Best All-In-One Data Recovery Software in 2020

Best All-In-One Data Recovery Software in 2020

Some of the best options of sd card data recovery software which can be helpful in recovering lost documents, photos, videos from SD card, HDD or SSD and USB drive with ease, comes from EaseUS.  EaseUS data recovery software has been considered to be one of the best in the industry with impeccable brands comprising of SanDisk, Kingston, Samsung, Transcend, Sony,  to mention a few. The stored data in a SD card tends to get lost when it is inaccessible or formatted.  With the option of the sd card data recovery software, it enables the user with the possibility of data recovery with a solution of deleted recovery, formatted recovery and much more.

SD Recovery Software

Several  recovery software programs are available enabling the user in recovering SD card data. The following are some of the best choices for free SD card recovery software and one can make the choice based on its pros and cons. EaseUs Data Recovery Wizard, Recuva, Stellar Data Recovery, Disk Drill, R-Studio, Acronis and much more. Free data recovery software from EaseUS is considered to be reliable SD card recovery tool enabling complete recovery of deleted/lost data. It should first be downloaded to provide a guaranteed card recovery procedure.  It features 100+ real life data loss situations such as deletion, RAW, formatting and much more.  Its function is smooth and can be carried out with ease.  It is one of the best solutions in obtaining lost data from memory cards, SDHC or CF cards, Micro SD cards etc.

Pros of the software:

  • It has a modest interface which can be utilised with ease.  The recovery procedure has only three stages.
  • It supports all the file system comprising of FAT, exFAT, NTFS, NTFS5, ext2/ext3, HFS+, ReFS
  • It supports most of the devices such as USB drive, PC/laptop, internal/external hard drive, Micro card, Camcorder, Video Player, Music Player and much more.
  • It explores files by extension or name once the scanning process is completed.
  • It repairs corrupted JPEG/JPG photos as well as damaged MP4/MOV camera videos

Cons of the software:

  • It recovers 2GB free
  • It ends up scanning the entire disk where the folder is placed where the location is specified.

All-In-One Data Recovery Software


For quick and complete file recovery from Windows, desktops, other Windows-compatible devices and laptops, one can use EaseUS free data recovery software. It is the All-in-One Free Data Recovery Software for various types of data loss set-ups.  Besides data recovery, it also tends to restore photo and videos.  Its Data Recovery Wizard has the capabilities of data recovery ability together with technique of repairing image file and video files which may tend to get damaged.  Moreover it also features in recovering automatically detecting lost JPEG/.JPG images restoring them to its best condition.  Moreover, it also extracts and repairs thumbnails of the opted jpeg/jpg files, sorting them out.  A preview of the repaired images can be seen before the ultimate recovery. The software also features in repairing corrupted, broken or damaged MP4 and MOV videos which are generally used on digital cameras such as GoPro, Canon, and DJI cameras. One can get the camera connected or take the card out and get it connected to the computer for a complete video recovery and repair.

Safe & Light

EaseUS recovery software is safe and light.  It does not utilise the free space on your drive since its setup file is about 40MB.  Besides this it is plugin-free and risk-free and does not overwrite any lost data on the disk.  It is simple with Window Explorer type interface, enabling successful data recovery with three easy procedures. It is being used widely by users all across the globe.  Presently the EaseUS data recovery software has been translated into 20 languages. Several users have provided good feedback with regards to the recovery software.

Solution to Disparaging Tragedies

EaseUS Todo Backup software has been designed with the intention of protecting personal digital life as well as businesses, from getting lost and putting up with dire consequences owing to the same.  It has provided a solution to the disparaging tragedies faced by users on data loss.  It has assisted in recovering all vital information directly from backups whenever these instances of data loss tends to occur on the system. The all-inclusive EaseUS Partition Master which is an appropriate hard disk management solution has the tendency of obtaining complete benefit of hard drive with the potential of high efficiency.  It also has the capability of managing the disk space without the need of endangering the source data which has been stored on the hard drive.

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How to Block Robocalls on Android- Tips and Tricks

How to Block Robocalls on Android

Spam calls/ robocalls and their ilk have one purpose and one purpose only to be annoying and drive us mad. But the problem doesn’t stop there as well. As days pass it seems to be getting worse and worse with more of these calls coming through. It’s understandable if these robocalls/spam calls were kept to a minimum, then bearing up with them would be easier. But as it is we can’t really escape from them. Or can we? In this post we’ll be showing you how to block robocalls on Android.  If not altogether blocking then at least to reduce them to a bearable level.

Let’s First take a Look at the three types of Robocalls:

The first are telemarketing calls. These are calls from real companies hoping to sell you stuff. So they are at least from legit people, even if they are of the robocall variety. You catch my drift right? Carriers and especially internet service providers especially, hope to use these to lure you away from the competition.

Then there are your garden variety robocalls. These are your pre- recorded messages. They can be from political parties, charitable causes and much more.

Lastly there are your spam callers. These are basically calls from sketchy people posing to be one person or from one entity or the other. They say they’re from so and so bank or the FBI or police. Such calls are made with the purpose of trying to get more information than you actually have to give. And the next thing you know your bank account is being drained like water in a sieve.

So all in all, how do you block robocalls on Android?

By the way these calls come on iOS too but we’ll be looking at Android for now.

There are always Apps to block robocalls on Android:

As with anything these days there are always your apps to do different things for you. There are even apps for blocking robocalls on Android. These dedicated apps are actually huge databases of numbers giving you details of the person or in our case spam/robocall calling.

So as soon as you get a number from such an entity, immediately you’ll see that it is a designated robocall. These apps work by the users giving details of such calls. When you receive a call and you see that it is a spam number, you can designate it as such by checking a box or in some other way. This ensures that someone else is protected against taking such calls in the future. In some apps you are also given the option of sending the call directly to voicemail.

To give you some names, there are a number of these apps available on the Play Store. Some of them are for free while others require a nominal subscription. Some of the best ones are- Google Phone, Truecaller, Hiya, Mr.Number and Should I answer?

Apps and Service that Block Robocalls

If you’re in the US then the big four carriers also offer apps and services to combat such robocalls. The features and services offered will differ from carrier to carrier but all in all you avoid those irritating calls.

Most of the services or apps offered by carriers do much the same thing. They notify you if it’s a spam call or robocall or alternatively block it for you. Here are some of the services offered by US carriers- AT&T Call Protect, T-Mobile scam protection solutions, Sprint Premium caller ID, Verizon Call Filter.

Point to note: all though these apps are great on their own, they still won’t be able to fully eliminate those annoying calls. But what it will be able to do is to reduce them greatly.

Block robocalls on Android One by One:

This step is good if you happen to be harassed by just a few calls on a regular basis. So the easy way to deal with such numbers is to block them individually. All you have to do to get this done is to go to your phone app on your Android device and long press a number. Once you do this you will get a list of options to choose from. From there select ‘Block’. After this the number is blocked form your phone and you’ll no longer receive calls from the number again.

The process may differ from device to device, but basically it’s all the same. This method is great if you’re getting calls from just a few numbers. However if you keep getting tons of spam calls/robocalls a day then you might want to get an app or avail of carrier service instead. Blocking each number individually in such a case would be difficult and more irritating than getting those calls.

All Calls Only From Your Contact as a Way to block robocalls on Android:

Another thing that will get the job done is to block all numbers except the ones on your contact list. This method is effective albeit a little extreme. Not only that, but what happens if you get a call from a genuine person who needs to contact you and who’s not on your contact list?

To take such an extreme measure you can download apps such as Calls Blacklist or Call Blocker. These apps are extremely popular with over 10 million downloads. More importantly they are free of charge. If these apps aren’t really for you there are still a host of other options to choose from.

Once you download the app, all you have to do is go to Settings and then Blocking. Once you click on the option you’ll get a choice to Block all numbers except contacts. If you get a call from a number that is not on your contact list then your phone won’t ring but the number will flash in the app itself.


These are some of the ways in which you can block robocalls on Android. These methods not only stop robocalls but any designated spam calls as well.

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iMessage for Android: How to Install It, Use it, Have Fun

iMessage for Android: How to Install It, Use it, Have Fun

Most of the people often love to use the iMessage App on their Device. In fact, that’s the reason why most of the people will not switch to the Android Device because there is no iMessage App for Android. If you’re an Android user, who’s striving to install IMessage for Android? Then don’t worry, in this post you will have the full information about how to install it, Use it and play games as well.

Apple’s insanely popular iMessage can be installed on Android devices. Usually, if you are a techie guy who strives to use different apps on different platforms means you might already try various ways to install this App. However, most of them are unsuccessful because they are using the wrong techniques. Let me guide the proper way to install and use iMessage in Android devices.

Let’s first see why you generally can’t install iMessage for Android like other apps:

Why you can’t install iMessage for Android Like other Apps:

You typically can’t use iMessage for Android because of its Apple’s product. Along with that, it’s having a unique End-To-End Encryption system specially designed for iMessage. This will secure the messages from the Device to the Device they have sent on.


Also, the messages are secured mainly from Apple’s servers. As the messages are highly encrypted, they can be only usable by the devices which know how to decrypt the received messages.

With all these factors, Apple always maintain secrecy with its features. It only shares its cool features with the devices which are running on the IOS platform. This is mainly to boost its iPhone sales. That’s the reason why iMessage is not officially available in the Google Play Store or Other Android Play Stores.

Now, most of you might be disappointed because they cant install iMessage on their Android Device? Right!

How to Install iMessage for Android

In general, there are very few apps that can control the iMessage server and run iMessage in the Android platform. But, most of them are harder to install. So, I’ll go with a more accessible program which is called as WeMessage.

What is WeMessage:

WeMessage is a unique app that can control the iMessage network and open the encrypted messages in the Android platform. If you are curious to know how? Then you should go through the process below.

Firstly, to use weMessage, you have to requirements. Let’s first see those requirements and then install iMessage for Android.

iMessage for Android

Requirements to Use WeMessage:

If you want to use the iMessage for Android device you have to need the below-mentioned ones:

  • You need an iMessage account: This maybe your existing Apple ID.
  • A mac running macOS 10.10 or higher versions: Using WeMessage, you have to run a program on your Mac.
  • The condition is Jave 7 or its higher version installed on your Mac.
  • You should have an Android phone running on Android 5.0 or higher.
  • Finally, you should have a WeMessage App installed on your Device.

Now, we got an idea about the requirements. Let’s go ahead in knowing about the iMessage on Android.

How WeMessage helps you use iMessage for Android:


As we cant use iMessage for Android Devices, but it can be used in both iOS and MacOS. So, it’s the compatibility that perfect option here.

When you install weMessage on your Mac, this routes messages through the iMessage network. That means, all your text messages will be passed to the weMessage — Then to iMessage for sending messages to and from MacOS — IOS — Android devices. All this process will be done using Apple’s encryption only.

Now, we have gained enough knowledge of iMessage for Android. Let’s get into the process.

How to SetUp WeMessege to Use iMessage for Android Devices:


WeMessages do a smart workaround for dealing with Apple’s security, which created for iMessage. Still, it requires patience and has to follow each step to make it work properly.

This post explains each and everything, so all you have to do is follow each step. Don’t try different steps because you will get lost in that process.

Firstly let’s configure weMessage on Mac:

iMessage for Android

Configure WeMessage on Mac:

  • One of your Mac, you have to install Java 7 or more to use weMessage.
  • To check it on your Mac, go to Applications — Utilities — Terminal App pre-installed on Mac.
  • Search for Java and then click return.
  • If at all you get an error, you are not having Java on your Mac. In case you dont see a mistake, then you’ve got Java.
  • Download and install Java if you dont have it on your Mac or move to the next step.
  • Download the WeMessage Program.

Until now, everything is clear. Next, we have to run this downloaded program file.

  • Double Click on the download file to run its installation process. If you get any error like “Program can’t run because of the unidentified developer.”
  • Then you have to open System Preferences — Security & Privacy — General — Click open Anyway.
  • After that, you have to enable some Accessibilities features on your Mac.
  • Go to System Preferences — Security & Privacy — Privacy Tab — Accessibility.
  • Now, click on the lock icon, which is at the bottom to unlock your settings.
  • In case, it asks for password means, enter your Mac password.
  • Then Click + icon, hover over to hard drive to Applications — Utilities.
  • Now, click terminal and Open it.
  • Again double click on it to run the Program.
  • You will get a new terminal window.
  • In that enter your email address you use with iMessage.
  • Next, enter your iMessage Password.

Until now, we have finished the primary step. Now, let’s set up iMessage on Android.

Set Up weMessage on Android

  • Go to Google Play Store and download the WeMessage App.
  • Then open the WeMessage App on your Android.
  • Click on continue. Allow all the permissions.
  • Then you have to move the slider for Allow modify system setting to Activate them.
  • After that, you need to find your Mac’s Ip address.
  • Find the IP address by going to the “System Preferences — Network — Advanced — TCP/IP.
  • Then you will find your IP address in IPv4 Address Filed.
  • Now, enter that IP address in the weMessage Android App.
  • Enter your iMessage Email ID and Password.
  • Click on Sign in.
  • Now, you can see a conversation screen.

From that screen, you can send text messages in the standard way. You can test that by sending a message to someone on your list.

 Now you’re Almost there!

We have set up Android Device so you can use iMessage when your Android phone is on the same Wifi network, which was connected to your Mac. Now, you have to integrate it and set up Port Forwarding.

Port Forwarding will configure your home Wifi network and help you let in when you are an indifferent connection. That’s how you can use an Android device anywhere with IMessage.

To know about the way to set up Port Forwarding, you have to watch the video and follow the instructions carefully from the weMessage website.

Once you have completed the port forwarding, you are ready to go. Test it by turning your wifi off and on. Then send your messages and Use iMessage App and have fun.

Play Games:

After completing the Port forwarding process you are good to access this iMessage anywhere you love. So, you can play lots of iMessage games such as chess, Piegon chase and more and have fun in your Android Device. That’s It! This is all about the IMessage for Android post. Install this iMessage carefully by following all the steps and enjoy iMessage on your Android.



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How to Use TikTok: 7 Tips Ever New TikTok Users Should Know About

How to Use TikTok:  7 Tips Ever New TikTok Users Should Know About

In this digital world, I don’t think I have to give an introduction to the popular social media video app TikTok. There’s no way you that you haven’t gone through the TikTok Video. I’m saying this because, people who use Facebook, Instagram or other social media they often know about the popular TikTok platform but they don’t know how to use TikTok effectively.

Most of the people are even got addicted to these short-form videos as well. If you’re striving to create a TikTok video for yourself then head over to the play store and download this popular video app. In case, if you’re new to TikTok and want to know how to use TikTok? Then don’t worry, have a look at these 7 best tips to find out how to use TikTok effectively.

In TikTok, you can recreate the videos with a dance routine, or with lip-sync or evening by portraying TV and movie characters as well. However, portraying them is not that easy for everyone but this platform is helping users to create those videos with ease.

In this article, we will cover some effective tips to find out how to use TikTok perfectly, but we won’t touch any creative tips of video making and so on.

So, let’s get into the post of 7 effective tips to find out how to use TikTok effective.

How to Use TikTok, 7 Tips new users should know about:

In this post on how to use TikTok, I’ll not cover any of the creative types but I will show you how to use TikTok effectively without any trouble and how to make use of its features perfectly to make a perfect video.

How to Use TikTok  to Easily Download  Your Videos for Offline Viewing:

Wherever you go across a TikTok video that you love to share it with others. Then you can share that video with TikTok sharing options. Sharing videos have been much easier to do so in TikTok and in lots of cases, it’s easy to download TikTok videos for offline viewing as well.

These types of videos are good and perfect for sharing. If you want to save your data then you can share it with others through share it or else you can upload it to other services with data consumption.


If you’re striving to share the icon on the video means, click on “Save Video” to download it on your IOS or Android device. Then you will find out a default photos app. In case, if you want to do this process at rapid speed means just head over to 3rd point.

In case, if you don’t see the “Save Video” Option in TikTok means the owner of that video might be blocked downloads on their videos. We can even save blocked videos as well. For that, you have to press- and hold your screen in the middle. Then you will get three options in that to choose “Save Video”. This blocked video will be downloaded to your default photo apps. So, if you download videos from there then check photos on IOS or Google photos on Android.

How to Create Gifs from your TikTok videos:

If you love to share Gifs on social media and striving to create Gifs from your own TikTok videos? Then you can do that with ease.

To turn your TikTok videos into Gifs you have to follow below process.

  • Click on the share icon on the video.
  • Select “Share as GIF” option to simply download it.
  • The donwloaded file will be in your default photos app.
  • Soon after you download the you can instanlty share the GIF via Messenger, WhatsApp, Twitter and so on.
  • Gifs which you have taken from the video will have a TikTok Watermark.

How to Stop Others from Downloading your TikTok Videos:

Do you want to stop other from downloading your TikTok videos? Then you can prevent others from saving your videos.  To do that, you have to follow the below process.

  • Click on your profile icon in the navigation bar.
  • Then click on the ellipsis in the top right hand corner.
  • Select “Privacy and Safety”
  • Then click Allow Download option.
  • Choose “Off”.

This process will help you prevent others to download your videos from the TikTok app. But they can download it from other third party solutions.

How to Use TikTok Quick Actions by scrolling down and check whether the video is disabled or not:

TikTok has some special features such as Save Video, Duet, React and so on. These features will be viewed when you view someone else TikTok. Along with these, you will also have a Quick Action feature where you can view videos with ease.

To use this feature you should Long press anywhere on the playing video.

Then you will see three options appearing on the screen. One for saving your video and others for adding video to your favourites and the third one is for telling TikTok you are not interested in seeing that video. If at all you don’t get the disable option and If the save option does not appear, it means the user has disabled that option from that video.

How to Use TikTok to Change your favourite video into a live wallpaper:

Most of the people love to turn their TikTok video into the live wallpaper? If you are one of them, then you should follow this process.

TikTok is generally filled with loads of cute videos so you can use one of those videos as live wallpaper. For that, you can use third-party apps such as Tik Tok wall picture.

Find out your favourite songs, videos and hastags:


Are you striving to check out your favourite videos which you have favourited, or you want to check out your favourite songs, or videos or hashtags? then you can find them with the below process.

  • Click on the Profile Icon in the navigation bar.
  • After that, click on your favourite icon.
  • Then click on the “edit profile”
  • Here you’ll find all the videos you have favourited.
  • Just swipe through the My Favorites option then you will find all your favourite hashtags, songs and video effects.

How to use TikTok by connecting with other TikTok Users with Codes:

If you want to connect with other TikTok users effortlessly means you should check out this post. TikTok usually provides TikTok codes for users to connect with their friends and other users. Firstly, you need to learn how to use the codes to get started.

  • Go to the profile page.
  • Head over to the top of your profile where you can find TikTok codes icon.
  • It will be like a QR code so click on that.
  • Then you can view your TikTok code that can save your device
  • It allows you to send that code to others.
  • Whenever you scan that code with someone else “Scan” option.
  • then you can connect with that user.

These are the best tiktop tips every user should know about. This is all about the how to use TikTok perfectly.

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