Zoom vs Skype: Which is best for you to work from home?

Zoom vs Skype: Which is best for you to work from home?

  With more and more countries keeping lockdown restrictions for their citizens, most of the businesses are striving to shift for work from the home model. Video conferencing gets more importance. Zoom vs Skype is the most heated argument now.

This decision of work from the model has suddenly increased the demand for Video Conferencing apps such as Zoom, Skype, and other apps.

If you are striving to find out the best video conferencing app between Zoom vs Skype means you should check out this post.

In this post, you will find the full details of Zoom and Skype, along with the proper comparison of both apps.

Zoom vs Skype is the most heated topic in the Coronavirus pandemic times. So, we’ll cover these two popular Platforms features and more in this Zoom vs Skype post.

Zoom vs Skype: Pros and Cons

Lets first check out the two most popular video conference apps and then go on with its comparisons.

What is Zoom?

Zoom is one of the most popular video conference apps that has enormously come into the act in this pandemic crisis. Zoom is generally a cloud-based video conferencing tool that is helpful for users to do video conferencing calls.

Zoom vs Skype

With this tool, you can create meetings or record meetings. This special tool is mainly built with large companies in mind. With this tool, you can quickly host the online meeting, record meetings, group chats, and more. Zoom app works on all operating systems such as windows, mac, android, and IOS operating systems.

Now, let’s find out what is Skype.

What is Skype?

Generally, I don’t have to say about Skype because most of the people know about it. Skype is a popular Microsoft product that allows multiple users to interact remotely in real-time.

Initially, this app is designed to make voice calls over the internet. But, soon, it has launched its video calls and instant messaging as well. This app is compatible with almost all devices such as Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Android, Xbox, IOS, Amazon Alexa devices, and more.

Skype vs Zoom

Until now, we have seen both Zoom and Skype descriptions. Now, let’s check out Zoom Vs Skype features and comparison.

Generally, the main thing that comes to mind while checking the video conferencing app is video quality.

Let’s check out Zoom vs Skype Video Quality to find out who’s best in video quality.

Zoom Vs Skype Video Quality Comparison:

The most important factor users love to check while choosing the best video conference app is Video Quality.

People don’t want to look pixelated in their presentations and their meetings. So, they often strive to find out which app is best for Video Quality.

Generally, both apps have a 1080p video option. So, most users who strive to use both will be happy.

As both the apps have 1080p, all you need is a fast data connection along with proper hardware to ease up this task.

If you are a person who considers net speed for high definition calls means Skype needed 1.2 Mbps, whereas Zoom needed a bit more data speed. For zoom, you need at least 3 Mbps for the highest quality  Video.

Skype activates 1080p resolution by default, where else Zoom doesn’t enable 1080p by default.  This is the only difference between both. Zoom 720p is activated by default. If you want 1080p, you have to do it manually. However, 720p is arguably good.

Coming to the audio quality, this mostly depends on the microphone you have on your device.

Now, let’s check out the participant limits of both Skype and Zoom to find out Zoom vs Skype, which is best in the participant limit.

Zoom Vs Skype Participant limit, which is best:

Coming to the participant’s limit, the zoom has the upper hand over skype.

Most of the companies are confused about choosing the best video conference apps between Zoom vs Skype because of different reasons.

If you check out participant’s limits, the Skype free version limits 50 participants. Skypes paid version allows users to add up to 250 people in a single video call.

However, the zoom number almost doubles in the free version. Zoom is presently allowing 100 participants in a single video call in its free version. In the zoom premium version, you can add up to 1000 people in a single video call and view 49 on-screen videos.

So, its cool for companies who are having more staff. If you have more staff, then you should choose Zoom as it’s your best and only popular option.

Now, let’s check out the Zoom vs Skype App integration to find out which is your best bet.


Zoom Vs Skype: App Integrations:

Both the app’s zoom and Skype are best in integrations. You can expand the power of each tool by integrations with other apps.

Generally, Skype gives you the option to integrated Microsoft products such as OneDrive, Word, Outlook, as well as other third-party apps like WordPress, slack, and more.

Coming to the Zoom in allows most of the third-party app integrations through its Marketplace. You can integrate popular options such as Linkedin, Google Drive, Slack, Health Care, Sales, marketing, finance, and more categories apps.

If you are striving to use these apps without creating the Account, then you check this part. You’ll love it.

Zoom Vs Skype: No need of Account:

Skype has newly introduced a feature called “Meet Now.” That allows users to call without a signup process.

With this feature, you don’t have to sign up for the service or even download the app for calls. The Zoom inspires this special feature as this app also has the functionality to join meetings through browsers without sign in or without downing the app.

You’ll get a unique link in both services that can be shared to enter the video call. If you are meeting others, you can invite anyone regardless of whether they are on Skype or Zoom. This is a helpful feature for users to save time. Also, there is no need to be in a hurry to join the meeting by skipping all the login process.

Let’s check out the other features of Zoom vs Skype to find out which is perfect for you.

Zoom Vs Skype: Screen Share and Other features:

Zoom and Skype video conference apps are presently offering very similar features.

Both these apps include screen share options along with cloud storing, meeting recording, file sharing, whiteboard, Instant group chat, joining call via the link, and more features.

However, Zoom has a slight upper hand when it comes to the other features. As it’s better with overall services and can be integrated with different apps.

Even though Skype has capabilities such as individual meetings and more, but it’s lesser than zoom capabilities.

Let’s check out compatibility.

Zoom vs Skype: Compatibility

When it comes to compatibility, both these are great. Both skype and zoom have fantastic compatibility with all the other devices. These apps can be used on Windows, macOS, Linux, IOS, Android, and even from a web browser as well. Zoom can be compatible with Xbox, Amazon Alexa devices, and more. However, skype isn’t that compatible with these devices.

Along with the above options, you can even join the meeting via call so you won’t miss any meetings, or you will not have any excuses to miss meetings.

Finally, we have reached the main point that’s Security and privacy of the user.

Let’s find out which one is best in privacy.

Skype vs Zoom: Privacy factor

Skype and Zoom, both apps, have robust end-to-end Security. However, these days zoom is in the news about privacy concerns. In recent times, Zoom has even force stopped its new features for 90 days due to the rising concerns of privacy. However, the company has updated these security patches, but despite that, it’s still having issues.

Several questions are hovering around the internet regarding privacy vulnerabilities in Zoom. The most shareable and notable news in that act is Zoombombing, and this is an act of using a screen sharing feature to display pornographic or violent imagery in a meeting.

Many enterprises are trolling zoom regarding their screen sharing patches that let users to re-entre with a new name after blocking from video conference as well.

This has become a nuisance for Zoom, apart from these amidst the tensions between the USA and China. Most of the people are claiming that Zoom is not safe because it’s having a data center in China, and they are operating regarding the Chinese Government.

However, these claims are not proved, but the Zoombombing thing has made New York City ban users of Zoom from online learning during these pandemic closures. So, due to these concerns, Zoom is not ideal for some companies that strive to maintain secrecy.

We have seen every option on Zoom vs Skype, now lets both apps pricing.

Zoom Vs Skype: Pricing:

Both Zoom and Skype have a free plan that works great for some users. Skype provides video conferencing, voice calls, chat, and more for free over the internet.

If you want to call cell phones or landlines with skype, then you have to purchase Skype credit or even a premium subscription. The Skype credit is generally offered in a minute based tier. However, monthly subscriptions provide unlimited mins for you.

Zoom offers a free basic plan for users that’s more than enough for users and groups. If you want to arrange a meeting for more than 100 people, then you should check out its premium plans. You can get full details on paid plans on their sites.

Bottom Line:

Both skype and zoom are useful video conference apps that have great features. But, in most of the sections, the zoom has the upper hand than Skype.

However, it has fallen in the main aspect that is privacy. The growing concerns of privacy make users switch to Skype. If you are striving to add more members in your video call, then you should opt for the Zoom. There are no other options.

So, if you are planning to do group calls for fewer members, then skype is the best option, or else you should go with zoom. This is all about Zoom vs Skype.

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Best Tools for Writers to Boost Their Productivity in 2020

Best Tools for Writers to Boost Their Productivity in 2020

Are you looking for the best tools for writers? Then you are in the perfect place, here in this post I’ll let you know about the 15 best tools for writers in 2020.

In this digital world, tools are vital to easing our work and efforts. Same like other niches, writers too require tools to ease up their work. If you are checking for the best tools for writers, then you’ll get them here.

Generally, Poor craftspeople blame their tools. If you’re blaming your tools, then you have to change. Tools only can’t make you a craftsman, but surely they can help you out. From new writers to seasoned writers, everyone needs the best tools to improve their writing. It’s not at all an easy task to write every day, but finding the perfect writing tools may help you increase your productivity.

Gone are the days where you used to use typewriters, pen, and paper, notepads, and more to write, but now we’re working on computers. Growing with time and age, we have evolved in technology. So, we can see the improved writing tools that assist you in writing.

As you are searching for the best tools for writers? You can get them on in this post. Let’s check out the best writing tools and resources for writers to make their work easier.

Best Tools for writers:

These best tools for writers are curated by testing hundreds of writing tools. If you are striving to make your work easier, then you should check out this list of best writing tools for writers.

Microsoft Word:

Microsoft Word is one of the popular tools that are useful for writers. If you’re striving to check out the best tools for writers, then Microsoft Word will be on that list because of its utmost features.

This software is one of the oldest yet powerful word processor tools in the market. It’s having a wide variety of formatting options writers need to format their document correctly.

If you are a writer who is working on a larger document with many sections and headers, then you should consider Word because it has got everything covered from formatting options to printing options. You’ll have everything on your side.

Best Tools for Writers-Grammarly:

Grammarly is one of the best tools for writers in 2020. After keeping hell a lot of effort in writing an article, you should proofread yourself to stay away from mistakes. Most of the time, writers will miss some mistakes. At these times, Grammarly will come to help you out. Grammarly is one of the most useful tools for writers as it offers specific writing enhancements.

This tool shows grammar and spelling errors and makes your article error-free. It’s more focused on calrity, conciseness, and tone. You can use Grammarly as an extension for chrome, safari, or firefox web browser for free.

This tool also has a premium version, which is more useful in detecting advanced grammar errors such as deeper word structure, plagiarism, vocabulary enhancements, and more. You should use this best tool for writers in 2020 so we have mentioned that on the best tools for writers list.

Google Docs-Best Tools for Writers:

Google Docs is one of the popular online word processors from the family of Google. It’s best in performance, features, and almost equal to Microsoft word. With this tool, you can collaborate and organize your content in a perfect format. You can even collaborate to share a draft with the others.

This is one of the best tools for writers. You can share your document with your friends, and they can comment or do edits to the document if you give them access. Apart from that, google docs allows you to store all the documents in google drive. This makes it easier for others to access your documents. Apart from that, you can even open the document from anywhere on any device with ease.

Evernote one of the Best Tool for Writers:

Evernote is one of the best tools for writers. This tool helps you sync all the digital items across all the devices you own. If you are at the office and want to access some files or if you are at the shopping mall and want to access an email or photograph on your smartphone, which you have left at home means you can set up Evernote to monitor those folders on the computer easily.

If you add anything to the folder, it is accessible from all the devices or gadgets. Apart from these, you can even search the notes you want and save the ideas that strike in your mind as well. This is one of the best tools for writers you have to use in 2020.

Reedsy Editor:

Reedsy is another best tool for writers in 2020. This tool is a free online word processor that formats your book as you write it. It’s a handful of tools if you are striving to write a book or long notes. Whenever you check your drafts, they automatically turn into a professional piece of content.

The best part of the reedsy book editor is it lets you to typeset your content to EPUB and print-ready formats instantly. If you are searching for the best writing tool that automatically formats your content, then you have to choose this software.

Scapple – Best tool for writers for Brainstorming:

If you are searching for the best tools for writers to brainstorm their ideas? Then scapple is one of the best tools as it helps writers to brainstorm their ideas.

Usually, writers face a hard time while getting ideas to write on a topic. So, this special tool will help you with the initial and crucial step of writing content. With this tool, you can capture all your thoughts and ideas and establish them in a visual format and connect them to form the main idea.

This tool is excellent for making mind maps and tracking your thoughts so that you can indulge in creative writing. The flexibility of this app is particularly good, and it helps you organize your ideas.


The Draft is another userfriendly software which is helpful to edit and create documents. This is an online word processor the same as the google docs, but it does more than that.

Draft online processor not only helps you write but also tracks how many words you usually write per day. It will email your daily reminders about the “Word Count Goal” when you create one for you. You can find all the format options similar to Google Docs, so this is one of the best tools for writers in 2020. The interface of this unique tool is more comfortable to access than the Google Docs.

Hemingway App:

Hemingway app is another helpful app for writers who love to write. This app improves your writing and helps you with useful suggestions. It doesn’t act like a Grammarly, but it works similarly to that, but it’s focused on the readability factor.

In general, all writers need help from a good editor. If you are in search of free editors, then the Hemingway app is the best option for you. It’s a handy tool for busy content writers who have a hefty schedule. This app usually highlights all the common errors, readability aspects, complex sentences, and more.

It also shows you overuse of the passive voice, and notify all pieces of text which are difficult to read. This is the best tool; that’s why we have included on this list of best tools for writers.

Headline Analyzer from CoSchedule:

Writers often tend to spend quality time for headlines to impress the audience. As a writer, it’s our job to create an eyecatching and click-worthy headline that instantly captures the reader’s attention. If you are finding it hard to judge your headline, then you can use the “headline Analyzer.”

Writers have to enter their headline idea and other details about the article. Then this tool will “Analyze Now,” and your headline will be given a score by analyzing powerful words, emotional and uncommon words. This is also the best tool for writers, so I have mentioned this on the list.

Best Tools for Writers- Marinara Timer:

When we are thinking about the best tools for writers? Then we should consider timer tools to stay organized while writing. This simple time management tool can help you enhance your productivity.

This app helps to manage the time of your workload as well. Whenever you work for 25 minutes, then you will have to take a 5-mins break and then again work for 25 mins. You can use this free to use timer to make yourself more productive.

Readable – Tool to engage your audience:

Readable is the other best tool, so I have mentioned in this list of best tools for writers. This tool helps you to create and craft the article as well. The readable tool usually assesses the content and searches for mistakes, readable factors, and more.

This tool helps you to write for your target audiences quickly. You can “Copy – Paste” the content in that tool to get the “Score Text.” With this score text, you can tweak your content and make it more engaging for the audience.

Cliche Finder:

Cliche finder is the other best tool for writers in 2020. This tool helps you to ensure you have a good understanding of what you write. Usually, some styles of writing use cliches and other idioms, but lots of writers don’t know about it. International audiences will better understand your writing if you avoid colloquialisms.

In case, if you are struggling to avoid over-usage or having confusing language in your writing? Then a cliche finder could be the best tool for you. This tool is easy to use, and it gives you excellent results, so with all these features, we have listed this on the best tools for writers list.

Stay Focused App-Best Tools for Writers:

Stay Focused is another great app for writers. If you are searching for the best tools for writers? Then a stay focused app is one of the best finds for you.

Usually, writing can be intense, and it’s very easy to lose your concentration while writing. So, this app helps you stay focused on its unique features.

This app is available as a google chrome extension, and it’s useful to stay focused. It restricts the amount of time you usually spend on time-wasting websites. This is definitely a helpful tool that eliminates all unnecessary distractions and increases your productivity levels. Stay focused is one of the best writing tools for writers, so I have named it on these best tools for writers list.


These are the best tools for writers in 2020. Along with these you can also use other writing tools such as Nosile, Prowriting aid and more. Start using these special and best tools for writers and enhance your writing and be professional.

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Best FM Radio Tuner Online Exclusively for You

Best FM Radio Tuner Online Exclusively for You

When it comes to listening to music there are a number of ways you can do so. There’s YouTube, music videos, streaming, vinyls (Yes they are still in action) and of course the radio. Some people like to control what they listen to with playlists and such while others just want to go with the flow. If you belong to the latter category then FM radios are an excellent place to start. Yeah radios aren’t what they used to be, but it’ still an awesome way to relax and listen to what’s new. Who knows there might just be something you like. In this post we’ll be looking at some of the best fm radio tuner online that are available.

7 Best FM Radio Tuner Online:

Best FM Tuner Online-  AccuRadio:  

AccuRadioThis may not be a name you’ve heard of but it’s still one of the best out there. This fm radio tuner boasts over a 1000 channels. You can even customize the channel to your tastes. You even get the option of unlimited skips, a rating system and also banning certain artists from your radio channel. The end result is you get a channel suitable for your tastes only.

But this fm radio tuner isn’t free from problems. Its servers occasionally have issues and it has no Chromecast support. But all in all it’s good to give a try.

Features to check out:

  • Free
  • Rating system
  • Customizable
  • Servers issues
  • No Chromecast support

FM Radio Tuner Online iHeart Radio:

Here’s all that you ever need in an FM radio tuner in one spot. There are a large selection of channels and songs to listen to. You get other radio stations as well as iHeart’s own stations to boot. There are playlists galore to choose from. You get playlists for your mood, the season and even genre. Another top point with this app is that it is completely free to use with however in app ads playing.

Best FM Radio Tuner Online iHeart Radio

This radio tuner app also comes with Chromecast support as well as Android Wear support. So now you’ll be able to listen to the radio while you jog too.

The app’s free but if you’d like to get a better experience then there’s always the paid versions to choose from. You can get access to more with $5.99 per month or go all the way with $12.99 per month.

Features to check out:

  • Basic version is free
  • Access to other radio stations besides iHeart
  • Chromecast support
  • Android Wear support

myTuner Radio on this list of fm radio tuner online:

This radio station is another great option for the traditionalists out there. It boasts of over 50,000 radio stations across different countries. Among its many features it has podcasts, talk or music radios, a sleep timer and an alarm feature too.

Best FM Radio Tuner Online

Other than all that, you get support for Android auto, Sonos as well as most streaming apps too. But the apps’ users do complain of an occasional streaming drop. But all in all it’s a solid app to use.

Features to check out:

  • Over 50,000 radio stations from different countries
  • Support for Android auto and Sonos
  • Occasional streaming drop

Pandora Radio:

This one is hard to beat. It’s not a known name but has made streaming random music a ‘Thing’. It has enjoyed success for a number of years not only because of its customizable options. You can make your own radio station from scratch, right from choosing your own artists to genre to different songs. Yes you even get the ready made playlist option if you’re keen on not making your own.

To get an ad free experience you get a subscription for $4.99 per month or for the full platinum experience you could even get a subscription worth $9.99 per month.

Features to check out:

  • Customizable option
  • Free but with ads

Radio Online FM radio tuner online:

This is again one of your more traditional radio tuner apps out there. It has hundreds of radio stations to choose from. These stations too have their own content to choose from. This app has the normal online radios to choose form as well as the more traditional ones that have online support.

If you happen to go pro with this app then you get some additional features. Some of them include a live radio recorder and a sleep timer. It’s an excellent option for those who’d like just the basics without any extra frills attached.

Features to check out:

  • A pro version with more features
  • Hundreds of radio stations to choose from
  • Just the basic with no frills attached


This is one of the FM radio tuner online that paved the way from moving away from traditional fm and am radio stations. This radio tuner app has over 150 channels with sports channels, normal music channels and the Howard Stern show among the options.

There are even three types of subscriptions that you can choose from depending on the content you want streamed. The app has undergone various updates and is at a stage where it can be considered relatively stable. But it’s not totally out of the woodwork as yet. There are still little glitches here and there.

Features to check out:

  • 150 channels to choose form
  • There are also sports channels to choose form too

Spotify- how could we forget you:

This is one of the FM radio tuner online hands down. It has playlists for every mood, genre ad artist out there. Also you get country specific content too. Over the last couple of years, Spotify has placed the focus on more radio content. Plus it’s for free with a paid version taking care of all the ads in it.

Features to check out:

  • It literally has everything

These are some of the FM radio tuner online that you could try out. While others are just coming into the whole online radio game. There are others that are quite stable and relatively enjoyable to use.

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Best Interval Timer App Android in 2020 for All

Best Interval Timer App Android in 2020

Interval Timer app is always great because they can help you in lots of ways. If you’re searching for the best Interval Timer App Android? Then don’t worry; in this post, I’ll cover the best Interval Timer App Android in 2020.

Generally, interval timer apps are great as they are essential for many careers and different processes. For ex, if you are in sports, you’ll always notice the countdown timer for the fastest lap or even check the time you have done the activity and so on.

If you’re in the kitchen cooking a dish, you’ll often keep a close eye on the interval timer to find out your dish is perfectly cooked or baked. Nevertheless, there are lots of ways this interval timer app will be useful for you.

Generally, everyone who owns a mobile phone is eager to own an interval timer app. Usually, all devices will have an installed clock app on their devices.  But, these basic timer apps will not have special features such as interval timer apps. So, if you are in search of the best Interval Timer App Android? Then do check out this particular list of interval timer posts.

Best Interval Timer App Android in 2020:

As you’re striving to check out the best Interval Timer App for Android in 2020? Then you have to check the below interval timer apps. This list is taken by trying out different Interval Timer App for Android.

Interval Timer App Android:

Interval Timer is one of the best Interval Timer App Android in 2020. People love this interval timer app because of its top-class features. This app is straightforward to use and has a simple interface when compared to other interval apps.

Interval Timer App Android

Interval Timer app has all kinds of activities such as boxing round timer, circuit timer, Calisthenics timer, HIIT training timer, and more. So, it’s useful for all types of tasks. No matter what Timer you want, you’ll get that in this unique interval timer app Android. This particular app is best for workouts as well. If you love to work on high-intensity interval training, then you should be using this exclusive countdown app and stopwatch.

If you’re striving to check out the best interval timer app Android for sports interval timer? Then it would be best if you were using this special app on your Android device. This is available in the IOS platform as well, go to the Apple store and download the app if you are in search of the best interval timer app.

Interval Timer apps, full-screen coding makes the interface easily glance able from far distances as well. So, you shouldn’t have any problem with this app.


  • This interval timer has a boxing round timer.
  • Calisthenics circuit timer.
  • HIIT Training
  • Circuit training timer and so on.
  • It has an easy user interface, and it’s visible from a far distance as well.

Tabata Time: Best Interval Timer App Android & Workout timer HIIT:

Tabata timer is one of the popular apps in the Interval Timer category. It’s best for workouts and sports timer options. This is a free tool for Android, which has a complete set of interval timer options. Usually, this app is used by people who love to do workouts. This is a high-intensity interval timer app Android and acts more like a stopwatch and countdown app.

Tabata timer

It’s perfect for athletes who are striving to use the best interval timer app for Android devices. If you use this app, you can find out its true potential as it’s good for sports and workouts purposes.

Coming to its user interface, it’s clean and straightforward. So, you can easily use it by pressing it’s start button while starting your workout. Its theme is also great and provides all the special features. You can easily configure this interval timer app. If you want, you can even add a voice assistant as well.


  • This app has an intuitive interface.
  • Bright, customizable color options.
  • Add a description to intervals and sets.
  • Easily add images to the intervals and configure them.
  • Create sequences of workouts.
  • Add your own sounds and get voice assistance as well.

HIIT Interval Training Timer:

HIIT Interval Training timer is an exclusive app that brings out the best in you during workouts. This particular watch is entirely focused on workout and sound. You can use this great and practical watch for sports and companion training exercises as well.

It will assist you in focusing on your workout mainly, and it will not allow you to easily be distracted by the watch or screen. In this app, you can forget about time and can easily focus on the sound. When you are done, the music will be stopped, and you can quickly stop the workout. You can even share the results with your friends on social sites as well.

As this is a customized app, it allows you to set up the screen quickly and adjusts the music volume as well. You can even load one of its fat loss options as well. This particular app has the best user interface that is loved by its users.


  • Quickly setup screen with its effective User Interface.
  • Adjust the music volume with an in-app volume bar.
  • You can load the preset which you have previously used.
  • Share results on your social media platforms by linking it to Facebook and Twitter.
  • It vibrates mode is also helpful for you to notify.

Seconds Interval Timer App for Andriod:

Seconds can be called as the best interval timer app Android because of its HIIT training and other special features. It’s specially developed for mobile devices, so it’s highly recommended interval timer app by the gym trainers to their clients.

seconds interval timer app android

Coming to the app, it’s a simple yet powerful app that has all the features you required. It’s full screen, and color-coded display helps you to check the timer from far distances. Apart from that, it can work both in landscape and portrait format.

Seconds app has a speaking functionality so you can easily follow its speak in your workout. With the newly added features, you can easily coordinate music with your Tabata workout integration as well. This app is highly recommended for workout users.

This best interval timer app Android is free so that you can use this particular app. You can even create a custom interval templates in this android app.


  • Vibrant color-coded display with full-screen functionality.
  • Easily create custom templates for every interval.
  • Speak your interval names to follow your workout routine.
  • Coordinate music with Tabata workout.
  • Share the results with your friends on social media.

Exercise Timer:

Exercise Timer is another fantastic app which has highly customizable options. It’s used globally, and it’s famous for its interval training timer. If you are searching for the best Interval Timer App Android in 2020? then exercise timer is one of the best options for you.

Exercise Timer

You can use this app for interval training timer, HIIT training, Tabata, and even for yoga as well. This Exercise timer helps you easier create your custom workout routines. With this app, you can do intricate workout routines hassle free.

If you are interested in adding exercises or intervals means you can add as many intervals or practices to your workout routine. Most of the interval timer apps will not give this feature, but you will find that in the Exercise timer app.

In case if you want to skip the exercises and do other activities means you can simply press the next button to do it. This particular app also has an online workout creator where you can create your exercises.


  • Perfect fit for Workout freaks.
  • It has HIIT Interval Training Timer
  • Stopwatch timer with min to min workouts.
  • Amrap stopwatch to efficiently perform a set of exercises.
  • It has a plank timer, Gym workout tracker, and CrossFit clock.

Impetus Interval Timer:

Impetus Interval Timer is an advanced interval timer app Android. This app is having all the features such as HIIT training, Tabata training, Fight Gone bad, croossfit, running, BodyRock, Zwow. Apart from those, you can also see breath hold training, beast maker, yoga, boxing, martial arts, kettlebells, pyramid training, running, physical therapy, and more options.

Impetus Interval Timer app android

This app is a best interval timer app Android because of its top features and reputational workouts as well. You can see advanced mode in this app, where you can set timers and use variable timers as well.

In this app, you can easily customize all the colors, intervals, titles, and even alerts of the timer app. With the help of this app, you can switch to different sections such as voice, speech or even manual method as well. Using this app, you can get your training at the best speed and can build all training plans as well.


  • Get training faster with the Impetus timer app.
  • Create custom training plans according to your wish.
  • Can use presets over and over
  • Quickly customize your cues.
  • Get rhythm to your training by playing some music.

Workout Timer for Android:

If you are searching for the best interval apps for Android? Then the workout timer app can be a useful app for you. This app can be used for all the interval timers such as Tabata, HIIT training, CrossFit Timer, weightlifting timer, cycling, running, and the yoga timer as well.

You can say the workout app as a hybrid interval timer app because of all its advanced functions and features. If you are searching for high-intensity interval training, then you can use this apps.

With this app, you can personalize or even customize the colors or exercise icons as well. This displays all the total interval time and other stats as well.  In this apps, you can also play the customizable soundtracks and set animations for them.


  • Personalize and customize exercise icons, colors.
  • Display total icon, interval remaining time, and more.
  • You can use countdown beep.
  • Quickly play sounds on interval finish.
  • Easily edit warmup and cool down times.
  • This app works in the background as well.
  • Add cool designs and animations to intervals.

Best Interval Timer App for Android: Interval Timer Apps — HIIT Training:

Interval timer- HIIT is another app that can use for workout freaks. If you love to do workouts and striving to get the best interval timer app for Android installed on your device? Then you can check this Interval Timer – HIIT app.

This is a proper HIIT Training app that has interval timer features.  You can see a sports timer, countdown timer, and other timers in the package. You can create free intervals as templates in this app. If you are searching for best Interval Timer App for Android you should opt for this app.

This app usually helps you to adjust the desired intervals, so it’s always best to work with the desired intervals. You can add images or text to each workout aspect. Apart from that, you can use a built-in voice recorder to say comments in your training. You can use this app when your screen is locked as well.


  • Easy to use and has a clean interface.
  • Customizable works and rest intervals.
  • Quickly save workouts with ease.
  • It has the option to continue the timer app when the phone is locked down.
  • This has bodyweight timer, calisthenics, circuit training, and more.


These are the best interval timer app android; you should use in 2020 to make your workout much more accessible. If you are eager to get more features, then you have to go for the premium versions as they have lots of other functions as well.

By considering the above features, these are enough for workout freaks. You don’t have to go for premium features as most of these tools are already having them.

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Best Educational Apps for Preschoolers in 2020

Best Educational Apps for Preschoolers in 2020

We all know kids these days start using phones from an early age. No matter how much you try to get those things away from them we can’t seem to get it done. Instead of getting frustrated over this we can use it to our advantage. How you may ask? The answer is simple- you can simply use educational apps to teach kids. There are a lot educational apps that make use of a child’s favorite character to teach them the alphabet for example. Not only that but these apps also get your child in the groove and mood of learning. No more will they detest learning. So without further ado let’s begin this journey into the best educational apps for preschoolers.

7 Best Educational Apps for Preschoolers

Kids Academy Talented and Gifted Learning Games

This is one of the best educational apps for preschoolers. It combines artificial intelligence and games to teach these tiny tots the basics. What’s more is that it has a personalized feature enabling your child to get specific teaching based on their patterns of learning. Their teaching is also adaptive meaning that teaching patterns are tailor made to fit your child and his/her personality.

  • The app has over 5,000 learning activities.
  • These activities include games, videos, work sheets, puzzles, flashcards, puzzles and much more.
  • They use different styles to cater to which form of learning best suits a particular child more.
  • Kids academy also covers key areas of math, language arts, Science, social science and reading.

As parents you can also monitor your child’s progress through their learning journey. This will enable you to identify areas of improvement and also recognize your child’s inner talent. The app is available on both android devices as well as iOS devices.

Speech Blubs in getting your Language Down:

Best Educational Apps for Preschoolers in 2020

This app teaches your child speech. These speech therapy sessions put together by speech and language pathologists. This app uses voice controlled and videos to help the young ones in speech patterns and articulation. The app takes your child through these sessions using games and various interactive media. By making things more interesting the child feels motivated to learn and not only that but also to learn faster.

  • The app makes use of videos, stickers, face filters and more to engage your child in developing their speech.
  • Throughout the process a child is also given education on dinosaurs, stars, vehicles, emotions and all that a child could possibly be interested in at this age.
  • The app also teaches your child speech through songs too.

The app is paid with a 7- day free trial period. It is available on both Android devices as well as iOS devices.

Engage your Child’s Curiosity with Curious World:

Curious WorldThis is one of the best educational apps for preschoolers which combines learning with fun. Who says learning can’t be fun. This app combines videos with craft activities to make learning more enjoyable. The app contains a slew of TV channels, activity packs and also has a children’s library too. Kids can choose from reading books to watching a TV show or maybe even take up a fun craft project to do.

This app also comes with parenting guide which is there to help you in bringing up your child and getting them ready for school.

ABCmouse  Best Educational Apps for Preschoolers

Best Educational Apps for Preschoolers ABCmouse This app deals in four main subject areas- math, reading, the world around us and arts and colors. These four subject areas bring a child into the basics which they can build upon in the future school years.

The app makes use of games to teach children these fundamentals and also makes learning more engaging. These games teach a child about sounds, shapes and numbers. The app also uses these games to teach reading, to get them to do some arts and craft where they can then teach them about colors.

The app also comes with voice instructions to take your child through a step by step process. This app also meets Common Core State Standards.  The sad thing about this app is that it is available only in the United States. However it is available on both Android and iOS.

Hopster Preschool Learning

Hopster PreschoolLike all the above mentioned apps in this list of best educational apps for preschoolers, this app too makes use of games, videos and various interactive media to help children learn. What’s more is that this app made using the expertise of people in the fields of childhood education and cognitive development.


The app teaches phonics and math through their interactive media. The games aimed at enriching a child’s literacy and numeracy skills by peeking their interest. This app is available on both iOS devices as well as Android devices.

Best Educational Apps for Preschoolers Color Quest AR

Best Educational Apps for Preschoolers Color Quest ARThis is the one app on this list of best educational apps for preschoolers that uses augmented reality in teaching children. The main focus of this app is on healthy eating and all about good health. The next thing that this app has is coloring and using that artwork in an augmented reality way.

The app takes your child through their learning experience using fruits, vegetables and also a look into the human body. To engage children more, a character is developed every month to make learning more entertaining for your kid. The app also comes with fun health facts which further enriches your child’s mental encyclopedia. Color quest enables a child to come up with their own character that then comes to life in augmented reality.

This is by far the best educational app for preschoolers that takes them through food and health. The app is available on both android devices and iOS devices.

These are some of the best educational apps for preschoolers that takes your child though their educational journey in a fun and enlightening way. Why not begin your child’s foray into education with these entertaining apps?

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