Best Computer Speakers 2019

Best Computer Speakers 2019

Headphones seem to be the go to option when it comes to using computers. No one prefers computer speakers for the simple reason that they may disturb another person. So the only option then is getting headphones. But what about when you are alone then what happens? People still use headphones. It’s just that they sound good and computer speakers, well not so much. But not anymore there are some great computer speakers out there than can really enhance your listening experience.  Knowing which they are is key. So in this article we take a look at some of the best computer speakers 2019.

Top in the List of Best Computer Speakers 2019 Audio Engine A2+ :

Well these may not be the best speakers of 2019. What I mean by this is that they were launched 4 years ago. But since 4 years ago they are still the best computer speakers that you can get your hands on.

Best Computer Speakers Audio Engine A2+

The speakers not only sound good but they are also aesthetically pleasing as well. This speaker does not have bass but that’s only a problem if you are one of those people really fond of a deep bass. Otherwise you’ll be just fine. Still if that is a sore point for you then don’t worry, these speakers also have an RCA output which makes connecting an external woofer easy.

Logitech Z623 Computer Speakers:

These are one of the most expensive computer speakers on this list of best computer speakers 2019. You might not expect to pay so much for Logitech Speakers but in the end these speakers do cost quite a bit.

But just for a second forget the price and take a ear to them. Straight of the bat you’ll hear tunes that’ll make these speakers worth every penny. They don’t look all that powerful, but these innocent computer speakers can really pack a punch. Its woofers produce a thundering sound which you can tone up or down depending on your choice. It takes to highs and mids smoothly. These are your go to kinda speakers when it comes to movies and for a more immersive gaming experience.

Logitech G560 another Logitech on this list of best computer speakers 2019:

Logitech is a known brand name in the entertainment world as well as the gaming community.  It caters to both these spheres impeccably well with its product offering. These speakers bring the best of Logitech to both the gaming community as well the entertainment world. When it comes to gaming there is not much to say. These speakers are simply the best.

These speakers have RGB lighting that also adapts to the content you’re using. The light changes according to the sounds emanating from these speakers.

Best Computer Speaker- Razer Nommo Pro:

These are more of your weird speakers on this list of best computer speakers 2019. They are not your average day computer speakers. They don’t look the part and they certainly don’t cost the part too. When they say it may cost you an arm and a leg, they’re not joking at $500 it may really do so. But there is something really great with these speakers in spite of its hefty price tag.

Razer Nommo Pro


It comes with a strong downward facing subwoofer that is simply amazing. Not only that, these speakers also have Razer Chroma making it look just as good as it sounds.  You might definitely be able to get your hands on cheaper speakers out there, but at this level of quality not so much.

Harman KardonSoundsticks III  Best Computer Speakers 2019:

Harman KardonSoundsticks III

These speakers look kinda of like a jellyfish. But unlike a jellyfish they sound great. Turn them on and see for yourself or hear for yourself. The speaker gives a tremendous bass all thanks to its subwoofer. Not only that, these computer speakers carry the highs excellently well too.  What will even sound good to your ears, is its price. These are some decently priced speakers available at a great price.

Edifier E25 Luna Eclipse:

Best Computer Speakers 2019

These are one of the most bassy speakers out there that we could find to put on our list of best computer speakers 2019. While they give a lot of bass and then some, these speakers also look great. These computer speakers combine modern looks with great sound. Its strong bass blends well with the highs and lows in whatever your listening too, giving you a more immersive listening experience. These computer speakers even come with a remote.

Logitech MX Sound:

Logitech MX Sound

These may be the best computer speakers 2019 hands down.  Not only does it look great it also sounds great too. With a strong bass that matches well with the highs and lows of a song. You’re definitely getting value for money with this thing. These speakers provide an excellent soundstage and powerful audio making it great when it comes to gaming.  What makes these speakers different form the other speakers featured on this list of top computer speakers 2019, is that it comes with dual Bluetooth connectivity. This allows you to connect to two devices at a time.  It has backlit motion sensors too.

KlipschProMedia 2.1 THX:

KlipschProMedia 2.1 THX

These are your versatile computer speakers. It’s great for when you watch movies or listen to songs or even while gaming. It’s simply the best across all spheres. These speakers can handle most frequencies and really packs a punch when it comes to the sound quality. You can even say it is as good as some home theatres. These speakers produce detailed audio quality and add to that a great sounding bass and you’ve got yourself some home theatre quality speakers at a fraction of what they really cost.

These are some of the best computer speakers 2019. We have incorporated various speakers of different price ranges as well as sound quality. While some of you may be looking for good speakers for gaming others may want them for entertainment.  So as much as possible we have included speakers that can handle many demands.

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8 Best USB Flash Drives for Storage on the Go

8 Best USB Flash Drives for Storage on the Go

What is the fastest way to move files? Well the answer is simple enough- A USB Flash Drives for Storage. Those tiny things that you attach to your computer are fast and can store huge amounts of files. We haven’t even got to the best part yet- They’re cheap. While these days you have things like the Cloud to transfer files, it’s not much fun when you have to transfer huge files across computers. That’s when you wish you had a spare USB with you. Why not too? Remember it’s cheap and small, just to carry around a spare with you.

Another great advantage in using those small gadgets is that they are incredibly useful when it comes to storing important files. They’re small, easy to use, cheap, don’t forget that and incredibly useful. But then again which is the best USB device for you? In this post we have compiled a list of best USB flash drives for storage. So sit back and let us do the legal work for you.

The  best USB flash drives for storage-Kingston DataTraveler Elite G2:

Kingston DataTraveler Elite G2 USB Flash Drives for StorageThis USB is the best you can get your hands on. It comes with robust zinc alloy casing that makes it water resistant and shock proof with its plastic cap on. It fells sturdy and capable in your hands. This USB is quick on both read and write speeds. Reaching 173MB/ sec on read speeds and 109.7MB/sec on write speeds. This USB is great in transporting huge amounts of files form PC to PC.

Best Value for Money USB flash drives for storage- SanDisk Ultra Flair:

You still may get a cheaper USB out there other than this. But at its speeds and performance, well not so much. It is a solid kinda USB with a translucent cap. It’s not as fast as your average USB 3.1 flash drives but it still comes with impressive speeds at this price range.

SanDisk Ultra Flair

Testing it, it showed 150MB/ sec in read tests and 38MB/ sec in write tests. To simplify things, this USB is fast in both copying small as well as large amounts of files. Add to this USB SanDisk’s Access software which encrypts files, and you’ve got yourself an all- rounder for a great price.

Samsung Bar Plus USB Flash Drives

No list can Be Complete without a Samsung being on it, neither can this one- Ok it’s a USB device we get it what more can you expect from it. But this Samsung Bar plus drive takes the cake when it comes to the looks department. It is sleek encased in a metallic casing that’s not your average day casing either.

Samsung Bar Plus USB Flash Drives for Storage

This special casing makes the USB not only water proof and shock proof but also temperature proof, X-ray proof but also magnet proof too. Plus whatever proof you can think of. If you’re still not sold about it you even get a five year warranty along with it. We haven’t even reached its performance as yet. In short its performance is amazing. It reaches read speeds of 200MB/ sec. this makes it the fastest USB when it comes to read speeds. If you need to copy large amounts of data quickly this is your go to USB flash Drive, period.

SanDisk Ultra Dual Drive USB Type-C:

This is the USB drive of smartphones, laptops, PCs and tablets. It has a slide out USB Type C connector and a Type A Connector as well. SanDisk has even provided an app – Memory Zone, to facilitate easy file transfer. But wait there’s no iOS version for this app. Sorry Apple fans.

SanDisk Ultra Dual Drive USB Type-C

Performance too is good on this USB with read speeds touching 150MB/ sec and write reaching 60MB/ sec. There’s an even more micro version to this USB that’s not as fast but is still a good recommend.

Toshiba Transmemory U364 Flash Drive for Storage- Offer the best value for money

Toshiba Transmemory U364 Flash DriveYou want more storage for your laptop, look no further the Toshiba Transmemory U364 has got you covered. It’s a tiny sliver of plastic that sits just outside your laptop and is great for adding loads of storage to it. This is one USB you won’t find difficult to lose and that maybe is its only bad point. This USB drive is great for your average day use but don’t expect too much from it when it comesto downloading huge files.

SanDisk Extreme USB Flash drives:


This USB may not have good read speeds but has some impressive write speeds. It reached 120MB/ sec for write speeds. This will be noticeable when it comes to increasing your laptop’s storage when dealing with high resolution pictures or 4K videos. In these cases it’s faster than fast. It has a sliding style connector which in this USB feels sturdy. This USB’s plastic casing is not so great though.

Samsung Fit Plus USB Flash Drives for storage:

Samsung Fit Plus USB Flash Drives for Storage

These USB flash drives for storage may not be as small as the Toshiba one but comes with a key chain fitting. It’s easy to handle and you won’t be afraid that you’re going to lose it. This one is as fast as the other Samsung USB on this list of best USB flash drives for storage. Although it has impressive read speeds, the write speeds won’t impress you much. This USB gives you the additional capacity without requiring an external SSD.

Crosair Survivor Stealth:

Crosair Survivor Stealth

These USB flash drives for storage are for the spy in you. It has water resistance to up to 200m. It is shock resistant, vibration resistant and basically can handle just about any damage. Don’t try putting it under your car wheel to test just how damage resistant it can be. But you may not really be interested with all this, then let me tell you it can reach read speeds of 180MB/ sec.


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How to Hide Photos on Samsung Galaxy S10

Samsung Galaxy S10

If you’re in the house for a phone, the first thing you’d check is the camera- is it good enough? In this selfie generation the first thing we hope to get in a new phone is a good camera with excellent photo take outing capabilities. Indeed, that’s what most phones these days boast about too. One such phone is the Samsung Galaxy S10. It has a great camera and even more great is the pictures you get from such a camera. But what happens when you don’t want others looking at certain pictures. They’re for your eyes only type of thing. Well in this article we’ll be teaching you how to hide photos on Samsung Galaxy S10.

Before you go ahead and ask whether that is even possible let me tell you that it is. You can stop prying eyes from looking at your most controversial pics. So without further ado let’s see how to hide photos on Samsung Galaxy S10.

How to Hide Photos on Samsung Galaxy S10

How to Hide Photos on Samsung Galaxy S10

How to Hide Photos on Samsung Galaxy S10

Hide Photos on Samsung Galaxy S10:

The first step in the process of how to hide photos on Samsung Galaxy S10 has to do with Samsung’s cool feature- Secure Locker. Secure locker is a feature by which you can hide documents or said controversial pictures in a folder that is virtually hidden from everyone else. It can be accessed only by you that is the owner of the phone not you as in person who wants to pry.

Without straying too far from the topic, this first step in how to hide photos on Samsung Galaxy S10 involves learning how to set up Secure Locker.

Process involved in Hiding Photos on Samsung Galaxy S10:

To set up Secure Locker you first have to go to the Apps menu and from there the settings app. Once there go on to the biometrics and security section. Over there go on to the Secure folder section. From there you will be asked to sign in to your Samsung account. After that you’re in. Welcome to the Secure Folder feature.

Steps 1 to Hide Photos on Samsung Galaxy S10:

Once you’ve created your secure folder account the next step in the process is to learn how you can access secure Folder. On Secure folder you’ll be asked to choose a pattern, a PIN number, password or other such thing or maybe even use the fingerprint option to enter into secure folder. Once this step is done the Secure Folder icon will come on all apps on the app screen. It will be present as a small icon on the lower bottom of the respective app icon.

Step 2- to Hide the Pictures on Samsung Galaxy S10.

This fourth step involves transferring any said controversial photos or documents into Secure Folder. Tap on the Secure Folder app and enter by way of your chosen method of entry. Once inside the app or folder, select the Add files option and chose images as the documents you want to move. Then simply move photos from your phone onto the Secure folders app.

Final step in to hiding photos on Samsung Galaxy S10:

The last step is where you hide the Secure Folder app from prying eyes or from public view. This is the actual step where you can hide photos on Samsung Galaxy S10. To do so you’ll first have to go to the apps menu.

From there you’ll be asked to go to the Setting app. Once there tap on Biometrics and security option. From there go on to the Secure Folder option. Over there you’ll then see the Secure Folder section with a blue slider option on its right side. Slide it. You’ll then be asked if you want to hide the selection tap on the yes button. The Secure Folder is now hidden from view.

How to use Secure Folder App:

The Secure Folder app is now hidden from the app menu and no one but you will be able to see the photos that you’ve hidden. In case you would like to see your photos then all you have to do is to go to the Settings app. Once there it is like the same last step in the process of how to hide photos on Samsung Galaxy S10.

You have to then go over to Biometrics and Security and then Secure Folder. Once there again you’ll see the slider option which you then have to slide to see the Secure Folder. Again you’ll be asked to enter your PIN or whatever other method you’ve chosen to enter into the Samsung Secure Folder app. You may have chosen you’re finger print or password to enter into the Secure Folder app. Once you’ve moved the slider and entered your PIN or password you’ll then be able to see all the hidden photos.

Get Easy Tips to Hide Photos

This tip is fast and effective. You don’t even need to have a third party application. So your phone’s security won’t be compromised. This is a cool way to hide away pictures that you don’t want others looking at just by glancing at your gallery. While it may be simply a question of not showing your phone to others, sometimes that just doesn’t happen.

By the time you go and stop someone form looking at your phone they would have already seen all your most private pictures. So instead of taking the risk and letting all that happen, you might as well avail of the services of Secure Folder, which is already preinstalled by the way. Besides hiding photos you can also hide away other documents such as your videos.

Hope this tip has helped you. If you don’t prefer the Secure folder option, then there always might be a third party app that can hide your pictures too. But be aware that such apps may not guarantee the security of your photos.

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How to Make Siri Run Google Assistant Commands on Your iPhone

How to Make Siri Run Google Assistant Commands

In this modern age, most of the people are found of iPhones and they love using it because APPLE has set its brand reputation to that level. Along with that its key security features make us love Apple devices. Now, most of the Apple users are striving to perform tasks on the iPhone by using the new Google Assistant. Even though Apple is having Siri but Siri is not really up to the task on Google home device. Do you know, How to Make Siri Run Google Assistant Commands ? If not read this blog post fully.

So, people are striving to make Siri run google assistant commands on the iPhone. That’s why lots of people are searching “How to make Siri run google assistant commands on iPhone”. If you are one of them who are striving to know about the process of “How to make Siri run google assistant commands on iPhone means this guide will be helpful.

How to Make Siri Run Google Assistant Commands on Your iPhone

Previously most of the people thought that this process is impossible but actually it is has made possible when Google has added support for its Siri Shortcuts for Google Assitant back in November 2018. So, these days you can actually, make Siri to simply command google assistant and can also work for Google home as well.

So, this is a helpful feature when you love to use Google Home. In general, when you strive to do something with your google home in other room such as playing video, broadcasting a message or other tasks you can do with google assistant app for iPhone. But when you start integrating it with Siri commands means you can simply play them just by notifying it to Siri such as “Play Music Siri” or “Send the message” and so on.

Along with these, you can do endless tasks with this integration. You can literally control your google smart home with Siri commands such as light bulbs, smart thermostats, and more.

First Step: Update or Install Google Assistant:

The first thing and basic thing you have to do is to update your google assistant app or Install Google Assistant app when you don’t have the app.

Along with installing Google Home App is useful too because it’s worth installing and it even makes it simpler for you to control your home.

As most of you might know, to install Google Assistant it requires IOS 10.0 or later. When you have installed, make sure you log-in to the app using your Gmail account which is connected with your Google Home Device.

In case, if you don’t have any Google home devices then you can just log into your own Gmail account you want to use. This is the basic step on How to Make Siri Run Google Assistant Commands.

Step 2: Add Basic “OK Google” Shortcut:

When you log into your google assistant app, click on the visual snapshot button right at the bottom. Then you have to add the “OK Google” option to the Siri in your iPhone.  The prompt of it will be right at the center, click on the “Add to Siri” Option.

If that option is not highlighted in your iPhone means you might already have enabled the “Ok Google” shortcut. In that case, it will prompt you to record “Hey Google”.  Or you can either press the red record button.

Then you can simply record “OK Google” or other typical suggestions. If you feel you aren’t satisfied you can re-record it or you can click on “Done”

After adding this command, you can speak or type to Siri by saying “OK Google” or other phrases you like. The Google App will open on your iPhone and it further waiting for your commands to run. This is the other step on How to Make Siri Run Google Assistant Commands on iPhone.

Step 3: Add Google Assistant App Commands to your Siri:

After completing the second step all you have to do is make Siri run all the google assistant commands. For that, you have to activate Siri Suggestions.

To Activate them you can either say “OK Google” Shortcut or you can use the Open Google Assistant shortcut with your mic as well. If you want another way then you can try to open the app manually by clicking on the mic icon right at the bottom of your screen.

After that give your command such as ” Show me lastest movies” or” Show me flash news” or something else.

How to use Siri:

If you want to use Siri to perform the actions with Google Home by using the Google Assistant app, then you can say something like ” Play music on Google Home” or some other command you like. If you love to listen to specific music on your home then you have to be more specific while giving the command.

Also, make sure, you have to give the speaker name to play or else it will not know which speaker it has to play music with. So, its always best to refer specific speaker for your google home.

With Siri, you can also broadcast messages from Siri to the Google Home. When this message delivers you will see all the speakers connected to your google account will run on your command. Ex: If you want to say lunch is ready for your kids or someone who is in their room. Then you can broadcast the message stating that “Dinner is ready” Google assistant will broadcast the message to them with the help of their speakers.

Just test and give more commands to your google assistant because it will quickly recognize your necessity. Also continue giving your commands with google assistant like ” Play Music”, “Stop Music” “Turn off lights” and so on.

Step 4:   Quickly Add Commands as Siri Shortcuts:

By having a look at the above points you will get a proper idea of the commands you’re giving on Google Assistant. So, from next time onwards it will start recommending them as Siri Shortcuts. Now, to find those suggestions all you have to do is follow below process.

  • Go to the Settings app.
  • Click on Assistant
  • Then click on Siri & Search option.
  • Make sure you toggled on “Siri & Suggestion” option.
  • Go below and toggled on “Show App” this is important.
  • If this option is toggled off means you will not see any sort of Siri suggestions.
  • Next, you have to click on “Shortcuts” which right at the bottom.
  • Then you’ll find out a list of your current “My Assistant topics”.
  • You’ll also find suggested ones right under the recent shortcuts.
  • Now, quickly tap on shortcuts you want to add in the Siri.
  • Then you’ll see a prompt which helps you to record or type the phrase just to deliver the action.
  • You can simply tap on any feature or suggestion you want. ex: “Play music” “Play particular track” and so on.

All the shortcuts of Siri will be automatically displayed at the top of the Assistant page. You can also see them in “My Shortcuts” or in the main “Siri & Search” option. This is the other step on How to Make Siri Run Google Assistant Commands on the iPhone.

Instruct Siri to Do your Assistant Tasks:

With all the above steps we have successfully learned the process. Now, its the last and final step of this process just to make Siri run google assistant commands.

Just wake up Siri with a command “Hey Siri” or you can just hold on the side button on the iPhone as well. Then speak your Siri shortcut phrase or you can type in Siri screen.

Ex” Play Movie trailers” then Siri will send the command to google assistant and it will send to google home speaker. Then it will complete the process. So, this is all about how to make Siri run the google assistant commands on the iPhone. This is the other step on How to Make Siri Run Google Assistant Commands on the iPhone.

This is it, by following the above process you can simply make your Siri run google assistant commands. So, it is all about the post How to Make Siri Run Google Assistant Commands on the iPhone.

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5 Best Phones for Video Chat

5 Best Phones for Video Chat

Have you ever wondered how our life could be with video calling? It looks very dull and boring. Isn’t it?  To make your life interesting here we list 5 Best Phones for Video Chat.

We all know how useful video calls are and how it helped us to communicate with our loved ones even when they are far away from us. So, people always love video chatting, and they use it regularly.

Now, if you are the one who is striving to get the best quality video experience for your video chats means? You should look for the top notch mobile which gives you the highest quality video chatting experiences.

If you are looking for top mobiles to get the best video quality experiences means don’t worry. We have got your covered in this post.

Usually, video chatting has become a vital factor in the Smartphone experience. So, we have tested some best quality Smartphones to provide you with the best list of 5 best phones for video chat.

Firstly, we will cover on what basis we have considered these mobiles in this post. Then we will discuss about that in these 5 best phones for video chat.

Coming to the Points of Consideration for Video Chat:

We have considered different mobiles and its video chat experiences for sorting out this list. Usually, we always think about video visibility and recording when it comes to video chat. So, the primary factor for our is video recording and capturing high-quality video types. We have taken all the phones camera ability performance and how phone reacts to the video chat for longer periods and so on.

As we are modernizing, we are getting more video calling apps like FaceTime, skype, Google Deo and more. So the video calling experience that phone provides has become a significant consideration.

Along with these, we are also following other factors as well. You can see those factors below:

Front facing camera quality: This is the essential aspect while we choose for great video calling experience. So, we’ll take this as the central point while sorting out this list.

Battery life: Battery life is obviously an essential factor. You have to check out that when we are talking about the excellent video chat experience.

Performance: Performance always plays a crucial role in video calling. If your phone performance is poor means you will not have a great video calling experience. So, it’s best to consider that.

Speaker quality and placement: Speaker quality and its placement is vital as we speak with another person in the video call. So, we’ll have a look at the speaker quality as well.

Along with these, we are also taking camera and button placement, overheating, and Video chats app availability into consideration as well.

So, let’s dive into the 5 Best phones for Video Chat.

5 Best phones for Video Chat:

As this is about the comfortability of users, we have taken a camera, Speakers and other best things into consideration to create this list. So, let’s dive into those 5 best phones for video chat.

iPhone XS:

5 Best Phones for Video Chat:iPhone XS MaxWhen you are searching for best video chat experience, then obviously you’ll think about the iPhone because it is just ultimate in giving excellent video calling experience.  This iphone Xs Max has the largest display ever on an iPhone. Its faster face ID and faster performance will make you fall in love with this unique device.

iPhone Xs wireless charging ability helps you to fast charge your iphone. Along with that, this device lasts longer than most of the other iPhone devices. So, definitely, this is an excellent device for you.

Security of this device is significient, and face lock is pretty sturdy. So, you can unlock this device with ease. You can do pretty much with this particular device.

Its intelligent A12 Bionic is the smartest chip with AI Neural Engine. So, you can take incredible portraits with depth control of the device. This device can process graphics 50% faster than other phones. Its front-facing camera has lots of features which are ultimate for video calling.

I love video calling on this device mainly because of its clarity. Its enhanced image signal processor and performance controller are perfect for getting great video calling experiences for video chat addicts.

The primary advantage of this device is its compatibility with the FaceTime app. We all know that most of the people use and prefer FaceTime for video chatting just because of its highquality video calling service. So, this is the other point which made me keep this phone in the top list.

Its camera and speaker placements are also perfect for anyone. This phone can stand tall for more extended periods without any overheating and so on. So, with all these awesome features we are giving this device the first place on this list of 5 best phones for video chat.

One Plus 6T:

Most of you might hear about this phone. If not it is the best flagship killer. One plus 6T was our favorite video chatting phone. It has a lesser price then all the other mobile devices on this list. We mainly love its performance as it is blazingly fast.

5 Best Phones for Video Chat: One Plus 6T

This unique flagship killer is able to accomplish its massive craze mainly due to its features for the reasonable cost. This company has mostly trusted word of mouth marketing instead of costly ads marketing.

The OnePlus 6T’s standout feature is its blazing fast performance and its selfie camera. It has an impressive front selfie camera with AI features. OnePlus has a special capability to spots the highest-resolution front facing camera. It also has a wide angle lens which are best to capture more scenes than its competitors.

OnePlus 6T supports all the major video calling apps except Apple’s FaceTime. The best part of OnePlus 6T is its high-performance facelock and in-display fingerprint scanner.

You can seamlessly switch between apps while video calling. Its selfie camera, volume buttons, and power buttons are arranged perfectly so that you will never face a speaker problem. Its long lasting battery life will help you give the best video calling experience. So, it’s one of the 5 best phones for video chat.

Galaxy Note 9 & Galaxy S9:

If you are a fan of Samsung devices, then you have to check out Galaxy Note 9, because it is one of the best phones in the modern world which has excellent camera quality. It has top-notch features in its camera department.

Galaxy S9

Previously, you didn’t find these many top-notch features in Samsung devices, but in Galaxy S9 & Galaxy Note 9 you’ll see many features. Its new battery lasts longer, and video chat experience of this phone is better than its previous versions.

Thanks to the big screen in Samsung Galaxy Note 9, you will see a clear picture during the video call. You can enjoy video calling experience for hours with this incredible phone.

The photos and videos which are taken on this Galaxy Note 9 & Galaxy S9 are impressive. They are perfect for video chatting; the Samsung device is compatible with all the video calling apps except FaceTime.

Its DxO mark photo Score of 107 is always impressive, and it also has LED flash with a fast autofocus feature as well. Its Video Calling excels for a longer time due to its everlasting battery.  Wide angle and selfie lens will impress everyone.  Samsung has good speakers which produce high-quality sound, and their placement is perfect. So, no longer it needed a tweak in its speaker.

With all these best features, we should definitely keep these Samsung galaxy note 9 and Galaxy S9 in this list of 5 best phones for video chat.

Google Pixel 3 XL:

5 Best Phones for Video Chat: Google Pixel 3 XLGoogle pixel is one of the flagship killer same like OnePlus. The manufactures these pixel devices mainly to provide some best quality phones at lower prices than Apple. Google’s Pixel has already outplayed established brands in the mobile heavy market. They have outplayed brands like LG, HTC, Motorola, and Blackberry as well.

Pixel has an accomplished single lens which is ultimate in scanning things. We are impressed with this device mainly because of its video performance. It has stunning video experience and even has a good front-facing camera.

Even though pixel mobiles have a single lens, Google has done a great job in managing them and providing some fresh and ultimate features. The best part of Google Pixel XL is its high quality zoom and its impressive night sight features. These are simply the best for video experience.

Pixel device is compatible with all the video calling apps except Apple’s FaceTime. This phone has a good and fast processor which makes you more comfortable to switch through the apps. Its long lasting battery life helps you to talk for more periods with ease. You really don’t have to take any stress out of it. With these impressive features, we can comfortably include this smartphone in the 5 best phones for video chat.

iPhone 8:

If you really want to use FaceTime but don’t want to spend more money on it. Then your ideal option is iPhone 8; it is one of the best options for you because it is cheaper than iPhone XR and XS max.

This device is having 5.5 inches Retina HD Display which helps you to watch the mobile for longer periods. You will never feel exhausted when you are using this iPhone model for your video calling.

iPhone 8

I used to use this phone and its simply incredible to video chat for more extended periods. Its super fast wireless charging ability gives you less time to charge. Also, its longer battery life helps you to enjoy video calling experience for a little longer.

It has a 12MP rear camera with 7 MP True Depth camera. If you are searching for high-quality FaceTime video chat, then these camera configurations are enough because these are the best configurations. Similar to the advanced versions it also has the best face ID, touch ID features. iPhone 8 Comes with A11 Bionic chip which has Neural Engine.

Its speaker place and high quality audio will make you like this special device. If you are searching for best video calling phones means you should have a glance at this phone. This is all about the list of 5 best phones to video chat.

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