Soon Chatbots will Talk to Us Like Real People!

Soon Chatbots will Talk to Us Like Real People!

ChatBots: Alexa, Cortana and Siri – The hype around language assistants explained

Amazon’s “smart loudspeaker” Echo with its language assistant Alexa has changed from the curiosity to the hype. Latest buffoonery: the echo show with the display. At the same time, many major names in the industry are already active in the same field: Apple with Siri, Samsung with Bixby, Microsoft with Cortana and Google with his nameless Chattbots. Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg programmed his “Jarvis” as a sub-project. But what is the factor? Do these ChatBots have the potential to fundamentally change online marketing and web search, as some experts claim?

Chatbots Alexa and Echo: Amazons “iPod moment”

Looking back, Amazon had the first echo probably his “iPod moment”: When Steve Jobs introduced the MP3 player 2001, the puzzle was initially great and of enthusiasm no trace. Why did Apple, who just barely escaped the bankruptcy, brought out such a device? In the beginning, the iPod was not a big hit – but it eventually became one and changed the music industry together with the iTunes Music Store and paved Apple’s way to the iPhone.

Likewise, the coverage of Amazons Echo was initially very reserved. Amazon had just been embarrassed with his smartphone. The Kindle had a lot of momentum and the new “Kindle Fire” tablets everywhere not synonymous as a striking hit. Why, all over the world, Amazon launched in 2014 that was practically a smart speaker with a microphone? And who, then, would like to have such a device at home, which had practically only one function?

We spool some years forward into the present and Amazon has developed the echo with the language assistant Alexa clever in many respects further developed. On the one hand, there are now other versions of the Echo: the compact “Dot”, the mobile “Tap” and the “Show” with a built-in touch screen. On the other hand, it has developed into the platform: developers can teach Alexa new skills and manufacturers can integrate the wizard anywhere, even in echo copies. Several devices to cars are now “Alexa ready”.

Why language assistants are such a hype

But where does this enthusiasm for ChatBots and “voice search” come from? The basic idea is that they give us a look into the future. In this or very similar form, we will most likely be interacting with computers in the future, as we know from Star Trek. And that this may become such a big revolution as touch screens, apps or the mobile web.

In fact, there is a clear tendency when looking at the development of user interfaces in computers: they are increasingly approaching how people interact with one another and with their environment. In the early years, this was still so abstract that it was only specialists after appropriate training understanding. Display and keyboard made the next step a little easier, as far as the familiar commands.

The graphical user interface of such ChatBots, in turn, was still a habit but tried to make many processes pictorial – in addition, you can try here in doubt. The natural language would now be an understandable and efficient form of operation in many situations. With touch screens, the ChatBots reacted to familiar gestures like wiping and tapping.

The ideal is that the ChatBots understands us just as well as a human being or even better. At the same time, the electronic helper knows everything the Internet knows. And he knows us so well that he can tap into missing information himself. Maybe he can even provide us with answers before we’ve ever asked.

If this were to be the case, this could lead to a significant change. Many situations where we had previously tried a search engine like Google or an app would now be covered by the ChatBots.

For this reason, some experts expect that online marketing and, last but not least, search engine optimization must react to this trend. In our survey of the SEO trends of the year “Voice Search” was mentioned several times.

Examples of language assistants

Practically all the big names in the industry now have their own assistants. The theme is just too interesting and the potential to be alluring. Here is a look at the current state of affairs:

Chatboats Alexa

Amazon Alexa Chatbots

Alexa is the language assistant, the Amazon Echo is the in-house hardware. In 2014 Amazon showed both for the first time to the public. The echo is a loudspeaker connected to the Internet, including several microphones. By voice command he can, for example, play music, announce the weather forecast or order it from Amazon. The latest model and one of the best ChatBots called EchoShow has a touchscreen and a webcam installed. In addition, video calls are now possible, called “Alexa Calling”.

The system is extensible via “Skills”: third-party providers can teach Alexa more skills. In this way, the echo can also become the central hub for the Smart Home. The number of these skills has increased significantly between June and November 2016: from 1,000 to 5,000.

Alexa, however, is not caught in the echo: Via Amazon’s “Alexa Voice Service” other manufacturers can integrate the wizard – free of charge. This has recently led to the launch of a top Android smartphone from Huawei in the US with Alexa pre-installed on the market. This is probably little Google likes, but they make their competitor “Google Assistant” only gradually. Lenovo, with the “Smart Assistant“, even released a cluttered echo clone that costs $ 50 less than the model.

Amazon, it is quite obvious to secure a place in this market as quickly as possible. This is the only way for them to determine how their e-commerce offers are integrated.

Chatbots siri

Apple Siri Chatbots

Already in 2011, Apple presented its language assistant Siri. At that time he was still an exclusive feature of the iPhone 4S. Siri was not developed by Apple itself but bought up. Planned versions of Siri for Android and BlackBerry have been thrown in the process. In the meantime, Siri is represented on all platforms of the Californian company – from the watch to the desktop Mac.

Latest japery: the smart and most admired ChatBots named as “HomePod”. With it, the company would like to build on the success it iPod. It is marketed primarily as a compact, well-sounding loudspeaker that has a digital music expert installed – Siri eben. But Siri can also do everything the assistant can do, so give answers to various questions or even control the Smart Home, as long as it is based on Apple’s HomeKit. However, the HomePad is not yet available on the market. He is currently scheduled to enter the market in December 2017 in the US, UK, and Australia.

Similar to Alexa, third parties can now link their apps to Siri. However, this is currently only very limited in some specific categories of apps.

Chatboats Jarvis

Facebook Jarvis Chatbots

Jarvis is not (yet) a finished product of Facebook. Rather, it is a finger exercise by Facebook’s founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg. What you can do in your spare time when you have created the largest social network in the world. In his own words, he was concerned about learning about the state of things in artificial intelligence. Via Jarvis, he can control his Smart Home and the assistant is also to learn about the habits and preferences of the user over time. Instead of installing new “skills” manually, as with Alexa, Jarvis is supposed to find out how to do so far unknown tasks. This combination of language assistant and self-learning. Basically the users do not want to install functions, but at any time and immediately get meaningful and helpful answers to every conceivable question.

Officially Jarvis is currently only a private project by Mark Zuckerberg. In his own opinion, however, he thinks about making the source code freely available (alias “Open Source”). At the moment, however, this is all too directly connected to his home and the existing devices there. Alternatively, Jarvis could also be the basis for a new product.


Google Assistant ChatbotsChatbots Google Assistant

Google Search has been a topic for Google for a long time and since 2012 it had found its home in the digital assistant Google Now. With the Google Assistant, it is now to be brought to the next level and at the same level as the competition. Amazon’s Echo and Google Home – there is a lot of correspondence between these two ChatBots.

At first, only a few users were able to try out the new wizard. The “Pixel” smartphones from Google itself. In February 2017, Google then announced to bring it to all Android smartphones version 6.0 (“Marshmallow”). If you can do without the language part, a version of the wizard is currently available on Google’s chat app Allo.

What Amazon calls “Skills” is called “Actions on Google”. This allows developers to develop third-party capabilities for the wizard.

Microsoft Cortana Chatbots

Microsoft has shown its Cortana assistant for the first time in 2014. He was named after an artificial intelligence in the “Halo” series. Cortana has been used for the first time in Windows 10 and is now also available for Android and iOS devices as well as on the Xbox One. The functionality is comparable to what has already been described in the competition. Cortana is closely linked to Microsoft’s browser edge and its search engine Bing.

In addition to Chatbots, Cortana is part of what Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella has summed up as “conversation as a platform”. Microsoft wanted to “take the power of human language” and apply it in many places. He explained this at the build conference 2016 in San Francisco in his keynote speech. He sees language as a new form of user interface. “Bots are the new apps, digital wizards are meta apps,” he said.

One year later, Microsoft also showed an interface for developers (“Cortana Skills Kit”). In the future, Cortana will also be able to be used by other manufacturers as well as Alexa for their devices.

Harman-Kardon also shows his echo competitor “Invoke”. The smart loudspeaker is expected for this year. And Microsoft also works with “HomeHub” to make every Windows device an echo competitor.

Chatbots cortana


Between a successful tech demo and a successful product for consumers, there is still a long distance that should not be underestimated. Often screenings on a stage are completely scripted and not as “live” as they seem. In addition, the makers there know exactly what they should say so that the desired result comes out. In reality, however, the language assistant has to deal with dialects, ambient sounds, and linguistic peculiarities, to cope with bad Internet connections or to answer questions that the software has generally only understood half or which are so ambiguous that no simple answer can be given.

Nevertheless, it seems clear that progress in the artificial intelligence has been so rapid and impressive in recent months that the abilities of these ChatBotsAlexa, Siri, Cortana, and others can soon be improved very noticeably. And then it is actually interesting for online marketing and here not least for search engine optimization.

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Blogging Tips

How to Establish Your Credibility as a Blogger in Blogosphere?

How to Establish Your Credibility  as a Blogger in Blogosphere?

To pursue a full time career as a blogger in the blogging world, you must establish yourself as a:

  • Serious blogger
  • Knowledgeable blogger
  • Person ready to help with new bloggers
  • Blogger willing to share your knowledge

By doing these things, you will be looked upon with some respect and whenever you publish content in your blog or on social media such as Twitter and Facebook, readers will give priority to your posts and read with curiosity and genuine interest.

This is called establishing your voice in the blogosphere; an authority in your chosen niche.

Answering questions in Quora.

As a blogger with several years of experience, I used to answer questions in Quora, the internet’s number one user generated content platform in the form of questions and answers. By now, I could sense the pattern of questions that require my answers and they get forwarded to my email by As I have been sharing my knowledge in affiliate marketing without expecting any benefit, people look upon my answers as genuine guide.

Asking questions in forums and answering

I don’t claim I know everything in the field of blogging and affiliate marketing. I too would want answers to my doubts. Apart from Quora, I post my questions in internet marketing and blogging forums. One of the best forums to linger around to learn and share is Digital Point Forums. It is a huge platform to meet knowledgeable people who are more than ready to answer your questions without asking for a fee. Similarly, you too should be ready to answer questions.

Developing your own style in your writing

It is very essential that you develop your own writing style when you are writing for the web. Without expecting any appreciation and listening to criticisms and persisting with your improvement, you will evolve with your distinct style.  This is again another way to develop your own “voice” as an internet writer.

Blogging is your online diary and as such, you should always write in first person. This kind of writing naturally involves your emotions. As you write, you will feel various emotions and that should reflect on the words you compose. By this way, you stamp your style clearly and people will start identifying you.  This won’t happen overnight. After having tried out various styles you will find one that echoes you.

Frequency of writing

Internet is a crowded and noisy place. It is thickly populated. In order to stand out in such a big crowd, you have to make your presence (rather absence) felt by writing very frequently. I would say three blog posts per week is an ideal frequency. On ‘non-blogging’ days, your voice should be heard in Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. However, remember to adhere to your style.

Admire, Appreciate and Share

Another way of developing your voice would involve admiring, appreciating sharing frankly.  As a serious blogger, you should be reading blogs in your niche. When you do that, if the content (text and image) of a website impresses you, you should openly express your admiration and appreciation in the comment field and also share it with your followers in Facebook and Twitter. Your ‘shares’ and the ‘likes’ will be intimated to concerned authors and they will remember your name. They are more likely to look up at your writing and eagerly reciprocate your actions.

Lastly, the development of your own style will depend a lot on your life’s experiences. You should include some of your own opinions and experiences into the articles you write or in the comments you leave as it will distinguish you from run-of-the-mill writers. In addition, it will allow your readers to connect with you instantly and easily.

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Blogging Tips

A Few Basic HTML Tags That a Blogger Should Know

A Few Basic HTML Tags That a Blogger Should Know

Every blogger who do not possess any knowledge of HTML  tags but still wants to start a blog because,  blog themes are readymade and anyone without knowing anything about HTML can make use of a blogger template to launch his blog.


HTML when expanded “Hyper Text Markup Language” is a set of tags with which we can convert ordinary text into:

colorful text,

stylish fonts,


scroll horizontally

bold fonts


HTML is not a programming language but a markup language only. These marked up tags are interpreted by browsers and present you the content as visualized by the HTML coder.

I know what you are thinking; since these small tasks are achieved simply with a few clicks of the mouse, what is the necessity to know HTML tags?

For bloggers, it is a must because, sometimes, they need to edit the HTML version of their composed blog posts. It is not always possible to make corrections in the ‘Compose’ mode as a blog’s theme can sometimes pose technical challenges to you and me.

Therefore, I have given below a very basic HTML tags. It is not necessary for you to memorize them or put into practice straightaway. Just read them once or twice and store them in your system or even take print out.

I assure you that you will find them handy as you blog along to make quick changes to a website or add hyperlink a text in a comment, or format text in a forum post. For html assignment help there are so many online sources available.

At the outset, I want you know how one can identify HTML tags.

HTML are written as markup tags, which are enclosed in angle brackets, such as this:


These tags are also known as start tags. Every start tag must be followed by an end tag at some point, such as this: </html>

The ‘line break’ tag.

When we want to create a new line while writing, we simply press the ‘enter’ button and whoa! You are broken into a new line below whatever you were composing.

If you write the HTML tag for the same function, you need to write <br>.

Formatting Text

Some of the formatting that we do on a frequent basis are making text bold, italic, or underlined, or giving a color etc.

To make a set of characters bold:


Note the difference between the start and the end tag. The end tag has a ‘backward slash’.  Every start tag should have an end tag.

Please read further. I think they do not need elaborate explanation. Your basic English knowledge will explain the tags and their purpose.

Input: <i>italic</i>

Output: italic

Input: <u>underlined</u>

Output: underlined

Input: <s>strike through text</s>

Output: strike through text

html Tags _1

Creating Hypertext

A hypertext is created when you want to make the text clickable and linked to a URL.


When you want to a visitor to go to Google website by clicking on a word, the process is called creating a hypertext (hyperlink) out of an ordinary text.



<a href=”http//” > Google/a>

The above is the exact HTML tag for creating a hyperlink out of a mere set of text.

The actual tag is <a> and the additional elements are attributes that specify further. The attribute href= is ‘Host Reference’

I can go on and explain more but it is enough up to this level. You are going to be professional HTML coder. If that’s your aim, then, you need to go to a computer institute to study.

Creating a new paragraph.

<p>Text inside your paragraph.</p>

The text in between the two tags is wrapped into a paragraph.


Lists are needed for several purposes but the main purpose that I often needed is when creating a drop down menu under a parent menu.

There are essentially two types of lists:

ordered list (ol)

unordered list  (ul)

Ordered lists are number lists and the unordered lists are not so.


<li>Item One</li>

<li>Item Two</li>




<li>Item One</li>

<li>Item Two</li>


I have come to end of this short HTML tutorial. It will be interesting when you find a need to practice it. At that time, you will want to learn more HTML tags.

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Scientists Recommend Drones For Pipeline Monitoring

Scientists Recommend Drones For Pipeline Monitoring

Transmission pipelines for oil and gas require to be monitored for their maintenance and safety purposes such as to prevent the occurrence of accidents and failure of equipment. A new technology known as Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) technology if fast proving to be an opportunity for pipeline monitoring. Small UAVs are a smart solution as they are easily adaptable and flexible and have a reliable capacity to gather data on a smaller or medium scale. Through various trials and errors in their research and operations, UAVs have proved to be a trusted method when it comes to oil and gas pipeline monitoring.

Till present, most of the oil and gas pipeline monitoring systems in current use or undergoing development have the basis of the concept of large UAV platforms, flying at heights that allow repetitive coverage of vast areas and scanning of areas where there is a threat to security e.g. Angola-Nigeria. These are very expensive and are complicated systems that are drone-based, with most of them being military grade. The swift expansion and growth of platforms that are small in scale such as mini or micro UAV, along with sensors as a component of the UAV technology, shows a big potential for pipeline monitoring works in a complementary manner and at a more smaller and local scale. Different monitoring goal has a suitable and appropriate strategy and accordingly it uses a combination of platform and sensor.

Proposed UAV system pipeline monitoring

According to research conducted by scientists at the University of Aberdeen, using aerial drones for oil and gas pipeline monitoring could bring substantial advantages to its operators. The network of pipelines require timely and periodic inspection and monitoring for maintenance, security and safety. Pipeline monitoring is usually done by somebody checking it out physically or with the help of helicopters. However, scientists believe using drones for pipeline monitoring will bring better results especially scanning areas that are tough to reach.

The primary risk that an oil or gas pipeline poses is the possibility of a leak or spill that will affect the surrounding environment causing which will not only be disastrous but also pose a risk of an explosion. A fool-proof system for pipeline monitoring needs the usage of specific sensors that can identify any type of corrosion or rust or if the pipeline is situated underground, the presence of methane or a change in the vegetation surrounding the pipeline that show a failure.

This type of technology is fast progressing to a stage where these highly developed sensors are now fitted in compact sizes so that they can be easily mounted on a UAV. One of the many benefits of using drones is that it is possible to programme them to cover large areas in more organised manner along with reaching out to areas that are otherwise hard to access.

This is not only more cost-effective but it also provides the inspectors with a flexible answer to any problems of limited or restricted access, which may turn out to be vital in recognizing a problem. For the full development and use of this technology, certain rules will have to be in place.

However, researches show that drones have an important contribution to make when it comes to oil and gas pipeline monitoring and maintenance. Oil and gas companies are proactively working out on how to incorporate UAVs into their Intelligent Pipeline Management imitative. A considerable amount of studies for its feasibility have been conducted, but only a few cases are currently at an operational stage.

Advantages and Restrictions of UAVs for pipeline monitoring

The utilisation of small UAVs, like any other technology, have some advantages but also some restrictions for pipeline monitoring. The Pros of having small UAVs over other methods is that it has a lower cost, better safety and very reliable mission flexibility. Compared to this, ground and manned aerial surveys are further expensive and manned aerial surveys are far less secure and leave little room for flexibility.

In addition, where the UAVs cannot go further to a higher altitude due to wind factor, cloud cover or other climatological factors, small UAVs function at a relatively less height than 150m that further gives high spatial resolution images as an outcome. Also, there are also waterproof UAVs and can fly in bad weather conditions, providing a way safer alternative to manned flights in stormy weather or extreme desert-like climates.

Factors to Consider for Small UAVs

The selection of a small UAV system for oil and gas pipeline monitoring depends on a number of factors. The type and kind of information needed to complete the monitoring process is of utmost importance such as visual records of the infrastructure to be inspected, physical aspects such as temperature, etc.

The physical aspects of the area surrounding the inspection site, such as, ease of access, topography, distance, etc. pose restrictions in the case of certain systems or configurations. A few other factors such as the regulations and compatibility of the components of the UAV are also vital while considering a small UAV system for any particular monitoring operation.

Conclusions Regarding pipeline monitoring

UAV technology has a potential application when it comes to oil and gas pipeline technology. It has the capacity to provide support and also, in some cases, be a substitute for other traditional methods of pipeline monitoring. Small UAV systems are evolving rapidly as very effective tools for closely inspecting the infrastructure and for timely investigation of the environment.

Shrinking the size of specific sensors for the purpose of detection, identifying and reporting of hydrocarbon leaks, improving the battery power for missions that are of a longer duration and demand more power and development of detailed and exact rules are the current characteristics that are necessary for the complete development of this technology which is expected to be achieved soon in the future.

Unmanned vehicles are expected to undertake a variety of tasks which includes monotonous and also unsafe operations and small aerial platforms can improve security and environmental protection. In the near future, UAVs are expected to be an important aspect in oil and gas pipeline monitoring, inspection and maintenance.

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Blogging Tips

7 Ways To Compose a Blog Post

7 Ways To Compose a Blog Post

Blogging can be fun and easy for not many writers but aspiring bloggers should not get intimidated. Anything can be learned by practice and persistence. A professional blogger today was an armature when he started. Yes Writing a Blog Post is an art.

Even for them, writing a blog might have been tough initially. However, those who are earning part time or full time money by blogging had persisted with their goal. Therefore, you too can if you read the following steps and implement them slowly.

Gather blogging ideas.

For new bloggers, who have no clue as to what to blog about at the outset, the most difficult part is deciding what they want to write about. The first step is to read others’ blog on varied topics.

First think of which subject most interests you and find blogs that write about them. There are several search engines that exist for blogs alone. Like any search engine. You can key in your area of interest (for example: cross country cycling) in the search box.

The most popular blog search engine is located at 

The search engine will show a huge list of results that display blogs that have written in depth or just mentioned about ‘cross country cycling’.

You need to patiently browse through the search results and gather as many information as possible. While doing so, you must note down the URL of the web page that gave you the most satisfactory information and consider it as an authority site on the subject of your choice. This is an important exercise. It is the fundamental aspect of learning to blog.

Content Curation:

The act of gathering information on a particular topic is called ‘Content Curation’. While curating content, it is imperative that you also note down the source of the content. There are two important purposes in it.

  1. Identifying authority sites
  2. Citing the source in case you need to quote a piece of content in your blog post.

To continue with serious blogging, you first read and identify blogs that interests you and then start curating content on those subjects of your interest.

The third step of action is now to make use of the data you have gathered. You need to create a list of topic ideas that interest you. Then, filter them and arrange them according to the easiness to weave a blog post.

Then, make a quick outline of main points you want to include in your composition.  Initially, it might appear to be a bit tedious, but it will help you to further your writing. You better do not skip it please.

Choose a style

Now begins the real fun. You have chosen your first blog post topic, noted down the main points to include them in your blog post. After this, you will need to choose your style. I would say most of the successful blogs are written in a casual tone. I mean, it will be as if you are talking casually to invisible readers of your blog post.

Write it in first person. You must include the word ‘I” in several places of your post. A blog is said to be your online journal; therefore, the ‘I’ should be present.

Elaborate on each point;

Now, on each point you have gathered, elaborate it further by just forming a sentence or two. It is not a difficult task.

Once you have done it on your 5 or six points, you will have a blog post containing about 200 words! Wow! See, what seemed impossible for you when you used the blog search engine is now made possible.

Creating a title:

The most important task of any blog post is the title. You must create a title for your blog post. While there are hundreds of ways to choose a title, it is learned on your own as you gain experience.


Finally, we have come to the end of your blog post. You must write a brief summary of your blog post. It should contain what you have written about in three or four sentences.

Proof reading

This is a crucial step. Without proofreading your content, never hit the ‘publish’ button however confident you are about your typing.

Casual blogging

Till now, I have addressed only those who are serious about their blogging career. However, if you are choosing to start your blog as your personal online diary, you certainly do not need to go through the above two points.  You straightaway start composing your blog post as your personal thoughts or opinions and hit the ‘publish’ button and voila! You have just created your digital foot print.

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