Google Pay Got Your Transit Ticket, Starting In Las Vegas

Google Pay Got Your Transit Ticket, Starting In Las Vegas

Google has combined the Android Pay and Google Wallet into a service known as Google Pay.

With this Google App you can make payments online, in stores and even to buy tickets for traveling on the Las Vegas Monorail.

It is a fast and easy way to make payments as well as keeping all your information safe and secure. Google Pay does not share your card number and hence all your information is secure. You do not need to enter your payment information.

With Google Pay, check out is faster with just your device and no need for cash payment.

You can pay your friends or even make instant transfers with the help of Google App.

In order to purchase and use tickets for traveling by the Las Vegas Monorail, Google Pay has been unveiled by Google.

Riders on the monorail can buy their tickets online through the Monorail site on their Android phones. The tickets will be saved to Google Pay and with just waving your phone at the fare gate, you can board. A blue check mark appears on the screen to accept your ticket.

These online tickets are powered by NXP’s Mifare technology (Dutch Technology). The  app will also show you all recent transactions and the location of the nearest monorail station.

In the near future, Google promises the use of Google Pay for transit to more cities. Google Pay will offer support for purchase of tickets and transit passes.

Using Google Pay for tickets

One can get their tickets on the  app on their phone and can use it for traveling on the Las Vegas Monorail without the need for your debit or credit card.

You need to buy a ticket or a pass from the Monorail website and save it on your phone. Hold your phone at the NFC (Near Field Communication) terminal at the fare gate, without actually opening the Google  app. Your pass will automatically appear when there is a connection.

The ticket which is saved on the Google Pay app will show you the locations where it will be accepted, the nearest monorail station and also the breakdown of your recent travel history.

As of now, Las Vegas Monorail is the first to adopt this app feature for travel and transit. Many more cities are expected to follow.

The best place to start the Google Pay app was the Las Vegas Monorail as it is considered to have the most advanced urban transportation systems in the world. The monorail has only 7 stations and the entire ride can be completed in just 15 minutes. The added advantage is that the Las Vegas Monorail is privately owned and operated.

Google Pay has got a fast and simple way to make payments in various places. The added advantage is that the Google Pay app protects all your payment information with multiple layers of security. You get more from your loyalty and rewards cards with Google Pay. With it you have easy check outs with Google products like Google Play, Chrome, You Tube Red by using the cards saved to your Google account.

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Introducing Google Play Instant, a Faster Way to Try Apps and Games

Introducing Google Play Instant, a Faster Way to Try Apps and Games

Gaming to get a lot more easier with Google Play Instant

Google is about to make gaming much more enjoyable and fun with its new Google Play Instant. You can now even test out games before you download them onto your mobile device. This is not all, Google has also done a revamp on its Google Play game app. You can now get more details pertaining to the app, be it a news story or a YouTube video.

Games tend to be the highest downloaded content on anyone’s smartphone. Google has even noted on its blog post that the number of people to download a game from their gaming app has doubled since the last year. Gaming is a booming industry yet for the developers it is still  a struggle to create awareness of their game and that is why Google has introduced a way in which users can first preview a game and then if they like what they see download it.

What is Google play Instant?

Google Play Instant takes off form Google’s instant apps where Google transformed a company’s app into a website. So you don’t want to be routed to download a particular app to buy a particular product, then no worries because all you need to do is check out the web url of the app and you’re sorted. There is no need to download the app, this was the whole premise behind Google’s Instant apps.

This was all two years news, but at the Game Developers conference in San Francisco, Google announced a Google Play Instant for games.

What’s there in this new version of the Google Play gaming app?

Google has gone and done a revamp of its gaming platform with new headings and news articles pertaining to its Google Play games. The Google play Game app now comes with a heading called “Arcade” where you can check out game video trailers and you can also browse games according to a genre like “adventure” or “action” or “new”.

Google has also mentioned in its blog post that it would allow users to see content of their games from YouTube or any other source depending on the link to the game. This is in a bid to up the gaming skills of their users.

In Google Play Instant you can first check out a particular game before going ahead with buying and downloading it. All you have to do is just select the game you want tap on it and play it without the need to download it. When you like what you play, you can go ahead and download it. The first games to get on board Google Play instant at this free preview stage include games such as Clash Royale, Final Fantasy XV and Words with Friends 2.

The team behind Google Play Instant, have also decided to increase the file size of their games from 2MB to 10 MB which is not at all surprising given the graphics and other features of the game packed onto a single game app.

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Google Lens is Coming to all Android Phones Running Google Photos

Google Lens is Coming to all Android Phones Running Google Photos

Android devices having Google Photos will soon get Google Lens

Google has finally decided to bring the Google Lens to the Android devices but it comes with a catch. Only those devices which already have Google Photos installed will be able to get the Google Lens. This app will allow users to scan a number of things right from their smartphone in order to receive information like a flower type or the dog’s breed and much more. The best thing about it is that users can simply scan the business card by simply scanning it identify their surrounding by just scanning the landmark present in the area.

A number of phones are already able to access the Google Lens features through the Google Assistant. This includes some of the premium flagship of last year from major manufacturers like Sony, Nokia, LG, Samsung, Motorola and Huawei.

Google will be rolling out the Google Lens update in varied batches depending upon the location so some users might have to wait longer than the others.

Google lens comes loaded with great features

At first Google Lens can play a great role in identifying addresses. By simply pointing the Google Lens to any kind of document, poster or a flier which has an address on it and it will simply bring the location right in front of you.

Apart from the addresses Google Lens can also easily identify as well as save the phone numbers and email ids. On giving a simple tap on the number users can make the call or even create a new contact of the same number and similar feature is applicable for the email id.

If any user points the Google Lens to any famous person image or even name written anywhere then it  will work smartly to bring relevant information about it right on the screen instantly.

It is smart enough to recognize the popular brands and offer other relevant information regarding by simply looking the product or logo. Users can even use to scan the barcodes and QR codes instantly without the need of downloading any additional app.

Google Lens also comes with a feature which can be found on the Pinterest and it happens to be ability to show visually similar images with better acceptance rate.

If you want to know about any movie or book then point the Google Lens and it will provide some valuable information like review rating, show timing or book release date and so on.

Making sense of the visual world

Google has announced its plan of expanding the launch of the GoogleLens in the upcoming at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

However Google has not revealed the timing for the launch at that time and it quick expansion is a surprise for everyone. Sadly there is no news regarding the launch of the it on the iOS devices.

Google has asserted that Google Lens will allow users to make better sense of the visual world in future and it will help users further in easily identifying and annotating the objects around them with perfection.

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Google Announced ARCore 1.0 New Updates to Google Lens and Smartphones

Google Announced ARCore 1.0 New Updates to Google Lens and Smartphones

Google’s ARCore to begin its 1.0 journey

Google’s ARCore has just entered its 1.0 phase. The augmented reality platform has moved on from the experimental stage and onto actual usage in over 100 million android devices worldwide. Currently pixel phone users could place “Stranger Things” and “Stars Wars” objects into the real world. With ARCore 1.0, users of augmented reality can now develop their own creations and place them in the augmented reality context.

Phones that did not fall under the preview stage of ARCore 1.0 can now have a first time look at augmented reality through the ARCore concept.

Phones that ARCore 1.0 compatible:

Google launched ARCore 1.0as a preview in August 2017 in only on a limited number of phones.

Google has brought ARCore 1.0 to pixel, pixel 2 and their XL counterparts, Galaxy S7, S8, S7 edge, S8+, Note 8, One Plus 5, ASUS Zenfone AR and LGE’s V30 and V30 +. This may be only a small portion of the total phones that are out there but Google had hit the target market with this lot achieving a total of 100 million phones at launch.

But all is not lost, Google is closely partnering up with LGE, Samsung, Huawei, ASUS, Motorola, Xiaomi, Vivo and Sony Mobile to bring the AR world to the world. We can hope to see ARCore on soon to be launched phones by these brands. With the-soon-to-be-launched Samsung Galaxy S9, you can hope to see ARCore 1.0 as one of the apps marketed on the phone.

Will ARCore 1.0 be better than what is already out there?

Google’s ARCore is much like Apple’s ARKit, but the one essential difference is that with Google’s ARCore you can place any creation or creations on a number of surfaces, be it horizontal or vertical. Google’s ARCore 1.0 has a better understanding of the environment and the surfaces on which objects can be placed.

You will be able to place virtual objects on any sort of plane be it a floor, wall, table or cabinet. Moving forward and being a bit more creative you could also place objects onto the palm of your hand or on your pillow.

With ARCore 1.0 you can now put virtual objects on a lot more surfaces even textured surfaces.

Other Google products to hit the floor soon:

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Sony Introduces Dual-Camera Shooting Solution for Sony RX0

Sony Introduces Dual-Camera Shooting Solution for

Sony introduces a new trigger cable for the Sony RX0 that allows capture with two cameras

Sony has presented last year at IFA 2017 the new Sony RX0, a powerful action camera that seeks to leave behind the GoPro cameras.

Of course, all the great benefits of the device make it not affordable for everyone.  The Sony RX0 stands out for having a completely new design, which leaves in the past the look of its previous Action Cam. The new design of Sony RX0 is much closer to the GoPro, but includes all the Sony technology.

The Sony RX0 comes equipped with an Exmor RS one-inch sensor, something rarely seen in the field of action cameras (which usually use double-sized sensors). The camera of Sony Sony RX0 has a resolution of 15.3 / 21 megapixels, as well as internal DRAM memory and a BIONZ X processor.

In addition, the Sony RX0 includes a Zeiss lens of 24 mm with aperture f / 4, which allows you to have the highest quality wide-angle of all action cameras on the market. It also has a 1.5-inch LCD screen and an HDMI output, something that does not include any other camera of its kind.

Today Sony has declared the most modern accomplice that is added to its choice of solutions for the Sony RX0, an innovative trigger cable, the VMC-MM2 reproduction that facilitates to crash the hurdles among snap style and visual appearance. The VMC-MM2 is a novel solution for snapping by two cameras, as it permits the user to confine two various shapes of content by the same time.

The mega solid elements along with the excellent image eminence obtainable with the Sony RX0 create it an ultimate associate intended for other cameras or for capture through two cameras.  By mingling the Sony RX0 through other cameras Sony α or Cyber-shot through Multi Interface Shoe or else a plunk / dais, photographers can make use of the Sony RX0 as a corresponding camera to concurrently snap premium images.

The VMC-MM2 snap photos in addition to videos on the same time, merely through pushing the shutter knob of the main camera. This permits the user to snap a moment in two various ways differs the perspective of view, the intensity or the frame rate, between other things, affording two different types of terms and rising the sum of captured content as well as the prospective tender for the clients. Its coiled cable devise among a right-angled connector keep the wire mess-free and left from the EVF as you work.

This Sony RX0 dual camera shooting structure is chiefly helpful for photographers as well as reporters who work at Marriages, events or else press conferences. It proposes the prospect to snap quite a lot of viewpoints using various viewing perspectives that can be abbreviated and exhibited in appalling sequence.  The innovative VMC-MM2 will be on racks in Europe in April 2018 for € 55.

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