Google Paper Signals: Cute Voice Experiment Lets You Track The World With Paper

Google Paper Signals: Cute Voice Experiment Lets You Track The World With Paper

Google’s new Paper Craft: Paper Signals

With this new Google project you can talk to your paper crafts! Yes you read right. Google’s new open source project allows you to use your most trusted google assistant in talking to your paper crafts. From indicating whether it will rain or when a rocket launches, these paper signals can do all.

What is Paper Signals?

Paper signals is Google’s new project which allows you to make paper crafts that you can control with Google assistant.

Paper signal can do a range of things. You can make a paper craft in the shape of an umbrella or a rocket and find out if it is raining or when a rocket launches.

There are a number of craft projects that you can try out with Google’s paper signal. Google has made an open source code for paper signals, that allows developers to configure these paper signals as and how they want it to be.

What you need to create your very own paper signals;

To make Google’s fun paper signals, you need, besides all the things required for a paper craft, such as a pencil, cutter and glue, a few electrical components as well. Google is offering these components at $24.95. But at the same time you could get these parts off the shelf.

All you need to do to get your very own paper signal is to print out a template, of your desired pattern and assemble it together with the electrical components. Finally give your paper signal commands with the google assistant which is available on both IOS and Android.

For the electronic stuff, you’ll need a male/female jumper wires, micro USB, a micro server and Adafruit Feather HUZZAH ESP8266 Wi Fi with headers.

Besides the electronic stuff you’ll also be using paper craft supplies that you can find laying around your house and of course your phone with google assistant.

You can even check out all the company’s paper signal experiments on their voice experiment site. Google uses two of their main projects to create these paper signals- DialogFlow and Google assistants.

Rasberry Pi and Paper signals:

Google plans on making a computer vision kit for Rasberry Pi computers. Users can connect their circuit board to the computer vision software which has Pi and a camera. What’s great about this is that it is cheap and does not require remote cloud processing.

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The Magic of Quantum Technology

The Magic of Quantum Technology

We all know that there are things out there that no one can explain, not even scientists. The world and the universe around us, is so immense that not everything can be explained and most of it is not even discovered yet. Some of the discoveries made still don’t make sense in that they do not follow the laws of physics, quantum technology helps measuring frequency.


What is the study of Quantum technology?

Quantum technology, refers to an emerging branch of science. We’ve all heard of Quantum Physics, if not really understood what the term means. Basically, quantum technology use quantum physics in their field of study.

Quantum technology, utilizes something known as “tricks” of quantum physics to explain larger physical phenomenon. Quantum physics can be applied to quantum sensing, quantum computing and quantum simulation.

The advantages of quantum technology is that huge numbers can be factored into systems, complex models involving a lot of factors can be stimulated and it can speed up searches also very fast and it can do one more thing too: it can be used to measure frequency more precisely and quickly.

Measuring Frequency in Quantum technology:

Researchers at Washington University have found a new way of measuring frequency more accurately and in a lesser time frame with the help of quantum technology. This study of quantum technology could lead to a host of advantages in various fields especially those of GPS navigation, medicine and also more precise clocks. Quantum technology can also be used to more accurately predict the light transmissions from stars.

Frequency basically means the measurement of repetitive events. The more time you get to measure a certain repetitive event, the more accurate your measurements are going to be. So time is a very important factor in accuracy of measurements. The longer you have to study something, the better your measurements will be.

But with measuring frequency in the case of quantum technology, one can study a frequency without needing a very long time. Besides this measurement factor, one can also increase the accuracy of such measurements.

This is exactly what researchers at Washington University are trying to say with quantum technology. These researchers have used quantum technology or what they like to call “tricks” to measure frequencies in a lesser time frame. They have measured frequencies in electromagnetic radiation, sound waves and even clocks all in a lesser time frame and all more accurately than before.

How was the frequency measured under quantum technology?

Researchers used a quantum bit which means a smallest unit in quantum information and put it in a superposition of two different states at the exact same time. To explain it a lot more clearly, this experiment is like taking a ball and putting it under one of two cups. The cups are then moved around, at any given time the ball could be under, one cup or even both cups at the same time. But then you might ask how this is even possible when there is only one ball in the picture.

The answer is simple, according to classic physics a particle has a definite state while in the study of quantum physics, particles can be one thing or another and do not necessarily follow all the rules of classic physics. This means that a single ball at any one point in time can be at two places at once.

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Laser Cooling: Faster Way To Make Bose-Einstein Condensates

Laser Cooling: Faster Way To Make Bose-Einstein Condensates


We all are aware of what an atom is and what is capable of if it gets excited. The chaos it can create is next to none. At a room temperature, the group of atoms start colliding with each other. They also change their speed and direction according to their needs. The random motions can be slowed or even it can be put into a halt completely. The only way to do this is by cooling the atoms. The formation is like a form of matter and is known as the Bose-Einstein condensates. The scientists and the researchers of the MIT have found a new technique, Laser Cooling  in order to cool the atom which by far is a very strategic and conventional method of cooling the atoms.

The Laser Cooling

They have developed the process of laser cooling which is very faster than the previous processes. The laser cooling involves the process of cooling a chunk of rubidium atoms at a temperature of one micro-kelvin. The Laser Cooling experiment was successful which was able to cool 2000 atoms which resulted to condensate approximate of 1400 atoms. The model involves the theory of magnetism and superconductivity as well. The process if successful will help to speed up all the drawbacks.

The Process of Laser Cooling

The scientists have been running a numerous experiments in order to make the laser cooling a successful one. The process kicks off with the laser beams spreading on the atoms from different directions. With each collision, the atoms get slowed down a little. The laser has a great impact on the cloud of atoms and this helps in slowing down the motion of the particles. In the meanwhile, the cooling is done while the process is still going on. The laser cooling helps to compress the chunk of atoms in a great deal. However, there is a limit of the cooling and its effect. The denser the cloud becomes; the motion of the photons gets limited. Here they start to generate the heat. The researchers have to deal a lot with the process of experiments. During the process, the lights have to be turned off. Hence the cooling starts in the form of the evaporative cooling. The hottest atoms have to escape and this leads to the cooling of the mass.

The Drawback In Laser Cooling

In an experiment, there has to be certain drawbacks and this is how you have to overcome the odds in order to make it perfect. They have tried their best in order to overcome the limitations of the laser cooling in order to cool the atoms. The process is much faster and it a convenient approach. The team of experts have tried the experiments on other atoms as well.

The laser cooling method is a long project for the researchers and this is like a dream for them. The process is in the raw state and it will take time to be perfect. They would try different approaches in the near future on different atoms.

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Google Doc Lockout: Sorry, We Were Just Trying to Protect You From Malware

Google Doc Lockout: Sorry, We Were Just Trying to Protect You From Malware

Chaos by Blocking Files in Google Doc

Google has explained that the problems temporarily registered in its online file storage platforms Google Drive and Google Doc were due to a ‘bug‘ in the automatic scanning for ‘malware’ because of which the files were considered dangerous. The company with headquarters in Mountain View publicly acknowledged his error through a publication on its official blog

Several Google Doc files were hijacked due to an incident still unexplained. Google says it is already investigating the fact

It would seem like a Google prank for Halloween, but it’s a fact. Thousands of people suffer chaos due to a bug that hijacked files stored in Google Doc.

Early this Tuesday, some users of Google Doc, mainly American journalists, report that they do not have access to many of their work files, given that there is a supposed “violation of the terms of service.” The specific message that comes to them is: “This item has been marked as inappropriate and can not be used anymore”.

For those messages, the service has only two options: delete the file or request a revision. What worries the most is that, in many cases, they are newspaper articles and databases with information that belongs to media chains.

According to some, the ruling would confirm that Google scans files stored in Docs, where the system fails to detect keywords or images that cause this file blocking.

The company confirmed that it is aware of the ruling and that it will investigate the origin of the massive blockade.

The Mountain View-based company has publicly acknowledged its error through a post on its official blog that admits that due to a failure of its system, the Google Doc files of many of its users were erroneously labeled as ‘malware’. ‘for violating the terms of service and access to accounts, blocked.

The technological giant, which has apologized to its users for the problem of Google Doc, has also taken advantage to claim its automatic file scanning system, which looks for possible ‘malware’, ‘phishing’ or ‘spam’ using static and dynamic techniques .

However, this situation has uncovered a great problem about privacy in the content generated in Google Doc, in addition to the potential danger that exists to lose access to important documents since its scanning system has not been perfected or can be present more errors in the future.

And the controversy over privacy that exists in the cloud has also been stoked. While it is true that no one should write articles that include hate speech or threats in Google Doc or anywhere else, it is of the utmost importance that writers retain ownership of their documents, and thousands of people use this system to share important work files and use them collaboratively.

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Bio Methane Transforms from Landfill Waste to Energy Source

Bio Methane Transforms from Landfill Waste to Energy Source

Transforming Bio Methane into an Energy Source

We are often told to segregate our waste into dry and wet, this is said in order to breakdown the waste into materials that can be used to make products that can be used such as fertilizers. One of the most common materials is a byproduct in the manure making process or the breakdown of waste material is Bio Methane gas.

Bio Methane is one of the most toxic gases produced as a byproduct. It is even more toxic than CO2 emissions. Landfills are one of the areas where one would find Bio Methane in a large scale therefore such spots are a very big health and safety concern.  In breaking down organic waste, the process not only traps heat but also produces a lot of Bio Methane gas. Although a lot of these landfills collect and burn the methane collected, thereby reducing Bio Methane in the atmosphere to some degree, this is still a small amount considering the actual amount of Bio Methane in the atmosphere.

Trying to reduce atmospheric methane is now becoming the focus of various university studies. Researchers are using various methods out there to try to bring down the levels of Bio-Methane in the air. One such method is the anaerobic method which composts organic material without the use of air. This can be used to redirect Bio Methane into a good energy source. Studies have found that through this method organic material can be decomposed thereby emitting far less Bio Methane.

Life Cycle Assessment is a technique utilized by researchers in understanding the environmental impact of a product or process or even an individual’s decision in affecting the environment.

Researchers use waste materials coming from restaurants and farms to study their impact on the environment, right from the stage they come into the landfill to the stage they are broken down into compost used as fertilizer. This study was conducted in order to establish the amount of Bio Methane generated and then to decide about ways in which it can be reduced.

In the US Bio-Methane alone accounts for 11% of total greenhouse gases generated. Of this the manure used in farms and food waste are the biggest contributors to Bio Methane in the atmosphere.

Organic waste in farms are normally kept in an open air pit to allow the material to break down over time and generate fertilizer for plants. The problem with this method is that when such material is brought into contact with oxygen it breaks down and releases Bio-Methane as a byproduct.  In order to avoid this, organic material in the anaerobic process is put into tanks where it will not be brought into contact with oxygen. As a result a lot less Bio Methane is released.

Food waste on the other hand is not so efficient in reducing Bio Methane when the anaerobic process is used. A solution to the problem is when this material is mixed with manure. The resultant Bio-Methane can then be used to produce fertilizers or can be used in industrial processes.


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