8 Tips on Becoming a Web Hosting Reseller

8 Tips on Becoming a Web Hosting Reseller

Choosing to become a web hosting reseller can sometimes be a simple decision. After all, people always need professionals to help them host and manage their website in today’s digitally focused world. As a reseller, you can tap into an age of digital transformation, and either add extra income onto your existing career or simply tap into a source of ongoing cash.

While it’s true that web host reselling can be a tempting business, with hundreds of new professionals taking their opportunity to get into the market each month, it’s also worth noting that it’s easy to make mistakes on the path to success.

If you want to achieve incredible things with your reseller business, then you need to know exactly how to get started. The following 8 tips might be able to help.

1.     Choose Your Source Host Wisely

As a web hosting reseller, you can only ever be as successful as the company that provides the actual hosting service to your customers. It’s your job to sell on the behalf of another brand, not create your own hosting solution, which means that you need to make sure that you’ve chosen the right source to give yourself the best chance of success.

Compare the different options on the market carefully, and keep the reliability and reputation of the source in mind when making your decision. A reliable source should be able to offer fantastic service, and their reputation might even help you to grow your business a little faster. On the other hand, a cheap and ineffective host could damage your online presence, and make it harder for you to achieve success in the future. A company such as is a good option should you be looking for a cheap solution but also something which is considered established and ultimately reliable.

2.     Know How to Market Packages to your Customers

Once you know which source host you’ll be going with, you can start to think about how you can market yourself to your customers. The key here is making sure that you offer something different to the solutions that your competitors can already give while ensuring that you’re meeting the needs of your target audience.

Ideally, you’ll need to step into the shoes of your target customer here and think realistically about what will suit them. The best thing you can do to capture the attention of a crowd is to include more freebies and services into your hosting package early on, then learn how to manipulate the pricing without letting the customers to catch on.

3.     Brand and Promote Your Business

Some of the reseller hosting plans available on the market today will allow you to control the hosting accounts of your customers so that you can brand the experience you give. This shows professionalism on your part and can do more to build loyalty among your clients.

You might also be able to think more carefully about promoting your business, by building a website that shares the same branded features as your hosting reseller platform.

4.     Do Plenty of Market Research

In the world of reselling hosting packages to customers, you can simply wait to learn things about your competitors on the fly, but it’s generally a better idea to get a feel for the market before you jump in. Look around and see what people need, and what people are offering in terms of a web hosting provider.

For instance, you could run a basic Google search an check out some of the top competitors in your area to see which brands are leading the industry, and what you can to do out-perform them.

5.     Push Your USP

As mentioned above, if you want to get ahead of your competitors, then you need to offer your customers something unique. After you’ve examined what’s already in the marketplace, try to develop something that’s more likely to earn the attention of your customers.

Since host reselling is a pretty flexible business, your USP could be almost anything. For instance, you could show off your low prices, your incredible service skills, or the fact that you can combine hosting with other features like web design or content management.

6.     Start Small and Build

It’s often tempting to dive head-first into your host reselling business, but it’s generally easier to attract customers in your general area before you attempt to go global. Many customers are sick of working with faceless hosting corporations and would prefer to work with a local business that they know they can get hold of.

If you create a powerful local experience, then you may find that you earn the loyalty and attention of your target audience faster -which is perfect for those who want to benefit from the advantages of word of mouth marketing.

7.     Make Customer Service a Priority

Since switching between hosts is easier than ever today, no-one will think twice about moving to a new host if their current reseller isn’t up to par. This is why it’s crucial to keep your customers happy with your services. Make sure that your clients can always reach you if they have a problem, and put their satisfaction first.

8.     Install an SSL Certificate on your Website

One of the key things customers look for in a hosting reseller is security. Selling hosting means collecting personal data about customers, like emails, addresses, names, and even credit card information. To make your clients feel as secure as possible, employ an SSL certificate to encrypt the information between visitors and servers.

The safer your customers feel, the more likely they are to keep doing business with you.

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Everything You Need to Know About the New Internet Privacy Rules

Everything You Need to Know About the New Internet Privacy Rules

We the netizens always like to spend time on the internet for more than half of the day. However, we would like to prefer some privacy when we are working on the internet. Some people prefer ultimate privacy and doesn’t want to be disturbed at all. Our privacy often gest hampered when we browse some unauthenticated sites on the internet. Well internet security is a big concern now a days. As for the people who prefer the supreme privacy, it is compulsory to have internet security. The ISP or the internet service holds a major role in maintaining the security or the privacy of the users like us.

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What to Expect Now That Internet Providers Can Collect and Sell Your Web Browser History

What to Expect Now That Internet Providers Can Collect and Sell Your Web Browser History

Get to know the major details on internet provider selling the user’s browser history

Just a few weeks legislation was passed by the Congress which empowers the internet providers to collect as well as user’s web browsing history and app usage. This means a great blow to the privacy of internet users and it has left everyone confused and scared. This legislation is a boon for the business community as they will be market their products & services in a more decisive fashion by making use of the user’s online behaviour. But there are few ways which can help in safeguarding the online privacy in a more refined way.

What actually is legislation is all about?

Congress understands the importance of the online privacy therefore the ISPs are simply banned from collecting, sharing, and storing as well selling certain type of personal information which can result in revealing too much about the user. This includes the app usage data, location information and browsing histories without the prior consent of the user. If you wish to safeguard these make sure you read the internet provider documents clearly signing up.

Can ISP sell a user’s internet browsing history?

ISP has their own privacy policy which exclusively covers this type of information but it is not applicable in all the cases. So if the personal information like browsing history is a part of the privacy policy then sharing or selling of such data will be a violation of its own policy. For this they can be tried in the federal court as they are indulging in unfair business practices.

An example will help in illustrating this point; a few years ago Verizon introduced the supercookie program which happened to track too much for the company’s benefit. It was an intrusion to the user’s privacy and also a violation of its own privacy policy because of this supercookie was removed at the end.

How you can protect yourself now?

It is sensible to be worried about your privacy under the given circumstances but there are certain ways which will help in safeguarding it a great extent. You must have heard about the VPN or virtual private network in the past now the time is rife to make use of it. By paying a small amount you can get a VPN which will hide your location, web surfing activities and personal data from your ISP through encrypting all the internet traffic. Secondly using Tor is also a good option as it works by masking the identity of the users by sending their internet traffic through a complex network of intermediary servers.

This doesn’t mean government will snoop on you

This is a grave misconception held by many since the new legislation has come into being. However it allows the ISPs to get into the data mining business. Federal and governmental agencies will still make use of traditional ways of gaining information directly from the ISP through subpoena. But ISP will be able to sell your web surfing habits and behaviour to the marketers by building active data sets.

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Speed Up Your Home Internet With These 5 Tools

Speed Up Your Home Internet With These 5 Tools

Enjoy An Uninterrupted Internet Connection With Easy Computer Tips

Internet forms the heart and soul of our daily work routines, for it shortens the work period and makes everything easier. It is even used in our homes regularly for the thousand nothings and five or six things of paramount importance. If you are in the habit of using your home internet connection every day, you’ll recognize the hassle of interrupted or slow connection. Imagine, downloading an important document, and right at 75% a pop up arrives stating ‘download failed’, or ‘check internet connection’. Few simple computer tips will help you boost your internet speed.

Simple Everyday Issues in Internet

If you are confronted with such a situation, firstly try to fix small issues that you can capably handle on your own. Keep a track of the monthly data cap, and move the router to the central location of your house. Computers or laptops also have a certain capacity of handling things, so whenever working on the internet close the unused open programs that hog the bandwidth. If you are a computer geek you can fix your operating system by disabling send offload settings or by escalating the reverse buffers.

Easy Computer Tips

Sometimes the issues are small and can be fixed at home, but sometimes the problem lies with the equipment itself. With the aid of a few tools you can easily maximize your broadband connection speed. Wire connections can sometimes help fix the problem of slow internet speed. It helps create a complete home network with the help of power cables, and it’s quite easy to set up. It is not the typical cable connection and the speed won’t be the same, but it will certainly offer faster service, in fact twice the speed that in home Wi-Fi. Some of the advanced models even help create a complete Wi-Fi hotspot.

Invest In a Good Modem

You can easily get a cable modem on lease from your internet provider, and while you have to pay an approximate of $ 150, it wouldn’t offer you with the fastest speed. Instead, you should invest in a more practical and better option like the cable modems available in the market which cost around $60 to $80. The high quality modems offer data speed about 343 Mbps, which means you, can download without facing the hassle of fluctuating speed. Most of the good quality modems are compatible with numerous cable systems. The indicator lights on the modem, can easily interpret any problem, and help you fix speed related issues faster.

Shut Extra Programs

The simplest and cheapest method of increasing internet speed is by periodically cleaning the computer. There are numerous applications running in the background that consume data and affect internet speed. Extra website tabs, Skype, chatting applications, multi player notifications, updates, security scans can easily falter the broadband speed. Shut down the bandwidth heavy streaming services, and other services that you have not used lately. Clear the browser history, and other old files using the web browser options menu. If you use home Wi-Fi ensure that it is password protected at all times. If not people can easily log into your Wi-Fi device and consume your internet, and these are probably the easiest computer tips for fixing fluctuating internet speed.

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