5 Quick Marketing Fixes for When You’re in a Bind

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Marketing has never been easy, and with the stiff competition and range of techniques and strategies required for companies to get ahead, it might now be even harder. There are different strategies that businesses can take advantage of in order to maximize their marketing potential. Our previous article on ‘How Social Media Marketing Helps Small and Local Businesses’, for example, talks about how social media can be a boon for small businesses on a budget. What works for one type of business may not work for another, so finding the perfect strategy can often be difficult.

Luckily, building an effective marketing campaign isn’t impossible — it just requires a little more thought and effort. Below are a few simple techniques that you can use to improve aspects of your marketing strategy, especially if you’re finding your campaign is in a rut.


Struggling to field customer queries and complaints because you lack the manpower to handle it? It may be time to look into automation. Customer service is a challenge for any business, and even with digital CRM services can be limited by the speed of human thinking and response rates. Investing into a chatbot can fix that.

Chatbots are preferred by customers because they work faster and are less invasive. Using a chatbot can also help you free up time and resources for other more complex tasks, keeping your company running smoothly and efficiently.

Fast Pass Printing

Even the best-laid plans can fail, and that’s as true with marketing as with anything else. Companies working on strict deadlines often have to prepare for worst-case scenarios. For example, what if you have a campaign to launch on a strict deadline, but are quickly running out of time to produce the materials you need?

Looking into a company with a Fast Pass program might be the solution. A post on Fast Pass program on Triadex Services, describes this technique as a program that makes rush printing campaign materials faster and more reliable, printing over 400,000 direct mail pieces in as little as 48 hours. Keeping a company with such a program in your contacts is essential, because it allows you to keep up with your marketing schedule, leaving room for mistakes and adjustments.

Updated SEO Techniques

Search engine optimization (SEO) has been the backbone of digital marketing for years, and is a strategy employed by nearly every business that’s gone online. However, you may find every once in a while that you’re not getting as much traffic as you used to, despite the fact that you’re following your SEO strategy to a T.

In those cases, it’s possible that the issue isn’t that you’re not doing enough SEO, but that you’re doing the wrong kind of SEO. Not sure what that means? Search Engine Journal lists 12 outdated SEO practices that include irrelevant keywords, over-optimizing your content, and posting bad or “thin” content. If a few of these sound familiar, it may be time to shift your SEO approach to include more updated techniques.

Improved Website Design

Let’s say you’ve updated your website with all the best SEO techniques, and are getting a decent amount of hits. However, these hits are only focused on one page, and rarely lead to any follow-through sales or other benefits, despite your quality on-page content. What could be going on?

This could be a case of poor website loading time. Poor website loading speed could lead to a lack of conversion, and eventually a loss of traffic. Customers would rather search for another page or site entirely rather than wait for a slow one to load. If this seems like a problem that you might have, then it’s high time that you begin to look at options for speeding up your site and making it less clunky.

Strategic Posting

Social media marketing has become an indispensable aspect of the modern marketing mix, and it’s not hard to see why. Even with its incredible reach, social media remains affordable, and can be a hub where companies can connect and build relationships with their customers.

However, like all techniques, social media requires a little bit of thought before posting. For truly effective social media marketing, you should be timing your posts according to the culture of the platform you’re using. The lifespan of a Facebook post, for example, is shorter than that of an Instagram post. Understanding these factors and dynamics is key to creating a social media marketing strategy that pulls in all the right results.

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