iPhone X vs Samsung Galaxy Note 8: Which has better business Specifications?

iPhone X vs Samsung Galaxy Note 8: Which has better business Specifications?

The Galaxy Note 8 and iPhone X have the some common features – including their cell phone ratios, brilliant introductory prices, edge less displays and dual cameras. Nevertheless, the top smartphones ultimately serve different user needs, as our equipment comparison shows.

Galaxy Note 8 compared to iPhone X

When mobile phone fans get into the purgatory of vanities, then the new noble smartphones of Samsung and Apple are to blame. This time, however, both manufacturers are pouring oil into the fire with their more than hefty introductory prices of around 1,000 euros (Galaxy Note 8) and 1,150 euros (iPhone X). For this, one must expect exclusivity, because so much money is not really a smartphone. Both manufacturers move here in the price class of very good notebooks, which last many years and are not shifted more or less gently to the siding after two years. The latter is however admitted mainly an Android problem.

“Borderless” design in comparison: Galaxy Note 8 against iPhone X

In spite of all the enthusiasm for the great screens, they are not, of course, either borderless. On the top of the iPhone X, there is a notch that Apple would like to establish as a new trademark of the iPhones of the next decade. Apple even advises its developers in the design guidelines not to hide the notch. Fans should stop worrying accordingly and instead learn to love the score – as strange as it may seem.

iPhone X

The Galaxy Note 8 screen differs in two respects: There are narrow black bands on the upper and lower sides, but on the long sides, the edges are not as good as the bent edge display. This has advantages and disadvantages. The look is pretty cool, and the screen content is not cropped, in turn, the contrast decreases in the curves, if one pays attention.

The Samsung screen takes roughly 85 percent of the front, which is very good. With the iPhone X, however, this value should be higher again. The iPhone X is handier as it is two centimeters shorter and 20 grams lighter. Samsung has a stylus for the fans, according to the manufacturer. Who does not count to these, but it will be too small and nice, but not exactly essential. Both phones are Waterproof.

Top OLED screens now also available for iPhone X

The display quality of both models is first class. We suspect that the Galaxy Note 8 and the iPhone X do not give much in this regard since Samsung probably produces the OLED panels for both models. The Note-8-Screen convinces in our test with excellent color rendering and a top brightness of over 700 cd / m虏. According to Apple, the iPhone X is supposed to be over 600 cd / m虏 – both are so bright that you can easily recognize content in sunshine.

Samsung offers with the Galaxy Note 8 a huge image diagonal of 6.3 inches with 2.960 x 1.440 pixels. This corresponds to a crack-sharp 521 pixels per inch / inch (ppi). Apple’s screen is 5.8 inches in comparison smaller (as large as the Galaxy S8), but is of course still huge. Thanks to the resolution of 2,436 x 1,125 pixels, the iPhone X with a still excellent image clarity of 458 ppi. The differences will not be visible to the naked eye (without the help of VR glasses).

iPhone X chart

Similar dual cameras in Both Galaxy Note 8 and iPhone X

12 megapixels, dual camera with standard and 2x telesensor – both supported by an optical image stabilizer -, very fast autofocus. As far as the cams of the Galaxy Note 8 and iPhone X sound very similar. Samsung has barely outperformed on the paper with the maximum aperture of F1.7 for the standard sensor and F2.4 for the telesensor opposite the iPhone X, which offers F1.8 / F2.4.

In addition to the size of the pixels (which Apple does not yet name), the firmware plays an important role. Which mobile phone camera shoots the better pictures, cannot be assessed in advance. The Galaxy Note 8 has a very good picture quality with daylight and twilight light, and also the quality of the 2x-zoom pictures can convince us. The most beautiful photos in bad light shoot according to our measurements currently but the HTC U11. We are curious to see if Apple can take the lead here.

Video fans also get more from Apple: the iPhone X captures clips in either 4K with up to 60 fps or full HD with up to 240 fps. The latter for slow-motion videos in good quality. The Galaxy Note 8 reaches 4K30 or 1080p60. As is to be heard, Samsung wants to update 4K60 by the update.

Which is stronger? Galaxy Note 8 or iPhone X?

In the lead, Apple will be synonymous in terms of processor line. There are no official benchmarks from the Apple A11 processor with six cores; According to benchmarks, both single-core and multi-core performance in the synthetic Geekbench test could be almost twice as high as that of the eight-core Exynos 8895, which is found in Galaxy Note 8. This, of course, remains to be seen. Although the Galaxy Note 8 reacts very quickly and gave us in the test no reason for criticism, the iPhone X will probably be synonymous with everyday life a bit faster.

Apple also uses the power for a sophisticated facial recognition system that analyzes 30,000 facial features in seconds and sounds comfortable and safe. But also tests have yet to confirm. Samsung also offers facial and iris recognition, both of which work quite well but are simpler to knit and can not replace the universal comfort of a well-placed fingerprint scanner.

With the iPhone X, Apple wants to make other augmented reality presentable applications. This lets you, for example, display names of objects in real-time when you place the Handycam on it or place virtual objects in the “real” space. Whether Apple will make this breakthrough, the app selection and quality of the next few months will show.

We also expect that the battery life of both models in our test is roughly comparable (around ten hours), the iPhone X with the included supposedly not fast-charging power supply but significantly longer to be fully operational.

The Galaxy Note 8 and the iPhone X are therefore aimed at different users: the first to Android fans, who are looking for a stylish and modern giant-phone and absolutely want the stylus – no matter how much it costs. Galaxy Note 8 is comparatively cheaper than iPhone X. The iPhone X is the years’ most exciting toy for iPhone fans and also for well-heeled engineering enthusiasts an option who are willing to spend a few hundred euros.

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IFA 2017: The Best and Weirdest Gadgets of the Year

IFA 2017: The Best and Weirdest Gadgets of the Year

IFA 2017 Largest Tech Bash – Berlin

The largest tech bash of Europe will be coming up shortly in Berlin with usual range of gadgets in the form of smart tellies, phones together with speaker systems put up on the show.  Probing in the expansive conference that would be taking place at Messe Berlin, the TwitIQ is providing you the highlight comprising of the strangest gadgets that are hidden between stalls run by tech titans such as Samsung, Sony and Panasonic.

Gadgets Sony

Sony Smart Speaker Gadget

A novel voice-controlled smart speaker designed to compete with the Amazon Echo and Google Home; gadgets have been unveiled by Sony.  Known as the LF-S50G the speaker is said to accommodate the same Google Assistant AI which tends to run on Google Home.  By utilising the command `OK Google’, it tends to get activated and has the potential of answering queries as well as control smart home appliances and also play music.  At times Google is also said to record the conversation even if you do not say `OK Google’.

Gadgets hair dryier

Personal Health Gadgets: Bizarre Hair Drying Helmet

The gadgets of hair dryer is said to have 400 watts of power with not less than two temperature setting.  It is the Profi Care PC-HTH 3003 Hair dryer hood.  It is an ionising device, a slogan in hair care relating a process that tends to make hair shinier as it seems to dry.  The hair dryer is accompanied with a round brush having a 1.8m cord together with a convenient travel bag in case one intends of wearing it on your vacation.

Gadgets balls

Health Gadgets: Waterproof `Self-Massage’ Balls

The gadgets known as the Medisana VarioRoll, it is good for stimulating, restoring, fascia training and massage. It tends to relieve the tired muscles in the back and neck area by rolling it up and down on the area which cause pain.  However it could also be used on bigger muscle areas in your arms as well as the legs. The company had mentioned in its statement that `since each body seems to be different, the VarioRoll can be adapted perfectly to the different muscle areas through an adjustable distance of 20 to 24 centimetres between the balls’. It further added that the gadget `VarioRoll is mainly unaffected by moisture

Gadgets Fridgecam

SmartHome Gadgets: Smart Fridge Camera

Another of those gadgets – smart fridge camera comes at a price of £100 and informs when your stock of food is low and also suggests recipes on whatever may be available in the chiller. Intended to save on time, money as well as energy together with food waste, this wireless Smarter FridgeCam priced at £99.99 enables you to peek in your fridge from anywhere through your smartphone.  Several of the costly manufacturers had started offering these gadgets though it seems a strange manner of making the `dumb fridge function for you at a portion of the price. 

Virtual Reality Gadgets: The Virtual Simulation Scanner

A French company has claimed to have designed the Matrix with a concept which enables supporters to spend real time in its virtual reality scanners and wear headsets.  It is said that   relaxing in virtual reality could be beneficial in easing the anxiety and stress of individuals and hopes to franchise the gadgets out the simulation shop to other countries all over the world.

Pawbo Gadgets

Pet Treat Dispenser

A home camera known as Pawbo helps in keeping an eye on one’s pet while you are away and tends to speak to them remotely.  These gadgets comprises of a laser pointer game which distracts them and also the option to reward them with treat that is stored in a drawer which tends to slit open on demand.

Samsung Gadgets

Wearable Technology: New Smartwatch of Samsung

The Samsung Korean electronics company revealed two innovative models of smartwatch in Berlin recently and it tends to come just a few weeks before the reports released date of opposing gadgets from Apple.   A bold and brightly coloured fitness tracker in the form of Gear Sports is shaped like a clock face, comprising of jam packed features inclusive of flicking through TV channels, control presentation slides together with the usual smartphone functions such as messaging and email.  Besides this there is also the new curved Gear Fit2 Pro that is somewhat lighter on features having a slimmer design.

gadgets -1

Beam your TV shows like Magic  with these Gadgets

The new projector of LG is fantastic flashy gadgets making your TV show appear like they have appeared magically. For immersive home cinema effect, the LG PorBeam UST provides a Full HD image in an ultra-short throw design.  The Ultra Short-Throw projector is said to be suitable since they do not need specialized installation, with heap of unappealing cables or expansive space between the projector and the screen. The ProBeam UST needs about 4.7-inches of space in order to display a 100-inch HD image.

Buzz Away Your Double Chin

The Rio toner tends to have three 60 second programmes to tone the entire neck and the chin area and claims to focus on the much despised double chin with only a usage of a minute a day on using electrical muscle stimulation.  Identical claims have also been made on the gadgets by companies which tend to promise clients, abs by strapping on a vibrating belly belt.  So far there has not been any before-or-after image to convince the audience.

Personal Hygine Gadgets: Curry Stain Remover

The Japanese company has been focusing on the Indian market when customers in the country had issues with other wash modes that had been unsuccessful in removing the stubborn stains.  The gadgets comprises of 15 varied modes inclusive of the one to remove sauce, curry as well as oil stains. 

slim Gadgets

Personal Health Gadgets: Fat Shaving Pants

One could just imagine sitting around consuming ice-cream and at the same time tend to get slimmer.  These Mass and Slim trousers tend to do precisely that. It claims that its Bamboo Viscose and Tourmaline material could cause the loss of cm when in contact with the skin. But there is not much proof for how tourmaline, semi-precious gem gadgets could have the ability of making one thinner.

Voice Controlled Telly  

TVs have been controlled through gadgets through `Alexa, which is the talking technology in Amazon Echo or Echo dot smart home hubs. Viewer can command from anywhere in the room – `Alexa, turn the volume up’ or Alexa, put on BBC1’.

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Party Apps: Need Models for Your Party? There’s an App for That

Party Apps: Need Models for Your Party? There’s an App for That

Party Apps At Your Service, for Your Convenience

Nowadays the world runs on Applications which makes life certainly easier. Apps are available for every service that begins with necessity and ends up as compulsion. The world of smartphones has proven that you can access everything from the vicinity of your comfort level and thus party apps are available for your convenience. The domain of apps is taking its notches high and there is hardly any service that is not brought into notice by the newly emerging apps. This time the zone of apps has unveiled a new application that has added a new and unexpected entry in the list of the services provided by these apps.

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The First Alexa Phone Gets Amazon Even Closer to Total Domination

The First Alexa Phone Gets Amazon Even Closer to Total Domination

Amazon Alexa has gone way beyond the path traversed by the modern popular digital assistants like Siri, Cortana or Google Assistant but it hasn’t found much popularity or adoption like them. Reason is simple as it is only available on selected smart home devices offered by Amazon but everything is going to change with the launch of the Alexa phone or we could Alexa being present on the phone. It is worth noting that Amazon developers has trained Alexa to perform over 10,000 skills which literally allows it do almost anything from its app.

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Mobdro, the New Kodi Streaming App Offers Free Access to Movies

Mobdro,  the New Kodi Streaming App Offers Free Access to Movies

Mobdro – The Streaming App – `New Kodi ‘

Mobdro, the streaming app has been addressed as the `new Kodi’ while legal problems tend to continue having uncertainly regarding the future of illicit third party add-ons. In fact the software is not at all new. Mobdro was around for many years but could have been well-known since the authorities aimed on closing down sites and repositories which seemed to promote the use of Kodi for illegally streaming copyrighted content.
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