Upcoming iPhone Features that will make Android smartphone Users Jealous

Upcoming iPhone Features that will make Android smartphone Users Jealous

Apple recently showcased the next big thing to happen to Apple users- iOS 13. This will be the next biggest update that will reach iPhone users in the future. iPads now have iPad OS which includes all of the iOS 13 features as well as some added ones too. The new iOS is scheduled to arrive in September along with the new addition to the iPhone line. Apple’s iOS 13 is now in its beta version and has some cool new features in store that will make Android users jealous. While Android users will get their hands on Android OS Q, the OS’ are widely different. So without further ado here’s a list of some of the upcoming iPhone features that are highly anticipated with Apple’s new major release.

In Built Video Editing app in the Cards for iOS 13:

Now with Apple’s iOS 13, users can edit videos on the phone itself without having to download any additional apps. You will be able to change the orientation of the video, add filters and much much more. This app is going to be one of the game changers in the OS world with many more companies following suit. This will be one of the many upcoming iPhone features that is highly anticipated.

Get Better Low Light Photos in iOS 13:

Another highly anticipated wait is for the ability to reduce noise in photographs. You can now click on an image and manually reduce the noise in it. This you’ll be able to do in the post editing stage. This will be another feature that is present in Apple OS but not in Android’s OS.

Better Security with this Feature in iOS 13- One of the upcoming iPhone features:

Now there will be a new way that you can sign into third party apps. You’ll be given a choice of creating an account with the app using your Apple sign in details. This is something that Google already has in place but what is different in Apple, is that each time you create an account with an app it’ll generate a random email ID. This makes sure that your email ID is not shared and your Email is not filled with spam.

Block Apps in Screen Time as one of the new Features on iPhones:

While Apple has Screen Time, Android users have Digital Wellbeing. But what’s different and what makes this features one of the upcoming iPhone features that people are waiting for, is that with Apple you will now be able to block apps by category. This is something that is not yet present on Google’s OS.

Find iPhone Devices that are not connected to the internet with this as one of the Upcoming iPhone Features:

One thing Android users don’t have is the Find My Device thing Apple has going on. Now Apple is getting even more creative by adding another feature to it- you will now be able to find even devices that are offline. Be it iPhones, iPads and even MacBooks, you’ll now be able to locate it even when it is not online.

Backup Text Messages on the cloud and more with iOS 13:

This is one of the upcoming features that is highly anticipated. You will now be able to backup all your text messages to Apple’s own cloud server. This makes it useful especially when you switch your phones. You’ll get all your old messages onto the new phone too. This again is something that is sorely missing in Google Android.

While that feature is interesting in its own right, iMessages will even get more Memojis and a New dark mode feature. Along with the new Dark mode feature you’ll also be getting Apple’s new dark themed keyboard as well.

Get or Search for Suggestions in Text Messages:

This is one of the upcoming iPhone features that is present in both Apple as well as Android. While both may be essentially the same, the only thing different in Apple’s OS is that users will be given suggestions to look for things based on their typing.  This is one of the upcoming iPhone features that will save time.

Adding onto Memojis while it is missed out in Android:

One of the cool features on Apple’s OS is Memojis- the life like animated version of yourself with the avatar changing expressions based on what you want at the time. Apple is now making further enhancements to it’sMemojis feature while Android is still not got it for their users.

This time around you’ll get more customization options.

Silence Unwanted Calls in this upcoming iPhone features:

This new feature will be present on both iPhones as well as on iPads. With this new feature you’ll be able to automatically silence callers. This you can do so by activating the feature. Once activated you won’t have to take any more annoying calls. As is usual in this post, this is again one of the many features that is not present in Android’s OS.

Better privacy by protecting your Location Status in Third Party Apps:

With iOS 13 you’ll now be given more privacy as Apple now allows third party apps to access your location only once. If they, however, are using your location status in the background, Apple will notify you. This is one of the many upcoming iPhone features that will grace iOS 13 in September.

A New,Improved Maps app Upcoming iPhone Features:

This time around you’ll get more roads, better pedestrian info, precise location addresses and a more detailed layout of locations. This already is something that is present in some places but will roll out to the rest of the world, somewhere next year.

Just like street view in Google’s Android, Apple has now included a new look around feature in its Maps app. You’ll also have the ability to share your favorite locations or places you’ve visited with family and friends with the new Collections Feature.

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How to Check your CPU’s Temperature

How to Check Your CPU’s Temperature

Every one of us has faced this issue once in a while or may be even more. Our computer starts acting sluggish and becomes very slow. These are at least the few common symptoms of an overheating CPU. While there could be other reasons for such sluggish behavior, most of the time it just comes down to an overheating CPU. After all there is only so much a system can do. Making it do more than what it was made for, will surely burn up the CPU. Here’s how you can check your CPU’s temperature.

Funny thing, Windows does not have a way that you can check how hot your CPU is getting. That is a quick and easy way. I mean you could always take a peek at the system’s BIOS to get that information, but it seems too much of a hassle to get a look at a simple sensor reading. Thankfully for us there are many programs out there that can help us in checking our CPU’s temperature.

Learning How to Check Your CPU’s Temperature:

The quickest way to check your CPU’s temperature is to use a rightly named program- Core Temp.  But word of caution be mindful when installing it as it sometimes downloads bloatware as well. Just remember to uncheck the right boxes and you’ll be fine.

Once you’ve got it installed, you can take a look at your bare CPU and how it stands. On the lower half of the window you’ll get to see the CPU’s average temperature as well. If that’s not enough then you could always click on “Show Hidden Icons” located in the system tray in the windows taskbar to get a better look at what’s happening in your CPU. Every CPU core will have a listing there and you’ll be able to see how each one’s doing in terms of CPU temperature.

Plus with this program installed you can even configure what you see in the window. The default one too is dead simple to use. Core Temp however isn’t the only option in your arsenal in how to find out your CPU’s temperature. There’s HWInfo too. This tool unlike the other one, shows you just about everything pertaining to your computer’s hardware. If that’s too much for you then you can turn on the sensor mode only. To do this you can scroll down to the CPU section.

NZXT’s Cam Software in How to check your CPU’s temperature:

This is one program that is very easy to use. It comes with a user friendly interface and gives you a bunch of useful information about the health of your CPU. Besides that you can also take a look at other things such as the graphics card, memory as well as storage. This program also comes with a mobile app that helps you in keeping tabs on your computer when you’re away too.

More Apps to  check your CPU’s Temperature:

Open Hardware Monitor and SpeedFan are some such other options that will help you in checking your CPU’s temperature.

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The Brand-New Honor 20 Pro Hits The Market With Unique Features: What Is The Call?

The Brand-New Honor 20 Pro Hits The Market With Unique Features: What Is The Call?

Honor puts out its premium smartphone and has a lot to offer to its audience. This mid-range and slick device has got an edge with its design along with grade A specifications. If you are looking forward to a superior phone with the value for your money, then this is what you want to carry with you. Follow the Honor 20 pro review to know more about the Phone.

Therefore, this is an excellent option for you to enjoy what the Phone has to offer. For Honor users, the 20 Pro will deliver high performance compared to its predecessors, and for people who wish to buy a new smartphone or shift from their preferred brands, this is a perfect phone for you. In this  review, one can know about the details of the Phone.

Why should you get the Honor 20 Pro?

The Honor  will tell you about the latest flagship option from Huawei, as it is the sub-brand of Huawei. A fan of Honor phones, if you are looking forward to a cheap and inexpensive option, then the Honor 20 Profits right.

After you have bought the Phone, you will find that the box will contain – a 3.5 mm-to-USB-C adapter, a charger and a cable as well. There is no underlying case and bundled headphones in it that you will find in a high range Huawei and a 22.5 W supercharger.

The RAM capacity is of 8GB, which enables you to install more app and gaming is very comfortable without the overheating factor and all information is available in the phone as per the Honor What do you think about the deal then? Let us dive right into the “Honor pro 20 review” for its features and specifics –

Honor 20 Pro Design –

To start with the design, the first thing that will strike your mind is the size of the Phone. In comparison with the Oppo 7 Pro and Zen Phone 6, the Phone is slicker and has convenient touch as well. The screen is 6.26 inches and has no notch.

The Phone comes in purple and glass finish skin and therefore looks great. You can wake your Phone up by double tapping on the screen, and it has a finger scanner as well.

And You have to bear without the water resistance. You will have no clue without holding the phone and using the Phone. The “Honor 20 Pro Review” will tell you all you need to know

Performance –

The Honor 20 Pro is a great performer for the long term, you will be able to run PUBG silky smooth, and there will be no performance issues if you look into the it. As you have known by now, that games run very smooth on the honor phone.

The Phone has 256 GB of phone storage that is ample for anybody, space is internal, and there is no external memory slot on the device. We found out from the Honor 20 Pro that there is a feature called the GPU turbo that is used to speed up games and the Snapdragon 855‘s great graphics are faster than Kirin 980’s graphics.

You can play all sorts of great games on the phones with worrying about the Phone being hanged, and it is an ideal gaming phone that you will know from the “Honor 20 Pro”.

Honor 20 Pro Battery –

According to the Honor 20 pro, the Phone contains a 4000 MAH battery, which will help you suffice on the Phone for two days if you are not using the Phone for something too power snapping.

You do not have to worry about your Phone dying on your way back home after a day’s use in the office, and you can watch your favorite shows in comfort and not stress about your Phone. The battery is excellent, and you must check the honor 20 pro for more information regarding the battery power of the Smart Phone.

Camera –

The camera lovers will love this Phone because the phone camera is fantastic because the camera has significant effects and options that you can explore. If you are a photographer or take an interest in photography, then this can be the ideal Phone for you.

There is a 4-rear camera with 32-megapixel selfies. The camera, according to the source it is perfect for the tourists and travelers as you all want to click photos in different exposures. The lens has Ultra wide f/1.4 aperture as well, and the megapixel count will instantly help you click amazing pictures.

The quality of the photos is quite high, and there is no possibility of bursting as well. There is a night mode for the night photography and look into the Honor 20 Pro  for more references to follow. Check the details and you will know how you could click the DSLR quality of pictures.

Honor 20 Pro Price tag –

The honor 20 pro price is $670 according to the Review. With high-end features, the Phone is set to have an amount, which is quite affordable. Of course, there will be options of payments that you can use to pay monthly as EMI’s, but the Phone is set to be at par with the ASUS Zen phone 6 and the One plus seven pro. This is one of the best phones that you will find at a price know why you can read the  Review.

The Honor 20 Pro is a great phone because of its extensive features, which makes it a great competitor to the One Plus Seven Pro, and the ASUS Zen Phone 6. Therefore, you are recommended to do your research well according to the  review where you can find out about all the features, specs and details of the Phone. Enjoy this super handy device and make the best of your experience with all round exciting appearance and configuration.

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15 Ultimate Free Hacking Apps for Android in 2019

15 Ultimate Free Hacking Apps for Android in 2019

If you are a tech savvy who is excited to check out and try these special hacking apps means don’t worry, you can check out Ultimate free hacking apps for Android in 2019.

The craze of the Android operating system has been huge ever since its launch.  We can see the great rise in Android users and it has even crossed the IOS users worldwide.

So, this immense craze has made hackers target Android Devices to their tasks. Now Android devices which we use are used for penetration testing, wifi spoofing,  IT security Administration, network monitoring and even more.

There are a hell lot of hacking apps for Android in 2019 hovering around the internet. So, to make things easier for our users we have curated a top list which shows 15 ultimate free hacking apps for Android in 2019.

We don’t recommend to use these free hacking apps on your primary device because these apps are used for testing purpose so its best to try them in other devices which you don’t use regularly.

Note: We have cured this ultimate free hacking apps for Android in 2019 just for educational purpose. But we never encourage hacking or other malicious operations.

Now, our list of ultimate free hacking apps for Android in 2019 consists of popular wifi and phone hacking apps such as Shar, Hackode and more.

This list is mainly curated on the bases of our own experience and also from industry reviews as well. So, let’s get into the list of Ultimate Free hacking Apps for Android in 2019.

15 Ultimate Free Hacking Apps for Android in 2019:


If you are searching for the best hacking apps to try? Then you shouldn’t miss out this Ultimate Free Hacking Apps list of 2019.

1. The Ultimate Free Hacking Apps for Android AndroRAT

Ultimate Free Hacking Apps for Android AndroRAT

When you try to check out the Ultimate Free hacking apps list you always find one app which always tops the chart that is AndroRAT. AndroRat is actually the client/Server application which was developed in Java Android for the client side and its also developed in Java/Swing for the server.

The actually name AndroRAT is coined from the mix of Android and RAT (Remote Access Tool), combined it is called as AndroRAT. This special app is developed by a group of 4 people for a university project. The main goal of this application is to give the complete control of the Android System remotely and retrieve all the information you need from it.

This special app runs as a service right after the booting process. So the user doesn’t need to interact specially with the service. This also provides you with the ability to trigger the service connection by SMS or by calling.

The features in AndroRAT are always helpful for hackers to collect information such as call logs, messages, location, and contacts as well. This special app also allows you to remotely monitor all the phones received messages, phone calls, pictures, and other aspects.

If you want to try this AndroRAT hacking app then you can download the App.

Download APK: Github.  AndroRAT.

2. No.1 Ultimate Free Hacking Apps for Android Hackode

HackodeThe Hackode is another hacking tool which has the capability to do a penetration test. This tool is nothing but the app which has multiple tools which are used by ethical hackers, It specialists, penetration testers and more. In this app, you will have three modules.

Those three modules are vital for hackers. In that first module is Reconnaissance, Scanning & Security feed. These are the three modules which are vital for doing penetration and other tests.

With the special app, you can perform activities like Google hacking, SQL Injections, MySQL Server injection, Whois, Scanning, DNS lookup, MX Records, DNS Dif, Security RSS, Ping, Traceroute and more. It can exploits all the information from the target users as well. This Hackode is one of the perfect tools for hackers if they know how to handle the app or else it will take some time for beginners to understand these modules at front.

If you are curious to try this Hackode App. Then try It!

Download: Hackode

3. FaceNiff

Ultimate Free Hacking Apps for Android FaceNiffFaceNiff is other ultimate free hacking app for Android in 2019. This app allows you to intercept the traffic of your network and sniff them. You will find the tool helpful to snoop into the people’s facebook, twitter or other social media or websites using your Android Device. This is the favorite tool for lots of hackers as it steals cookies from wifi networks and gives an attacker unauthorized access to the victim’s account as well.

The faceNiff app requires a rooted Android Device to get installed. So that you can exploit lots of features on the app. If you are interested to try out FaceNiff then you should require Rooted Android Device. This special hacking tool is developed by Bartosz Ponurkiewicz.

Download:  FaceNiff APK.

4. zANTI,  The Ultimate Free Hacking Apps for Android

zANTI Ultimate Free Hacking Apps for Android

zANTI is one of the popular hacking apps for android. It is one of the apps which is having a reputational hacking suite from the zimperium. This special software suite comes with multiple tools which are used for the penetration test.

You can conduct mobile penetration testing with this app and it allows all the security researches a good scope to scan the network quickly and easily. This toolkit of zANTI allows IT professionals to simulate an advanced hacking environment to especially detect malicious techniques.

zANTI can be called as the app which brings the power to the backtracking process on your Android Device. When you log in to the app, it maps the entire network you are connected to along with their cookies. You can find various modules in this special app and can do tasks like network mapping, port discovery, packet manipulation, DoS, MITM, Sniffing and more with ease.

If you are eager to download zANTI apk file then download that and have fun with this special hacking tool.

Download: zANTI APK.

5. DroidSheep

DroidSheepDroidSheep is one of the effective hacking apps which is developed especially for security analysis mainly to play with the wifi networks. This app is similar to the face sniff app and it can simply hijack the web sessions profiles over the wifi network. This app supports most of the services and websites and it works almost on all sites.

When you fire up the Droidsheep app, this app acts like the router which monitors and quickly intercepts with all the wifi connections on your network and it fetches the profiles and their activities as well. With this app, you can sniff any bodies facebook, linkedin, twitter and other social media accounts in your connected wifi.

Droidsheep can also help you detect ARP-Spoofing on the networks and detects other software and apps as well. So this is a handy tool for hackers.

If you want to download this special hacking tool then you can download it and have the fun of snooping.

Download: DroidSheep APK.

6. cSploit


Are you striving to check out the Ultimate Free Hacking apps for android which has advanced functionalities? Then cSploit can help you out because cSploit itself call their app as the most advanced and complete IT Security app which has a complete toolkit for Android.

It’s a special tool which enumerates local hosts and it can even find all the vulnerabilities of the local hosts in this app. Along with those you can exploit their cracks and install backdoors and even break the wifi passwords as well.

With this app, you can do lots of stuff but its interface is a little harder for basic and medium users. Rather than that everything is perfect on this incredible cSploit hacking app.

If you love to download and install this app then you can have the fun of backdoor installations.

Download: cSploit.

7. Shark for Root

If you are curious to use best hacking apps for Android? Then Shark for Root is one of your best picks mainly because of its advanced security features. It provides some advanced toolkit for security experts and hackers.

So, this tool works effectively and the traffic snipper tool is simply ultimate in this app. It works on wifi, 3G and Froyo tethered mode as well. You can even use this tool in tcpdump command for Rooted Android devices as well.

If you want to explore this tool then download it and have the fun of different modes of hacking.

Download: Shark for Root.

8. DroidBox

Wondering to use the best hacking app for android? Then Droidbox can be your best pick because it offers dynamic analysis of Android Applications.

You can get a wide range of results and information like hases of APK packages, SMS & Phone calls, network traffic, Incoming network data, Outgoing data, list of broadcasts receivers and even more from this app.

This is one of the best Android hacking application which has the ability to visualize the behaviour of the Android App package to detect the information about it. if you are eager to try out interesting hacking apps then this one of the best picks for you.

Download: DroidBox

9. APK Inspector

Eager to try out a special hacking app which performs reverse engineering tricks? The APKInspector is good find for you because it can perform reverse engineering tricks. With this app, you can get the graphics features and other analysis functions as well. You can get deep and clear insights on the user.

This is a small but powerful tool which helps you to get the source code of any android app and you can even visualize the DEX Code as well to quickly edit and change the credits and license. If you want you can even erase the credits and licenses as well.

If you want to try out this app then download it and have fun with reverse engineering hacks.

Download: APK Inspector

10. Nmap

Ultimate Free Hacking Apps for Android Nmap

If you are looking for some popular network scanning apps for your Android then here comes the Nmap “popular network scanning app”. It works on both rooted and non-rooted Android Devices along with that you can use the Nmap in desktop as well. If you are a starter who is striving to learn about the basic hacking apps then you should have this Nmap app with you.

Download: Nmap APK.

11. SSHDroid


SSHDroid is another app which is helpful for you in hacking. It is a special tool which is developed for Android and it lets you connect to the remote computers and even it lets you run the terminal command, and help to edit & transfer files. This app has some special features like sharked-key authentication, extended notification control, whitelist, wifi auto start and so on.

If you are looking to try some ultimate free hacking apps for android in 2019? Then you can try this app.

Download: SSHDroid APK.

12. Kali Linux NetHunter

Ultimate Free Hacking Apps for Android Kali Linux NetHunter

The Kali Linux NetHunter is an open source hacking tool which is used for penetration testing for Android. It is officially supported by the Nexus and OnePlus Devices and it provides the ultimate penetration testing platform. This special tool allows you to perform a wide range of hacking attacks hassle free.

Mainly this supports wireless 802.11 frame injection, BadUSB MITM attack, HID Keyboard, 1-click Mana Evil Access Point setup and more attacks.

Download: Kali Linux Nethunter.

13. WPScan


Wpscan is one of the special tools which scans the WordPress vulnerabilities for Android. If you are a blogger or a techie who often use WordPress then you can use this great tool. It allows you to scan the WordPress based websites and find all the loopholes and vulnerabilities of those sites.

This is a popular desktop tool but it also supports the Android as well. If you are eager to know about the vulnerabilities of websites then you have to choose this app.

Download: WpScan

14. Wi-Fi Kill

Ultimate Free Hacking Apps for Android Wi-Fi Kill

Wi-Fi Kill is another great hacking tool which is mostly used by hackers. It works only on the rooted android devices and by using this tool, you can quickly disable the device internet connection.

If your device is connected to wifi network then you can quickly hack or block the device. In reality, this tool will block the packet data going into the device.

This app is having an incredibly easy interface so that any novice starter can use this hacking app. If you want to play with your friends and colleagues in your wifi network by killing their wifi then you can use this awesome tool.

Download: Wi-Fi Kill

15. Best of Ultimate Free Hacking Apps for Android, Fing Network Scanner

Fing Network Scanner

Eager to find out the ultimate free hacking apps for android in 2019? then the fing network scanner is one of them it is used by the hackers and security experts to discover which device has affected and which devices are connected to the internet. You can quickly check out information about the map devices, find intruders, solve network problems, locate security risks and more. This special tool will come with loads of free network tools so this makes your job much more easier.

Download: Fing Network Scanner.

This all about the Ultimate Free hacking apps for Android in 2019 post. If you feel i have missed any of your favorite hacking tool then do let us know in comments section below.

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Best Wireless Charging Phones in Android for 2019

Best Wireless Charging Phones in Android for 2019

In this modern world, there is an increasing demand for wireless charging devices. Mostly because people hate carrying wired chargers. If you are one of them who Best wireless charging phones then you are at the right place.

The modern innovation has already reached to the next level as we can some cool innovation in that wireless charging is one of the innovations.

The wireless charging technology obviously saves you the effort of carrying USB cables or it relieves the stress of searching for plugs.

In wireless charging devices, all you have to do is just drop it on the pad and do watch your mobile light up. Even though there are slight backdrops to keep in mind but its usability will get rid of those drawbacks. The main drawback of the wireless charging is you can really use the device while charging and also it takes a little longer than the cable charger.

This wireless charging technology is mainly available for the high-end mobile phones with glass backs mainly because metal and wireless charging don’t even mix in sync. Although not all flagship killers are using this technology, but in recent times manufacturers are striving to include this in their product.

Now, if you are searching for the best phones with the features which support Qi Standards, PMA standards then here are the best and popular choices for you. In this post, you will check out the best phones with wireless charging capabilities in 2019.

Galaxy S10, One of the Best wireless charging phones :

Best Wireless Charging Phones Samsung is very well known for its wireless chargers. Way before the Apple announcement in 2017, Samsung has introduced its wireless charge for Droid Charge way back in 2011 itself. It has upgraded to the next level in the new wireless charging era and has brought the Galaxy S10. All the three galaxy s10 phones are available in the market and all three supports the best wireless charging options.

There more to add, these Samsung S10 feature wireless power share which allows them to be a charger for the other wireless charging devices as well. This is one of the cool features in Galaxy S10, that’s why people love using Samsung because of its extreme innovations.

The Galaxy S10 phones are having the largest ever display and battery life as well. It has two front-facing cameras which are capable of taking eye-catching images. Like all flagship devices, this device is having an in-display fingerprint scanner, IP68 rating and more features.

This device is a perfect device for someone who is searching for the budget Samsung flagship, you can opt for the Galaxy S10e, this has the smallest display and it comes with two rear cameras instead of the three that’s the difference between them. Although they are having other differences but its worth for budget users. If you are looking out for the best wireless charging phones in 2019 means this is one of the best options for you.

Samsung Galaxy  Note 9, Best Wireless Charging Phones:

Best Wireless Charging Phones in Android for 2019When it comes to wireless charging phones in 2019, the Galaxy S10 is followed by Samsung Galaxy Note 9 because these both are the Samsung phones. The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 has already stamped its authority as the best smartphone in 2018 but when we are talking about the best wireless charging capabilities phone in 2019 this device will top the list. So, we are including this device in the list of best wireless charging phones in 2019.

This device offers a large 6.4-inch display with powerful snapdragon 845 chipsets. It has up to 8GB RAM and has a battery size of 4,000mAh battery. Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is the water-resistant phone which has IP68 Rating and it can be expandable up to the 512GB Storage.

The best thing which makes this phone stand out in this competitive market is it’s signature S Pen, this is definitely a talkable feature and l personally loved it. This supports Bluetooth low energy and also allows to remotely control the camera.

Camera wise you will find this device as the best device for the budget but you can get more clear and precise photos in its latest version S10. Samsung Galaxy Note 9 has the wireless charging ability and so we have listed this device. Galaxy Note 9 has been made up of glass and metal and it also has the fingerprint scanner and its user interface is pretty smooth and useable.

Huawei P30 Pro:

Huawei P30 ProIf you are eager to check out the best wireless charging phones on android then you have to check out Huawei P30 pro. Because it is the latest and the best Huawei phones on the market. It is having impressive features along with that it has incredible camera setup with four sensors on the back of the device. This device does take fabulous photos in low light apart from that its wireless charging capabilities are really ultimate. This special device is having a wide-angle 5x lens which focuses more.

Apart, from that, it also supports the reverse wireless charging as well. This android phone looks stunning when it comes to looks and it is much smaller than other hefty devices. This phone is similar to the mate 20 Pro when it comes to the in-display fingerprint scanner.

Although it is not that much quicker as the latest Oneplus 7 Pro it is faster enough. If you are wondering about the specifications of this mobile means: it is powered by Kirin 980 chipset. P30 Pro has a 6.47-inch display with IP68 water and dust resistance feature. This device is expandable up to 512 GB and it is having the effective wireless charging capability. That’s why it is one of the best wireless charging phones for Android in 2019.

Best wireless charging phones by Google: Google Pixel 3/3 XL

Best Wireless Charging Phones in AndroidGoogle’s new device is also one of the best competitors for the wireless charging devices. Not only Google Pixel 3 but you can see this wireless charging capability in its pixel 3 XL as well. This smartphone supports the fast wireless charging and we can say it is faster than most of the smartphone wireless chargers. Its 10w fast wireless charging helps the device to charge faster. Although, it’s fast it has the stand while your device is on the stand the pixel 3 can be turned on the Do Not Disturb mode automatically at the night and it can transform the photos and do more while it is on the stand.

Both Google pixel 3 and 3 XL devices are almost similar in the specifications and these both come with the 845 Snapdragon chipset with 4GB RAM and the storage of 64/128 GB. It’s having 12.2 Megapixel camera and it can take some wonderful pictures with ease. If you are wondering the main difference between the devices means the pixel 3 has a 5.5-inch display which the XL model comes with 6.3 inches and it also offers the Quad HD resolution.  This device should definitely on the list of best wireless charging phones of 2019.

Best wireless charging phones  from Sony: Xperia XZ3

Xperia XZ3Sony is often competing with the top mobile brands like Samsung, apple and more but it never crossed the line. Even though it never crossed the rankings but has produced some best smartphones. One of the best smartphone from Sony we are talking about is “Sony Xperia XZ3”. It is a device which has high-end specifications and premium design. Along with that, it also has the few other bells and whistles like the other 3D creators. These special features have made Xperia XZ3 one of the best smartphones.

But its wireless capabilities have made this phone featured in this list of best wireless charging phones in 2019. The Sony Xperia is a flagship device but unfortunately it hasn’t met people’s expectations with its battery life but still, it can be called as a flagship device. This device runs on Android 9.0 pie, coming to the design it has stunning looks because it is curved with an OLED Display dual front-facing speakers and with smooth design. Unlike other smartphone devices, Sony doesn’t have top-notch cameras and it has only a single rear camera.

This device is not for everyone because it costs a lot. Sony has a really high price tag on the device and so users are often searching for lower devices which has the same or better features. But, as we are talking about the wireless capabilities this device should be listed in our list because it is one of the best wireless charging devices in 2019.

Huawei Mate 20 One of the Best wireless charging phones:

Huawei Mate 20Huawei mate 20 is another smartphone which supports 15w wireless charging and it is the first phone in the market to support 15w reverse wireless charging. Which means you can quickly use it as a wireless charger just by placing it on the back of the phone.

This device has an in-display fingerprint scanner and also has a massive battery life. It also comes with a special feature that is 3D facial recognition. Huawei has launched this phone for the highly competitive medium-range mobile market. This device has an in-display fingerprint scanner and it comes with a glass back metal frame.

It is having the best possible premium design with the metal and glass frame., Even all these features it hasn’t impressed US markets and also not available in lots of areas. But this phone is one of the best wireless charging phones in 2019.

This is all about the best wireless charging phones in Android for 2019. If you want more exciting posts like these then follow our blog for more updates.


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