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Tips to Produce More Engaging Social Media Videos

Tips to Produce More Engaging Social Media Videos

If you’re producing videos for social media, you should try to make sure that they are as engaging as possible. In other words your goal should be to ensure that viewers keep watching your video and react to it by commenting, rating, liking, or sharing it with others.

While understanding video engagement can help, if you want to start producing more engaging social media videos there are a few tips that you should try to follow:

  • Create short and bite-sized videos

As a trend social media viewers have short attention spans, and don’t sit through long and drawn out videos. That is why you should focus on creating videos that are short and bite-sized, and are more likely to retain viewers if you do.

To create short videos, you need to choose topics that are narrow and more specific. On top of that you should structure the video so that it delivers its message in a concise and direct manner.

  • Tell viewers why they should watch the video at the start

Most social media viewers will decide whether they want to keep watching a video during the first 8 seconds. Because of that you should use that time wisely, and start your video by telling viewers why they should watch it.

Try to outline the benefits viewers will gain from the videos or its goals so that they know what is on offer.

  • Provoke an emotional reaction to the video

While this may not be suitable in all types of videos – if it is possible you should try to provoke an emotional reaction. If viewers feel inspired, tickled, or surprised they are more likely to react to the video in turn.

Structuring your video as a story can make viewers feel more emotionally invested in it and its outcome, or you could draw on storytelling elements to do the same.

  • Show the message of the video visually

As you are probably aware videos are more engaging than any other type of content of social media, and that is because they are more effective at visually delivering a message. Keep that in mind when creating your video, and think of ways that you can ‘show’ your message instead of relying on a voiceover to ‘tell’ viewers about it.

Try to be creative and find unique yet effective ways to put your point across visually. For example you could play two videos side by side using Movavi Video Editor’s split-screen effect to show an action being performed from different angles so viewers can see it more clearly.

Each of these tips should help you to start producing more engaging social media videos sooner rather than later. That being said as you do publish videos you should track their performance and analyze the data to learn what seems to drive engagement further. At the end of the day that will help you to learn more about what viewers in your demographic find engaging, and improve any other videos that you produce moving forward.

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Facebook Advances in Artificial Intelligence at F8

Facebook Advances in Artificial Intelligence at F8

Artificial Intelligence in the Spotlight at Facebook’s F8 conference

This time around at the Facebook annual developer conference, Artificial Intelligence and machine learning seem to take center stage. Day one was all about Mark Zuckerberg addressing Facebook’s privacy fallout but after that, day two seems to have brought AI and Machine learning as a hot topic for discussion. While talking about AI tech during the event, Facebook also brought out its attempt at building its own collaborative toolkit with other developers.From Artificial Intelligence and machine learning, Facebook puts much of its spotlight on to PyTorch 1.0 AI framework. This new Artificial Intelligence framework will be released by Facebook in the coming months. Facebook’s main aim is to ensure that the PyTorch machine learning framework is there for developers to help them use AI tech in their production systems and not just in research projects.

PyTorch- The hot Artificial Intelligence topic At Facebook’s F8 conference:

At the recent F8 conference, Facebook announced the next version of its open source AI framework for developers- PyTorch 1.0. With this tech underway, developers will be able to incorporate AI tech into their systems with a minimum fuss and in a quick way too.

The new PyTorch tech is also being used to translate 6 billion translations per day for 48 most used languages used on Facebook. Facebook said that its PyTorch 1.0 toolkit will be available to developers on beta in the next few months, which would make Facebook’s AI tools available to everyone in a matter of months.

Other AI advances by Facebook at F8:

Keeping the Artificial Intelligence to a minimum, there are also technologies out there that do not delve too much into the Artificial Intelligence field and these tools will be a combination of vision, learning and language.

With June rolling close by we will see, new ResNext3D model for comprehending video and another tool on the open- source band wagon is Translate for machine translations.

Artificial Intelligence Tech in AR and VR at Facebook’s F8:

Another Facebook tool that will be interesting for users of AR and VR tech is DensePose.  With this tool you can add a 3D surface to footage of human bodies in motion on a real time basis. With this tool for example you could place a completely different outfit onto a person in an AR game. Facebook says that this tool will be released as an open- source library in a few weeks.

House 3 D another one of Facebook’s Artificial Intelligence tech discussed in F8:

House3D will be a tech wherein developers can use the virtual environment to teach robotic systems to adapt and understand their environments. Apart from this tech, Facebook has also made a new StarCraft bot to operate successfully in a popular game, with this, Facebook says it’s going to release the rule set it developed for this bot which could be used for making more engaging NPC’s in the future.

The care That Facebook is taking with all- that- Artificial Intelligence tech:

In order to safe guard the direction in which AI may develop, Facebook has a Fairness Flow tool to measure how algorithms interact with various groups of people.

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WhatsApp Beta Extends Delete for Everyone Option Duration

WhatsApp Beta Extends Delete for Everyone Option Duration

Now users will get 1 hour to get rid of sent messages with Delete for Everyone on WhatsApp

When WhatsApp rolled out the Delete for everyone, few months ago every user was thrilled but its short duration wasn’t loved by all. Finally WhatsApp heard the desperate call of the users and had decided to boost the duration of time by more than 1 hour with the upcoming update.

This update is in beta version and it is being tested on a number of devices globally to get rid of any flaws or issues emerging out of it. It is expected to be made available to the users worldwide in the stable version very soon enough.

Delete for Everyone:  Much needed feature but came too late

WhatsApp has launched the delete for everyone feature in the month of November 2017. This feature allowed the users to delete any sent message but within seven minutes of sending it out. Though this feature was ridiculed by many as the time frame offered by WhatsApp was too less.

However upcoming update to the WhatsApp will allow the users to delete sent messages within 4096 seconds which equals to 4096 seconds or 68 minutes and 16 seconds to be precise.

The beta version of WhatsApp 2.18.69 already comes with this enhanced deleting functionality but this number does sound quite random and weird. However it is a great improvement over the earlier available 420 seconds which simply offered to less time to take action.

More new features like Delete for Everyone coming to WhatsApp

WhatsApp is not just extending the period for delete for everyone but it will be also bringing the ability to forward stickers in the upcoming update. The 2.18.69 will come with the support for the sticker app but at the moment the beta version is dealing with a notorious bug which caused the app to crash whenever a user tries to send GIFs to others. WhatsApp engineers are working tirelessly to get rid of this bug along with other before it is rolled out to other devices.

In the meantime WhatsApp has already brought two updates right to the beta program in order to address the issues engulfing the new features. These version numbers are 2.18.70 and 2.18.71 and the first one is aimed at fixing the issue for sending GIFs while the second one brings the ability to add new voice note sending icon right in the chat window.

In upcoming days users will be able to record just a portion of the voice and lock it before they send it out to them. Earlier users had the ability to record and send the voice note to others without even getting the chance to listen to the recording.

Now the lock feature will allow the users to lock the microphone button when it is not to be used. WhatsApp is also gearing up to offer a number of sticker pack in the upcoming days which can be downloaded with a simple click and use it in the messages for more interactive conversation.

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An Instagram Hack Hit Millions of Accounts Victims Phone Numbers for Sale

An Instagram Hack Hit Millions of Accounts Victims Phone Numbers for Sale

Instagram suffered the hacking of six million accounts

Illustrious figures of the sports, artists, and celebrities of Hollywood are the victims of Instagram HACK.

It seems that computer attacks become very normal nowadays. A few weeks ago the objective of the hackers was HBO. Now they turn their eyes into the Instagram.

The Instagram, the social network under the shield of Facebook suffered a breach of security few days ago. It was solved but resulted in the infringement of millions of profiles.

According to reports , the group of hackers who attacked Instagram, known as ‘Doxagram’, took to steal information from millions of accounts. At first, it was thought that the affected profiles were only those that were verified with the blue insignia, but from ‘Doxagram’ confirmed to the portal The Daily Beast that they had in their power data of six million of them.

The hackers further detailed that they possess data of 50 of the Instagram  accounts with more followers in Instagram. Among them are celebrities and athletes, and even detailed that the account of the President of the United States was also a victim.

In the material collected there would be telephone numbers and email accounts, all of which was put up for sale on the Dark Web.

Instagram co-founder Mike Krieger noted that the bug was fixed quickly. However, he advised users to be alert to any suspicious activity.

We recommend people to modify their password as soon as possible. Also, enable 2-step authentication to prevent them from entering the profile from an unauthorized device.

An Instagram vulnerability allowed hackers to seize the profiles of millions of users, including Selena Gomez, phone numbers, and email accounts.

Although the hacking happened on Tuesday 29 August, the social network of images revealed today that there were six million affected accounts, out of a total of 700 million users who are currently registered. From the company said they have solved the vulnerability.

“After further analysis, we determined that this problem also affected some unverified accounts,” said Instagram co-founder and technical director Mike Krieger on the official blog.

“While we can not determine which specific accounts may have been affected, we believe it was a low percentage,” he said.

According to the source, the list of profiles of celebrities comprises of personages of the sport, artists, and celebrities. Emma Watson, Emilia Clarke, Zac Efron, Leonardo Di Caprio, Beyonce, Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Floyd Mayweather, Zinedine Zidane, Neymar and Ronaldinho, among others, are among the 1,000 people affected by the hackers.

To make matters worse, hackers published the private data of the victims in the database of the site Doxagram – now it is not available – and they offered for the modest sum of 10 dollars.

In this regard, Instagram confirmed that it is “working with the police” to combat the sale of stolen information by the hackers. “We encourage people to be vigilant about the security of their account and be careful if they encounter any suspicious activity, such as calls, texts, and unacknowledged emails,” Krieger concluded.

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Artificial Intelligence Now Powers all of Facebook Translation

Artificial intelligence now powers all of Facebook translation

Facebook starts using AI for Facebook translation service  on its social network

Facebook is known as the world’s widely used social networking platform with more than a billion user base. Over the time it has been found that people are looking at post written in foreign language quite often and Facebook is bringing artificial intelligence backed Facebook translation service to decipher it for the users.It should be notes that Facebook has amassed more than two billion users on global scale and it offers supports to as many 45 popular languages. Facebook has announced that it is embracing the use of the new Facebook translation service in order to aid the users in understanding each other thoughts and posts regardless of the language.

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