Party Apps: Need Models for Your Party? There’s an App for That

Party Apps: Need Models for Your Party? There’s an App for That

Party Apps At Your Service, for Your Convenience

Nowadays the world runs on Applications which makes life certainly easier. Apps are available for every service that begins with necessity and ends up as compulsion. The world of smartphones has proven that you can access everything from the vicinity of your comfort level and thus party apps are available for your convenience. The domain of apps is taking its notches high and there is hardly any service that is not brought into notice by the newly emerging apps. This time the zone of apps has unveiled a new application that has added a new and unexpected entry in the list of the services provided by these apps.

The time has come when you do not have to worry about arranging a magniloquent party. With a party apps, your party will be studded with hot models in just one go. Yes, an application named Surkus  a party apps is here to provide you with the most unexpected service of the era. Now, models can be made available in just one go. Surkus brings to you aspiring models, actors-in-waiting and even social media dwarfs.

The app promoters and several other clients are ready to pay attractive prizes to make their party appear garnished at its fullest. The party apps is no less than a hub for sculpted beauties. You can easily connect with seekers who are aspiring to rent the kinda glamour you are looking for, out of which 50 per cent of the fee is taken by the party apps Surkus, so it is a profitable business scheme, where both parties meet their needs. The members enrolled in this party apps can easily make $100 in just a couple of hours by loitering around nightclubs or private parties.

Stephen George, a 30-year-old, living in Los Angeles launched this party apps named Surkus. He has clarified that till date there are 150,000 members of  the party apps Surkus and the numbers are increasing every now and then.

The members of the party apps Surkus can also move as “atmosphere models” after parties at clubs. They can also attend promotional parties and some of them, who are really talented, gets casted in films and modelling works. Thus, the business is really profitable and it’s no longer considered an un reputed job.

You can easily join this party apps by getting in touch with their Facebook profiles and meet several clients, by providing the details as per your preference like age, figure, number of followers on instagram and many more. This application is providing its service for the last 18 months and its popularity is growing day by day. The members are very clear as far as their intention to do this work is concerned.

They intend to earn money and the ones who intend to grow in terms of their career also have a list of opportunities coming their way. It’s all about rethinking the way of living. With the ever-changing world, the convention of surviving should also be dealt in a new way, thus Surkus has set an example that with a just idea and correct implementation the world can survive in a much easier way, where none is left out.

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Mobdro, the New Kodi Streaming App Offers Free Access to Movies

Mobdro,  the New Kodi Streaming App Offers Free Access to Movies

Mobdro – The Streaming App – `New Kodi ‘

Mobdro, the streaming app has been addressed as the `new Kodi’ while legal problems tend to continue having uncertainly regarding the future of illicit third party add-ons. In fact the software is not at all new. Mobdro was around for many years but could have been well-known since the authorities aimed on closing down sites and repositories which seemed to promote the use of Kodi for illegally streaming copyrighted content.
By the time Kodi had gone mainstream Mobdro was unfamiliar to many. Though one can utilise it to access copyrighted content illegally, it is not a like-for-like choice to Kodi.  Kodi is considered to be a multimedia player which is totally legal and one can utilise it in playing video, music, podcast together with the other digital media files from the local storage, internet or a home network.

One can also use it to watch TV shows, films as well as sport fixtures without any charge thorough illegal add-ons that have been generated by the developers. On the other hand, Mobdro is considered to be less capable and can scan the web for free video streams enabling the user to tune into them. It is considered `so far untouched’ by authorities according to the Mirror.

Mobdro – An Indexation Tool

It states that `Mobdro is an indexation tool, which means that it only looks at which stream is available.  Mobdro is not in control on the streaming and if the streaming which one is looking for was on the list before and now has disappeared, it would mean that it was online but now it seems to be offline.

It further added that the content of the streams is the `sole responsibility’ of the pages from where they have been hosted.  It tends to have a reputation of being reliable though not for the highest quality streams and is also risky to download than Kodi.

Mobdro is made available on Android version 4.1 and above though one may have to download it manually by enabling unknown sources in the setting of your phone which is a risky affair that could leave one vulnerable to unreliable apps. If one intends to stream movies from online sources, they can discover that Kodi could be the best choice. You could obtain a huge number of Kodi add-ons for movies which could offer easy access to tens of thousands of films.

Research on Diverse Kodi

Various researches have been done in diverse Kodi add-ons in order to define which of this add-on could offer the best movie content.  While researching, the following things were looked into:

  • Menu options
  • Comfort of use
  • Streaming quality
  • Functioning links
  • Number of movie options



Mobdro: Focus of High Profile Legal Pressure

Even though several well-known Kodi add-ons have come and gone there seems to be new add-ons always which tend to come up taking the place of the one which have gone by.  Moreover it was also observed that several of the well-known add-ons which had disappeared seemed to come back with new names together with improvement than they were earlier.

Most of the add-ons tend to utilise the SuperRepo or Kodil – Kodisrael, Kodi repositories. The streaming software Kodi has been the focus of high profile legal pressure for several months now.  Since the Premiere League, Sky TV as well as several Hollywood film studios has tried blocking streams to the service, numerous big name add-ons have closed down. However so far untouched by copyright enforcers, another streaming service tends to come up picking up.  Mobdro being a streaming program with the prospect of picking up live channels on-demand content comprises of well-known TV shows, documentaries and live sports.

The app has not been listed in the app store, however the Android application package – APK is made freely available and the same can be installed on any device with some knowledge.  Moreover, it can also be loaded on TV streaming devices such as Google’s Chromecast or Fire TV Stick of Amazon and played through a regular television.

Mobdro Free & Paid-For Premium Version

Free and a paid-for premium version is offered by Mobdro though the premium version is not essential in accessing live content.  One would only need it if you prefer putting it on a Chromecast.

An impressed user had mentioned on Reddit `Got it today, pretty sweet so far.  Has all the sports channels which will prove to be handy’. While another wrote, `someone makes the stream available online; Mobdro finds it and serve it in a nice userface for you.  Probably, released somewhere else first’.

As technology develops and tends to get enhanced so also the criminals.  Regrettably we come across various unofficial apps together with add-ons coming up which enable illegal access to copyrighted content like live sports, films and premium pay-to view TV according to the CEO of FACT- Federation against copyright theft, Kieron Sharp.

He had informed Mirror Tech that in the last few months there have been some substantial changes ahead in the combat against illegal streaming inclusive of the UK blocking order against illegal football streams. He further added that they would continue with the work with industry and the police in cracking down the criminal opportunists responsible for these trespassing apps and add-ons.

Crawl the Web for Free Streams

Prior to the installation of Mobdro, the user is compelled to agree to the terms and conditions of the app stating that it is designed to `crawl the web for free streams’ and capture them for the users to watch.

It goes on to state: `Mobdro has no control whatsoever nor may it be held liable for the content or location of the streams which shall be the sole responsibility of the pages on which they are hosted. If the holder of the copyright considers that her/his right has been breached, they must address the source to request its withdrawal’.


Till now, Mobdro has not responded to a request for a comment. Meanwhile, Kodi has restated that it is not concerned about the piracy debate. The XBMC Foundation that administers the Kodi software seems to be totally unhappy with the scenario stating that it is not interested in hearing the complaints of the users and labelling those who sell these loaded Kodi boxes as `criminals’.

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The 10 Best Sleep Apps

The 10 Best Sleep Apps

The advantages of a good night’s sleep are limitless, still a considerable number of people are unable to get sufficient sleep regularly. The best sleep apps have been identified and are available for your forty winks and to send you off happily into dreamland.

As per the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 1 in every 3 adults are unable to get their much-advised hours of sleep each night. To encourage ideal health and well-being, the American Academy of Sleep Medicine and Sleep Research Society advise that adults should at least get 7 hours of sleep daily.

Not getting the required hours of sleep can eventually result in weight gain and obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, depression, stroke and a greater risk of death. In addition, sleeping for less than 7 hours is also linked with reduced immune system, a decline in cognitive performance and a higher risk of accidents.

Encouraging regular sleeping patterns and sleep habits that are healthy is known as sleep hygiene. Sleep hygiene techniques include sleeping and waking up at the same time every day, avoiding large wholesome meals, alcohol and caffeine before sleeping and staying away from nicotine altogether. For this Sleep Apps helps you to achieve sleep hygiene.

Introducing sleep apps that will help in achieving that perfect sleep hygiene routine thus enabling you to get those 7 hours of necessary sleep. Following are the top 10 sleep apps choices by are Medical News Today.

 Sleep Apps _1

Relax Melodies Sleep Apps

Android: Free

iPhone: Free

Relax Melodies helps you to get a full night of sleep and drives away insomnia. It is designed to help users get their much needed sleep, along with their community comprising of 35 million other users. If someone is having trouble getting a restful and a good night’s sleep, then this app is just for them.

Relaxing sounds can be selected, by adding nature sounds, along with a combination of melody and thus a sleep-inducing tune or sound is complete. You can also choose to overlay meditations too on top of this mix to enable you to sleep soundly. In addition to creating your own sound mix to help you sleep, these melodies can be shared within the Relax Melodies community and you can also access other melodies shared by the rest of the community to discover new mixes. Clubbing your favourite sounds from your own music library into the sound layers increases the relaxed and soothing experience even more.

Best Sleep Apps 2_

Sleep Cycle Sleep Apps

Android: Free

iPhone: Free

Sleep Cycle keeps a track and evaluates your sleep patterns. You can choose your wake up time and the app will gently wake you from your sleep when it is at the lightest phase, to ensure you have had enough sleep and rest. Using sound and vibration analysis, the built-in microphone in your phone picks up your movements. The app then scrutinizes the data to define if you are sleeping lightly, or in a deep sleep or in REM or Random Eye Movement sleep. Then it finds an ideal time to wake you up within a 30-minute time frame that you can set.

The Statistics dashboard shows graphs and analysis pertaining to your sleep phases, and the Trends dashboard specifies the quality of your sleep percentage and sleep and wake up timings. It can also detect, map and measure snoring. With Sleep Cycle, monitoring sleep is easy, stress-free and helps you achieve a good, sound sleep.

 Sleep Apps -3

Recolor Sleep Apps

Android: Free

iPhone: Free

Recolor reinvents the concept of an adult coloring book and brings it to you in the form of an app. More than 1,000 images are available on Recolor to help you relax, calm your mind and send you in a calm meditative state. There are new pictures that appear daily. The library of Recolor is alphabetically organised theme-wise with categories varying from animals, food, and patterns to pop art, sport and aquatic-life.

Once you have selected your image, the app offers a color palette that is bold an uplifting with numerous shades and hues to complete you art-work. The whole idea behind this is to channel your anxiety and stress into making a creative achievement to help relieve the stress in your life and hopefully, to help to fall into a deep slumber eventually.

Sleep Apps _4

Sleep Time Sleep Apps

Android: Free

iPhone: Free

Sleep Time analyses your sleep and provides a complete insight into your sleep patterns by using an accurate high-tech algorithm. The app studies your movements throughout the night and develops a customized data of your sleep pattern and cycle in simple graphs and charts. Sleep Time’s smart alarm finds out when to wake you during the time period where you are in the lightest phase of your sleep, which is similar to the Sleep Cycle app. According to Sleep Time, waking up during a deep sleep period can leave you feeling exhausted and tired as it takes your body over an hour to be fully awake.

Soundscapes, such as soothing waves and rain forest storms, that help in simulate the feel of natural environment, assist in increasing your ability to drift into sleep quickly. The refined Insights dashboard gives a comprehensive report of your entire sleep regime so that you can find patterns and trends in the factors that hamper your sleep.

Sleep Apps _5

Pillow Sleep Apps

iPhone: Free

Pillow is superior sleep tracking and analysis alarm clock that studies your sleep. Pillow has a simple, brilliant design with an instinctive gesture-based interface. Its functions are based on the recent findings in sleep research and it has a progressive algorithm that uses motion and sound pattern detection to study your sleep session as a whole.

A complete sleep stage diagram records your sleep with details such as the times you are awake and in the REM, deep and light sleep phases along with sleep session statistics. In order to widen your knowledge of sleep further, Pillow is collaborated with Apple’s Health app. Pillow visualises how health and fitness metrics such as weight, blood pressure, dietary calories, heart rate and alcohol and caffeine consumption can affect the quality of your sleep.

Sleep Apps _6

Relax & Sleep Well Sleep Apps

Android: Free

iPhone: Free

Relax & Sleep Well is an app created by Glenn Harrold, a clinical hypnotherapist and bestselling self-help author. This app is ideal if you are in need of distressing and want to overcome anxiety while developing sleeping habits that are healthy. This app contains four meditation recordings and hypnotherapy that relieves stress. In addition, there are 80 of Harrold’s recordings, that are highly acclaimed, available for purchase in-app, which has a range of topics pertaining to sleep such as insomnia, weight loss, anxiety, mindfulness, self-esteem and confidence to list a few.

Each hypnosis track consists of soft background sound effects that have been particularly selected for their key and frequency to find your way into a deep state of relaxation. Harrold’s calming voice along with the subtle background sounds help soothe you into a relaxed and dreamy state.

 Sleep Apps _7

Digipill Sleep Apps

Android: Free

iPhone: Free

Insomnia, stress, weight loss, de-motivation can be beaten and you can relax all with the help of a digital pill. Digipill gets additional points for innovation as it uses a formulated mix of language and sound to activate your mind, change the way you think and encourage a state of well-being. With this app, you can select an audio pill based on your current requirements, relax with some good-quality headphones and close your eyes. The first pill in this app is free of cost. Extra pills require to be purchased in the Pharmacy or by subscribing to repeat prescriptions you can gain unlimited access to all pills.

Each pill comes with a treatment time of about 30 minutes and has names such as ”Sleep Deeply” which is prescribed for a night of good rest, “Peace of mind” prescribed for easing out anxiety and “Power Nap” prescribed for a refreshing bout of snooze. Digipill has a perfect experience to assist you if you need to just calm down, require motivation or calm yourself and relax before bedtime.

Sleep Apps -8

Good Morning Alarm Clock Sleep Apps

Android: Free

iPhone: $3.99

This app is helpful in making you feel more rested, bright and active upon waking up with its in-built smart alarm. Good Morning Alarm Clock awakens you during your natural waking phase to make you feel energized and alert throughout the day. It is simple and practical to use and makes available vital statistics from the previous night on a clear-cut sleep graph. The app collects your data on a weekly basis to help you to track your lack of sleep and your overall sleep quality.

Relaxing sounds helps you drift off to sleep or you can fall asleep or wake up to a customised playlist containing your favourite songs. On the basis of the sleep goals you make for yourself, Good Morning Alarm Clock will bring to your notice if you are getting inadequate sleep as compared to what you require.

 Sleep Apps -9

Pzizz Sleep Apps

Android: Free

iPhone: Free App

Pzizz is app which is designed based on the sleep and power nap concept. It enables to send you off into a deep sleep with just a push of a button. This app assists you in falling asleep quickly, stay asleep and wake up feeling relaxed and refreshed. Pzizz functions on the application of psychoacoustic science. It s a branch of psychology that explores and discovers the perception of sound and the effects it has physiologically. Pzizz has examined clinical studies and theories and through this, it has developed sound sequences and active and vibrant dreamscapes that are custom-made and perfect for each portion of the sleep cycle.

The mix of sound effects, music and voiceover help induce sleep and the mix quietens and calms your mind. Thus you are able to sleep for the best amount of time suited as per your requirement, to make you feel revived and rejuvenated next day morning. Pzizz also has a 7-day challenge and invites its users to take up that challenge before they opt for Premium, to make them go through the ultimate sleep experience.

Sleep Apps -10

Noisli Sleep Apps

Android: $1.99

iPhone: $1.99

Noisli helps you relax through the use of ambient colours and sounds that help activate inner peace. Noisli helps in cutting out distracting sounds and noises from the background to help attain concentration and better productivity while working or to create a calm and relaxed audio environment for activities like yoga, meditation and most importantly, sleep.

Noisli helps you to mix a tailored combination of sounds, similar to Relax Melodies. You can combine echoes of rain, leaves, thunderstorms, wind and water streams with white noise to create your own ideal, stress-free atmosphere. You can save your favourite mixes and share them with anyone.

The in-built timer can be used as tracking time while taking your forty winks or while falling asleep. Apart from using this app to tackle insomnia, you can also use Noisli to reduce your stress levels, relax while reading and lessen headaches and migraines.


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Samsung SoundAssistant App Launched, Brings More Audio Controls to Galaxy Smartphones

Samsung SoundAssistant App Launched, Brings More Audio Controls to Galaxy Smartphones

Samsung unveils the SoundAssistant app for Galaxy smartphone

Samsung brought a better way to control the sound on the range of Galaxy smartphones with a whole new app called SoundAssistant. As the name suggests this SoundAssistant app will allow the Samsung Galaxy users to personalize as well as customize the sound setting on their devices. This will allow them a wider control over the sound on variety of individual apps present on the smartphone. At the moment Samsung has made this SoundAssistant app only fully compatible to its high end models of Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ therefore users on other devices will find some of the features missing. This app is designed specifically for those who also complain about the lack of sound controls on their devices.

New features more freedom

Some of the new features include the ability to set a preference for a specific path for each app. In short users will be able to guide the sound depending on the app either to the Bluetooth speaker or phone speaker without the need of setting this selection each and every time. Some other cool features of SoundAssistant include is the ability to control various functions of audio like automatically switching the volume keys from the control over call volume to the media volume. In this way users will be able to control the media audio directly from the physical keys rather than getting into the app to do it.


Samsung has brought a deeper level of customizability to the device sound control with this new SoundAssistant app. The customization of the sound on the Galaxy devices using this SoundAssistant app is so deep that one can even reach 150 steps in order to refine the sound quality and volume. It also comes with the Floating Equalizer (EQ) support along with the ability to create and active the highly personalized sound settings. Users will also be getting a chance to tinker with the left and right balance along with making most of the support for the mono audio.

Dual App features comes to Galaxy devices

Samsung has given a twist to the Dual app by bringing the very same feature to the SoundAssistant wherein users will be able to play music from two different apps at the same time. So now users will be able to listen to the YouTube video on their smartphone while at the same time Spotify app can be used to play music directly to the Bluetooth speakers. The best thing about this innovative music control is that they will not overlap each other and controls for the both of them will be completely separate for the users for increased usability.

If you are a Galaxy device users then go to the Google Play Store and download the SoundAssistant for free. This SoundAssistant app is only compatible with the Galaxy device running on or above Android 7.0 Nougat. Samsung is working round the clock to increase its compatibility on wider range of Galaxy as well as non-Galaxy devices and even allow it to work like a charm of some of the old version do the Android.

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Just A Baby App Matches Hopeful Parents

Just A Baby App Matches Hopeful Parents

Just a baby App” – Innovative smartphone application is designed to meet couples who are need of children

Childless couples can find the ideal sperm donor for artificial insemination with the “Just a baby App” is a smartphone app. Thanks to numerous profiles with photos and information.

Minimum age 17 years

Seeking swipes through profiles where photos of potential sperm donors and a few indications, such as age, occupation and relationship status are to be found. If the user is looking for a profile, he or she can start a private chat with the appropriate donor and thus clarify everything else. However, to download the application, a user must be at least 17 years old.

The impetus for the development of Just a baby App gave the Australian developers Paul Ryan and Gerald Edwards above all the increasing number of same-sex relationships and the ever stronger pressure against traditional models of family. The idea behind the app, however, is not new, because the “London Sperm Bank Donors” service can also help childless couples find their desired donor in a targeted manner.

Just A Baby App  _1

Help with legal

“Just a baby App App” not only connects searchers with donors, but also helps with legal questions: “Once you have found the ideal donor, we can help you connect with family counseling, fertility clinics and legal services to make your path self-confident Just download the ‘Just a baby App’ app, swipe and found a family, ‘it says. Both the Google Play Store for Android devices and the App Store are available for download.

Banalization and marketing of human beings

The app “is nothing more than the banalization and marketing of man,” says Infovaticana. It combines egg and seed dispensers with “bearers”. “Surrogacy” is an euphemism with which “dehumanised” and “dehumanizing” are to be eloquently spoken.

Behind this is the unrestrained egoism of the unrestrained “I want” (a child, as I wish it, male, blond, blue-eyed …) and an equally unrestrained, boundless profit-thinking, for “profit is everything”.

The desired child can be ordered as desired: physical properties, appearance. Sarah for example, “a 26 year old woman, lesbian, wants a child with blue eyes”. Markus, “a 36 year old man, wants to start a family with his gay partner”. These are the “business partners” of the new trade branch.

To name things: “Just a baby App” is a homo app intended to provide homosexual children who have excluded them by their personal choice for a particular lifestyle with special sexual “likes”. The advertising film of “Just a baby App” speaks a clear language, which the makers see as a target audience.

The child as a sales object

The child becomes a selling object for those who are denied nature or children. Hurdles, norms, limitations? None. Whether sexually perverse want to procure only a “sex toy”, including pedophiles, no one asks. Neither Apple nor Google seems to touch the question. One consequence of modern child trafficking is the “production” of children who are mentally condemned to crippling.

While states and international institutions such as the United Nations are calling for the fight against trafficking in human beings and child slavery, a new dark business is emerging, whose trades are people, children.

“Just a baby App”, that’s how simple it is and shows the unscrupulousness of internet giants who know best about the dangers of the global network.

The two app developers Paul Ryan and Gerard Edwards, two Australians, want to promote “acceptance of same-sex relationships” according to their own statements.

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