China Reveals Plans for High Speed Flying Train

China Reveals Plans for High Speed Flying Train

China wants to build a  flying train that would run in Hyperloop: 4,000 Km / h

China has announced it wants to launch a ‘flying train’, capable of reaching speeds of between 1,000 and 4,000 kilometers per hour.

It is called T-Flight and, in practice, would mean multiplying by ten the speed that currently reaches the fastest bullet train in the world, or quadruples the speed of commercial flights.

Behind this target is the China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation (CASIC).

The “flying train” would consist of a series of capsules that would use magnetic levitation to reach those supersonic speeds.

We expect it to be something truer and more concrete than the high-powered bus that has been spinning for weeks, this time the Chinese are going to Hyperloop with a kind of flying train that actually flies into a completely isolated tunnel.

They speak of a vehicle capable of moving on the surface at 4,000 kilometers per hour. The protagonists are much more serious in this new episode of Chinese technological histories since we are before the work of the China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation, better known as CASIC. It is a state-owned company, which makes everything from trucks to rockets, so they are familiar with speed.

As according to the which is sharing the hot technology news tells us that the prototype that Hyperloop and Elon Musk started to form has ranged the speed of 355 kilometers per hour, and is jutting to exceed 1,000 kilometers per hour. It is an amazing figure that is mechanically stand out by the content of the Chinese company.

The Chinese flying train would boast a speed ten times faster than the current fastest train – in China -, would also leave conventional passenger aircraft badly.

What is this flying train really?

For the so-called “flying train” bases its operation on an idea similar to Hyperloop, that is, pods that go inside a tube, in which the movement is produced by magnetic levitation.

Yes, all very conceptual, many promises and no dates, but also many patents on the table that give value to the matter: more than 200 documents handled CASIC people for the project.

Overcoming the speed of sound in such a device should not be transparent to the user, so the system designer – Mao Kai – ensures that the acceleration will be very well measured to achieve such high speeds.

China wants to have such a fast transport system for the country’s internal movement, but also plans to expand the network between the countries that form the new silk route, which they call ‘One Belt, One Road’.

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How to Tackle Internet Mob Rule

How to Tackle Internet Mob Rule

Mob Rule – Tendency of Turning Bitter

Right from Facebook to the remark segment of a favourite online newspaper, one would come across instances of people ganging up against one another, all across the web. Several of the individuals are aware of the emotion of hateful mob which tends to bear down on them through the social media and very regularly those that are under attack are said to be women and the members of the minority groups.Which is purely a Mob Rule.  However when in August, the white supremacist website the Daily Stormer, neo-Nazi, had been struck from several web services, inclusive of Google, GoDaddy together with Cloudflare,  some of the members of the far-right had protested that another type of `mob rule’ had succeeded.

The query that comes up is `has the internet risen into an angry mess of tribes combating with one another?    Chief scientist at Google’s Jigsaw project, Lucas Dixon records that the founding dream which had signalled the advent of the World Wide Web had been very different.

He commented that they `used to fantasise that the internet would be a kind of utopia’.  Though it did assist in bringing about people together thousands of miles apart, the significances was that it was sometimes particularly unfriendly.  He further agreed that unfortunately discussion seemed to have a tendency of turning very bitter.

Developing Machine Learning Algorithms to Tackle Mob Rule

From Dixon’s experience he has informed that after hosting a Reddit thread for victims of online pestering, he together with his team had been harassed wherein some of the individuals had sent malevolent messages to their bosses at Google.  He recalls that people were attempting to get them fired.

With this depressing situation, several of them have been asking what could be done to enhance online dealings and how much should the society bring about changes in achieving this.  Could technology assist in cracking down on the worst offenders? Jigsaw tends to seek in developing machine learning algorithms which seem improved at flagging foul exchanges between web users.

It is far from being reliable though presently in use at several outlets inclusive of the New York Times. Dixon had pointed out that after utilising Jigsaw to support human moderators, Times had been capable of activating comments on 25% of its news article to about 10%.

Mob Rule: Distributed Denial of Service – DDoS

We tend to enjoy the privilege of expressing ourselves freely online, but there is a possibility of that privilege to be taken away by force. Colliding offline into someone’s website through a distributed denial of service – DDoS attack tends to be a powerful mode of protest though it seems to be quite easy to do so.

John Graham-Cumming, chief technology officer at Cloudflare stated that it is a bit like smashing a shop window at this point and you can make that protest fairly cheaply and it can make a lot of noise’. It is said that Cloudflare has clocked a DDoS attack against one of the clients every 40 minutes, in the last six months.

These types of outbreaks have been utilised by factions against one another inclusive the recent one of targeting the Daily Stormer.  Anonymous had targets at the KKK, last year and in 2015, US sexual health body Planned Parenthood had mentioned that its website was DDoS’s by anti-abortion extremists’.

Graham- Cunning records that the DDoS techniques seems to be quite sophisticated and used to be that an attacker would flood an IP address with unplanned packets of date though these could be filtered with easy to defend against an attack.

Limiting Propagation of Material to Curb Mob Rule

He stated that it is common to see requests at HTTP level in order that the traffic looks just like an unpretentious web browsing and has to be administered by the objective’s web server efficiently eluding some defences of DDoS. Charlie Winter at the International Centre for the Study of Radicalisation and Political Violence at King’s college, London had stated that social media sites tend to do a lot in limiting the propagation of material spread by Isis for instance.

That material still tends to be out there as an example for Mob Rule. He further explained that presently there are more than 300 channels on Telegram dedicated solely in increasing the activities of the official Islamic State mouthpiece, Nashir.  Every channel is said to be easy in identifying yet it seems to remain active nonetheless’. He debates that stamping out Isis’s messaging totally seems to be difficult.

Jamie Bartlett, author of Radicals: Outsiders Changing the World does not seem to be surprised by the nature of the present web dominated by mob rule.  He points that for instance, the extremist groups seem to have taken to new technology with enthusiasm as they navigate for means of expanding their audience with out any aggression of Mob rule.

Democracy Needs to Change Radically to Check Mob Rule

He debates that the internet smashes down the centre-left, centre-right consensuses. The best way according to Dixon is to confront the resentment and contempt which tends to usually accompany online `debates’, to develop spaces where abuse, or Mob Rule is carefully tested and where people irrespective of their opinions tend to feel at ease engaging with each other.

This is not always easy, particularly when certain opinions seem to be objectionable to some though the alternative could simply be endless strife. For instance, Bartlett pointed out that mainstream political parties probably tend to adopt some of the notions and techniques of their colleagues on the fringe if they tend to remain applicable.   He stated that it is essential how one would prevent powerful rebellions.

A democratic consensus recommended that we need to be capable to co-exist, irrespective of how diverse the views tend to be in society.  Possibly the decline confidence of the people in those quarters is what is playing out online.  Do we wait for whichever tribe or mob tends to be dominant in deciding our fate? He further added that democracy needs to change very radically and it has not changed much in the last 150 years while everything around it seems to have changed to some degrees.

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IFA 2017: The Best and Weirdest Gadgets of the Year

IFA 2017: The Best and Weirdest Gadgets of the Year

IFA 2017 Largest Tech Bash – Berlin

The largest tech bash of Europe will be coming up shortly in Berlin with usual range of gadgets in the form of smart tellies, phones together with speaker systems put up on the show.  Probing in the expansive conference that would be taking place at Messe Berlin, the TwitIQ is providing you the highlight comprising of the strangest gadgets that are hidden between stalls run by tech titans such as Samsung, Sony and Panasonic.

Gadgets Sony

Sony Smart Speaker Gadget

A novel voice-controlled smart speaker designed to compete with the Amazon Echo and Google Home; gadgets have been unveiled by Sony.  Known as the LF-S50G the speaker is said to accommodate the same Google Assistant AI which tends to run on Google Home.  By utilising the command `OK Google’, it tends to get activated and has the potential of answering queries as well as control smart home appliances and also play music.  At times Google is also said to record the conversation even if you do not say `OK Google’.

Gadgets hair dryier

Personal Health Gadgets: Bizarre Hair Drying Helmet

The gadgets of hair dryer is said to have 400 watts of power with not less than two temperature setting.  It is the Profi Care PC-HTH 3003 Hair dryer hood.  It is an ionising device, a slogan in hair care relating a process that tends to make hair shinier as it seems to dry.  The hair dryer is accompanied with a round brush having a 1.8m cord together with a convenient travel bag in case one intends of wearing it on your vacation.

Gadgets balls

Health Gadgets: Waterproof `Self-Massage’ Balls

The gadgets known as the Medisana VarioRoll, it is good for stimulating, restoring, fascia training and massage. It tends to relieve the tired muscles in the back and neck area by rolling it up and down on the area which cause pain.  However it could also be used on bigger muscle areas in your arms as well as the legs. The company had mentioned in its statement that `since each body seems to be different, the VarioRoll can be adapted perfectly to the different muscle areas through an adjustable distance of 20 to 24 centimetres between the balls’. It further added that the gadget `VarioRoll is mainly unaffected by moisture

Gadgets Fridgecam

SmartHome Gadgets: Smart Fridge Camera

Another of those gadgets – smart fridge camera comes at a price of £100 and informs when your stock of food is low and also suggests recipes on whatever may be available in the chiller. Intended to save on time, money as well as energy together with food waste, this wireless Smarter FridgeCam priced at £99.99 enables you to peek in your fridge from anywhere through your smartphone.  Several of the costly manufacturers had started offering these gadgets though it seems a strange manner of making the `dumb fridge function for you at a portion of the price. 

Virtual Reality Gadgets: The Virtual Simulation Scanner

A French company has claimed to have designed the Matrix with a concept which enables supporters to spend real time in its virtual reality scanners and wear headsets.  It is said that   relaxing in virtual reality could be beneficial in easing the anxiety and stress of individuals and hopes to franchise the gadgets out the simulation shop to other countries all over the world.

Pawbo Gadgets

Pet Treat Dispenser

A home camera known as Pawbo helps in keeping an eye on one’s pet while you are away and tends to speak to them remotely.  These gadgets comprises of a laser pointer game which distracts them and also the option to reward them with treat that is stored in a drawer which tends to slit open on demand.

Samsung Gadgets

Wearable Technology: New Smartwatch of Samsung

The Samsung Korean electronics company revealed two innovative models of smartwatch in Berlin recently and it tends to come just a few weeks before the reports released date of opposing gadgets from Apple.   A bold and brightly coloured fitness tracker in the form of Gear Sports is shaped like a clock face, comprising of jam packed features inclusive of flicking through TV channels, control presentation slides together with the usual smartphone functions such as messaging and email.  Besides this there is also the new curved Gear Fit2 Pro that is somewhat lighter on features having a slimmer design.

gadgets -1

Beam your TV shows like Magic  with these Gadgets

The new projector of LG is fantastic flashy gadgets making your TV show appear like they have appeared magically. For immersive home cinema effect, the LG PorBeam UST provides a Full HD image in an ultra-short throw design.  The Ultra Short-Throw projector is said to be suitable since they do not need specialized installation, with heap of unappealing cables or expansive space between the projector and the screen. The ProBeam UST needs about 4.7-inches of space in order to display a 100-inch HD image.

Buzz Away Your Double Chin

The Rio toner tends to have three 60 second programmes to tone the entire neck and the chin area and claims to focus on the much despised double chin with only a usage of a minute a day on using electrical muscle stimulation.  Identical claims have also been made on the gadgets by companies which tend to promise clients, abs by strapping on a vibrating belly belt.  So far there has not been any before-or-after image to convince the audience.

Personal Hygine Gadgets: Curry Stain Remover

The Japanese company has been focusing on the Indian market when customers in the country had issues with other wash modes that had been unsuccessful in removing the stubborn stains.  The gadgets comprises of 15 varied modes inclusive of the one to remove sauce, curry as well as oil stains. 

slim Gadgets

Personal Health Gadgets: Fat Shaving Pants

One could just imagine sitting around consuming ice-cream and at the same time tend to get slimmer.  These Mass and Slim trousers tend to do precisely that. It claims that its Bamboo Viscose and Tourmaline material could cause the loss of cm when in contact with the skin. But there is not much proof for how tourmaline, semi-precious gem gadgets could have the ability of making one thinner.

Voice Controlled Telly  

TVs have been controlled through gadgets through `Alexa, which is the talking technology in Amazon Echo or Echo dot smart home hubs. Viewer can command from anywhere in the room – `Alexa, turn the volume up’ or Alexa, put on BBC1’.

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How Are Smartphones Affecting Teenagers?

How Are Smartphones Affecting Teenagers?

Smartphones: The Extensive Usage of Technology

In the present scenario if you look around one would always find individuals glued to their Smartphone devices especially the younger generation.  One would observe that more than 1.8 billion individuals tend to be in possession of  smartphones and tend to utilise it on a daily basis. According to some research it is assessed that an typical individual tends to check his Smartphone screen around 150 times a day.  The extensive usage of technology is among the teenagers of our community.

As per the data from Britain it had indicated that around 70% in the age group of eleven to twelve tend to utilise Smartphones which seems to close to 90% by the age of 14.  It had been reported in a recent journal that around 56% of the kids in the age group of 10 to 13 are in possession of  smartphones.

Though it may seem shocking, it is estimated that about 25% of the kids in the age of two and five tend to have  smartphones.  Smartphones and tablets have now taken the place of basketballs and baby dolls on the wish list of a child. At elementary school level, kids have now been asking or demanding for this sort of Smartphones devices before venturing much into the education world.

Learning – Mental Process – Adjusts Conceptions – Biology/Experiences

All this had led to queries on how mobile technology particularly with regards to smartphones could be affecting the brain development of children. This subject of discussion had created plenty of debate among parents, researchers and educators.

Smartphones unfortunately are comparatively new and plenty of the evidence collected is uncertain or unreliable. This would mean that it is essential for parents to contemplate the possible effects that smartphones could have on the psychology and the development, during childhood.

Plenty of study has been done in comprehending how children tend to learn and there are several theories being rolled out.  However Jean Piaget could be the most respected person in the field of education.

His reasoning development theory tends to explain how learning could be a mental process which adjusts the conceptions based on biology and experiences. He reasoned that kids tend to learn the same way and their brains grow and operate in the same patterns moving through four general stages of growth.

Various Types of Techniques employed in Smartphones– Stream of Learning

Mentors have been implementing various types of techniques as well as methods in their stream of learning which is built on the principles of Piaget.  It is essential for kids to experience the world around them in order to accommodate fresh ideas on what they seem to know and discover.

Face to face interaction in the case of children seems to be the most important way of gaining knowledge and learning.  Dr Jenny Radesky of Boston Medical Centre had been concerned when she observed the lack of communication between the parents and children. Her observation is that the smartphones together with handheld devices have been creating hindrances to relationship and parental care.

She also stated further that the children tend to learn language, learn about their own emotions, and how to regulate them.  Moreover they also learn by observing the adults how to engage in a conversation, how to read the facial expressions of people.  If these incidents are not taking place, children are prone to miss out on important elements in the development milestones.

Radio Frequencies Emanated from Smartphones– Damage Developing Brain

Doctors as well as educators have been concerned on the over exposure of touch-screen technology which tends to affect the developing mind.  Screen time tends to reduce the capability of learning and exploring physically the world which can be done through interactions and play that has been reduced with the possession of the smartphones.

The main concern is radiation from cell-phones and how the smartphones could impact the brain.  But the theory of radiation has not yet been confirmed and several of the professionals have claimed that the cell-phone do not tend to expose us to adequate radiation which could be harmful which could give some relief to parents.

However it seems that the radio frequencies emanated from smartphones could essentially cause damage to a developing brain. In the case of a teen, the temporal as well as the frontal lobes of the brain are in the developing process and are the nearest to the ear area where the teens are inclined to hold their device.

Research had indicated that both the temporal and frontal are developing actively during the adolescence and are said to be involved in phases of progressive cognitive functioning. Researchers are considering how smartphones together with the Internet could impede or augment the brain function, besides exposing the developing brains to radio waves or dangerous radiation.

Smartphones Screen Time – Circuits in Brain Neglected

The head of UCLA’ memory and aging research centre, Dr Gary Small had implemented an experiment which had displayed how the brains of people changed in response to Internet use.  He utilised two groups, those comprising of plenty of computer savvy and the other with minimal technology experience.

Through brain scans, he observed that the two teams seemed to have identical brain functions while reading the text from a book but the tech team displayed `broad brain activity in the left-front area of the brain which is known as the dorsolateral prefrontal cortex.

The learners on the other hand portrayed little, if any, activity in this part. With the invasion of technology and screen time, the brains have been revamped and it seems that with the increased screen time, the circuits in the brain that tends to control more traditional methods of learning, has been neglected.

These are naturally utilised for reading, writing and concentration. The communication skills have been affected to a great extent due to smartphones and the Internet together with the emotional development of individuals.  They tend to risk and weaken the skills of the individual if they are inclined to depend on electronics in communicating.

Dr Small has recommended that kids could become isolated from the feelings of others. Health officials are unable to decide on the effect that smartphones and the other identical devices may have on the developing brains.  Research tends to contradict each other with new benefits to technology are being revealed frequently.

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Meet Method-2, the Korean MegaBot Straight out of Sci-Fi

Meet Method-2, the Korean MegaBot Straight out of Sci-Fi

Method-2 – Enormous Robot 

The founder and CEO of Amazon, Jeff Bezos was said to be piloting the enormous robot prototype at the MARS conference of the company in Palm Springs and Method-2 seemed to be an appropriate symbol for the event.

MAR tends to stand for Machine-learning, home Automation, Robotics and Space exploration. Placed at four metres tall, the cockpit of Method-2, retained in its torso is said to accommodate only one person.  The hands of the pilot are connected to two mechanical levers which incline to transfer movement to its big aluminium hands.

Contrasting to the character Ripley of Weaver who takes on a Xenomorph in Aliens, Bezos does not seem to be intend on destruction.  What seems to appear as a billionaire’s party prank became the outcome of a research project that had started in 2014 when Vitaly Bulgarov, an industrial designer, received mysterious inquiry.

Bulgarov had worked for the film and games industries for the earlier 12 years and had created designs and characters for Robocop, Transformers and World of Warcraft.  However this task seemed to be different.

The CEO of the South Korean firm Hankook Mirae Technology, Jin-Ho Yang, had got in touch with Bulgarov with a request.  He wanted to create something which would be possible in films and comics and the result is up and running, three years later.

Method-2  First Manned Bipedal Robot

Method-2 taken by Bezos on a wild test run was not just a robot. Its designer had informed that the first manned bipedal robot has the potential of moving 1.5 tonnes while synchronously translating the movements of its pilot. If the passenger tends to lift up an arm, Method-2 is also said to lift an air and the only difference is that the latter’s arm seems to weight 148 kg.

It has fingers which are around 30 centimetres long.  When Method-2 seems to appear in public, it creates a mixture of eagerness, amusement and scepticism. Regardless of the robot’s advanced engineering that Hankook Mirae Technology had designed internally and Method-2 is said to walk like a drunken Goliath.

The robot hence stays suspended from two steel cables just like a toddler held back in the safety reins of its parent while learning to walk. This however is likely to change and the company intends to install a new high-performance battery which will enable Method-2 to walk around for up to three hours at a stretch.

Usage of Method-2 In Hazardous Environments

Unfortunately, it would not improve on its gait which seems to be a problem of weight distribution.  Method-2 will not be able to silence the feet which tend to make the ground shake as they hit the floor. As for Jin-Ho, there seems to be no more beautiful sound.  As a boy, he had dreamt of constructing robots.

He has invested about SKW242 billion (166m) in his company that had set up precisely to improve Method-2.  Towards the end of 2017 he expects to start selling the robot to consumers for usage in hazardous environments like nuclear ruins of Fukushima.

His engineers have already started working on radiation protection.  Jin-Ho had stated that individual components established in the creation of Method-2 can also be on their own; with industrial application.

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