The Best Portable Bluetooth Speakers On Budget in 2018

The Best Portable Bluetooth Speakers On Budget in 2018

The Best Portable Bluetooth Speakers on Budget

Before, if you had to jam out to your favorite tunes you would require to carry your earphones and then only you would be able to enjoy the music. But now with Bluetooth connectivity and the wireless miracle, you don’t need to opt in for those in ear devices anymore. Going on a picnic with friends? Need music to jam out too? No worries, you can just bring along that portable Bluetooth speakers with you. Now you might be thinking Portable Bluetooth Speakers? Those aren’t great for listening to music they’re just a pale imitation of a really good surround system. But this is where you’re wrong.

In today’s list we delve into the best portable Bluetooth speakers out there and let me tell you these bad boys don’t fool around with music, they’re affordable and great when it comes to their audio output. What’s even more great with these speakers is that you can take them around with you without any hassle. Some are even waterproof. So to ensure that you buy not only the best out there but also something that will suit your budget we’re bringing to you the best portable Bluetooth speakers that there is.

The first portable Bluetooth Speakers in the budget range- AudioPro Addon T3:

Portable Bluetooth Speakers AudioPro Addon T3

Ok so AudioPro may not be a brand that you’ve heard off, but so what? This Scandavian Company has a 40 year record in good Wi- Fi products and today they bring to you the Addon T3 portable Bluetooth speaker. This Bluetooth speaker is the best in their range and also is one of the best in our list of portable Bluetooth speakers.

It maneuvers easily through those slow numbers as well as those full- out rock sessions. This portable Bluetooth speaker offers a very natural and dynamic performance for any song that you play. The only disadvantage with it, is that it is a little chunky but while you might not be able to take it everywhere with you, it offers a larger sound than what you would get with a smaller sized Bluetooth speaker. This portable Bluetooth speaker costs around $271.

Another Budget Friendly portable Bluetooth speakers- UE Megablast:

This cylindrical portable Bluetooth speaker is not only smart but is also easy on the eyes too. It comes with bold colors and is even water resistant. Did I mention this portable Bluetooth speaker comes with Alexa too (by the way you need Wi- Fi for this).

Portable Bluetooth Speakers UE Megablast

Ok so what about the sound? This Megablast can be played on the maximum too with a great output while some others would sound shrill. It plays well with any sort of music and can be used for 16 hours straight with a full charge. This portable Bluetooth speaker will cost you $229.

Best waterproof portable Bluetooth Speakers- UE Wonderboom:

Portable Bluetooth SpeakersUE Wonderboom

Ok so do all your trips involve some kind of water? Then this portable Bluetooth speaker is the one for you. The UE Wonderboom is not only the more budget friendly Bluetooth speakers on the list but it also comes in a bold design with even bolder colors to go along with it. While this portable Bluetooth speaker may be small in size it does pack a punch when it comes to the music department, add to that it’s round shape and you’re space is filled with the amazing tunes of your favorite song. This budget friendly Bluetooth speaker will only cost you around $122.

Budget Buy Portable Bluetooth Speakers- Jam Heavy Metal:

Portable Bluetooth Speakers Jam Heavy Metal

This sturdy built portable Bluetooth speaker can give you tunes like no other, It can play all sorts of music without any reservations and you can get the best without even putting the volume on maximum with this portable Bluetooth speaker. A minor set- back is that it does not handle music well at the really high volume range but even at a mid- range it still offers you great sound for it’s $95 price.

Premium Portable Bluetooth Speakers but with Excellent Sound- Dali Katch:

While many of the other portable Bluetooth speakers in this range are budget friendly this one slopes more to the higher end of the scale. But when you listen to this portable Bluetooth speaker you will be blown away, then the price won’t seem like such a bad thing.

Dali Katch Portable Bluetooth Speakers

It has a 24 hour run on full charge and a slip out leather handle to go along with it’s cool design. Coming at around $446, this portable Bluetooth speaker is well worth the buy.

Cambridge Audio Yoyo Portable Bluetooth Speakers:

This pair of portable Bluetooth speakers offers dynamic surround sound while not missing out on different types or genres of music. These portable Bluetooth speakers have a mix of modernity with tradition- they come with British wool to finish.

Cambridge Audio Yoyo Portable Bluetooth speakers

These dynamic- duo also come with hands free playback when your phone is out of reach. You don’t even need to carry around both of them at the same time. These portable speakers will cost you around $407.

A rich Bass portable Bluetooth speakers- JBL Flip 4:

Portable Bluetooth Speakers JBL Flip 4This portable Bluetooth speaker is a no brainer. JBL is known for it’s amazing sound systems and this one is not different from any other. This portable Bluetooth speaker’s rugged design coupled with its rich bass offers a fantastic listen to just about anybody. You can even take this gadget underwater with you without any hassles. This gadget will set you back and mind you a well worth setback of $149.

A Larger Sized Portable Bluetooth Speakers- B&O Play Beolit 17:

Best Portable Bluetooth Speakers B&O Play Beolit 17

This portable Bluetooth speaker just about crosses the threshold of a portable Bluetooth speaker. You get a large sound with this large speaker. While you may not be able to tote this thing around with you everywhere, its loud sound will manage to blow you away wherever you listen to it. For all that large sound and size, this not-so-portable- Bluetooth speaker, will cost you around $609.

These budget friendly portable Bluetooth speakers are in our opinion the best that is there and are well- worth the buy depending on what you’re looking for.


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MacBook Pro 2018: What We Want to See

MacBook Pro 2018: What We Want to See

The Up and Coming MacBook Pro 2018

This year we are not expecting any major changes to the MacBook Pro (2018) other than the basic upgrades that we normally see. There is an expected spec bump from the previous dual core 7th Gen Processor. In addition to its normal performance boost from the 7th Gen Processor, the MacBook Pro 2018 is expected to come with the latest quad core 8th Gen Processor. It enables more processing power as compared with its predecessor.

The new MacBook Pro 2018 is expected to unveil at the WWDC 2018 which will be held in June. The last update was in June 2017 at the WWDC 2017. At that time Apple came out with the Kaby Lake processors, but most of the users were not happy. Apple took their complaints seriously and will be addressing the issue. There will be new features in the MacBook Pro 2018.

We can expect a few changes in the features, specs, design and more in the upcoming MacBook Pro 2018. There is a possibility of the 6-cores processor in the 15inch model and changes to the keyboard which has faced some flak in the past.

The design of the MacBook Pro 2018

There are not going to be any changes in the design, but there could be a possibility in the colour options. The previous MacBook Pro comes in two colours: Silver and Space Grey. In the MacBook series there was an option of Gold and Rose Gold as well. It is likely that Apple will offer the gold option as well as the silver and space grey for the upcoming MacBook Pro 2018.

The Display of MacBook Pro 2018

The present MacBook Pro models have 2880 X 1800 for the 15inch variant and 2560 X 1600 on the 13inch variant. It is left to be seen if the MacBook Pro will increase the pixel count on the 15inch model to a 4K display which is currently being offered by Dell, HP and Asus.

Most of the competitors have touchscreen capabilities. This could be another feature that Apple could introduce in the MacBook Pro.

The Processor of MacBook Pro 2018

The present 15inch MacBook Pro comes with a quad-core processor. There are chances that the new MacBook Pro  will run on the Coffee Lake processor, which indicates that the 13inch variant could upgrade from the dual-core to quad-core processor and the 15inch could have the 6-core processor. If Apple uses the i9 Core Processor, then the 6-core processor can be used in the 15inch MacBook Pro  thereby increasing the speed from 2.9GHz to a boost in speed up to 4.8GHz. There will definitely be a boost in performance with the Coffee Lake processor as compared with the Kaby Lake processor.

RAM of the MacBook Pro 2018

There is a possibility that MacBook Pro 2018 could offer a 32GB RAM that would be announced at the WWDC 2018.

The Touch Bar of Macbook Pro 2018

According to previous indicators, it is not likely that Apple will be including the touch bar feature in its MacBook Pro 2018 as it is a pointless feature.

Pricing of the MacBook Pro 2018

Theprice of the MacBook Pro 2018is likely to be similar to what it is retailing at the moment. The 13inch variant sells between $1299 and $1999. While the 15inch sells between $2399 and $2799.

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4 Ways to Save Money on Your Next Smartphone Purchase

4 Ways to Save Money on Your Next Smartphone Purchase
Are you in the market for a new smartphone — and are you working on a budget? Then you will need to find ways to save a few bucks on your next smartphone purchase.

If you’ve signed up with a phone carrier, you have a few options to consider. This following list has four general ways you can save money when buying a new smartphone when you’re on a contract. Just keep in mind that you will need to do some research to find the phone that’s right for you.

Do You Want Certain Features? A Mid-Range Phone May Suit Your Needs

Think about how you will use your phone. Will you use all the features offered in the most popular models? How much data do you use each month?

When purchasing a phone, you might be drawn to one of the most popular (that is, high-end) models, but you are on a budget. Look around and compare prices and specs. Chances are there are some newer models at mid-range prices. If you primarily use your smartphone for tasks like sending texts, using email, social media, and limited streaming, phones at mid-range prices allow you to do all that and more.

Would You Like to Pay Even Less for the Same Features? Get an Older Model

Have you thought about getting an older smartphone? If you have not, just know you have a few options here.

For starters, look into buying a pre-owned phone — but be careful. Only get a certified pre-owned phone. This way, you will make sure you are purchasing a quality product that’s still in fine working order.

You can also look into buying a phone that’s been refurbished. Just like a pre-owned phone, however, you should make sure it’s certified.

Alternatively, you could choose a top-of-the-line model that was released the previous year. If it hasn’t been used, it’s just as effective as a newer model.

Want to Save Even More Money? Find Deals No Matter the Season

Have you signed up for alerts with a particular phone carrier? If so, you will receive email messages all year long so you can be aware of the best deals, especially during the holidays.

Alternatively, you can receive text messages with offers. You will likely see alerts for a new smartphone or phones that have been out a few months and now have marked down prices. If your phone carrier needs to get rid of a few older models, you’re in for a treat.

Also make sure to look for BOGO deals, especially if you need more than one phone. While you might have to pay full price for the first phone, the second one’s free.

Do You Need an Upgrade? You Could Trade in Your Smartphone

Is your old phone in good cosmetic and working condition? If so, you might want to trade in your phone.

For example, customers have a chance to trade in their phones at T-Mobile when they’re looking to upgrade or open up a new line of service. The process has a few caveats, but customers can earn credits that can be used toward the purchase of a new smartphone.

T-Mobile’s website provides an online calculator for you to find an estimate for your trade-in. While it’s just an estimate, it’s worth a try to get an idea of how much your old phone is worth. Then you can figure out how much more you will need to spend on a new phone.

As you can see, when you’re in the market for a new phone but on a contract, the process doesn’t have to hurt your wallet. There are always ways to save money — you just need to be creative and do your research.

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Google is about to Launch a Gmail Web Redesign

Google is about to Launch a Gmail Web Redesign

Gmail New Revamp Underway!

In a few short weeks we will get to see Google’s new Gmail. The team behind Google is all set to release a new design for the mail interface. A mail has already been sent to Google’s G suite customers telling them about a new and fresh design for Gmail. Besides the fresh new design, G  mail users will also get new features to go along with it. This new update is long overdue but at least it’s here.Apart from the design upgrade, Gmail users will now benefit from some added features such as getting Google Calendar in the G mail interface, a confidential mode, the ability to snooze emails, the ability to view emails while offline and smart replies that was already present on smartphones but now will be available on the desktop as well.

Google Calendar in Gmail:

Users can now access Google Calendar from G mail itself. You can now set appointments right next to emails.

This new design will make Google calendar more accessible to users while reading emails. A screenshot taken from the Verge shows a Gmail design where Google Calendar is placed as a sidebar at the left hand side of the screen. In the design the sidebar can be customized to show a Calendar or to keep or tasks to be done.

Snooze Emails in Gmail:

The snooze feature which was already present in the Gmail app for phones will now rollout to the desktop versions as well. This feature in G mail will allow you to pass on or receive emails hours or days later.

This feature will allow you to clear out unwanted emails before you receive more.

Smart replies in Gmail:

While this feature may already be present in smartphones, Google plans on bringing out this feature to the desktop version as well. These algorithmically designed replies will now be available on the desktop version of G mail as well.

Storing Emails for Offline access on Gmail:

Google is now planning on getting emails to be stored in your browser for offline reading. Google will use standard web technologies to do this as they are slowly phasing out Chrome apps.

Confidential Mode now on Gmail:

G mail will have a confidential mode that will prohibit users from forwarding, copying, downloading or printing certain emails, received from certain people.

There will also be a passcode enabled email viewing, whereby a password or OTP will be sent to open certain messages. Another feature of this confidential mode is that there will be expiry dates on certain emails too.

This all will help businesses in taking care of how their emails are treated by the recipients.  But this would not stop people from taking screen shots of the message before it is deleted unless there is software in place to prevent screenshots from being taken.

The biggest change in Gmail:

There will be a sidebar to the right hand side of the inbox that will now contain features like the Google Calendar.

You will also be able to change the way you view Gmail, there is a compact version, a comfortable option and a Default version.

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AlertEgo: Computer System Transcribes Words Users Speak Silently

AlertEgo: Computer System Transcribes Words Users Speak Silently

AlertEgo: The New Computer Transcriber

We have all heard of a transcriber and may be even have used it in our work. Researchers have now come up with a computer interface that you wear across your jaw and your ear that translates commands to a computer without the need for actually voicing out the words, while in a transcriber you have to clearly enunciate each word while it is being recorded and written down. Here in the AlertEgo project, the computer uses neural networking to make out words that are not really spoken.

AlertEgo is a revolutionary like device that would have a host of applications. Just think noisy places where you would like to communicate something to someone or issue commands to a computer but really can’t. The entire AlertEgo project comprises of a wearable device and a computer system to analyze the subtle movements of the jaw to come up with the words the user is trying to communicate.

What is AlertEgo?

AlertEgo is a project that consists of a wearable device as well as a computer interface that as a whole forms a wordless transcriber. Without actually mouthing the words or without any speech, the wearable device will pass on the subtle movements in the jaw to a computer interface that then uses neural technology to understand the slight/ barely seen movements into actual words.

Electrodes present in the wearable device communicate neuromuscular movements in the face and jaw every time you “speak in your head” which is known as internal verbalization. These neuromuscular movements are not really seen by the human eye but can be picked up by the electrodes present in the wearable device.

These signals are then passed on to a machine learning system that then correlates these signals to a list of words to complete the transcription.

The wearable device in the AlertEgo project also contains bone-conduction headphones that transmits vibrations from the bones of the face to the inner ear and since the wearable device does not contain anything in its design that obstructs the ear canal, the device is able to send signals to the user without interrupting them.

Therefore AlertEgo is a complete computational system that allows the user to not only communicate things to a computer but to also receive information from the system itself.

Uses of the AlertEgo project:

AlertEgo is a system that will find a place anywhere, it just takes a little creative thought. In places where you are in a discussion and you need to verify facts but don’t want to pull out your phone so as not to distract the speaker or you are not allowed to, in such cases AlertEgo comes to the rescue.

Think of those high noise environments where you need to communicate something to someone but are not really able to, like the ground work of an airport, again its AlertEgo to the rescue. Another possible use for this device is during special ops where silence is a must, Alert Ego can then be used by special ops personnel where hand signals and actual speech cannot be used.

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