Bluetooth 5 Set To Enhance the Connectivity Options for Millions

Bluetooth 5 Set To Enhance the Connectivity Options for Millions

Bluetooth technology has evolved gradually but most of the people have simply failed to notice it. Just a few years ago Bluetooth 5 was the most sought out option for the mobile users for file transfer but the rise of the Android platform and presence of the variety of Wi-Fi-based file transfer apps has simply cornered the Bluetooth usage. However Bluetooth is making a massive comeback by being the only option to support the popular IoT devices, wearable and audio devices.

Bluetooth 5 is backward compatible and fast

The best thing about the latest Bluetooth 5.0 technology is that it is backward compatible with all the earlier versions. It also tends to offer a relaxing and better coexistence with other wireless technologies present around us. With Bluetooth 5.0 users will get increase in range and faster data rates which will be value addition in using the modern day equipment. Hardware manufactures has already filled the market with the devices supporting the Bluetooth 5.

Speed is the need of the hour for the users and devices likewise in today’ world. Bluetooth 5 gets support for the higher transmission speeds up to 2 Mbps which helps in increasing the output power. In other words the now Bluetooth devices will be using less energy to send similar amount of data which will help in boosting the power efficiency of the devices.

World’s first true wireless earbuds with Bluetooth 5

Jabees is a Chinese OEM which stems out from the age old hardware city of Hong Kong which has lost its sheen to Shenzhen in the recent times. The subsequent rise in the Bluetooth technology has allowed a number of new players to penetrate the audio market but most of them have failed to make their mark. Jabees latest offering happens to be the world’s very first Bluetooth 5 powered true wireless ear buds. It has price tag of just $59 which is simply the cheapest offering anywhere on the planet.

Jabees has went with the transparent casing which showcases all the intricate internal part of the ear buds just like that. It has 500 mAh battery inside which can be charged to its fullest in only 30 minutes. It also has a unique mode named transparency mode which specifically allows the noise to filter in thereby making it a safer choice for the runner and cyclists.

Mesh networking support comes to Bluetooth 5

When Bluetooth was first conceived then was seen as a star network where all the nodes get connected to a central hub. But it has seen the reality so far however the coming of the Bluetooth 5 brings the support for the mesh network which allows different nodes to communicate directly with one another. Mesh network is already being adopted by a number of modern day wireless systems like Zigbee and Google Wi-Fi but it has never been used in the Bluetooth devices so far. Support for the mesh networking will pave way for better adoption and enhanced usage of the Bluetooth connectivity in the Internet of Things devices on a greater scale.

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CERN Announce Discovery of Higgs Boson Interactions

CERN Announce Discovery of Higgs Boson Interactions

Higgs boson and top quark- Researchers finding out the result of their interaction

At CERN, ATLAS Collaboration has recently declared the results of their experiments, done at Large Hadron Collider. As an output, the researchers have found a relation between Higgs boson and top quark. The production of Higgs boson with the top-quark is really a unique process in the modern High-Energy Physics field. This helps the researchers in assessing the major parameters, associated with Higgs procedure in a particle’s Standard Model.

The final output deals with the comprehensive dataset, sent to ATLAS, and it also creates a signal that has the value of 6.3 for deviation with a dataset.


Dedicated teamwork to find out the new data on Higgs boson

The CMS members, who are physicists in the University of Wisconsin, made the joint effort for the discovery of Higgs boson few years ago. The experiments have now consistent formation of top quark and Higgs boson. This new measurement on the interaction of Higgs boson with quarks has presented various signs and hints on the universal matter.

The scientists’ reaction on their Higgs boson research result

The physics professor, Wesley Smith has commented that the CMS members are glad to publish their new observation, related to the pair of top quark with Higgs boson. The ATLAS Spokesperson, Jakobs has also stated their research has given a proof on the interaction of top quark with Higgsboson with high potential.

Just one percent of Higgs boson can be formed with top quark. The researchers have found challenging observation. ATLAS researchers have worked on the collision details throughout the past 5 years. Fabio Cerutti has stated that since the process is rare that they should have a view at the decay path of Higgsboson. The experimental concerns had caused several limitations. However, data quantity is another issue, related to it. The scientists have got the success after blending various analyzes.

Publication of the Higgs boson result

Physical Review Letters has published all the results of CMS on 4th June. On that day, ATLAS also submitted the work to be published. While commenting on the analysis process, the Physics professor San Lan Wu has stated that the researchers have applied advanced standard Machine Learning.

Before the announcement of discovery, the physicists had presented a clear detail on the potential behavior of Higgs boson. At present, as these physicists are able to form Higgsbosons, they like to inspect those predictions in future.

The scientists already had a suspect on the strong action of Higgs boson with top quark. However, still, they have waited until finding the proof for claiming the discovery. Their recent outcome reveals the communication of Higgsboson with quark, as per their prediction. It has really showed a path for finding out more interactions in future.

The researchers have confirmed the supposed interaction while they have seen that two major particles are emitted from the collision of 2 protons. As there is just 1 percent of collision, the researchers have found difficulties in tracking them.

Thus, the experiments have showed a new path in science. ATLAS includes 3,000 scientists, while CMS collaboration has engaged 4,000 researchers.

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Google Duplex: An AI System for Accomplishing Real-World Tasks Over the Phone

Google Duplex: An AI System for Accomplishing Real-World Tasks Over the Phone

Google Duplex:Making conversation over the phone to complete real-world tasks

Coming to an age where we can have a natural conversation with the computers has always been staple features of the science fiction. In the recent years, we had seen a subsequent rise both in the technology and the innovativeness shown in the ability of the computers to understand as well as generate natural speech with less room for error. Google Duplex shows the first instance where an AI-powered voice assistant has been able to interact with the human without giving up.

Making the conversation sound smarter thanks Google Duplex

Google Duplex based conversation happens to be more natural than earlier AI conversation because of the advancement made in understanding, speaking, interacting and timing by the AI. Google Duplex exclusively runs on the recurrent neural network (RNN) which is specifically designed to overcome the challenges thrown by the natural conversation. In order to improve the AI capability, Google has trained the Duplex on an innumerable number of phone conversation data.

To offers the best possible answers this [particular network makes use of the Google’s automatic speech recognition (ASR’) technology along with other features like the history of conversation, audio, parameters of the conversation and others. Google has effectively trained the model separately for each given task at hand but the processing has leveraged and shared across the tasks which have helped in improving the AI capability with the short time.

Not everyone is happy with Google Duplex

However great this achievement might seem to a number of the tech enthusiasts across the world there are always people who are critical about such tech advances. Some of the critics have found new found favour among the larger audience where they feared the rise in the abuse of small business with Google’s AI in upcoming days. Making an appointment using Google duplex features is so easy and simple that it will result in widespread misuse by the users.

They will indulge in constantly reschedule or simply not care enough to show up as there happens to be no connection in between the user and the human worker who books the appointment. It should also be noted that people aren’t going to feel any remorse for making a large number of requests and change it as per their liking.

Google Duplex  offer huge benefits for businesses and users alike

There are a number of businesses which relies on the booking and many of them had not considered the option of using online systems. Google Duplex will benefit them by making it easier to perform booking of the customers just using the Google Assistant without the need of running day-to-day practices or training the employees. Secondly using the Google Duplex will also help in lowering the no-shows numbers wherein customers will be reminded of the upcoming appointments in a timely fashion. It will also help in making easier to reschedule or cancel if required by the customers.

Thirdly, Google Duplex can also be sued by the customers to call up the businesses and inquire about the thing which isn’t available online like open hours and others. The best thing about Google Duplex it doesn’t add any learning curve for the business and they will go operating like they always do but they will still get benefitted from this new technology.

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Things to Expect from Google I/O This Year Around

Things to Expect from Google I/O This Year Around

Before you get started about Google I/O being for developers, let me just stop you there. Google I/O can be informative for others as well, with only few months away, Google I/O is the place where Google gets to show off. Starting off on the 8th of May to the 10th of the same month, Google I /O is Google’s annual tech conference. The whole purpose is for Google to announce the latest and greatest in their hardware and software and it is also a chance for developers to network and find out more about what they can expect form Google in the coming months and what it will mean for them and their apps.

Wait, Wait before you go ahead and say it is only for developers, I just said it myself…, there is a lot a person can learn from Google’s I/O that they may find useful, like the latest in apps, changes to Android, New Google products and such.

More talk of Android P in Google I/O?

Is Google I/O going to be the place where Google releases the name of Android P? maybe or maybe not. Google has released the developer preview of Android P a while ago and what we do know is that they stopped certification for new devices running Android 7 Nougat. But do we know what the P in Android P stands for, well no.  Maybe Google can help in that department.

We can also expect more details of the OS like the notch, updates for apps and so forth.

Updates for Google Services in Google I/O:

Talking first on what’s scheduled at the Google I/O. Google is planning on giving a little attention to Google Photos this Google I/O. Let’s hope we get to see more cool features from the tech giant in Google Photos.

Another thing on the cards is material changes to Chrome and Google Play services (at least it is an educated guess), Maybe at the Google I/O we will get to see any changes to the design languages in these two platforms.

Another Boost for AR/VR this Google I/O?

Ok let’s be honest Google’s AR/VR hasn’t really taken off for the company and Daydream got off to a bad start in 2017 but hopefully at the Google I/O we can expect new changes to the AR/VR category. Now since it is more accessible and with more changes, if announced at Google I/O then this Google’s platform can get a much needed boost.

What’s in a change of name?

Designated as another session on the agenda, Google recently changed Android Wear to WearOS. Google will also speak more on “WearOS” in this Google I/O session. We will hear more about updates regarding the same.

Google Assistant becoming smarter and is learning more languages?

Google is planning to make Google Assistant available in 30 countries and is also planning on making the assistant be able to grasp 17 new languages. There are also talks of a multi- lingual function that will allow you to switch between two or more languages with Google assistant.

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New Bose–Einstein Condensate Created at Aalto University

New Bose–Einstein Condensate Created at Aalto University

The Bose- Einstein Condensate theory: A Diversification

Looking back, and I mean way back, Albert Einstein and Satyendra Bose came up with a theory that postulates something like this- that by using quantum mechanics, a large number of particles can behave like a concert, basically meaning as if they were a single particle. This theory came to be known as the Bose–Einstein Condensate theory. Fast forwarding a bit, the same theory was later enacted by a group of scientists in the year 1995, which created the first condensate of gas of alkali atoms using the Bose–Einstein Condensate theory.

Researchers today are trying to replicate the Bose–Einstein Condensate theory to make it more fitting for commercial and other applications. By using higher temperatures, faster timescales and smaller sizes, researchers are trying to make adjustments to the Bose- Einstein condensate theory to make it more suitable in a commercial setting. Previously, the Bose–Einstein Condensate theory had to be used in a setting where these factors were not present, but now to make it more viable, scientists have discovered a new way to replicate the Bose–Einstein Condensate theory taking into account these new factors.

The easier version of Bose–Einstein Condensate theory:

Scientists aim at changing the way the Bose- Einstein condensate theory is conducted by taking into account shorter time frames, smaller quantities and higher temperatures. The easier the method gets to replicate the Bose- Einstein condensate theory, the more it has use in various fields. Light sources, of a small size and of this kind could allow for faster information processing and can have exciting technological applications.

Solving the Problem of the Bose–Einstein Condensate theory:

One of the objectives of researchers was to use higher temperatures in replicating the Bose- Einstein condensate theory, so they have discovered a way to do this.

Using a condensed mixture of light and electrons, used in motion in gold nanorods arranged into a periodic array,Researchers were able to get the condensed particles to function as one using room temperature itself. Unlike the initial Bose–Einstein Condensate theory’s experiment the condensed particles did not need to be brought down to near absolute zero temperature, this is because the particles used in the new condensate were mostly light.

How was the new Bose–Einstein Condensate replicated?

The gold nano particle array was easy to create using modern methods of nanofabrication. Then light was passed near the nanorods. A major problem with this technique was that the entire process took about close to a picosecond or one trillionth of a second, which means that scientists could not be sure if what they were seeing was the real deal and by that I mean the real Bose- Einstein condensate theory or a normal laser light production.

Increasing the time…:

Whenever the condensate forms, a light is emitted through the gold nanorod. By getting a chance to observe the light, scientists would know how the condensation is formed. By altering the length of the gold nanorod, scientists would be able to actually see the light by converting distance into time.

This seeing of the Bose–Einstein Condensate theory is important as scientists needed to differentiate between a normal laser light and the light emitting from the Bose–Einstein Condensate theory.

Both the lights are very similar in appearance but there are fundamental differences in their properties, which means that the Bose- Einstein condensate theory’s light would have different technological applications than a normal laser light.

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