RED’s Modular Hydrogen One Phone Looks Crazier in Its Patent Application

RED’s  Modular Hydrogen One Phone Looks Even Crazier in Its Patent Application

Hydrogen One with High Quality Digital Cinema Cameras

Recently it was learnt that a company – RED, which is best known for making high quality digital cinema cameras intends to dip in the smartphone arena with something known as Hydrogen One.  The company had announced the phone with a hot price of $1,195 and above though revealed little besides the few things such as an offer of 3D and `4D’, visuals together with audio which would `Assault your Senses’.  The phone would be carrier-unlocked running on Android and will be modular. On reviewing the patent application which RED had submitted for a `Modular Digital Camera and Cellular Phone’, they got an understanding of just how modular the company was thinking.  In the pending patent, RED visualises a smartphone such as the Hydrogen One as the beginning point of a segmental camera system which could switch everything from the screen to the lenses to extra accessories. With regards to the phone-focused parts of the patent application, RED has not been working in diverse area from other businesses which tend to make modular phones.  The company envisages a few concrete modules which would link to the Hydrogen One such as a spare battery, a projector or a speaker.

Hydrogen One -3

Single Camera Module – Modular Lens System

The variance between them and same efforts such as the Moto Z phones that in the case of version of RED, these modules seem to be the same shape.  One would essentially be stacking another version of the rectangular shape of Hydrogen One towards the back or front of the phone. RED has been describing the other rectangular supplements as a completely single camera module that tends to have a modular lens system.  One would attach this camera module towards the back of the Hydrogen One smartphone hence covering it rear camera, though, replacing it with a one which tends to utilise an improved image sensor and image process in capturing video at around or more of 8K resolution. This camera module could utilise CMOS, CCD or FOVEON sensors, ranging from half-inch to full frame or could be huge in size.  Moreover, the user could also place other modules between the smartphone and the camera module such as a battery or additional hard drives for example.

Hydrogen One -2

Electronic Viewfinder of Hydrogen One

RED has taken the concept of these rectangular stacks of modules then envisages them as the nervous system basically for bigger setup of a camera which seems somewhat like a DSLR.  Here the users could snap an improved camera module and a battery or two on their Hydrogen One and to that chunk of tech, a number of accustomed photographic accessories can be attached. The company has demonstrated a camera grip with mechanical controls towards the back together with shutter button on the front.  Besides this, there is also an electronic viewfinder which had the tendency of being attached on the left or a second vertical grip towards the bottom.   This notion balances the way up in displaying the Hydrogen One being a shoulder-mounted cinema camera and basically changing a smartphone into a thing which is not too different from the livelihood of RED.  If RED could utilise the Hydrogen One in at least lessening the gulf between a unique camera together with a modular system while providing some showy fresh features also or a quicker upgrade path for users, probably it could make a niche for itself and grow.

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Can ElliQ Robots Solve Grandma’s Loneliness?

Can ElliQ Robots Solve Grandma’s Loneliness?

New age ElliQ robots brings respite to the loneliness

Robotics industry is going through an exciting age wherein it is expanding its target market like never before. Currently it is heavily targeting the untapped elderly target audience market which is known remain indifferent to the ever evolving technologies. A social companion robot called ElliQ has been developed by Israel based startup, Intuition Robotics, which is designed to provide and comfort to the elderly with an interactive companionship.There is no denying fact that our elderly citizens often have to lead their life alone which results in isolation and loneliness. This robot is aimed at doing away with the loneliness in a refreshing manner.

ElliQ -1

The team behind the ElliQ companion robot

Intuition Robotics has raised about $14 million from a number of investors which includes Toyota Research Institute. This company is known for investing in a number of autonomous vehicles as well as home robots which would be unveiled within next decade to provide ultimate comfort and assistance to the consumers all across the globe. This funding has been utilized for developing the social comfort robot named ElliQ. Quite incidentally Intuition Robotics isn’t the only one which is looking towards bringing the best of the today’s technology towards aiding the senior citizens and they have to lock horns with IBM and Toyota in future.

ElliQ -2

It’s all about comfort and companionship

ElliQ showcases a simple and adorable design and it can be placed right on the table. It is specifically designed to provide comfort and companionship to the elderly users by facilitating the communication with the family as well as offer timely reminders to the users for a number of activities. The best thing about this robot is that it simplifies the process of the sending messages and photos which is quite a difficult and confusing task for the older generation.

Designers have found that younger generation loves to interact with the older generation using the technology rather than meeting in person or talking over the phone. Hence ElliQ is designed to enable senior citizens in comfortably staying in touch with their family and relatives in a simple, smart and reliable fashion. This ElliQ robot not just makes it easier to communicate with other but also reduces the stress of the caregiver by providing constant reminders to the elderly about upcoming doctor’s appointments and other similar things. It even keeps the user engaged active by offering highly personalized suggestion like going for walks and even listening to the music.

ElliQ Companion robot designed with elderly in mind

Intuition Robotics has spent a considerable in ensuring that the form factor for this ElliQ robot is user friendly and can be easily handled by the elderly audience. During the initial they wanted to create such a robot that move around and follow the user around the home but it was felt creepy and uncomforting. Therefore they opted simple resting on the table design which requires coming to it in order to make use of it. The market for elderly audience robots is widely untapped and ElliQ is expected to gain a major share of it by being the first to arrive in it.


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How to add a microSD card slot to your iPhone or iPad

How to add a microSD card slot to your iPhone or iPad

Steps to add a microSD card slot on iPhone or iPad

iPhone and iPad users seems to be suffering from the low space problem with no solution in sight. A low storage space means one cannot take any more photos or videos without deleting something on their device. But here are some really smart steps to add a microSD card slot on the iPhone or iPad by spending just $25.

Use Lexar tiny microSD reader

The best way to add a microSD card slot is to make use of the Lexar’s tiny SD card reader for the Lightning devices. With this users get a free Lexar Mobile Manager app which makes it easier and simpler to move media files such as photos and videos between the device and storage card. It can even used for moving photos and videos from device or camera to the iPhone or iPad to editing and sharing on the go.

Use Valkit 2-in-1 Lightning cable with microSD reader

You can buy $25 Valkit 2-in-1 Lightning cable and microSD reader to add the much needed extra storage space to iPhone or iPad. You will get a 10 inch long Lightning cable which with built in extra storage space and this can be helpful in moving photos and videos from device to the card and vice versa. Now your iPhone or iPad will as good as the Android counterparts with enhanced capability of moving files across the device.


Add extra storage space for smoother iPhone or iPad experience

You might have went to friend’s birthday party or somewhere out of the city and the moment you decide to click a memorable photo your device shows low storage space. Using the two steps stated earlier will help you in collecting the memories in the form of photos and videos without the fear of low storage space on the iPhone and iPad for years to come.

Both of these steps allow you to increase the extra storage space up to 256GB which is quite a handful. Secondly paying hefty charges for the iCloud for a larger storage iPhone or iPad version will certainly be a costly affair when you can get the same benefit through spending just less than $25. Financially speaking a 256 GB memory card costs around $170 while latest iPhone 7 with same storage space will cost a whooping $849 and iPhone 7 32GB version will cost $649. So opting for any of the above steps is a sensible and wise decision for rooting out the low storage problem for once and all.

The best thing about these steps to add a microSD card is that you are not limited to carrying just a single card at a time. You can use as many card as you like in order to keep photos and videos in different cards. It also aids in transferring files to and from PCSs, laptops, Macs and Android devices. Certainly it isn’t as good as the built in microSD card slot but it works well enough to compensate for the loss.

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Nvidia Considers Multi-Chip GPU for Future Designs

Nvidia Considers Multi-Chip GPU for Future Designs

Nvidia has been making progress in a technical wall in GPU design wherein it would no longer be capable of shoving more transistors into a GPU die to increase performance to which rate customers have grown accustomed to. GPUs in general are designed as monolithic dies with their functionality under one` roof’.  This tends to take place often and the earlier GPUs on some occasion utilised separate chips for specific functionality.

Several times, AMD together with Nvidia had used various cores in providing support for the extra monitors or to bond links between PCI Express and AGP.  Nvidia has now been appraising the option of a multi-chip GPU which would interconnect with the other parts of the core such as MCM – Multi-chip-Module, considering the core component of the GPU, that have been single-die matters for a long time.

However monolithic GPU designs tend to have issues from various problems. At first they could be reticle-busters, pushing the limits of what TSMC, GlobalFoundries or Samsung could construct into a single core. Harvesting good GPUs from the corrupt ones could escalate issues when the manufacturer tries to harvest good die as in the case of Nvidia and the GTX 970.

GPU -1

In-House Simulator

The system that they utilised in recovering parts for the GTX 970 also had an influence on the memory bandwidth of the GPUswhile accessing its last 512MB of RAM.  If GPUs had been built in modules, and linked together on a common package, the subsequent chip could theoretically be huge and more powerful than any single card.

The research team of Nvidia utilised an in-house simulator in evaluating their designs and build two virtual GPUs comprising of 256 streaming multiprocessors -SMseach.

One was based on the present monolithic design while the other utilised an MCM design.  In the study of the author, they were of the belief that they can exceedthe performance of the biggest construct able GPU by 44.5% and come within 10% of a monolithic GPU die which exceeds any product presently buildable at any foundry.

If this type of approach in a perfect situation could harvest amazing development in performance as well as power consumption together with TDP,  one would not have the complete GPUs horsepower focused in a small space. Caution would be essential against jumping to conclusion.

Non-Uniform Memory Access – NUMA

The authors of the report have acknowledged that this would need software which was NUMA – Non-Uniform Memory Access, compatible. Moreover there would also be an inevitable performance hit while accessing data that is held in different GPU or sharing information over numerous cores.

These types of performance have already taken place when consumers try to deploy arrays of GPUs and the performance penalties are now considerablytougher than what they tend to be in an MCM.It is left to be seen what Nvidia would be doing for the next couple of generations.

However a move to MCM GPUs tends to be almost certain. The issue is which company would be getting there first.  It is believed that AMD’s Navi GPU architecture off in the distance could be utilising an MCM GPU design also particularly since the AMD has the tech in place with Zen, at the moment.

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Is a Mac Laptop or Desktop a Better Investment?

Is a Mac Laptop or Desktop a Better Investment?

Have you decided to purchase a Mac as your next computer? Whether you want a more secure system with reliable Mac service. or one meant for designers, you’ve made an excellent choice. Now you just have one more thing to decide before you begin looking for Apple computers for sale. Do you want to purchase a laptop or a desktop?

The Portability Factor

The first thing you should do is decide where you intend to use your new computer the most. If you only intend to use it at home, a desktop will work well. However, if you want something you can take with you to cafes, to work or when you travel via train or plane, you’ll obviously need a laptop. Even if you usually use the computer at home right now, consider your long-term plans in case they change the way you use the internet.


The Size Factor

Size is another important detail, even if you don’t need a portable computer. Consider how much space you have in your home. Do you live in a dorm room? Are you sharing a small apartment? Have you jumped on the tiny house bandwagon? If you don’t have a lot of space to spread out, a desktop is probably not a good idea. A laptop can be folded up and put away when you aren’t using it, which means your kitchen table can double as a desk or you’ll still have sleeping space if you need to use your computer in bed.

mac laptop

The Intended Use Factor

Finally, consider what you’ll be using the computer for. While laptops will work for gaming or designing, their smaller displays may make it harder for you to work, especially if your eyesight isn’t 20/20 to begin with. Desktops offer a larger display screen so you don’t miss anything.

Don’t worry if you’re still not sure which Mac is right for you. When you search “Apple reseller near me,” you’ll find plenty of companies that can help you go over specifications and decide exactly what you need to be productive.

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