15 Awesome Android Launcher Apps of 2018

15 Awesome Android Launcher Apps of 2018

No one wants to stay with the same home screen for quite a long time. If you don’t like the way your home screen looks like, then you can quickly change your home screen with the help of Android Launcher Apps.

In fact, most of the people are doing the same thing these days. They download the best android launcher app, and they will change their home screen as they like.

Now, It’s all happening because of the diverse set of features in Android launcher applications. If you strive to change your home screen with the best and beautiful android launcher apps, Then don’t worry you are at the perfect place.

Usually finding a perfect android launcher in the massive list of Android launcher apps is always a daunting task. But, you don’t have to go through all those when you have a glance at this article. Because I’ve got you covered with some useful and best Android launcher apps.

In this list, you will find out 15 Awesome Android Launcher apps of 2018. You can make use of this list and create the best home screen you like.

15 Awesome Android Launcher Apps of 2018:

1. Action Launcher:

Action Launcher Android Launcher AppsAction Launcher is the present trending Android Launcher app in Google Play Store. Most of the people use this stunning app just because of its extra features than the other Android Launcher apps. This Awesome app helps you add a wealth of colors to your device, and you can even customize the app with lots of customization options.

It is faster then lots of Android Launcher apps and lets you to quickly check out the app’s widgets without even creating the widget. That’s what best about this app, i have even included this app in Android Launcher apps of 2018 just because of that feature. Apart from that, you can also add lots of elements to your home screen to make your home screen look awesome.

Best features of Action Launcher:

  • Customizable dock search box.
  • Widgets on fingertips.
  • App shortcuts
  • Adaptive icon supports which help.
  • Weather Widget.
  • Google Now special integration.
  • Notification Dot’s support.
  • The quick theme: Helps to create a home screen with colors from your wallpaper.
  • Shutters
  • Smart-size icons and more.

This app has both free and premium versions. Its premium version costs around $4- $5. Action Android launcher has a 4.2 overall rating in the Google play store.

2. Evie Launcher one of the Best Android Launcher apps of 2018:

Android Launcher Apps -Evie LauncherThese days Evie launcher is improving its popularity with the help of its excellent performance. Most of the users are switching from other Android launchers to the Evie launcher be of its smoothness. It has some best universal search features which let your search help you with one place to the another. Evie is also having lots of features which can serve such as screen shortcuts, customizations and so on. In this launcher, you can even customize your app drawer and useful “folder grid” Feature.

Best features of Evie Launcher:

  • Evie has the universal search which can search inside all of your apps.
  • Fast and lightweight android launcher.
  • Quick navigation support.
  • Custom Shortcut feature.
  • Improved Customization features.
  • Lock your home screen icons.
  • App drawer and more.

Evie launcher is a free Android launcher you can use quickly without any trouble. It has a 4.7 overall rating in the Google play store as well.

3. Nova Launcher is evergreen & Best Android Launcher apps of 2018:

Nova LauncherDo I have to say anything about this popular Android Launcher? I bet you all might know about the Nova launcher because it is the best and most popular Android launcher which is used by thousands of users. Nova is the fast, lightweight and very efficient tool which supports notification badges, dock customizations and more. You can quickly enjoy dozens of features in Nova Launcher. This special launcher is available both in free and premium versions. Its premium versions unlock more exciting and useful features, and it is worth a try for any user.

Best features of Nova Launcher:

  • This tool has ICon themes.
  • Subgrid positioning changer.
  • Color controller.
  • Customize App drawer
  • Backup/ Restore option
  • Widgets in Dock
  • Import layout and so on.

Nova launcher is having 4.6 ratings in google play store. Its premium version cost around $5. It’s always worth a try so i have included that in this list of Android Launcher apps of 2018.

4. Apex Launcher:

Apex Launcher

Apex Launcher is another famous name in the Android Launcher apps. This app offers a great stock android look to the home screen with lots of advanced features. Apex launcher has been around the launchers for a very long time, and it has even topped the Android launchers list for few years as well. Similar to the Action launcher this app also has some extra features which help you to customize your device perfectly.

You can find some excellent scrolling habits, transition animations, a vast number of icons and scrolling docks as well. So, with all these fantastic features you can make use of this awesome Android Launcher App.

Best features of Apex Launcher:

  • Personalized themes and customization options.
  • Fast and secure Android Launcher.
  • Fancy transition effects are available.
  • Can optimize and hide elements as you like.
  • Choose the best background you like.
  • Hide apps from the drawer.
  • Advanced theme engine.

Apex has both free and premium apps. Its pro version cost $3.99, and it gives some extra features like security and all. This launcher has a 4.3 overall rating in the Google play store.

5. ADW Launcher 2:

ADW Launcher 2Most of you might not know about this Android Launcher, and some even think that it might be a boring launcher. But, frankly speaking, this app has many creative features which can test your customization abilities. Previous ADW Launcher always used to be on the top Android launchers list but after the developer stopped updating it has lost its place in top launchers. However, in recent times the ADW 2 Launcher has been launched with a massive amount of customization options and modern features. You can find all types of extensions and make your own widget features in ADW 2 Launcher.

Best features of ADW Launcher 2:

  • Dynamic User interface coloring option.
  • A new way to manage screens.
  • Add widgets and shortcuts with ease.
  • Fast scroll app with drawer style.
  • Best Desktop transitions.
  • New customizable Icon Badges.
  • Configure icon appearance, app drawer and folder appearance.
  • New Visual mode to configure.
  • Wrap folder mode option.
  • Simple App Drawer & Custom widget object.
  • ADWExtension pack for more customized widgets.

The Brand new ADW Launcher 2 is having two versions one is a free version, and another one is paid. Its premium version costs around $3.50 and has lots of creative features included in it. This app has overall 4.3 ratings on Google play store.

6. AIO Launcher:

AIO LauncherAIO Launcher is always different from other Android Launchers. It will not have colorful icons and animation effects and dramatic themes, but instead of those, it has a screen space option which shows you the most critical information. AIO can showcase things like missed calls, SMS, media player, notifications and so on. You can include almost every notification alert in this launcher.

Best features of AIO:

  • System monitor feature.
  • Control panel of AIO
  • Special Notification settings.
  • Player settings.
  • Frequent apps button.
  • Different customized themes.
  • ICon Back support.
  • Can change font size.
  • Quickly rename Apps.

The AIO launcher is available in the free version but if you want to have full control over the customization means you have to use its paid feature. Its paid feature costs around $1.99. AIO has dominated most of launcher apps rating; it has 4.5 overall ratings in Google Play store.

7. Hyperion Launcher:

Hyperion LauncherHyperion Launcher is a newbie in this android launcher world. The best part that impressed me about this launcher is its special features and its beautiful User interface which makes easy for anybody to access and customize their home screen.

You don’t have to be a techie to customize this easy to use the android launcher. You can find some useful features in this app such as icon shape changer, third-party icon support, theming elements and so on. This new launcher is consistent in delivering updates without any bloat. I found this launcher as a useful launcher, so I have kept this android launcher on this list.

Features of Hyperion Launcher:

You can customize its colors.

  • Can Change Folder background color
  • Search widget color.
  • Can change iconography
  • Full access to the typography.
  • Can change covers.
  • New Icon packs.
  • Hidden apps.
  • Scrolling wallpapers and so on.

This newbie is available both in free and premium versions. Its premium version cost is around $2.99, and it has a 4.2 overall rating in the Google play store.

8. Lawnchair Launcher:

Lawnchair LauncherLawnchair is another best Android Launcher to try in this list. It is a free and open source project from the mimics, and this launcher has the same look and feel of the Pixel Launcher. Most of the features are almost identical to the pixel launcher, but you can also find some additional features such as pack support, Notification dots, Adaptive icons and more. If you are searching for free android launcher app, then you should give a try. That’s why I have included this in Android Launcher apps of 2018 Post.

Best Features of Lawnchair Launcher:

  • Android Oreo Shortcuts.
  • Notification dots.
  • New icon pack support
  • Google Now integration.
  • Variable icon size changer.
  • Blurr User Interface.
  • Adaptive icons.

9. Microsoft Launcher:

Microsoft LauncherIf you are searching for free and, official Android Launcher then checks out the Microsoft Android Launcher. It is a free Android launcher from Microsoft services and has a vast range of features and gesture controls on it. What’s the best thing about this app is its user interface? It is the most accessible app to customize than other clumsy apps. You can even integrate it with their windows PC as well. This Microsoft Android Launcher is free of cost, so you don’t have to pay anything for it. It has 4.6 overall rating in Google Play Store. That rating and reviews have made me include Microsoft launcher in this list of Android Launcher apps of 2018.

Best features Microsoft Launcher:

  • Access significant customizations at your fingertips.
  • Protect your contacts on the home screen,
  • Customize your look.
  • Personalized feed.
  • Even continue on PC.
  • Gesture customization and so on.

10. Smart Launcher 5:

Smart Launcher 5Smart Launcher is another interesting android launcher which has been around for years. But its new version of Smart Launcher 5 is impressive than all its older version smart launchers. You can find some interesting features in this smart launcher 5 such as intelligent search, app drawer, automatically detect and more. With all these, you can even find more in the smart launcher 5 prime version. Making your own custom categories is more comfortable with this user-friendly app.

Best features of Smart Launcher 5:

  • Impressive and Adaptive Icons.
  • The automatic app which has the sorting ability.
  • Ultra immersive mode helps you to maximize screen space.
  • Smart search can help you run the search quickly.
  • On-screen notification/
  • Inbuilt widgets.
  • Gestures and hotkeys.

This app has a 4.4 overall rating, and it is helpful in designing a perfect home screen. Its premium version costs up to $6-$7 and has more exciting features in prime version.

11. Lean Launcher:

Lean Launcher Android Launcher Apps Lean is another free android launcher which has earned lots of user base just with its impressive features. This App has healthy stock Android minimalism and also support best features as well. You can quickly activate features such as notification Dots, App shortcuts, icon Shapes, and show on. As this app is known for its customization features, you can use them as well. Although there are some bugs at the start of the creating but they have successfully resolved those bugs and made this app as a brand new app.

Best features of Lean Launcher:

  • Lean has notification dots features.
  • Can quickly change look and feel of the home screen.
  • You can edit apps in no time.
  • Gestures and Actions feature is available.
  • Shortcuts are available
  • Home screen rotation and so on.

The lean launcher is absolutely free, so you don’t have to pay anything for it. Apart from that, it has 4.5 overall rating in Google Play store.

12. Lightning launcher:

Android Launcher Apps of 2018If you want to try minimal android launcher with better performance, then you can use the lightning launcher. This is relatively new in this android launcher, but it has made its presence felt for everyone with its best features. It’s a lightweight software which has the ability to simply change anything on the home screen. So, you can make use of this easy to use the android tool.

Best features of Lightning launcher:

  • Has the ability to customize high changes.
  • Unique and limitless desktop
  • Edit as many as you can on Desktop.
  • Combine grid and positioning.
  • Quickly pin the items.
  • App drawer
  • tasker integration and more.

Lightning launcher only has a premium version which costs around $3, and it has a 4.4 overall rating in Google play store.

13. Next Launcher 3D Shell:

Next Launcher 3D ShellInterested in trying Go Dev 3D tools then try out the Next Launcher 3D shell. It is developed by the same team who has designed the GO Launcher. This launcher has 3D animation features which can help you to optimize your home screen quickly. Most of the people love the transition effects in this impressive app. You can spin your home screen around and also find the same you want with scroll option. Apart from these, you do have lots of other best features to get impressed with this app.

Best features of Next Launcher 3D Shell:

  • Special customization options.
  • 20 Special icons packs.
  • Different wallpaper of the topic.
  • New user interface.
  • Folder interface experience.
  • App drawer and more.

This app has both free and premium version. Its premium version cost around $6, and it has a 4.4 overall rating in the google play store.

14. TSF Launcher:

TSF LauncherTSF Launcher is yet another unique launcher app which is free of cost. It has some exciting features which are helpful in customizing the home screen. You can find some standard features like app drawer, unlimited dock bar, icon packs, widgets and more in this TSF launcher.

Best features of TSF Launcher:

  • TSF has fantastic animation effects.
  • Useful 3D home screen Switching mode.
  • Unlimited Dock.
  • Special batch icons.
  • Exclusive Widgets.
  • Pioneering icon editing tools.

TFS Android Launcher is a free app so you won’t find any app purchases. This app has an overall rating of 4.5 in google play store so its worth a try.

15. Buzz Launcher:

Buzz LauncherAnother launcher you should try Buzz Launcher. It helps to do some stuff automatically that’s why this tool is having some craze in Android Launchers. The best feature of this app is “Home pack Buzz.” It is nothing but a home screen customization service which has more than seven lakhs home screens uploaded and has been shared by thousands of users. You can take these as inspiration and create a brand new home screen, or even you can create the exact one with the help of Buzz Launcher.

Best Features of Buzz Launcher:

  • Home pack buzz feature.
  • New home screen touch buttons.
  • Customize multiple transitions.
  • Personalize your home screen with icon packs and so on.

This buzz launcher has an overall rating of 4.4 in google play store so its always worth a try.

These are the best and Awesome Android Launcher apps of 2018 you should try to create a unique home screen.

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Apple Mac Mini Review: A Pint-Sized Powerhouse for the Rest of Us

Apple Mac Mini Review: A Pint-Sized Powerhouse for the Rest of Us

Apple Mac Mini: What’s New?

Since its last update back in 2014, the Apple mac mini has remained pretty much the same old desktop with its low power and the painful takeoff of other desktop devices of the more modern variety.  Fast forward to today and you get the new and improved Apple mac mini which is a powerhouse of sorts. Starting at $799, you get the basic version but don’t be alarmed, this tiny box can still pack a punch.

New Design and New Materials:

The new Apple mac mini looks much like its predecessor but with a whole different material list. This time around the new Apple mac mini comes with 100% recycled aluminum as its shell and recycled plastic for its base. This brings down the Apple mac mini’s carbon footprint to about 50% of its predecessor.

As mentioned earlier, the  mac mini has more or less the same design as the one that was released back in 2014, but this time it has got a new space grey paint job to go with it.

Moving onto the back of the Apple mac mini, you see that it has got an array of ports to meet all your connectivity needs. You get 4 USB C Thunderbolt 3 ports for an external graphics card for all your heavy video editing needs, 2 USB 3 ports, an HDMI 2.0 port and a gigabit ethernet port which you can update to 10 GB for ultra- high speed connectivity.

Did I mention the  mac mini also comes with a headphone jack, something that is sorely missing with you know what…

The Apple mac mini also comes with a largish exhaust port on the rear to cool down such a massive powerhouse in a tiny body.

The New Apple Mac Mini has got a Boost of Power this time around:

For $799, you get the 8th generation Intel Core i3 processor, 8GB of RAM, 128GB solid state drive and an Intel integrated graphics card. That’s not bad for $799. Oh but wait… you still need to add to that, a display, mouse and keyboard.

The Apple mac mini’s processor isn’t your average low power version of the Intel core i3. It has a quad core chip which can handle all your daily desktop needs with ease. You also get 8GB of RAM which is pretty snazzy when it comes to opening up multiple apps at a time. You may not be able to use this machine to play any graphics intensive games, but it’s fine for meeting all your video and photo editing needs.

Apple’s macOS Mojave goes hand in hand with its own hardware, making for a very capable piece.

If you still find the base machine a little too bland for your tastes, you can always upgrade to the more powerful Intel core i5 or if that still does not satisfy you, then the Intel core i7 Apple mac mini models. Both these higher end models come with 6 processors instead of 4, as with the base model.

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iPad Pro 12.9 Review

iPad Pro 12.9 Review

Apple has watched the market closely and has introduced its tablets back in 2010 with the name of iPad. Since then you can always see the massive craze towards the iPad. Just because of the tech evolution, people only got used to doing things in their ipads. Now, the latest version of Apple iPad pro is spreading like wildfire in the popularity. The new iPad Pro 12.9 is one of the most compelling models in the iPad’s release until now.

In previous versions of iPad, you will always find a few notable points and improvements where else this new iPad pro is different to other elements and is almost capable of replacing the laptop as well.

Now the rising question in the markets is “can the latest 12.9inches iPad pro version can really replace a laptop?
Apart from that people are also thinking about the features and drawbacks of this laster iPad pro 12.9 version. If you are the one who is striving to see the iPad Pro review, then you are at the right place.

Here you will find full details about the new iPad Pro 12.9 review. Now, let’s see should you really buy this iPad pro or you should skip buying in this article.

iPad Pro 12.9 Review

Overview on iPad Pro 12.9:

The latest model iPad pro has flat edges which look pretty identical to the original version but still, this is small improvements than the original version. The large display looks like an absolute monster from any angle, and it has an “all-screen” front panel as well.

It’s 4times faster than to detect colors and it has a ridiculously fast CPU processor. Along with that, it is having a sheer amount of memory and flash storage.

The latest version of iPad pro features lots of additional enhancements and has direct answers to the previous questions. Apart from those regular features, the most important feature you have to talk about in this post is its face ID. It has advanced facial recognization which helps us to unlock the screen with ease.

Its new A12X bionic chip is always faster, and it is having a neural engine which manages to run the device smoothly. Along with these this latest iPad pro is having a lot to talk about. We will cover all aspects future, so let’s get into the post iPad pro reviews.

iPad Pro 12.9

Stunning Display which impresses everyone:

Usually, most of the people always find it hard with the display. If you are the one who is having trouble with previous displays, then you should be using the new iPad pro because it has a stunning display which often grabs any eyeballs towards it.

The latest version display dominates like no other device, and it is more convenient to watch anything on the giant screen. This device is having flat edges and doesn’t have rounded corners, so it is always helpful to look great. The display has the proper white point which can help you use iPad in any situation. You can also find color gamut in this new iPad pro.

iPad Pro 12.9

Price & Availability of iPad Pro 12.9:

The new 12.9inches iPad pro had started at the cost of $749  when it was launched, but that version has discontinued instantly. Now you can find brand new version instead of the old one. However, you can still purchase this at all Apple stores and in online stores. If you are keen to buy this product, then watch out for thanksgiving days to get a massive discount on the device. However, if you want to go with other versions, then the 10.5inch model is still available in the markets.

The present prices of iPhone 12.9inche in $:

  • 64GB  999.99$
  • 256GB 1149.99$
  • 512GB 1349.99$
  • 1TB1749.99$

Design & Built of iPad Pro 12.9:

We’ve already discussed about its truly stunning display now let’s just go little future to know more about the design and build in features of iPad pro 12.9. The iPad design always remains the same, and it hasn’t changed much to talk about it. The external design is almost identical to the previous version, but it has small improvements in look and appeal. This device is better to read any information, and it also has a clear retina display, and it is obviously more prominent than the smallest Mackbook.

iPad Pro 12.9

This device is coming with the only touch iD button and has power, lock and volume buttons on the device. Along with these, it has a nano-SIM tray which makes you feel like cellular models.

Apart from that it is also having lighting port 3.5mm headphone jack along with that you can also see four speaker grilles. This device has the logo on the rear, and it is reflective aluminum.

Coming to the camera, the new device is the same as the iPhone 7, and it has the small of bumps which do not cause any trouble while drawing or taking a note. The iPad Pro is wider even if you catch it with two hands. It is somewhat thicker, but most of the users are striving to get lot tinner device. The reason for the thickness of this device is it has added the benefits such as a stand and keyboard in its body.

Other Accessories of iPad pro 12.9

The keyboard which is present at the body is powered with the iPad via a three pin connector, and it is foolproof which means the keyboard dont need to have its battery or don’t have to rely on the Bluetooth.

Apart from these this device is also having Apple pencil which is helpful for the illustrators and designers to draw or do their work correctly. This pencil is expansive, and it can be charged via the ipads lightning port. Apple pencil looks and feels very much similar to the Microsoft surface pen. If you keen to do the works more on a laptop then you can start doing those works in this iPad as well. You can even install softwares like Adobe Photoshop, Avid editor and so on.

Until now, we have discussed about the build and design of the Apple iPad pro and its display. Now let’s get further to know the information.

iPad Pro 12.9 Review

Hardware, features and specifications of iPad Pro 12.9:

In this section, I will explain you about the hardware, specifications, and features of the latest iPad 12.9.

Major Specifications of iPad Pro 12.9:

Coming to the significant specifications, the device measures 305.7 x 200.6 x 6.9mm. So, these measurements are lovely, and it is thinner than lots of advanced computers. It is powered by Apple’s A12x bionic chip and has lots of familiar things latest iPhone models.

The primary storage options of this 12.9inche iPad pro are 64GB. You can also take 256 GM or 512 Gb or even 1tB, but these are costly.

Camera in iPad Pro 12.9:

You can find massive improvements in camera as well. The new iPad pro version does not only have a high capacity to take images, but it is also has a viewfinder. Apple has especially kept this feature for the professional just to scan their photographs, documents and more correctly. It is almost similar to the studio, so it is not at all a useless device.It is having a 12MP sensor camera and works amazingly well while taking photos. With the options of live images, digital zoom, Image, and 4k video recording options it is one of the best cameras you have to use. Apple also added panoramas effects and made some tweaks to improve & enhance its iPad pro.

Along with the back camera, the iPad has a front facing camera which is 7mp HD sensor camera, and it has good options too.

Audio in iPad Pro 12.9:

The new iPad pro has some advantage of four grilles of speakers, so it has much better sound than its old versions of iPad. This is superb in size and always keep you happy while you watch shows on Netflix, or using facetime or other activities. You can do music reproduction, but you need to wait for a home pod.

Apart from that, you can also find dual microphones for the calls and audio and video recording as well. Although it is decent for casual filming or note taking but it can’t really do more than that.

Batter life of iPad Pro 12.9:

Battery life is always vital for any electronic device. In the latest iPad pro you will have good battery life. You will be pleased with its performance while comparing with previous versions. But its still not that competitive while test with the powerhouses at the cost. Apple has done a decent job in creating a 41-watt-hour battery which will help you do your work for more extended periods.

Although its last long it also takes a long time to recharge even with the perfect charger. This is one of the slight backdrops of the new device. If you have a 30watt charger then Apple ships a USB-c Mackbooks where you can invest in USB-c to charge faster.

Always keep in the mind that, it is still best to charge your device with original charger only don’t go with other version chargers. You have to charge your device overnight to use correctly in the day.

Software of iPad Pro 12.9:

Coming to the latest iPad pro 12.9 inch software, it comes with ios 11, and you can later update the software version to the ios 12.  While the ios 12 is in beta testing, it should be available very soon for all the devices.

You can work effectively with the ios 11 because it has some fresh options and it is user-friendly. You can do multitasking in the section, and you can even work faster with its advanced motions sensors.

Multi windows section is quite helpful for you in iOS 10 so, you can take benefit of it in the latest version of IOS as well. You will have a drag and drop option in the new OS, and along with that, you can make use of mouse control as well. But it requires a significant mental shift to make it work. So, it might frustrate the purpose of iPad pro.

You can work effectively in this new iPad, and by using Apple pencil, you can even work better on designing & 3D modeling projects. It will be helpful for all the designers who love to design unimaginable images. As this software supports high yield apps like Adobe Photoshop, you can quickly take benefit from it.

The new iPad Pro 12.9-inch version is not having a home button, but it is having touch sensitive and an end to end activity so that you can make use of every inch on your screen.

Along with these there are many other advanced features such as facelock, face time, end to end security and so on in this ipad pro 12.9 inches device. Now  i think i have covered everything you need in this ipad pro review.

Our Verdict:

It’s always best to use ipads but to be frank, the large size of ipads won’t suit, everyone. In fact, only a few people love to use heavy ipads for their work. Although there are smaller sizes available, people are more casual towards the ipads. However, some people always like these kinds of devices and are thrilled to experience the new device.

If you are thrilled to use this iPad, then this is for you. As the large screen will make you watch breathtaking visual videos and other aspects. The other things that can help you to use this device effectively are a smart keyboard and pencil and other things which help us to enjoy iPad.

This device is useful for all the people who want to work on ipads rather than carrying laptops. If you are the one who is striving to use ipads to work, then you can use this device. But remember this is expensive if you can afford it then you can make use of it or else you are having better alternatives for that cost.

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Google Pixel Slate Features Chrome OS

Google Pixel Slate Features Chrome OS

The Google Pixel Slate was revealed at the Pixel event last month. Since it was just listed by the FCC, it is probably ready to be launched in a week or two. The Google Pixel Slate will be Google’s replacement for Android Tablets which has still to be released.

The Google Pixel Slate is likely to be one of the most sought-after Chromebooks that will be out in the market. It is designed to not only entertain but also do much more. It is a combination of touch-first user interface, Android apps and desktop-style features in Chrome OS.

Specifications of Google Pixel Slate

The  Pixel Slate will be available in four variants. They will have most of the same specs which includes the 12.3inch 3000 X 2000 (293 ppi) LCD display. The Google Pixel Slate will be 7mm thin and weighs 1.6 pounds.

The four variants will vary in the amount of RAM installed, storage and processors.

The entry-level Google Pixel Slate comes with an Intel Celeron Processor and has either 4GB or 8GB RAM and either 32GB or 64GB configurations. The other three variants feature 8GB or 16GB RAM and 64GB, 128GB or 256GB storage. The three variants come with either m3, i5 or i7 processor.

The Google Pixel Slate features dual front-firing speakers and wireless Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. There will be two USB-C ports and Pixel accessory connector. It will come with an 8MP with wide FOV camera.

The Google Pixel Slate features Chrome OS.

Google Pixel Slate Design

The Chromebook has rounded edges and curved 2.5D glass. It is 7mm thin and weighs 1.6 pounds with the display covering the front of the device. With a good resolution, movies, photos and games come to life. The 12.3inch Molecular Display with 293 ppi(6 million pixels) gives a sharp picture quality. The  Pixel slate only comes in Midnight Blue colour.


You can enjoy entertainment offline. You can download and watch movies, play music as well as explore games even without a Wi-Fi connection.

The Duo Camera wide angle lens of the Chromebook enables you to get everyone in the frame and get a good picture even in low light.

OS of Google Pixel Slate

It  runs Chrome OS with built-in Google Assistant, a new launcher, machine learning suggestions for the most used apps and multi-task with split screen functionality. You can connect your mouse, keyboard and monitor and turn your Chromebook into a powerful workstation.You can work offline with Google Docs, Sheets and Slides. The Chrome OS can run GSuite apps online or offline. Running LINUX on  Pixel Slate can also be done if you so desire.

Battery life of Google Pixel Slate

The 12hour battery life helps you to be productive on the go. In the case of a boost, you can get 2hours of use in a matter of 15minutes of charge.

Price of Google Pixel Slate

It will be priced from $599 for the low-end variant and can reach up to $1599 for the high-end variant. The Pixel book Pen is priced at $99 and the Pixel Slate Keyboard at $199.

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20 Best and Essential WhatsApp Tricks

How to Quickly Chat with Someone on WhatsApp After Being Blocked

These days the desire for encrypted services has been increased, so the apps like WhatsApp’s and hangouts, hike, and all the instant messaging apps are on the rise. Although there is a rise in other messaging apps, the WhatsApp always leads the chat. To ease your data to day use here follows few WhatsApp Tricks.

It always leads the chat because Whatsapp is the world’s popular instant messaging app for a lot of good reasons– it always gets a regular update and has lots of features, and it supports a wide range of devices.

The stats show its popularity, In recent stats there are more than 1 billion people now use WhatsApp every single day, and they often send more than 55 billion messages and 4.5 billion photos to others through the WhatsApp. Not only that they also send 1 billion videos per day so with these numbers you can get a clear picture on WhatsApp.

These numbers say all about the WhatsApp. So, people always love to use WhatsApp, now if you are a WhatsApp users means you should know all these WhatsApp tricks and tips to use WhatsApp correctly. But  If you don’t know them means you are slightly back than others.

So, why stay back check out this post which says about the 20 best and essential WhatsApp tricks you need to know to have fun and also to use WhatsApp with ease.

Let’s get into the 20 best and essential WhatsApp tricks;

20 Best and essential WhatsApp tricks:


1. How to create bold, italicized, or strikethrough text:

 WhatsApp Tricks

This is one of the easiest and simple tricks in WhatsApp. Although few people know about this trick but most of the WhatsApp users still don’t know this trick. So, i am listing it out in the 20 best and essential WhatsApp tricks. If you are one of them, then have a glance at this point.

To start with this simple trick all you have to do is put an asterisk (*) in front and at the back of the word to make it bold.

Ex: If you need to bold must see as bold means you should type like this *Must See*

Similarly, the same goes for the italic, but instead of using (*) you should be using an underscore (_) on either side of the word.

Ex: _Must See_

In the same fashion, you can strikethrough the text by using the tilde (~) at the start of the word and at the end of the world.

Ex: if you want to strike through “Must see” means you should be typing “~Must See~.” Similarly, you can use this step for passage, sentences or paragraphs as well.

In this text, you can also create a monospace text just by simply adding three grave accents (“`) to either side.

From small texts, it is fine, but for more text, you need to change the process.

However, for more text it there is an easier process. You can just highlight the word or passage you need, and then you should tap “more.” After that simply choose Bold, Italic, Strikethrough or monospace from the drop-down menu. Although this doesn’t work for all types of devices but it works for modern devices. So, its worth a try, if you cant does succeed in this process means you can check out the above points it will always work. This is Best and essential whatsapp tricks so i have included this in the post.

  1. 2. Find People with Live Location Feature WhatsApp Tricks:

The Live location features is a useful feature in WhatsApp. This feature allows you to quickly share the real-time location for a specific amount of time with the particular friend or group member or with other private groups as well.

WhatsApp tricks location

If you want to find people with the live location means, you should be using this live location feature in WhatsApp. With this feature, you can share your location.

whatsapp tricks location

To share location, all you have to do is open a chat, and tap on the plus sign. After that, you have to select the location where you will see the option “Share Live Location.” If you click that button means you share the live location, it is one of the best ways to find someone even in a rushed place.

  1. 3. Quote a message in Response:

If you want to quote your message in response means you can do that quickly with this WhatsApp trick. Usually, most of the people love to quote, and it is one of the best skills to manage the context in WhatsApp.

Now, if you want to quote someone, then all you have to do is hold the desired message and then click on the arrow icon that points to the left (This arrow is the first arrow which appears on the top) so don’t get confused.

From there you can write your response with the desired quoted message attached for everyone to see it.

  1. 4. Stop Auto-downloading option via Mobile Data:

Want to save your mobile data by stopping Auto-downloading option.  Then take the help of this trick and save your mobile data.

Usually, there are few different ways to save mobile data in WhatsApp while usually it for calls, messages, and notification. In that few ways, the first way is by disabling the app’s media Downloading ability.


  • Head over to the settings.
  • Then click on Data and Storage Usage.
  • Then click on when using mobile data.

From these settings, you can simply check or uncheck the option downloading documents, photos, audios, and videos via mobile data.

For this way actually, need to tap on the file to download it. So, if you want to save massive mobile data, then you have to uncheck videos because these videos are huge in data, so its best to uncheck that option to save your mobile data. This is always a Best and essential whatsapp tricks because it is useful for all.

  1. 5. Want to get a breakdown from WhatsApp data usage? Then try thess essential whatsApp tricks.

Nowadays all the android phones are coming with the data usage tracker. With this feature, you can just check which is consuming more data. Along with that, it allows you to get an Apps data consuming “Stats.” Whatsapp is also having a tracker similar to this. But this tracker will give category wise data break up.

Now if you want to access this feature in Whatsapp data usage log means follow this process:

  • Go to the settings tab.
  • Click on Data and storage usage.
  • Then finally click on Network usage.
  • In that network usage, you will find an option ” data usage related to google drive, roaming and WhatsApp calls, messages, status updates, and overall usage stats.

In this massive list of stats, you can find out everything you need. But the only drawback of this process is it combines both the cellular and wifi data.

  1. 6. Use WhatsApp in a web browser:

Some people always want to access WhatsApp on the web browser. If you are the one who often likes to chat on web browser means you should be using WhatsApp web feature.

Whatsapp tricks desk top

Whatsapp now has a web browser version which can be directly connected with your mobile. You can chat on your PC or laptop with this option.

  • To use WhatsApp on the web browser or PC.
  • Just hover over to the in a browser.
  • Then open your mobile device and open WhatsApp on it.
  • Click on the options button in the mobile WhatsApp which is present at the top right-hand side.
  • Then just click on the WhatsApp web from the option.
  • Now it will display QR code just scan that QR code which is display on PC with your mobile.

That’s it you can access WhatsApp now in your web browser. This is one of the Best and essential whatsapp tricks you should know right now.

  1. 7. Comfortably transfer files to and from PC:

The best thing about the WhatsApp web is that you can quickly send or receive data on your mobile via WhatsApp. This makes this feature as the unique feature because it can transfer image or screenshots from the mobile to your PC without any sort of help from Data Cables/

whatsapp tricks document sharing

Here all you have to do is just send images you like to any of your friends mobile and then on your PC open the what web and download the image. It is that simple to transfer files to PC. so dont miss this Best and essential whatsapp tricks.

  1. 8. Want to Back up your WhatsApp data? Then Backup conversations to the Email with this method.

In WhatsApp, you can back up your conversation to your email. Here all you have to do is open the chat you want then click on the options — Tap on the more — Then click Email Chat.

After that, you can simply follow the on-screen instructions displayed on the screen. You can backup conversation individually. In this case, you got two options one is sending the conversion with media and other one is without media. Whatsapp can only help you to send 40,000 messages max. It cant send message above that.

  1. 9. Check breakdown of storage by Contact:

Whatsapp has a special feature where it can break down the storage by contacts.


  • Go to settings.
  • Data and storage usage
  • then storage usage.

This can show some impressive stats. Breakdown feature helps you to shop rankings of storage which is used by contacts.

  1. 10. Remove flies from your storage:

Apart from having a glance at this you can do more with those contacts. You can erase these files from your phone if you want to wipe them.

To erase all you need to do is visit a storage usage section then open (Settings — Data and storage — Storage usage). From that option heave over to the ” manage messages.” you can then choose categories to clean them. If you want to clear msg chat means you can simply clear chat with the option in WhatsApp setting.

  1. 11. Request Account Information in Whatsapp:

If you want to request account information means you can do that. These days WhatsApp allows you to request a ZIP file of your account info & settings.

  • Although this doesn’t, have your message though, but it will have your “Account name, profile photo and other details about the profile.”
  • Now to choose this option all you have to do is go to the settings — Accounts — Request account info.
  • After that click on ” Request Report.”

This is will take a couple of days to get the report. However, if want to delete your account then you can’t view that file in WhatsApp.

  1. 12. Enable the Two-step verification method:

Whatsapp has a two-step verification method. By default, your WhatsApp asks for a top when changing devices. Along with that, there is another option in WhatsApp that is Two-Step Verification.

This helps you to access your account on the new phone with ease. Now to activate this follow this process:

  • Go to the settings.
  • Click on Account.
  • Head over to the two-step – verification.
  • From there just follow the on-screen rules and create a six digit pin.
  • You can also add the email address so it will be helpful when you lost your sim to verify.
  1. 13. Want to backup your message to Local or Cloud Storage:

Now if you really want to back your messages and chats to the local or cloud storage means you can make use of this trick.  To back just open Go to settings, then click on the conversations and then click on the chat back up and finally tap back up button.

  1. 14. Keen to know when your message got to read:

Most of you might already know about this trick that grey tike means the message are delivered but aren’t read by the users. Blue ticks indicate which are read by users. If you want to know the time means just follow the below process.

  • See the message info on the screen.
  • Check all the sent message details.
  • Then open a chat and tap & hold the sent message.
  • Click on info (or i )button from the action bar which is at the top.
  1. 15. Privacy options techniques:

The privacy options are the crucial feature in WhatsApp. If you are the one who doesn’t want to enable your details and profile. Then you can just update your settings and keep it to away from others by allowing privacy settings.

  • Click on options — settings — account — privacy.

After that option merely choose whatever you want to hide from others such as status, profile pic, etc. You will have three options to select one is Everyone, Nobody and my contacts. So choose the best choice you want in that three. This is the Best and essential whatsapp tricks you should know for better accessing whatsapp.

  1. 16. Want to check who read your group message:

Are you striving to check out who has read your group message then you can use this technique? Here all you need to do is hold on your message until it got highlighted. After that tap on the three dots menu and choose “info” from the options. From there you can check out how has and how hasn’t viewed your post.

  1. 17. How to mute and block contacts:

If you want to mute or block some of your contacts means you can do with this best and essential WhatsApp tricks. As people can be easily annoyed with the too many active conversations. Every message makes us frustrated with annoying notification.

So, if you want to mute conversation means just open the discussion which you want to mute. Either it is a WhatsApp group or contact. Just click on the options then go the group info and simple click on mute and set mute option.

This can help you turn off notification for a while in your android group. Now coming to the blocking contact, all you have to open particular chat and click on options.

Then select more button and after that click on Block. This point is useful so i have included this in Best and essential whatsapp tricks post.

  1. 18. View all blocked contacts:

If you want to check the blocked contacts list to remove someone from the block list means head over to the settings — account — privacy.

Then you need to scroll down to the message section and just click on the ” Blocked Contacts.” That’s it. This is one of the Best and essential whatsapp tricks you should know to quickly access blocked contacts.

  1. 19. Want to Use Multiple Whatsapp Accounts? Then use this trick:

Most of the people want to use multiple WhatsApp accounts on their multi sim device. So, if you are one of them then check out this process.

As you want to create multiple WhatsApp accounts, there are many WhatsApp Tricks. In that Android lollipop is the easiest way as it is allowing multiple users on the same device.

Go to the Android Settings.

Head over to users.

Then to Add users.

Create a new user.

Log in using the new account and then install WhatsApp.

This is one of the best WhatsApp tricks  so I have mentioned it in this topic Best and essential whatsapp tricks you need to know.

  1. 20. Want to schedule message on WhatsApp then use these WhatsApp tricks?

If you want to schedule messages on WhatsApp then officially you can’t do anything because WhatsApp is not having that feature. But with the help of a third-party app you can schedule your WhatsApp message. You can make use of this “Scheduler for WhatsApp” app to do your task.

  • Just download & install the app.
  • Go to the phone settings.
  • Accessibility and then to services.
  • Activate WhatsApp scheduler.

This will help you to schedule WhatsApp messages. That’s why this is one of the Best and essential whatsapp tricks you have to know.

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