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8 Hacks to improve your Instagram Experience on your iPhone

8 Hacks to improve your Instagram Experience on your iPhone

In this modern world, people always love to be busy with their Instagram account posting their cool photos. I am one of them, and I bet most of you will be on this list too. Because who don’t love to share their pictures and do some cool things on Instagram. Here are 8 hacks to improve your Instagram Experience on your iPhone.

Previously, I used to download lots of apps to improve and add some special effects to my Instagram stories. I also used to download separate apps to add text-based images and more to simplify my Instagram experience in my iPhone.

If you are like me? Then from now on you really don’t need any sort of third-party apps help. You can directly improve your Instagram Experience on your iPhone with new shortcuts on Instagram IOS app as well.

Apple’s new shortcuts app has brought deeper automation to the IOS devices. So, you can simply have a lot of fun on Instagram. With these shortcut of Instagram you can download videos, create funny memes and you can even steal popular hashtags and do lot more.

If you are wondering how to do them? Then don’t worry! I’ll explain about them in this article ” Eight Hacks to improve your Instagram Experience on your iPhone.” With these cool shortcuts and techniques, you can simply improve your Instagram Experience on your owned iPhone.

So, let’s get into the post of Eight hacks to improve your Instagram Experience on your iPhone.

8 hacks to improve your Instagram Experience on your iPhone:

If you are striving to enhance your Instagram experience on your iPhone and want to know some of the Instagram hacks means you should follow these 8 hacks to improve your Instagram Experience on your iPhone post.

Along with these eight hacks, I’ll add some of the bonus hacks which you will love you to experience. So, let’s get into this guide of 8 hacks to improve your Instagram Experience on your iPhone.

  1. Get Notified quickly when your favorite people post:

If you don’t want to miss an Instagram post from your favorite person or favorite celebrity means? You can use this simple hack. By using this simple hack, you can get notified whenever your favorite person has posted his/her Instagram post.

8 Hacks to improve your Instagram Experience on your iPhone

Here all you have to do to get notified quickly when your favorite people post on Instagram is turn on the notifications for each user “individually.”

To get notified you should allow notification on your iPhone/iPad.

Process for allowing notification in iPhone:


  • Firstly go to the settings tab.
  • Click on the Notification option.
  • Then choose Instagram and click on the option ” Allow Notifications.”


  • To do this process, you have to turn on this notification.
  • For that, you have to visit the user’s profile.
  • Then click on the primary option ( three dots option) which is hovering over the right-hand corner.
  • Then just choose ” turn on post notifications” from the options that appear from the menu.

If you don’t want to see their Instagram post means you can follow the same process. But the only difference is “here you will turn off the post notifications.”

Hack no2: Download Instagram Photos, Videos, Instagram Stories and more in iPhone:

Do you love downloading Instagram photos and video? But not able to download them on iPhone so are you using a third party app to download them. Then don’t worry you can now download video and save images on the Instagram with the “instasave” option.

8 Hacks to improve your Instagram Experience on your iPhone

You can download almost all the visual content from the other Instagram users with ease. From this feature, you can download photos, stories, individual posts, highlights and even more.

ShortCut Link: InstaSave.

The process to save photo or video:

  • In this instasave, to save a picture or a video you should first go to that post on Instagram.
  • Then quickly tap on the menu button (three dots) on the top right-hand corner.
  • Then select “Share to” then “shortcuts” from your desired Share Sheet.
  • Finally, you have to click on the “InstaSave” option shortcut and stand still for a couple of seconds; you will see your picture or your video saved to your Photos app on iPhone.

The process to save Instagram Stories & Highlights:

  • To save Instagram stories and highlights, you should go to the Instagram profile.
  • Then you should click on the menu button, and you should click on ” copy profile URL.”
  • After that, you should go to the Shortcuts apps in iPhone.
  • Then click on instasave and click on the profile you want to save.

By this way, you can download the Instagram stories, highlights or all the profile images of the Instagram profile.  This is one of the best hacks in this post of ” 8 hacks to improve your Instagram Experience on your iPhone”.

  1. Hack 3: Always Appear More in Search Results on the Explore Page:

Do you want to appear more in search results on the Explore page on Instagram? If yes! Then you can simply do that. Most of the Instagram users still don’t know about this simple hack on. You can search the name field in the Instagram bio. So, you optimize your name field by highlight some points. And you can also highlight what your profile of Instagram or business is about.

Just by including all the important keywords in the name field section. Your chances of appearing in the Instagram explore page are much higher although you can do it quickly and easily in Instagram itself, but it’s undoubtedly a hack in iPhone.


  • Open your Instagram app in your iPhone.
  • Click on “Edit Profile” which is present on the top right of your Instagram profile in your iPhone.
  • Then under the profile picture, you will find the “Name” Field space. Here you can simply edit the text and add the desired keyword.
  • Once you have completed this, you can click on “Done” that’s it. From that time onwards, you can appear on Explore Page.
  1. How to Split Photo for Instagram Grids:

Are you wondering how you can split photos to create an Instagram Grids and multi-image posts in iPhone? Then don’t worry you can see that in this post.

Split Photo for Instagram Grids

Usually, the account split will show up as a single image and can be viewed as that single image only. But thanks to the third-party apps like Post Make and Photo Grid we used to use them. But, now you can do that without using those apps, all you have to do is use iPhone Shortcuts app.

Here you can try to build your own image from scratch, and Split Image Equally will do all the work for you. You can check out the split image equally feature from Joe_Soap.

Short Cut Link: Split Image Equally.


  • Here the process is simple — All you have to do is open “Split Image Equally Shortcut.”
  • Click on the select photo option and choose how you want to Split the image.
  • Then add some segments horizontally, and then you should add them in vertically.
  • After that, you should choose a grid to separate your pics.
  • You will have options like 3-3 split and 1-3 grid you should select one and create the grid.
  1. Quickly Create a Collage from Multiple Photos:

If you are found of collage type image grid mean you should be using the shortcut named as the “Instagram Grid” in the alternatives. This Special Shortcut will help you to create a cool grid of photographs to post on Instagram.

Here in this grid instead of splitting images, you will grid them in your photos app. This shortcut helps you to make a network from 2, 4, 6, 9 and 12 image grids.

Shortcut Link: Instagram Grid.


  • Firstly, Start the process by going into the shortcut app.
  • Click on the Instagram Grid Shortcut and then select the pictures.
  • After that click on the “Done button.
  • In this the order you select the photos will be the order of the grid.
  • After creating a grid, you can share them on your Instagram, or you can even save it on your iPhone photo app as well.

This is defintely one of the best shortcut which you have to use in iphone.

  1. Use Instagram Highlights feature in iPhone to make your stories last longer:

Usually, we all know about the Instagram stories. We also know that these stories will have a span of 24hrs. But, if you want to make more time out of these means, you can do it on your iPhone with the help of highlights feature. Although its useful feature for all sources but as we are speaking about the iPhone I am stating about it.


  • Firstly, hover over to your profile.
  • You will find + Symbol right under the story highlight tab.
  • In that select any number of stories you want to highlight in your profile.
  • Then highlight the name and quickly select the new cover image for your story.
  • Then click on Add to Publish ” the new story highlights.
  • So, that this story will appear for your followers feed for 24hrs, and after that, your story will be live on your profile until and unless you remove it from the story highlight.

This is one of the useful hacks in this topic “8 hacks to improve your Instagram Experience on your iPhone”.

  1. How to Automatically Upload your Latest photo on Instagram:

Do you want to install your latest picture on your Instagram automatically? Then you can use the shortcut “post to Instagram.” This feature is also available form the gallery as well. For this process, you have to use your voice.

Shortcut link: Post to Instagram.


  • In this process, you have to install the shortcut.
  • Then click on the menu button and click on the “post to Instagram” option.
  • After that click on the settings icon in the right and then choose ” Add to Siri” option to simply create a voice command.
  • You can click on the red button, or you can either click on ” Type Phrase” option.
  • This can record or type out the voice command.
  • If you are good enough and satisfied with this feature, then hit on done.

Now you are happy to post your latest taken photo. In this process, the video will not work, but it will work better with the picture post.

  1. How to place the text above photo to quickly create memes:

If you want to create a text about the image or eager to create a meme on the page means? Don’t worry you have a shortcut for that which was created by Kuroko NB. In this shortcut you can add ” text above the pictures,” and it can also help you to place the text directly on the meme.

Shortcut link: Text Above Picture.



  • The process of this is simple if you want to create a meme.
  • Click on the shortcut and choose the photo to add text to it simply.
  • You can add a photo either from your icloud drive or from your photos library.
  • Then enter all the text you want to include along with emojis. Then click on “Ok.”

That’s it with that shortcut hack you can simply place the text above the photo or even create memes with ease. This is one of the critical hacks in this topic 8 hacks to improve your Instagram Experience on your iPhone”.

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How to Quickly Chat with Someone on WhatsApp After Being Blocked

How to Quickly Chat with Someone on WhatsApp After Being Blocked

Whatsapp is one of the favorite apps in this tech-centric world. Almost all the teenager “who is having a phone” is using WhatsApp to chat with their friends and family. And I bet a lot of you might be using it as well. So, I don’t think I have to explain more about its craze. Here is some easy tips -How to quickly chat with someone on WhatsApp.

With WhatsApp, you can do lots of things which are helpful for secure communication. As its improving its craze enormously throughout the world WhatsApp has been launching some new aspects and upgrades on regular bases. If you are interested in knowing about the tactics of WhatsApp. And Also how to quickly chat with some on WhatsApp after being blocked? Then don’t worry check about that topic in this post.

In this post, I will cover ” how to quickly chat with someone on WhatsApp after being blocked” Along with that you will also know about some tips which are useful to find out deleted messages as well.

So, let’s get into the topic ” how to quickly chat with someone on WhatsApp after being blocked.

How to quickly chat with someone on WhatsApp after being blocked:

Over the past few months, WhatsApp has rolled out several new features to its security and privacy features such as hiding status, hiding profile picture and two-step verification and more.

The other best feature in WhatsApp’s ability to block WhatsApp account. If you think someone texting you without you wish you can block that member. Most of you might know about this feature but if you don’t know about that feature means you can check out that in this post.

Why I am saying about blocking you might think that you can unblock yourself while other people have blocked your account. But it cannot happen because there is no way to unblock yourself. This option can only help you to start a conversation with another person again and convince them to unblock them or not.

Once you get blocked, you will not have a scope to connect with that person on WhatsApp again. So, most of the people are always wondering “how to quickly chat with someone on WhatsApp after being blocked.”

Before you dive into this guide, you should probably remember a few things first to know that whether someone has blocked you or not?

If you want to have a glance at your profile that whether someone has blocked it or not.

How to Know You are Blocked in Whatsapp

Then you should follow this process for knowing if someone has blocked your contact:

  • Firstly you should be checking whether you can see that person in your WhatsApp contact list or not.
  • Then you should check whether you can have a look at his or her chat.
  • You should also check whether you can look at his/her profile information or not.
  • Do you see a single tick after sending a message to that contact or not?

Now, if you can’t see all the above options means you should consider that that contact or person have blocked you.

If you are striving to create a group with that blocked person just to able to chat with her or him? Then you cannot create a new group with that person because they have blocked you.

Now, to chat with them, you will have three options. The first option is to switch the phone number and use another number.

This is obviously the most straightforward way. Or you can ask you, other friends, to create a group and add you both in that WhatsApp group.

If you do not have a perfect idea on how to do this means, don’t worry? Check out the below process.

Steps to follow:

  • Firstly you have to open your WhatsApp.
  • Then click on the menu that means three dots from the top right-hand corner.
  • Click on create a “new group.”
  • In this case, you are using your new number then add mutual friends to that group.
  • Once your group is created, simply open the group and click on the menu option and select the ” Group info” option.
  • Now all you have to do is assign your mutual friend as the Admin.
  • And ask him to add the person who blocked you in the group.
  • By this process, you can do create a group. After this process, you can leave the group and ask your mutual friend to add.

With these steps, you can simply chat with the blocked person. So this is all about the topic “how to quickly chat with someone on WhatsApp after being blocked”.


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Tips to Produce More Engaging Social Media Videos

Tips to Produce More Engaging Social Media Videos

If you’re producing videos for social media, you should try to make sure that they are as engaging as possible. In other words your goal should be to ensure that viewers keep watching your video and react to it by commenting, rating, liking, or sharing it with others.

While understanding video engagement can help, if you want to start producing more engaging social media videos there are a few tips that you should try to follow:

  • Create short and bite-sized videos

As a trend social media viewers have short attention spans, and don’t sit through long and drawn out videos. That is why you should focus on creating videos that are short and bite-sized, and are more likely to retain viewers if you do.

To create short videos, you need to choose topics that are narrow and more specific. On top of that you should structure the video so that it delivers its message in a concise and direct manner.

  • Tell viewers why they should watch the video at the start

Most social media viewers will decide whether they want to keep watching a video during the first 8 seconds. Because of that you should use that time wisely, and start your video by telling viewers why they should watch it.

Try to outline the benefits viewers will gain from the videos or its goals so that they know what is on offer.

  • Provoke an emotional reaction to the video

While this may not be suitable in all types of videos – if it is possible you should try to provoke an emotional reaction. If viewers feel inspired, tickled, or surprised they are more likely to react to the video in turn.

Structuring your video as a story can make viewers feel more emotionally invested in it and its outcome, or you could draw on storytelling elements to do the same.

  • Show the message of the video visually

As you are probably aware videos are more engaging than any other type of content of social media, and that is because they are more effective at visually delivering a message. Keep that in mind when creating your video, and think of ways that you can ‘show’ your message instead of relying on a voiceover to ‘tell’ viewers about it.

Try to be creative and find unique yet effective ways to put your point across visually. For example you could play two videos side by side using Movavi Video Editor’s split-screen effect to show an action being performed from different angles so viewers can see it more clearly.

Each of these tips should help you to start producing more engaging social media videos sooner rather than later. That being said as you do publish videos you should track their performance and analyze the data to learn what seems to drive engagement further. At the end of the day that will help you to learn more about what viewers in your demographic find engaging, and improve any other videos that you produce moving forward.

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Facebook Advances in Artificial Intelligence at F8

Facebook Advances in Artificial Intelligence at F8

Artificial Intelligence in the Spotlight at Facebook’s F8 conference

This time around at the Facebook annual developer conference, Artificial Intelligence and machine learning seem to take center stage. Day one was all about Mark Zuckerberg addressing Facebook’s privacy fallout but after that, day two seems to have brought AI and Machine learning as a hot topic for discussion. While talking about AI tech during the event, Facebook also brought out its attempt at building its own collaborative toolkit with other developers.From Artificial Intelligence and machine learning, Facebook puts much of its spotlight on to PyTorch 1.0 AI framework. This new Artificial Intelligence framework will be released by Facebook in the coming months. Facebook’s main aim is to ensure that the PyTorch machine learning framework is there for developers to help them use AI tech in their production systems and not just in research projects.

PyTorch- The hot Artificial Intelligence topic At Facebook’s F8 conference:

At the recent F8 conference, Facebook announced the next version of its open source AI framework for developers- PyTorch 1.0. With this tech underway, developers will be able to incorporate AI tech into their systems with a minimum fuss and in a quick way too.

The new PyTorch tech is also being used to translate 6 billion translations per day for 48 most used languages used on Facebook. Facebook said that its PyTorch 1.0 toolkit will be available to developers on beta in the next few months, which would make Facebook’s AI tools available to everyone in a matter of months.

Other AI advances by Facebook at F8:

Keeping the Artificial Intelligence to a minimum, there are also technologies out there that do not delve too much into the Artificial Intelligence field and these tools will be a combination of vision, learning and language.

With June rolling close by we will see, new ResNext3D model for comprehending video and another tool on the open- source band wagon is Translate for machine translations.

Artificial Intelligence Tech in AR and VR at Facebook’s F8:

Another Facebook tool that will be interesting for users of AR and VR tech is DensePose.  With this tool you can add a 3D surface to footage of human bodies in motion on a real time basis. With this tool for example you could place a completely different outfit onto a person in an AR game. Facebook says that this tool will be released as an open- source library in a few weeks.

House 3 D another one of Facebook’s Artificial Intelligence tech discussed in F8:

House3D will be a tech wherein developers can use the virtual environment to teach robotic systems to adapt and understand their environments. Apart from this tech, Facebook has also made a new StarCraft bot to operate successfully in a popular game, with this, Facebook says it’s going to release the rule set it developed for this bot which could be used for making more engaging NPC’s in the future.

The care That Facebook is taking with all- that- Artificial Intelligence tech:

In order to safe guard the direction in which AI may develop, Facebook has a Fairness Flow tool to measure how algorithms interact with various groups of people.

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WhatsApp Beta Extends Delete for Everyone Option Duration

WhatsApp Beta Extends Delete for Everyone Option Duration

Now users will get 1 hour to get rid of sent messages with Delete for Everyone on WhatsApp

When WhatsApp rolled out the Delete for everyone, few months ago every user was thrilled but its short duration wasn’t loved by all. Finally WhatsApp heard the desperate call of the users and had decided to boost the duration of time by more than 1 hour with the upcoming update.

This update is in beta version and it is being tested on a number of devices globally to get rid of any flaws or issues emerging out of it. It is expected to be made available to the users worldwide in the stable version very soon enough.

Delete for Everyone:  Much needed feature but came too late

WhatsApp has launched the delete for everyone feature in the month of November 2017. This feature allowed the users to delete any sent message but within seven minutes of sending it out. Though this feature was ridiculed by many as the time frame offered by WhatsApp was too less.

However upcoming update to the WhatsApp will allow the users to delete sent messages within 4096 seconds which equals to 4096 seconds or 68 minutes and 16 seconds to be precise.

The beta version of WhatsApp 2.18.69 already comes with this enhanced deleting functionality but this number does sound quite random and weird. However it is a great improvement over the earlier available 420 seconds which simply offered to less time to take action.

More new features like Delete for Everyone coming to WhatsApp

WhatsApp is not just extending the period for delete for everyone but it will be also bringing the ability to forward stickers in the upcoming update. The 2.18.69 will come with the support for the sticker app but at the moment the beta version is dealing with a notorious bug which caused the app to crash whenever a user tries to send GIFs to others. WhatsApp engineers are working tirelessly to get rid of this bug along with other before it is rolled out to other devices.

In the meantime WhatsApp has already brought two updates right to the beta program in order to address the issues engulfing the new features. These version numbers are 2.18.70 and 2.18.71 and the first one is aimed at fixing the issue for sending GIFs while the second one brings the ability to add new voice note sending icon right in the chat window.

In upcoming days users will be able to record just a portion of the voice and lock it before they send it out to them. Earlier users had the ability to record and send the voice note to others without even getting the chance to listen to the recording.

Now the lock feature will allow the users to lock the microphone button when it is not to be used. WhatsApp is also gearing up to offer a number of sticker pack in the upcoming days which can be downloaded with a simple click and use it in the messages for more interactive conversation.

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