in its own right.

Amazon didn’t concentrate on the Alexa for smartphone platform therefore it lagged behind the popular choices even after being present on both the Android and iOS platform. The major reason behind it is that no phone is designed to work with Alexa as the first choice which serious limits its capability and turns its core potential in a simple challenge. HTC U11 is a flagship device which is essentially an Alexa phone as it brings the best of Alexa to the users for the first time.

Enjoy Alexa Phone at its best

HTC U11 doesn’t only bring Alexa but the Google Assistant so users don’t misses on the popular digital assistant. A user is simply required to speak Alexa to enable it on their device or they squeeze the edges to turn on the Alexa. For using Google Assistant simply say Hey Google or long press the home button. The good thing about this Alexa phone is that both the digital assistants can be used interchangeably.

Since Alexa isn’t a native digital assistant on this device therefore it takes three or more seconds for it show up after speaking or squeezing the buttons. Users will find a hard time making it work from the locked position but once the phone is unlocked and running like usual then using Alexa becomes a breeze.

Without proper Alexa app it is hard to get optimum experience out of it. Regardless of these issues Alexa is getting all things done related to Alexa like controlling the music, making to-do lists and others.

Half-measure will be huge potential for future

At the moment HTC U11 does seem to be appear as a half measure which doesn’t unlocks the full potential of the Alexa but something is always better than nothing at all.

At least it opens the opportunity wherein we will see more manufacturers offering Alexa as the primary digital assistant on their devices to boost the sales. Alexa phone will certainly become a talk of the town once more manufacturers starting seriously using it on their devices till then HTC U11 is the best bet to enjoy Alexa.

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Mobdro, the New Kodi Streaming App Offers Free Access to Movies

Mobdro,  the New Kodi Streaming App Offers Free Access to Movies

Mobdro – The Streaming App – `New Kodi ‘

Mobdro, the streaming app has been addressed as the `new Kodi’ while legal problems tend to continue having uncertainly regarding the future of illicit third party add-ons. In fact the software is not at all new. Mobdro was around for many years but could have been well-known since the authorities aimed on closing down sites and repositories which seemed to promote the use of Kodi for illegally streaming copyrighted content.
By the time Kodi had gone mainstream Mobdro was unfamiliar to many. Though one can utilise it to access copyrighted content illegally, it is not a like-for-like choice to Kodi.  Kodi is considered to be a multimedia player which is totally legal and one can utilise it in playing video, music, podcast together with the other digital media files from the local storage, internet or a home network.

One can also use it to watch TV shows, films as well as sport fixtures without any charge thorough illegal add-ons that have been generated by the developers. On the other hand, Mobdro is considered to be less capable and can scan the web for free video streams enabling the user to tune into them. It is considered `so far untouched’ by authorities according to the Mirror.

Mobdro – An Indexation Tool

It states that `Mobdro is an indexation tool, which means that it only looks at which stream is available.  Mobdro is not in control on the streaming and if the streaming which one is looking for was on the list before and now has disappeared, it would mean that it was online but now it seems to be offline.

It further added that the content of the streams is the `sole responsibility’ of the pages from where they have been hosted.  It tends to have a reputation of being reliable though not for the highest quality streams and is also risky to download than Kodi.

Mobdro is made available on Android version 4.1 and above though one may have to download it manually by enabling unknown sources in the setting of your phone which is a risky affair that could leave one vulnerable to unreliable apps. If one intends to stream movies from online sources, they can discover that Kodi could be the best choice. You could obtain a huge number of Kodi add-ons for movies which could offer easy access to tens of thousands of films.

Research on Diverse Kodi

Various researches have been done in diverse Kodi add-ons in order to define which of this add-on could offer the best movie content.  While researching, the following things were looked into:

  • Menu options
  • Comfort of use
  • Streaming quality
  • Functioning links
  • Number of movie options



Mobdro: Focus of High Profile Legal Pressure

Even though several well-known Kodi add-ons have come and gone there seems to be new add-ons always which tend to come up taking the place of the one which have gone by.  Moreover it was also observed that several of the well-known add-ons which had disappeared seemed to come back with new names together with improvement than they were earlier.

Most of the add-ons tend to utilise the SuperRepo or Kodil – Kodisrael, Kodi repositories. The streaming software Kodi has been the focus of high profile legal pressure for several months now.  Since the Premiere League, Sky TV as well as several Hollywood film studios has tried blocking streams to the service, numerous big name add-ons have closed down. However so far untouched by copyright enforcers, another streaming service tends to come up picking up.  Mobdro being a streaming program with the prospect of picking up live channels on-demand content comprises of well-known TV shows, documentaries and live sports.

The app has not been listed in the app store, however the Android application package – APK is made freely available and the same can be installed on any device with some knowledge.  Moreover, it can also be loaded on TV streaming devices such as Google’s Chromecast or Fire TV Stick of Amazon and played through a regular television.

Mobdro Free & Paid-For Premium Version

Free and a paid-for premium version is offered by Mobdro though the premium version is not essential in accessing live content.  One would only need it if you prefer putting it on a Chromecast.

An impressed user had mentioned on Reddit `Got it today, pretty sweet so far.  Has all the sports channels which will prove to be handy’. While another wrote, `someone makes the stream available online; Mobdro finds it and serve it in a nice userface for you.  Probably, released somewhere else first’.

As technology develops and tends to get enhanced so also the criminals.  Regrettably we come across various unofficial apps together with add-ons coming up which enable illegal access to copyrighted content like live sports, films and premium pay-to view TV according to the CEO of FACT- Federation against copyright theft, Kieron Sharp.

He had informed Mirror Tech that in the last few months there have been some substantial changes ahead in the combat against illegal streaming inclusive of the UK blocking order against illegal football streams. He further added that they would continue with the work with industry and the police in cracking down the criminal opportunists responsible for these trespassing apps and add-ons.

Crawl the Web for Free Streams

Prior to the installation of Mobdro, the user is compelled to agree to the terms and conditions of the app stating that it is designed to `crawl the web for free streams’ and capture them for the users to watch.

It goes on to state: `Mobdro has no control whatsoever nor may it be held liable for the content or location of the streams which shall be the sole responsibility of the pages on which they are hosted. If the holder of the copyright considers that her/his right has been breached, they must address the source to request its withdrawal’.


Till now, Mobdro has not responded to a request for a comment. Meanwhile, Kodi has restated that it is not concerned about the piracy debate. The XBMC Foundation that administers the Kodi software seems to be totally unhappy with the scenario stating that it is not interested in hearing the complaints of the users and labelling those who sell these loaded Kodi boxes as `criminals’.

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Samsung Frame TV: Is your TV an eyesore? Samsung wants to change that

Samsung Frame TV: Is your TV an eyesore? Samsung wants to change that

Samsung Frame TV: Samsung turning television something different altogether

Truth to be told TVs are simply boring when they are not in action. We have come a long way from the boxy tube one to flat panels which are available in varied screen dimensions like curved, square and wide. Samsung is taking the innovation forward by not just making televisions bigger and thinner with immense resolution but turning it into something else altogether as Frame TV. In recent past TV has also seen the subsequent rise of the 3D, 4K and curved displays across the price segments which caters the need of very consumer in its own fashion.

The wide range of feature, functionality and innovativeness also has its own shortcoming as it ends up in consuming the consumer. One isn’t sure whether to opt for top of the line model or settle with a budget friendly one. Samsung is going to bridge the gap and bring a new dose of innovativeness with the launch of new Frame TV.

Samsung Frame TV

Samsung Frame TV is new and different

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that the design of the Frame TV will be just like frame as it goes with its name.  It is specifically designed to appear like a frame piece of art which can be hanged on the wall. It is certainly different, new and to be more precise a bold decision coming from the consumer electronics firm. When a turns on the Frame TV it works just like the television but during inactivity it doesn’t appear to be a black square or rectangle on wall gazing upon the homeowners.

In simple words Samsung has designed the Frame TV to blend with the room interiors rather than appearing as a boring and ugly black rectangle.

Frame TV artsy world

Frame TV blends flawlessly with the environment which is hard to explain and can only be experienced in person. When the television is turned off then the matter finished screen of the TV comes filled with the art. Korean giant is offering as many as 100 free options which come with some of the coolest abstract patterns to the common stark whites and blacks. Secondly if any users wants to enhance the amount of options then it can be bought from the TV itself at $19.99 apiece or get a chance to experience the complete library by spending just $4.99 a month.  It would be insane to think users will be stuck with the free or paid options only therefore Frame TV allows users to upload their own which will be displayed when TV is turned off.

By default like any other television Frame TV comes with the black edges but it can snapped with white, beige wood or walnut frame in order to match with the home decor. Consumers will have to shell out $200-$250 for additional edges. At first glance Frame TV doesn’t looks like a traditional flat panel TV and Samsung does need a credit for this innovative design. In short, Frame TV as real as a TV when turned on and as real as an art piece when turned off.

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All Good Sunglasses Have These Five Things

All Good Sunglasses Have These Five Things

Sunglasses Essential – Shield Eyes

Practically any pair of sunglasses also the cheap shades can make any person look cool. Old fashioned gadgets particularly are the benefits that single digit spectacles are unable to afford, such as reducing the glare on sunny or snowy days and preventing UV rays from hurting your eyes.  The need of sunglasses is essential to shield the eyes from the sun and also from harmful UV rays.  94% of the people are not aware that the sun could be just as harmful to the eyes as it is to their skin and hence the need of sunglasses to protect the eyes from the sun.

The company named Luxottica which is responsible for Ray-Ban and its iconic Wayfarers tend to have a specific recipe for the sandwiched stack of material which makes up its Sun RX prescription lenses.  Irrespective of going for a classic, Risky Business-style Wayfarer or the mirrored shades which the celebrities tend to have presently, you should ensure to protect your eyes from the sun.  At first one should ensure that your shades tend to have 100% UV protection to filter both UVA and UVB rays which is very essential in order to save your eyes.

Sunglasses with Polarized Lenses – Easy to View

One could protect their eyes further with oversized and wraparound frames which provide additional coverage in order to protect the soft tissue surrounding the eyes – that could assist in preventing wrinkles.  Ultimately one tends to have the option of deciding on polarized lenses that tends to make it much easy to view in very bright settings and could also reduce the strain on the eyes.  The following will provide some insight on the eyewear which could be beneficial to the user:

Layer 1: Scratch-Resistant Shell

Ray-Ban tends to enclose the complete lens in a layer of silicon resin in order to shield the surface from nicks and scratches, Applied through a wet-bath for unchanging coverage, the coating is said to harden due to heat and UV light.

Layer 2: Coloured Tint

Instead of tinting the lens that may result in uneven coloration due to the prescription-cutting process, Ray-Ban seems to apply colour as a separate polycarbonate layer.  The dyes mix with the molten raw material preceding moulding.

Layer 3: Polarizing Film

Light reflecting off flat surfaces like lakes and roads tends to oscillate horizontally producing glare in conditions wherein the sunglasses are inclined to matter the most. A thin layer of polyvinyl alcohol having a sequence of microscopic vertical slits stretches through the lens, revoking out the harsh light.

Layer 4: Prescription Lens  

A computer-directed diamond cutter forms polycarbonate lenses to `script-perfect magnification’. The impact-resistant material sieves vision-impairing UV light and is approximately half the weight of hardened glass common in the other shades.

Layer 5: Anti-Reflective Coating

A dark shiny surface is said to act as a mirror, particularly in bright sun and to fight this effect the invisible layers of silica oxide, titanium oxide together with zirconium oxide is said to bounce the light in diverse directions, keeping reflection of your face out of sight.


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