15 Ultimate Free Hacking Apps for Android in 2019

15 Ultimate Free Hacking Apps for Android in 2019

If you are a tech savvy who is excited to check out and try these special hacking apps means don’t worry, you can check out Ultimate free hacking apps for Android in 2019.

The craze of the Android operating system has been huge ever since its launch.  We can see the great rise in Android users and it has even crossed the IOS users worldwide.

So, this immense craze has made hackers target Android Devices to their tasks. Now Android devices which we use are used for penetration testing, wifi spoofing,  IT security Administration, network monitoring and even more.

There are a hell lot of hacking apps for Android in 2019 hovering around the internet. So, to make things easier for our users we have curated a top list which shows 15 ultimate free hacking apps for Android in 2019.

We don’t recommend to use these free hacking apps on your primary device because these apps are used for testing purpose so its best to try them in other devices which you don’t use regularly.

Note: We have cured this ultimate free hacking apps for Android in 2019 just for educational purpose. But we never encourage hacking or other malicious operations.

Now, our list of ultimate free hacking apps for Android in 2019 consists of popular wifi and phone hacking apps such as Shar, Hackode and more.

This list is mainly curated on the bases of our own experience and also from industry reviews as well. So, let’s get into the list of Ultimate Free hacking Apps for Android in 2019.

15 Ultimate Free Hacking Apps for Android in 2019:


If you are searching for the best hacking apps to try? Then you shouldn’t miss out this Ultimate Free Hacking Apps list of 2019.

1. The Ultimate Free Hacking Apps for Android AndroRAT

Ultimate Free Hacking Apps for Android AndroRAT

When you try to check out the Ultimate Free hacking apps list you always find one app which always tops the chart that is AndroRAT. AndroRat is actually the client/Server application which was developed in Java Android for the client side and its also developed in Java/Swing for the server.

The actually name AndroRAT is coined from the mix of Android and RAT (Remote Access Tool), combined it is called as AndroRAT. This special app is developed by a group of 4 people for a university project. The main goal of this application is to give the complete control of the Android System remotely and retrieve all the information you need from it.

This special app runs as a service right after the booting process. So the user doesn’t need to interact specially with the service. This also provides you with the ability to trigger the service connection by SMS or by calling.

The features in AndroRAT are always helpful for hackers to collect information such as call logs, messages, location, and contacts as well. This special app also allows you to remotely monitor all the phones received messages, phone calls, pictures, and other aspects.

If you want to try this AndroRAT hacking app then you can download the App.

Download APK: Github.  AndroRAT.

2. No.1 Ultimate Free Hacking Apps for Android Hackode

HackodeThe Hackode is another hacking tool which has the capability to do a penetration test. This tool is nothing but the app which has multiple tools which are used by ethical hackers, It specialists, penetration testers and more. In this app, you will have three modules.

Those three modules are vital for hackers. In that first module is Reconnaissance, Scanning & Security feed. These are the three modules which are vital for doing penetration and other tests.

With the special app, you can perform activities like Google hacking, SQL Injections, MySQL Server injection, Whois, Scanning, DNS lookup, MX Records, DNS Dif, Security RSS, Ping, Traceroute and more. It can exploits all the information from the target users as well. This Hackode is one of the perfect tools for hackers if they know how to handle the app or else it will take some time for beginners to understand these modules at front.

If you are curious to try this Hackode App. Then try It!

Download: Hackode

3. FaceNiff

Ultimate Free Hacking Apps for Android FaceNiffFaceNiff is other ultimate free hacking app for Android in 2019. This app allows you to intercept the traffic of your network and sniff them. You will find the tool helpful to snoop into the people’s facebook, twitter or other social media or websites using your Android Device. This is the favorite tool for lots of hackers as it steals cookies from wifi networks and gives an attacker unauthorized access to the victim’s account as well.

The faceNiff app requires a rooted Android Device to get installed. So that you can exploit lots of features on the app. If you are interested to try out FaceNiff then you should require Rooted Android Device. This special hacking tool is developed by Bartosz Ponurkiewicz.

Download:  FaceNiff APK.

4. zANTI,  The Ultimate Free Hacking Apps for Android

zANTI Ultimate Free Hacking Apps for Android

zANTI is one of the popular hacking apps for android. It is one of the apps which is having a reputational hacking suite from the zimperium. This special software suite comes with multiple tools which are used for the penetration test.

You can conduct mobile penetration testing with this app and it allows all the security researches a good scope to scan the network quickly and easily. This toolkit of zANTI allows IT professionals to simulate an advanced hacking environment to especially detect malicious techniques.

zANTI can be called as the app which brings the power to the backtracking process on your Android Device. When you log in to the app, it maps the entire network you are connected to along with their cookies. You can find various modules in this special app and can do tasks like network mapping, port discovery, packet manipulation, DoS, MITM, Sniffing and more with ease.

If you are eager to download zANTI apk file then download that and have fun with this special hacking tool.

Download: zANTI APK.

5. DroidSheep

DroidSheepDroidSheep is one of the effective hacking apps which is developed especially for security analysis mainly to play with the wifi networks. This app is similar to the face sniff app and it can simply hijack the web sessions profiles over the wifi network. This app supports most of the services and websites and it works almost on all sites.

When you fire up the Droidsheep app, this app acts like the router which monitors and quickly intercepts with all the wifi connections on your network and it fetches the profiles and their activities as well. With this app, you can sniff any bodies facebook, linkedin, twitter and other social media accounts in your connected wifi.

Droidsheep can also help you detect ARP-Spoofing on the networks and detects other software and apps as well. So this is a handy tool for hackers.

If you want to download this special hacking tool then you can download it and have the fun of snooping.

Download: DroidSheep APK.

6. cSploit


Are you striving to check out the Ultimate Free Hacking apps for android which has advanced functionalities? Then cSploit can help you out because cSploit itself call their app as the most advanced and complete IT Security app which has a complete toolkit for Android.

It’s a special tool which enumerates local hosts and it can even find all the vulnerabilities of the local hosts in this app. Along with those you can exploit their cracks and install backdoors and even break the wifi passwords as well.

With this app, you can do lots of stuff but its interface is a little harder for basic and medium users. Rather than that everything is perfect on this incredible cSploit hacking app.

If you love to download and install this app then you can have the fun of backdoor installations.

Download: cSploit.

7. Shark for Root

If you are curious to use best hacking apps for Android? Then Shark for Root is one of your best picks mainly because of its advanced security features. It provides some advanced toolkit for security experts and hackers.

So, this tool works effectively and the traffic snipper tool is simply ultimate in this app. It works on wifi, 3G and Froyo tethered mode as well. You can even use this tool in tcpdump command for Rooted Android devices as well.

If you want to explore this tool then download it and have the fun of different modes of hacking.

Download: Shark for Root.

8. DroidBox

Wondering to use the best hacking app for android? Then Droidbox can be your best pick because it offers dynamic analysis of Android Applications.

You can get a wide range of results and information like hases of APK packages, SMS & Phone calls, network traffic, Incoming network data, Outgoing data, list of broadcasts receivers and even more from this app.

This is one of the best Android hacking application which has the ability to visualize the behaviour of the Android App package to detect the information about it. if you are eager to try out interesting hacking apps then this one of the best picks for you.

Download: DroidBox

9. APK Inspector

Eager to try out a special hacking app which performs reverse engineering tricks? The APKInspector is good find for you because it can perform reverse engineering tricks. With this app, you can get the graphics features and other analysis functions as well. You can get deep and clear insights on the user.

This is a small but powerful tool which helps you to get the source code of any android app and you can even visualize the DEX Code as well to quickly edit and change the credits and license. If you want you can even erase the credits and licenses as well.

If you want to try out this app then download it and have fun with reverse engineering hacks.

Download: APK Inspector

10. Nmap

Ultimate Free Hacking Apps for Android Nmap

If you are looking for some popular network scanning apps for your Android then here comes the Nmap “popular network scanning app”. It works on both rooted and non-rooted Android Devices along with that you can use the Nmap in desktop as well. If you are a starter who is striving to learn about the basic hacking apps then you should have this Nmap app with you.

Download: Nmap APK.

11. SSHDroid


SSHDroid is another app which is helpful for you in hacking. It is a special tool which is developed for Android and it lets you connect to the remote computers and even it lets you run the terminal command, and help to edit & transfer files. This app has some special features like sharked-key authentication, extended notification control, whitelist, wifi auto start and so on.

If you are looking to try some ultimate free hacking apps for android in 2019? Then you can try this app.

Download: SSHDroid APK.

12. Kali Linux NetHunter

Ultimate Free Hacking Apps for Android Kali Linux NetHunter

The Kali Linux NetHunter is an open source hacking tool which is used for penetration testing for Android. It is officially supported by the Nexus and OnePlus Devices and it provides the ultimate penetration testing platform. This special tool allows you to perform a wide range of hacking attacks hassle free.

Mainly this supports wireless 802.11 frame injection, BadUSB MITM attack, HID Keyboard, 1-click Mana Evil Access Point setup and more attacks.

Download: Kali Linux Nethunter.

13. WPScan


Wpscan is one of the special tools which scans the WordPress vulnerabilities for Android. If you are a blogger or a techie who often use WordPress then you can use this great tool. It allows you to scan the WordPress based websites and find all the loopholes and vulnerabilities of those sites.

This is a popular desktop tool but it also supports the Android as well. If you are eager to know about the vulnerabilities of websites then you have to choose this app.

Download: WpScan

14. Wi-Fi Kill

Ultimate Free Hacking Apps for Android Wi-Fi Kill

Wi-Fi Kill is another great hacking tool which is mostly used by hackers. It works only on the rooted android devices and by using this tool, you can quickly disable the device internet connection.

If your device is connected to wifi network then you can quickly hack or block the device. In reality, this tool will block the packet data going into the device.

This app is having an incredibly easy interface so that any novice starter can use this hacking app. If you want to play with your friends and colleagues in your wifi network by killing their wifi then you can use this awesome tool.

Download: Wi-Fi Kill

15. Best of Ultimate Free Hacking Apps for Android, Fing Network Scanner

Fing Network Scanner

Eager to find out the ultimate free hacking apps for android in 2019? then the fing network scanner is one of them it is used by the hackers and security experts to discover which device has affected and which devices are connected to the internet. You can quickly check out information about the map devices, find intruders, solve network problems, locate security risks and more. This special tool will come with loads of free network tools so this makes your job much more easier.

Download: Fing Network Scanner.

This all about the Ultimate Free hacking apps for Android in 2019 post. If you feel i have missed any of your favorite hacking tool then do let us know in comments section below.

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Best Tips for Recording Better Videos on Your Samsung Galaxy Device

Best Tips for Recording Better Videos on Your Samsung Galaxy Device

Smartphones these days have gone to the other level. You can see the latest Smartphones have already put an end to the Cameras and camcorders. Mainly because you can capture your memorable moments in your Smartphone itself.  These days Smartphones are coming with high-quality cameras which take absolutely splendid images. Here is some quick tips for Recording better videos on your Samsung Galaxy.

Along with that Smartphones are easier to carry rather than the camcorders and cameras. So, people, these days are preferring Smartphone cameras to capture their beautiful moments rather than using the camera.

Tips for Recording Better Videos on Your Samsung Galaxy Device

In recent times, Samsung Galaxy phones are shining and people are likely purchasing these mobiles a lot. So, let’s check out the best tips for recording better videos on your Samsung Galaxy devices. Samsung Galaxy device has a capable camera which has better scope to record some awesome videos.

Quick Tips for Recording Better Videos on Your Samsung Galaxy Device

In this post, you check out the best tips for recording best videos on your Galaxy device. I’m going to highlight fewer know features in the latest Samsung camera app and also the other crucial tips from Android Oreo to Android Pie. The tips I am sharing in this post will work for most of the galaxy flagship devices like s8, s9, s10, note8 and note 9. If you want to record better videos then try these Tips for Recording better videos on your Samsung Galaxy. With these tips, you can consistently take great videos while filming with your Samsung galaxy camera.

Set Aspect Ration Quickly (Galaxy One UI):

If you are curious to know about the tips for Recording better videos on your Samsung Galaxy? Then check out this amazing tip. If your device is running the brand new One user interface means you can quickly set your video’s aspect ratio in a couple of taps. Regardless of whether you are using the main camera or selfie camera you can do it with ease.

Simple click on “Ration Icon” which is located right at the top of the viewfinder then choose the aspect ration in between “16:9”, “1:1” and “full” for both your front facing camera and rear cameras.

While doing it always keep in your mind that changing your aspect ration will also change your resolutions of images. This varies in between the Galaxy Devices. In galaxy S10, you can see different options such as “1920 x 1080” which means “16:9”, “2288 x 1080” this means “Full” and finally “1440 x 1440” means it is “1:1”. By default in S10, you will find 1920 x 1080.

Quickly change your video resolution as well (One & Oreo User Interface):

People usually film videos by using the standard 16:9 aspect ratio, but you can customize your video resolution by using Samsung Camera. To customize you can follow this process, hover over to the app settings page just by clicking on that cog-shaped icon which is located at the top-left corner. Or you can check that in the right-hand side about the shutter button in the Oreo update.

You can change the resolution from there, click on either the “Front Video Size” or on the “Rear Video Size” depending on which camera you want to adjust. After that choose the video resolution with the “16:9” option after that select the video resolution from the menu that appears. You can also keep the maximum quality frame rate to the 60fps as well. This process will cause videos to consume more storage space so just check while doing this. This is one of the best tips for recording better videos on your Samsung Galaxy.

Make sure your videos are smooth & steady in both Oreo & One User Interface:

Whenever you’re filming a video on the move from your Galaxy Device, there is always a nifty setting which can quickly enable to ensure that your recording stays steady & stable as possible. This feature is there in S10 Galaxy device. This feature is named as Super Steady and the name itself suits the working of the feature.

You can enable this feature just by tapping on the hand icon. This effective feature will significantly reduce the shakes and wobblings for the video. Although this feature is not available in older galaxy phones but they can still enable “Video Stabilization” option within the Samsung Camera settings for shooting the smoother videos. But, that feature is not that effective as the Super Steady feature but still it does the job quite well. This is one of the best Tips for Recording better videos on your Samsung Galaxy.

Tips for Recording Better Videos on Your Samsung Galaxy Device like a Pro

Quickly Record hands-free Videos (Oreo & One) User interface:

Most of the galaxy devices have relatively hidden settings. These hidden settings within this Samsung Galaxy device can amaze lots of people because there are really cool.

In those Samsung camera lets, you command the app to quickly record videos with verbal commands. It doesn’t need the AI assistants or other Bixby help. You can quickly do it on your own, to enable this feature all you have to do is go to the “Shooting methods” within the app setting. Then quickly enable the “Voice Control” Command for One. Coming to Oreo, go to the common section of the apps setting and toggle on for voice control option. That’s it; with these you can simply enable this command.

Learn to zoom in & out like a Pro:

We often want to use the Zoom function quite often when using our camera to take a better snap. Now, if you love zoom option, then your galaxy video camera is the best to test and take great pictures.

Samsung Galaxy phones are always better in getting close-up shots of the subjects which are far away from the camera. The Samsung devices are having digitally zoom in and out options which are impressive. In S10 & note 9 you can see digitally zoom which is useful to zoom 10x times.

On One user interface, you can quickly zoom in with simply tapping on tree icons which are perfectly right above the shutter button. If you want you can even swipe on the icons to fine-tune and even zoom the image.

Coming to the Oreo, the galaxy devices are having two ways to use zoom functions. Those are swipe on the shutter button to simply zoom in and you can even zoom out right before you start recording. Once you have started recording, you can quickly swipe the stop button and you can even zoom out or in while filming videos. This is one of the best Tips for Recording better videos on your Samsung Galaxy.

Make use of volume keys as Shutter buttons (Oreo & One)

Most of the people love shortcuts, so for your convenience, you can quickly use the volume buttons to stop or start recording your videos. If you are using One UI then you have to head over to the camera app and then you have to select “Shooting Methods”. If you are using Oreo, then you can go to the “common” section.

From those settings, you can click on ” press volume key to” and then choose the ” Record video or take picture” option.

If you want alternative then you can also quickly set the volume key and then you can zoom in and quickly zoom out. This is one of the best Tips for Recording better videos on your Samsung Galaxy.

Create GIFs (One & Oreo UI):

Gifs are often loved by lots of people and you might see many of them in social media as well. If you want to create Gifs then you can easily make them.

In Samsung Galaxy devices, instead of recording a video you can convert it to a GIF.  You can simply create Gifs on the fly with ease. If you are using Oreo UI you can quickly enable this option from the camera app settings itself just by tapping ” Hold Camera button” and then you can select “Create GIF” option from its main menu.

If at all you are using One UI, then you have to hold the “Shutter button” then you can see the option under the “Pictures” Section in the main camera settings page.

with that, you can quickly tap on the settings and you can even choose “Create Gif” from the selection. That’s it with these tips you can create Gifs.

Master the “Super Slow Motion” in Samsung Galaxy S9, S10 and note devices:

Most of you might know about the super slow motion options. With the introduction of super slow motion feature in Galaxy S9 and above devices, Samsung has done a great job. Samsung Camera’s feature super slow motion gave the new ability to capture videos super slow video at 960 fps in Samsung Devices. Here fps means the frames per second.

This feature came with lots of special features like recording, editing, sharing, and other aspects. So, mastering this slow-motion captures are always helpful to master your productivity.

Quickly Apply Effective Filters (One & Oreo UI)

Filters are always amazing to get great look and attention towards your videos or pictures.  So, Samsung has included lots of filters in its Galaxy devices. You can make use of these amazing video filters of Samsung to improve your mood. With this feature, you can convey your mood in your video by applying filters. These filters are always handy when you apply these to the various lighting frames and conditions.

Filters in these Samsung devices are incredibly simple to access. If you want to access them then just tap on the magic wand icon which is hovering at the top or you will find it around the shutter button within the finder in One UI. In Oreo devices, you will see similar settings. Here all you have to do is choose the best filter you love and simply apply the filter.

Tips for Recording better videos on your Samsung Galaxy and  Video Preview before Recording (Oreo):

In Samsung camera, you can shoot both videos and still photos on Oreo. So, it has a general tendency to zoom in whenever you want. That’s why it has a tendency to start off shakily, so you have to quickly reorient the video to mainly focus on the subject. In one UI has solved this problem by simply separating the video recording into own camera mode.

If you are a standard user of galaxy and running Oreo then you have the ability to preview your video right before you record it just to ensure you have properly recorded the video. This is one of the best Tips for Recording better videos on your Samsung Galaxy.

Maximizing Compatibility ( One & Oreo UI):

In general, videos are often made for sharing, so you have to ensure that they will be able to play on all the devices you share such as tablets, computers, and phones. To simply do this, you have to go to the Samsung camera settings and then select “Video Size” for the rear camera.

After that make sure that you turn off “High-efficiency video” for better device compatibility. While doing this your videos will take up more space as they are compatible with other devices. This is one of the best Tips for Recording better videos on your Samsung Galaxy.

These are some of the cool Tips for Recording better videos on your Samsung Galaxy. Hope you all have loved this post. If you have any sort of queries then do comment us below.

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How to Add Interactive AR Characters to videos with Google Camera

How to Add Interactive AR Characters to videos with Google Camera

Have you ever seen the beautiful AR characters in social media videos that your friends post? Curious to include those type of AR characters in your videos then you have to check out this cool guide on how to add interactive AR characters to videos with Google Camera.

This is a special feature in Google Camera. Here Google has expanded its AR core support to the numerous Android Flagship killers. Also, you can get this feature in Galaxy S10 as well. If you are eager to check out this feature then you can get access to this impressive feature in cool new apps.

Including AR characters in the video is one of the AR core’s most sought feature it is normally an exclusive feature for Google Pixel devices but with some sideloading techniques, you do this with Google Camera App. You can even try it on almost any ARCORe Device.

Previously it’s not official, but right now it’s officially available in the Google Playground. Google’s Latest AR Stickers can make anybody amaze because of its impress AR Characters. The developer Arnova8G2 has really done a special work and kept his hard work behind developing the XDA so this process has been as simple as installing a few apps. that’s it.

As you are eager to check out how to add interactive AR characters to videos with Google camera do check the process in this special feature. All you have to do is follow below process then you will start recording interactive videos by using some cool AR characters like pets, Marvel Avengers and more.

How to add interactive AR characters to videos with Google Camera:

Firstly if you want to check out how to add interactive AR characters to videos with Google camera? then you have to follow the below process.

Step 1: Firstly Install ARCore:

To simply get started, you have to download ARCore app. In case if you have to the app means you can use it the right way or else download it directly from the Google Play store. Install the app and open them on your mobile.


Step 2: Install Goole Playground:

After installing ARCore all you have to do is install the Google Playground app. This app is useful to run ARcore perfectly. This google playground always serves as the framework for the AR stickers. Google playground app is around 467MB so you have to wait for a couple of minutes or you have to download with your wifi.

Download Link:  Google playground.

Right after downloading the app you have to install it by tapping on the notification alert of your mobile or click on alert which shows download completed. After that, follow the instructions and prompts you to see on the screen and install the app.

Alternatively, you can quickly install the app later time. Open the APK from your downloads and then click on the APK file to install.

Step 3:  Install Google Camera:

After installing the above apps you have to install Google Camera. As you have already had ARCore platform and Google Playground on your device now you have to install the portable google camera app. You have to install this app to use the playful and best interactive playground stickers.

In case if you are familiar with sideloading, then you can simply head to the XDA’s Google Camera Port and its hub. You can even install the APK file which corresponds and connects with your device. If you want more help then you have to check out the guides on Google Camera.

Once you complete the process don’t open your app right away because google playground might be failed to register. In some cases, it will not show up as well. So, its always best to follow the perfect process.

First, ensure everything works as it should. Then you can open your App and Enjoy using Attractive AR characters.

Open Google Camera:

Soon when you have installed all the required updates on you have to free out and you have to try out some new AR stickers. Open Google camera scroll to the bottom of the screen and then select ” Google Playground” from the list of the different options which appears in the Google Camera.

How to Add Interactive AR Characters to videos with Google Camera

Select the best-animated stickers you love and paste them onto your photo or video. In this app, you will find different characters and you will find different stickers. You can even open “Recent” “Playmoji” “stickers” and more. Most of the stickers come in with all shapes & sizes. Along with them, you will find popular stickers from Star Wars,  Avengers, pets, and other cute AR Characters.

If you are eager to find more stickers on your screen then you can install extra sticker packs like New “Avengers ENDGame Characters” along with that you can install more stickers packs as there are a hell lot of stickers packs around you.

How to Add Interactive AR Characters to Videos More:

You can quickly add as many AR Characters you want on your screen. All the AR characters will interact with each other in turn and even also pinch them to zoom or you can resize those characters as well. All you have to do is select and drag them to the perfect location you love to see them.

If you are satisfied with your stickers placement and its animation means simply start recording video just by tapping and holding on the camera shutter key as long as you want to record the video. You can simply stop it at any time. If you follow this process you can simply integrate those AR stickers in your video.

In case if you want to remove your stickers means just slap them to remove with easily. Generally, there are two ways to remove them one erases them and the other one is removing them by clicking on trash button or you can dragging them to the trash button at the upper right-hand corner. This is all about How to add interactive AR characters to videos with Google Camera.

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How to Hide Photos on Samsung Galaxy S10

Samsung Galaxy S10

If you’re in the house for a phone, the first thing you’d check is the camera- is it good enough? In this selfie generation the first thing we hope to get in a new phone is a good camera with excellent photo take outing capabilities. Indeed, that’s what most phones these days boast about too. One such phone is the Samsung Galaxy S10. It has a great camera and even more great is the pictures you get from such a camera. But what happens when you don’t want others looking at certain pictures. They’re for your eyes only type of thing. Well in this article we’ll be teaching you how to hide photos on Samsung Galaxy S10.

Before you go ahead and ask whether that is even possible let me tell you that it is. You can stop prying eyes from looking at your most controversial pics. So without further ado let’s see how to hide photos on Samsung Galaxy S10.

How to Hide Photos on Samsung Galaxy S10

How to Hide Photos on Samsung Galaxy S10

How to Hide Photos on Samsung Galaxy S10

Hide Photos on Samsung Galaxy S10:

The first step in the process of how to hide photos on Samsung Galaxy S10 has to do with Samsung’s cool feature- Secure Locker. Secure locker is a feature by which you can hide documents or said controversial pictures in a folder that is virtually hidden from everyone else. It can be accessed only by you that is the owner of the phone not you as in person who wants to pry.

Without straying too far from the topic, this first step in how to hide photos on Samsung Galaxy S10 involves learning how to set up Secure Locker.

Process involved in Hiding Photos on Samsung Galaxy S10:

To set up Secure Locker you first have to go to the Apps menu and from there the settings app. Once there go on to the biometrics and security section. Over there go on to the Secure folder section. From there you will be asked to sign in to your Samsung account. After that you’re in. Welcome to the Secure Folder feature.

Steps 1 to Hide Photos on Samsung Galaxy S10:

Once you’ve created your secure folder account the next step in the process is to learn how you can access secure Folder. On Secure folder you’ll be asked to choose a pattern, a PIN number, password or other such thing or maybe even use the fingerprint option to enter into secure folder. Once this step is done the Secure Folder icon will come on all apps on the app screen. It will be present as a small icon on the lower bottom of the respective app icon.

Step 2- to Hide the Pictures on Samsung Galaxy S10.

This fourth step involves transferring any said controversial photos or documents into Secure Folder. Tap on the Secure Folder app and enter by way of your chosen method of entry. Once inside the app or folder, select the Add files option and chose images as the documents you want to move. Then simply move photos from your phone onto the Secure folders app.

Final step in to hiding photos on Samsung Galaxy S10:

The last step is where you hide the Secure Folder app from prying eyes or from public view. This is the actual step where you can hide photos on Samsung Galaxy S10. To do so you’ll first have to go to the apps menu.

From there you’ll be asked to go to the Setting app. Once there tap on Biometrics and security option. From there go on to the Secure Folder option. Over there you’ll then see the Secure Folder section with a blue slider option on its right side. Slide it. You’ll then be asked if you want to hide the selection tap on the yes button. The Secure Folder is now hidden from view.

How to use Secure Folder App:

The Secure Folder app is now hidden from the app menu and no one but you will be able to see the photos that you’ve hidden. In case you would like to see your photos then all you have to do is to go to the Settings app. Once there it is like the same last step in the process of how to hide photos on Samsung Galaxy S10.

You have to then go over to Biometrics and Security and then Secure Folder. Once there again you’ll see the slider option which you then have to slide to see the Secure Folder. Again you’ll be asked to enter your PIN or whatever other method you’ve chosen to enter into the Samsung Secure Folder app. You may have chosen you’re finger print or password to enter into the Secure Folder app. Once you’ve moved the slider and entered your PIN or password you’ll then be able to see all the hidden photos.

Get Easy Tips to Hide Photos

This tip is fast and effective. You don’t even need to have a third party application. So your phone’s security won’t be compromised. This is a cool way to hide away pictures that you don’t want others looking at just by glancing at your gallery. While it may be simply a question of not showing your phone to others, sometimes that just doesn’t happen.

By the time you go and stop someone form looking at your phone they would have already seen all your most private pictures. So instead of taking the risk and letting all that happen, you might as well avail of the services of Secure Folder, which is already preinstalled by the way. Besides hiding photos you can also hide away other documents such as your videos.

Hope this tip has helped you. If you don’t prefer the Secure folder option, then there always might be a third party app that can hide your pictures too. But be aware that such apps may not guarantee the security of your photos.

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How to Make Siri Run Google Assistant Commands on Your iPhone

How to Make Siri Run Google Assistant Commands

In this modern age, most of the people are found of iPhones and they love using it because APPLE has set its brand reputation to that level. Along with that its key security features make us love Apple devices. Now, most of the Apple users are striving to perform tasks on the iPhone by using the new Google Assistant. Even though Apple is having Siri but Siri is not really up to the task on Google home device. Do you know, How to Make Siri Run Google Assistant Commands ? If not read this blog post fully.

So, people are striving to make Siri run google assistant commands on the iPhone. That’s why lots of people are searching “How to make Siri run google assistant commands on iPhone”. If you are one of them who are striving to know about the process of “How to make Siri run google assistant commands on iPhone means this guide will be helpful.

How to Make Siri Run Google Assistant Commands on Your iPhone

Previously most of the people thought that this process is impossible but actually it is has made possible when Google has added support for its Siri Shortcuts for Google Assitant back in November 2018. So, these days you can actually, make Siri to simply command google assistant and can also work for Google home as well.

So, this is a helpful feature when you love to use Google Home. In general, when you strive to do something with your google home in other room such as playing video, broadcasting a message or other tasks you can do with google assistant app for iPhone. But when you start integrating it with Siri commands means you can simply play them just by notifying it to Siri such as “Play Music Siri” or “Send the message” and so on.

Along with these, you can do endless tasks with this integration. You can literally control your google smart home with Siri commands such as light bulbs, smart thermostats, and more.

First Step: Update or Install Google Assistant:

The first thing and basic thing you have to do is to update your google assistant app or Install Google Assistant app when you don’t have the app.

Along with installing Google Home App is useful too because it’s worth installing and it even makes it simpler for you to control your home.

As most of you might know, to install Google Assistant it requires IOS 10.0 or later. When you have installed, make sure you log-in to the app using your Gmail account which is connected with your Google Home Device.

In case, if you don’t have any Google home devices then you can just log into your own Gmail account you want to use. This is the basic step on How to Make Siri Run Google Assistant Commands.

Step 2: Add Basic “OK Google” Shortcut:

When you log into your google assistant app, click on the visual snapshot button right at the bottom. Then you have to add the “OK Google” option to the Siri in your iPhone.  The prompt of it will be right at the center, click on the “Add to Siri” Option.

If that option is not highlighted in your iPhone means you might already have enabled the “Ok Google” shortcut. In that case, it will prompt you to record “Hey Google”.  Or you can either press the red record button.

Then you can simply record “OK Google” or other typical suggestions. If you feel you aren’t satisfied you can re-record it or you can click on “Done”

After adding this command, you can speak or type to Siri by saying “OK Google” or other phrases you like. The Google App will open on your iPhone and it further waiting for your commands to run. This is the other step on How to Make Siri Run Google Assistant Commands on iPhone.

Step 3: Add Google Assistant App Commands to your Siri:

After completing the second step all you have to do is make Siri run all the google assistant commands. For that, you have to activate Siri Suggestions.

To Activate them you can either say “OK Google” Shortcut or you can use the Open Google Assistant shortcut with your mic as well. If you want another way then you can try to open the app manually by clicking on the mic icon right at the bottom of your screen.

After that give your command such as ” Show me lastest movies” or” Show me flash news” or something else.

How to use Siri:

If you want to use Siri to perform the actions with Google Home by using the Google Assistant app, then you can say something like ” Play music on Google Home” or some other command you like. If you love to listen to specific music on your home then you have to be more specific while giving the command.

Also, make sure, you have to give the speaker name to play or else it will not know which speaker it has to play music with. So, its always best to refer specific speaker for your google home.

With Siri, you can also broadcast messages from Siri to the Google Home. When this message delivers you will see all the speakers connected to your google account will run on your command. Ex: If you want to say lunch is ready for your kids or someone who is in their room. Then you can broadcast the message stating that “Dinner is ready” Google assistant will broadcast the message to them with the help of their speakers.

Just test and give more commands to your google assistant because it will quickly recognize your necessity. Also continue giving your commands with google assistant like ” Play Music”, “Stop Music” “Turn off lights” and so on.

Step 4:   Quickly Add Commands as Siri Shortcuts:

By having a look at the above points you will get a proper idea of the commands you’re giving on Google Assistant. So, from next time onwards it will start recommending them as Siri Shortcuts. Now, to find those suggestions all you have to do is follow below process.

  • Go to the Settings app.
  • Click on Assistant
  • Then click on Siri & Search option.
  • Make sure you toggled on “Siri & Suggestion” option.
  • Go below and toggled on “Show App” this is important.
  • If this option is toggled off means you will not see any sort of Siri suggestions.
  • Next, you have to click on “Shortcuts” which right at the bottom.
  • Then you’ll find out a list of your current “My Assistant topics”.
  • You’ll also find suggested ones right under the recent shortcuts.
  • Now, quickly tap on shortcuts you want to add in the Siri.
  • Then you’ll see a prompt which helps you to record or type the phrase just to deliver the action.
  • You can simply tap on any feature or suggestion you want. ex: “Play music” “Play particular track” and so on.

All the shortcuts of Siri will be automatically displayed at the top of the Assistant page. You can also see them in “My Shortcuts” or in the main “Siri & Search” option. This is the other step on How to Make Siri Run Google Assistant Commands on the iPhone.

Instruct Siri to Do your Assistant Tasks:

With all the above steps we have successfully learned the process. Now, its the last and final step of this process just to make Siri run google assistant commands.

Just wake up Siri with a command “Hey Siri” or you can just hold on the side button on the iPhone as well. Then speak your Siri shortcut phrase or you can type in Siri screen.

Ex” Play Movie trailers” then Siri will send the command to google assistant and it will send to google home speaker. Then it will complete the process. So, this is all about how to make Siri run the google assistant commands on the iPhone. This is the other step on How to Make Siri Run Google Assistant Commands on the iPhone.

This is it, by following the above process you can simply make your Siri run google assistant commands. So, it is all about the post How to Make Siri Run Google Assistant Commands on the iPhone.

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