Now Comment On Google Drive Files without Opening Them in Other Apps

Now Comment On Google Drive Files without Opening Them in Other Apps

Google Drive Files: We can now make a note on Google Drive files without notching them in other apps

Google is intensifying the approach people can remark on Google Drive files. We can now write comments from foretastes within Drive, as contrasting to enclosing to untie them in Google Drive Files, Sheets, or even Slides. This is really an excellent thing for the reason that it has smaller number of tabs as well as smaller amount apps, together of which are thing we can choose.

We can now draw attention to lines in a folder and make remarks such as you generally do on a Google Drive Files, as well as those remarks will tag on all the way through in individual application, also, such as in Microsoft Office apps. Thus, if you make a remark on Google Drive files, or else even dole out an assignment or point out a co-worker, those comments may also tag along the file anywhere it goes.  In the blog on the new-fangled facet, Google stresses that this attribute is the crop of its affiliation in the company of Microsoft. It furthermore gave the clarification that we can by now download Drive hook up to build it easier to slot in Drive files hooked on Outlook emails.

Google Drive Files formulates it trouble-free to stock up as well as carve up files in the cloud thus we can pool resources firmly among our panels as well as clients whilst on the set off. In addition to we comprehend that panel work by means of all sorts of files as well as gears to dig up things completed. Early these days, Google made very simple as it now promising to note unswervingly on additional file type together with Microsoft Office files, PDFs as well as images—exclusive of containing to adapt them hooked on Docs, Sheets or Slides.

While you are pool resources in the company of a peripheral bureau, parley an indenture in the midst of a user or bring together a sales concord among a dealer, chances are you are trading in the midst of several file systems. Through this update, you can now make a remark on the files in Google Drive the method you are used in Google Drive Files. Here the Drive foretaste pane, note, consign tasks, or else point out coworkers in addition to the people you employ can retort back, yet if they are not by G Suite. If your associate open up a file on his Windows PC by means of MS Word, he will notice your note in the file as well as can respond.

Even now, Microsoft wishes to ensnare Google Drive Files users to their own cloud: OneDrive. The recent past, the corporation proclaims a back-up that permits commercial users of challenging endeavor software matching sets from Dropbox , Box, and Google toggles to OneDrive by Microsoft casing the statement awaiting a business induces its obtainable deal.

However it does not look as if like Microsoft is agreeable to absolutely dissolve its bond with Google just to prevail over cloud clientele. At the present, together Google and Office clients can be fulfilled and work in concert.

Harmony’s nice.

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Daimler Takes On Silicon Valley with Hi-Tech Mercedes A-Class

Daimler Takes On Silicon Valley with Hi-Tech Mercedes A-Class

Its Daimler VS Silicon Valley on Mercedes A-Class Voice recognition

Recently amazon’s Alexa and Apple’s Siri are taking the world by storm by inserting themselves into every- day living, be it in your homes, office place and now even in your car. But are all car manufacturers going the Alexa or Siri route? At the premium end of the scale automobile companies like Daimler are making their own way with their own voice recognition featuring on their latest offering the Mercedes A-Class.

The Mercedes A-Class was unveiled last Friday and what attracted spectators the most was not the soft, plush large interiors but the Mercedes’ own voice recognition- “hey Mercedes…”.This is Daimler VS Silicon Valley- “The battle of the voice assistants.”

Voice control on Mercedes A-Class Automobile:

The voice control or “MBUX” on the Mercedes A-Class line up is as capable as the renowned Alexa or Siri. It understands what you mean clearly.

Automobile companies have not really seen the benefit in investing in services that mimic those on the smart phone. In an attempt to keep tech giants away from the automobile market, many premium automobile makers are investing in their own voice recognition tools. As it is, tech companies are taking over the automobile industry with their autonomous driving and voice control features.

With Mercedes voice control on the Mercedes A-Class, if it works as advertised, Daimler is all set to pave the way for other automobile manufacturers in investing in their own voice control systems. Daimler has said that the Mercedes A-Class system will work just as well as Siri or Alexa and all the user has to do is to prefix what they want with a “Hey Mercedes” rather than a “Hey Alexa” or a “Hey Siri”.

Besides the Mercedes A-Class’s roomier interiors, new design and engines and the semi-autonomous driving feature, the main attraction that the Mercedes A-Class boasts of is the MBUX voice control system.

Mercedes A-Class MBUX System:

The MBUX system comes on the two large horizontal touch screens in the Mercedes A-Class. These touch screen panels do away with dashboard instruments completely. The voice control system on the Mercedes A-Class comes with artificial intelligence that learns the behavior of the user as well as predicts commands. The system can even recognize up to eight voices. Instructions can be given from navigation to infotainment.

Most other automobile brands use a technique called mirroring where the user can access all their smart phone apps via a touch screen in their car. Daimler hopes that with their own MBUX voice control system, users won’t be too disappointed to not have Alexa or Siri.

Unlike Alexa or Siri or any other voice control system that uses cloud services, the Mercedes A Class uses software from Nuance Communications, to work even when data connections fail.

It is unsure at present weather making a voice control system the focal point in an automobile’s sales is likely to be successful. Daimler will be the first automobile company to offer their own voice control system with the Mercedes A-Class.

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Wearable Technology Could Change the Way Athletes Train

Wearable Technology Could Change the Way Athletes Train

Wearable Technology – The Game Changer in Fitness and Sports

Whether it is at the elementary level or even the professionals in sports, the wearable technology is proving to be a game changer with regards to fitness and sports.

At the professional level, the players are using the wearable technology during their practice sessions to measure, monitor and take their performance to the next level. It is a very useful technology as far as the risk of injury to the athletes is concerned.

The athletes can learn more about their bodies from the data that is obtained from the wearables.

It is not only the watch on the wrist, but other wearables too that are being developed by the companies to gather more information to enhance the performance of the athletes.

Catapult Sports which is a Chicago based company has developed the Catapult which is helping in football training. It has a GPS tracker that is worn on the back and a strap on the chest which help the coaches to get important info during the practice sessions. The data of each player is useful to determine the player’s work rates, their game and practice schedules and rehabilitation in case of injury.

In the field of basketball, the wearable technology, Shot Tracker comes with a sensor and an app to help the players to track their shots. The sensor clips onto the basketball net while the shooting is monitored by the wristband. This wearable helps the player in identifying the mistakes with regard to skill and correcting them, thus giving him a complete coaching including his goals and workouts.

Some of the other wearable technology that has been developed include heart rate-monitoring sports bras and T-shirts as well as soccer balls to monitor the speed, distance, trajectory and rotation. Sports, is a form of entertainment and the fans would love to be engaged with the whole scenario of seeing and feeling what the athlete is actually going through in that situation.  The heart rate of the car racers in dangerous situations and power metrics of cyclists can be experienced. This makes it more interesting for the fans.

On the other hand, there is also a cause of concern, of how the wearable technology can be used to track an athlete’s schedule and life when he is off the field. There should be a line drawn as regards the privacy and security of the athletes. Though the players and the coaches want to be at the top of their game, there is also a concern that the wearable technology should not breach the thin line between the personal and professional lives.

With development in wearable technology, as more parameters of an athlete are tracked, any decline in a player’s performance can also see a pay decrease. An athlete may be doing well, but any slight changes in the data related to injury history, patterns related to age can also result in a lower pay package.

From monitoring the training and practice sessions of the athletes to recovery of the athlete in case of an injury, the wearables are proving to be a game changer as far as fitness and sports are concerned. The wearable technology will help the coaches, trainers and general managers to get the maximum performance from their players.

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Google’s Art Selfies Are the Talk of Twitter

Google’s Art Selfies Are the Talk of Twitter

Google art selfies has just become the talk of the town on Twitter

Google keeps reinventing the simple things into a fabulous tool for millions of internet users worldwide. It has debut a new feature in the lacklustre Google Arts & Culture app which helps in in instantly transforming user’s selfies into an incredible work of an art and effectively calling it art selfies. Google has launched this app almost two years ago but it never became as popular as other but bringing this update everyone is flocking to download this app thereby making it an overnight hit on global scale. Art selfies has struck a chord with almost everyone across the globe regardless of age, ethnicity, religious or political inclination.

This new feature helps in producing art selfies wherein users takes their snap and it is then compared with some of the great art of the world. Google has brought this feature in order to introduce the world with the fine art in a more constructive way.

Taking art selfies is in vogue

Google came with the idea of turning selfies into art quite a while back and this feature was brought to the Google Arts & Culture app in the middle of December just before the holiday season. However it took sometime before it was discovered by the netizens globally. Once people started uploading art selfies on the social media platform like Facebook and Twitter this app shot to its prominence and very soon it made its way into the top charts. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that this app is no. 1 on both the Google Play Store and iOS App Store.

Art selfies is available for everyone

Google takes some time in launching the update on its app globally. Even the Android OS update is released based on the specific regions and same goes true for this recent update as it isn’t available in every other nation or cities on global basis. A number of users are left unhappy and even angry in some cases as they can’t be the part of this global phenomenon of taking art selfies.

Take a virtual tour of museums

Google had launched this app way in the November of 2015 which can aim of offering virtual tours of the museums to the users. Currently it has more than 1000 museums in it along with that it has its own website as well which provides museum tours to the users.

It is a crafty way of taking people into some of the renowned museums in the world from the comfort of their house or office or anywhere they are. Apart from the virtual tours this app also offers some subtle art education to the users which don’t appear to be preachy or boring at all.

This app gladly asks users to take a selfies and search among thousands of artworks on the global scale to check which resembles close to you. Users can take art selfies right from their smartphone camera after which Google will search the best possible resembling art work.

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Google Launches New IT Course, Offers Access to Jobs and Scholarships

Google Launches New IT Course, Offers Access to Jobs and Scholarships

Google Launched – IT Support Program

Google together with online learning giant Coursera had recently revealed a new certificate program to train Americans for entry level IT jobs inclusive of those who did not have college degrees. The company has mentioned that they will be filling the requirements in the tech world.  The statistics of Coursera had cited that presently there seems to be around 150,000 unfiled support jobs only in the US.  Initially the IT Support program which will be launched all across the world would be offering courses only in English with 64 hours of coursework in total.  Students are expected to complete the same in 8 to 12 months. The course for the Coursera platform is written by Googlers to impart and then test across six vital areas of customer support namely, troubleshooting as well as customer service, networking, system administration, automation, operating systems together with security where no earlier IT experience is essential.  Moreover it also links the participants with huge employers such as Bank of America and Wal-Mart who have been on the lookout for workers talented in basic IT skills. This online learning initiative called the Google IT Support Professional Certificate charges $49 per month through Coursera.

Support Workers – Footing in U.S. Economy

However for a limited period, Google has stated that it would pay those costs for 10,000 participants. The IT initiative is said to be a part of a huge $1 billion attempt by Google to support workers to obtain their footing in a U.S. economy disrupted by technology, aimed on the skills and education. This effort has come up at a time when Google together with the other tech giants have been attempting to repel the increasing criticism regarding their consequence on society and the workforce. As per a Google executive leading the initiative, Natalie Van Kleef Conley, the new courses have sprung out of the own experience of the company in an effort of locating people for unfilled IT positions. She had stated in an interview with Fortune that the lessons developed by Google’s employee had been targeted at veterans in particular, refugees and lower income communities. She further added that the IT programs would evade other job-training initiative which often does little to place people in the workforce, in part because Google and Coursera are working directly with employers looking for skills provided by the program.

Gateway in Tech Labour Force

Google had mentioned in a blogpost that once people tend to complete the certificate, they have the choice to share their information with the top employers directly, inclusive of Bank of America, Wal-Mart,GE Digital, Sprint, PNC Bank, Infosys, TEKSystems and UPMC together with Google who tend to be interested in hiring IT support talent. Coursera CEO Jeff Maggioncalda on the other hand informed Fortune that online learning has enhanced dramatically recently and that it is a misconception to presume that Internet-based course tend to be inferior in comparison to campus-based lessons. He also mentioned that Coursera together with Google that had worked in partnership in the past have been attempting to ensure that theirITcurriculum does not tend to be stale or obsolete and the program should support the participants in gaining good job openings. He further added that IT program could be a gateway in the tech labour force wherein one could progress from all types of careers.

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