15 Awesome Android Launcher Apps of 2018

15 Awesome Android Launcher Apps of 2018

No one wants to stay with the same home screen for quite a long time. If you don’t like the way your home screen looks like, then you can quickly change your home screen with the help of Android Launcher Apps.

In fact, most of the people are doing the same thing these days. They download the best android launcher app, and they will change their home screen as they like.

Now, It’s all happening because of the diverse set of features in Android launcher applications. If you strive to change your home screen with the best and beautiful android launcher apps, Then don’t worry you are at the perfect place.

Usually finding a perfect android launcher in the massive list of Android launcher apps is always a daunting task. But, you don’t have to go through all those when you have a glance at this article. Because I’ve got you covered with some useful and best Android launcher apps.

In this list, you will find out 15 Awesome Android Launcher apps of 2018. You can make use of this list and create the best home screen you like.

15 Awesome Android Launcher Apps of 2018:

1. Action Launcher:

Action Launcher Android Launcher AppsAction Launcher is the present trending Android Launcher app in Google Play Store. Most of the people use this stunning app just because of its extra features than the other Android Launcher apps. This Awesome app helps you add a wealth of colors to your device, and you can even customize the app with lots of customization options.

It is faster then lots of Android Launcher apps and lets you to quickly check out the app’s widgets without even creating the widget. That’s what best about this app, i have even included this app in Android Launcher apps of 2018 just because of that feature. Apart from that, you can also add lots of elements to your home screen to make your home screen look awesome.

Best features of Action Launcher:

  • Customizable dock search box.
  • Widgets on fingertips.
  • App shortcuts
  • Adaptive icon supports which help.
  • Weather Widget.
  • Google Now special integration.
  • Notification Dot’s support.
  • The quick theme: Helps to create a home screen with colors from your wallpaper.
  • Shutters
  • Smart-size icons and more.

This app has both free and premium versions. Its premium version costs around $4- $5. Action Android launcher has a 4.2 overall rating in the Google play store.

2. Evie Launcher one of the Best Android Launcher apps of 2018:

Android Launcher Apps -Evie LauncherThese days Evie launcher is improving its popularity with the help of its excellent performance. Most of the users are switching from other Android launchers to the Evie launcher be of its smoothness. It has some best universal search features which let your search help you with one place to the another. Evie is also having lots of features which can serve such as screen shortcuts, customizations and so on. In this launcher, you can even customize your app drawer and useful “folder grid” Feature.

Best features of Evie Launcher:

  • Evie has the universal search which can search inside all of your apps.
  • Fast and lightweight android launcher.
  • Quick navigation support.
  • Custom Shortcut feature.
  • Improved Customization features.
  • Lock your home screen icons.
  • App drawer and more.

Evie launcher is a free Android launcher you can use quickly without any trouble. It has a 4.7 overall rating in the Google play store as well.

3. Nova Launcher is evergreen & Best Android Launcher apps of 2018:

Nova LauncherDo I have to say anything about this popular Android Launcher? I bet you all might know about the Nova launcher because it is the best and most popular Android launcher which is used by thousands of users. Nova is the fast, lightweight and very efficient tool which supports notification badges, dock customizations and more. You can quickly enjoy dozens of features in Nova Launcher. This special launcher is available both in free and premium versions. Its premium versions unlock more exciting and useful features, and it is worth a try for any user.

Best features of Nova Launcher:

  • This tool has ICon themes.
  • Subgrid positioning changer.
  • Color controller.
  • Customize App drawer
  • Backup/ Restore option
  • Widgets in Dock
  • Import layout and so on.

Nova launcher is having 4.6 ratings in google play store. Its premium version cost around $5. It’s always worth a try so i have included that in this list of Android Launcher apps of 2018.

4. Apex Launcher:

Apex Launcher

Apex Launcher is another famous name in the Android Launcher apps. This app offers a great stock android look to the home screen with lots of advanced features. Apex launcher has been around the launchers for a very long time, and it has even topped the Android launchers list for few years as well. Similar to the Action launcher this app also has some extra features which help you to customize your device perfectly.

You can find some excellent scrolling habits, transition animations, a vast number of icons and scrolling docks as well. So, with all these fantastic features you can make use of this awesome Android Launcher App.

Best features of Apex Launcher:

  • Personalized themes and customization options.
  • Fast and secure Android Launcher.
  • Fancy transition effects are available.
  • Can optimize and hide elements as you like.
  • Choose the best background you like.
  • Hide apps from the drawer.
  • Advanced theme engine.

Apex has both free and premium apps. Its pro version cost $3.99, and it gives some extra features like security and all. This launcher has a 4.3 overall rating in the Google play store.

5. ADW Launcher 2:

ADW Launcher 2Most of you might not know about this Android Launcher, and some even think that it might be a boring launcher. But, frankly speaking, this app has many creative features which can test your customization abilities. Previous ADW Launcher always used to be on the top Android launchers list but after the developer stopped updating it has lost its place in top launchers. However, in recent times the ADW 2 Launcher has been launched with a massive amount of customization options and modern features. You can find all types of extensions and make your own widget features in ADW 2 Launcher.

Best features of ADW Launcher 2:

  • Dynamic User interface coloring option.
  • A new way to manage screens.
  • Add widgets and shortcuts with ease.
  • Fast scroll app with drawer style.
  • Best Desktop transitions.
  • New customizable Icon Badges.
  • Configure icon appearance, app drawer and folder appearance.
  • New Visual mode to configure.
  • Wrap folder mode option.
  • Simple App Drawer & Custom widget object.
  • ADWExtension pack for more customized widgets.

The Brand new ADW Launcher 2 is having two versions one is a free version, and another one is paid. Its premium version costs around $3.50 and has lots of creative features included in it. This app has overall 4.3 ratings on Google play store.

6. AIO Launcher:

AIO LauncherAIO Launcher is always different from other Android Launchers. It will not have colorful icons and animation effects and dramatic themes, but instead of those, it has a screen space option which shows you the most critical information. AIO can showcase things like missed calls, SMS, media player, notifications and so on. You can include almost every notification alert in this launcher.

Best features of AIO:

  • System monitor feature.
  • Control panel of AIO
  • Special Notification settings.
  • Player settings.
  • Frequent apps button.
  • Different customized themes.
  • ICon Back support.
  • Can change font size.
  • Quickly rename Apps.

The AIO launcher is available in the free version but if you want to have full control over the customization means you have to use its paid feature. Its paid feature costs around $1.99. AIO has dominated most of launcher apps rating; it has 4.5 overall ratings in Google Play store.

7. Hyperion Launcher:

Hyperion LauncherHyperion Launcher is a newbie in this android launcher world. The best part that impressed me about this launcher is its special features and its beautiful User interface which makes easy for anybody to access and customize their home screen.

You don’t have to be a techie to customize this easy to use the android launcher. You can find some useful features in this app such as icon shape changer, third-party icon support, theming elements and so on. This new launcher is consistent in delivering updates without any bloat. I found this launcher as a useful launcher, so I have kept this android launcher on this list.

Features of Hyperion Launcher:

You can customize its colors.

  • Can Change Folder background color
  • Search widget color.
  • Can change iconography
  • Full access to the typography.
  • Can change covers.
  • New Icon packs.
  • Hidden apps.
  • Scrolling wallpapers and so on.

This newbie is available both in free and premium versions. Its premium version cost is around $2.99, and it has a 4.2 overall rating in the Google play store.

8. Lawnchair Launcher:

Lawnchair LauncherLawnchair is another best Android Launcher to try in this list. It is a free and open source project from the mimics, and this launcher has the same look and feel of the Pixel Launcher. Most of the features are almost identical to the pixel launcher, but you can also find some additional features such as pack support, Notification dots, Adaptive icons and more. If you are searching for free android launcher app, then you should give a try. That’s why I have included this in Android Launcher apps of 2018 Post.

Best Features of Lawnchair Launcher:

  • Android Oreo Shortcuts.
  • Notification dots.
  • New icon pack support
  • Google Now integration.
  • Variable icon size changer.
  • Blurr User Interface.
  • Adaptive icons.

9. Microsoft Launcher:

Microsoft LauncherIf you are searching for free and, official Android Launcher then checks out the Microsoft Android Launcher. It is a free Android launcher from Microsoft services and has a vast range of features and gesture controls on it. What’s the best thing about this app is its user interface? It is the most accessible app to customize than other clumsy apps. You can even integrate it with their windows PC as well. This Microsoft Android Launcher is free of cost, so you don’t have to pay anything for it. It has 4.6 overall rating in Google Play Store. That rating and reviews have made me include Microsoft launcher in this list of Android Launcher apps of 2018.

Best features Microsoft Launcher:

  • Access significant customizations at your fingertips.
  • Protect your contacts on the home screen,
  • Customize your look.
  • Personalized feed.
  • Even continue on PC.
  • Gesture customization and so on.

10. Smart Launcher 5:

Smart Launcher 5Smart Launcher is another interesting android launcher which has been around for years. But its new version of Smart Launcher 5 is impressive than all its older version smart launchers. You can find some interesting features in this smart launcher 5 such as intelligent search, app drawer, automatically detect and more. With all these, you can even find more in the smart launcher 5 prime version. Making your own custom categories is more comfortable with this user-friendly app.

Best features of Smart Launcher 5:

  • Impressive and Adaptive Icons.
  • The automatic app which has the sorting ability.
  • Ultra immersive mode helps you to maximize screen space.
  • Smart search can help you run the search quickly.
  • On-screen notification/
  • Inbuilt widgets.
  • Gestures and hotkeys.

This app has a 4.4 overall rating, and it is helpful in designing a perfect home screen. Its premium version costs up to $6-$7 and has more exciting features in prime version.

11. Lean Launcher:

Lean Launcher Android Launcher Apps Lean is another free android launcher which has earned lots of user base just with its impressive features. This App has healthy stock Android minimalism and also support best features as well. You can quickly activate features such as notification Dots, App shortcuts, icon Shapes, and show on. As this app is known for its customization features, you can use them as well. Although there are some bugs at the start of the creating but they have successfully resolved those bugs and made this app as a brand new app.

Best features of Lean Launcher:

  • Lean has notification dots features.
  • Can quickly change look and feel of the home screen.
  • You can edit apps in no time.
  • Gestures and Actions feature is available.
  • Shortcuts are available
  • Home screen rotation and so on.

The lean launcher is absolutely free, so you don’t have to pay anything for it. Apart from that, it has 4.5 overall rating in Google Play store.

12. Lightning launcher:

Android Launcher Apps of 2018If you want to try minimal android launcher with better performance, then you can use the lightning launcher. This is relatively new in this android launcher, but it has made its presence felt for everyone with its best features. It’s a lightweight software which has the ability to simply change anything on the home screen. So, you can make use of this easy to use the android tool.

Best features of Lightning launcher:

  • Has the ability to customize high changes.
  • Unique and limitless desktop
  • Edit as many as you can on Desktop.
  • Combine grid and positioning.
  • Quickly pin the items.
  • App drawer
  • tasker integration and more.

Lightning launcher only has a premium version which costs around $3, and it has a 4.4 overall rating in Google play store.

13. Next Launcher 3D Shell:

Next Launcher 3D ShellInterested in trying Go Dev 3D tools then try out the Next Launcher 3D shell. It is developed by the same team who has designed the GO Launcher. This launcher has 3D animation features which can help you to optimize your home screen quickly. Most of the people love the transition effects in this impressive app. You can spin your home screen around and also find the same you want with scroll option. Apart from these, you do have lots of other best features to get impressed with this app.

Best features of Next Launcher 3D Shell:

  • Special customization options.
  • 20 Special icons packs.
  • Different wallpaper of the topic.
  • New user interface.
  • Folder interface experience.
  • App drawer and more.

This app has both free and premium version. Its premium version cost around $6, and it has a 4.4 overall rating in the google play store.

14. TSF Launcher:

TSF LauncherTSF Launcher is yet another unique launcher app which is free of cost. It has some exciting features which are helpful in customizing the home screen. You can find some standard features like app drawer, unlimited dock bar, icon packs, widgets and more in this TSF launcher.

Best features of TSF Launcher:

  • TSF has fantastic animation effects.
  • Useful 3D home screen Switching mode.
  • Unlimited Dock.
  • Special batch icons.
  • Exclusive Widgets.
  • Pioneering icon editing tools.

TFS Android Launcher is a free app so you won’t find any app purchases. This app has an overall rating of 4.5 in google play store so its worth a try.

15. Buzz Launcher:

Buzz LauncherAnother launcher you should try Buzz Launcher. It helps to do some stuff automatically that’s why this tool is having some craze in Android Launchers. The best feature of this app is “Home pack Buzz.” It is nothing but a home screen customization service which has more than seven lakhs home screens uploaded and has been shared by thousands of users. You can take these as inspiration and create a brand new home screen, or even you can create the exact one with the help of Buzz Launcher.

Best Features of Buzz Launcher:

  • Home pack buzz feature.
  • New home screen touch buttons.
  • Customize multiple transitions.
  • Personalize your home screen with icon packs and so on.

This buzz launcher has an overall rating of 4.4 in google play store so its always worth a try.

These are the best and Awesome Android Launcher apps of 2018 you should try to create a unique home screen.

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How to Get Android Pie Beta on Galaxy S9 or S9+ Right Now

How to Get Android Pie Beta on Galaxy S9 or S9+ Right Now

Android Pie Beta has been the talk of the town since its launch. The new Android version was launched in August for Google pixels devices and later it is has been rolled out for the number of other devices.

Although it has been rolled out for the number of devices, it hasn’t yet rolled out officially in Samsung devices. So, people who are using Samsung Galaxy devices are often checking the Oreo updates timeline to upgrade to Android Pie Beta.

But it isn’t happening in Samsung Galaxy devices. When you have a glance at the oreo update timeline, you can see the message that ” Android Pie will officially touch down on November. But still, there is no confirmation of the date and other details.

It was making Samsung users frustrated because the Android Pie Beta finally version is going to be rolled out in the first quarter of 2019, but still, they haven’t got the August Released Android update on their devices.

Step By Step Guide to Android Pie Beta  Update

If you are the one who is striving to get your hands on Android Pie Beta updates for your Samsung Galaxy S9 or S9 +, then don’t worry you can quickly know how to get Android Pie Beta on Galaxy S9 or S9+ in this article.

This beta version is yet being released in the first quarter, but the leaked version has already hit the internet and opens the floodgates for developers and other users to test the newer version.

Galaxy S9+Android Pie Beta

Although this is a leaked version, it is reasonably stable “ Android Pie Beta update”.  As this isn’t officially released Android Version, you have to be careful. This version of Android P is not a final version of Android 9.0, so it might have some bugs or other issues.

So, you have to make up your mind while trying this on your Samsung Galaxy S9 or S9+ devices. Along with that, there is a high risk of data loss during the installation process. So, if you are tester or developer who wants to try this on your latest Samsung Galaxy S9 0r S9+ device, then you can try this with extreme caution.

So, let’s get into the topic ” How to get Android Pie Beta on Galaxy S9 or S9+ Right Now”.

Now to go through with this process “how to get Android pie beta on Galaxy S9 or S9+ you have some requirements.


I’m once again reminding you that it’s essential to note that this is a leaked update, so you don’t need to flash it into your device from an External source.

Here are the requirements you need to go through with this process:


  • Unlocked US Galaxy S9 (G960U or G960U1)or S9+ (G960U or G960U1) Versions,
  • Need ADB & Fast boot Installed on the device.
  • Windows Desktop with Samsung drivers installed.
  • One Samsung USB-C Data Cable.

First Step: Download Android Pie Beta Firmware File for your respective device:

The first thing you need to install Android pie on your Samsung Galaxy S9 or S9+ devices is the firmware file of Android Pie. This firmware file will be used to flashing with Odin.

Now, Download the leaked Android Pie beta version for your respective model from links below and save them your computer. This file is relatively larger than standard packed versions, so you have to wait for some time till it finishes downloading.

Second Step: Carefully Check Android Pie Beta Firmware:

After the first step, next, you have to check the current version of your S9 or S9+ device. So, to verify that you have to open the settings apps and follow the below process.


  • Go to the settings app.
  • Tap on About phone option.
  • Then select ” Software Information.”
  • After that check out ” Baseband Version” on the page.
  • If you see baseband version ends in “AR16” then directly you can skip this process and go to step 6.

If not just follow the below steps to reach your goal manually.

Download the Latest Oreo Update:

As you do not have the “AR16” version, you have to start from scratch. Just by flashing the latest Android Oreo version by merely using Odin on your computer. If you want to download latest Oreo update, then download the zip file from below links and then extract those files on your computer and then access them it’s that easy.

Third Step:  Enter Download Mode in Galaxy S9 & S9+ and Connect to PC:


After downloading the files extract those files from the zip file and save in your PC. Then pick your galaxy device and boot your device into the Download Mode. Also, don’t forget to install ODIN on your PC.


  • To go for Download Mode firstly power off your phone.
  • Then press and hold both the volume down button and the Bixby.
  • After that press and hold the power button.
  • Now release all the three held buttons once it enters into the download mode. (Screen displays blue screen)
  • Finally, press volume up button to enter into the full download mode.
  • Connect your download mode mobile to your computer by using a USB data cable.

Fourth Step: Prepare your files in ODIN:

Once you have connected your Download mode Android phone to the PC, you will establish a connection between S9 or S9+ and your PC. Now follow below process to prepare files to get ready for installation.

 Odin Android Pie Beta


  • Firstly, go to the “.Exe file” of the ODIN.
  • Right click on the ODIN and choose ” Run as Administrator”.
  • If you have set a password for your windows means you have to enter the login credentials only when it prompted to do.
  • After that, you’ll see “Added” with the ” LOG” box.
  • Along with that, you can see the light blue bar on the top left promoting that ODIN is connected to the Device.
  • Now, if you don’t see that then close ODIN and unplug the Galaxy device from the computer.
  • Then restart from re-entering download mode and reconnect to your Computer.
  • If the connection is successfully established between Odin and your Device means you are good to go.
  • Be careful and make sure that the program is perfectly connected or else you can potentially lose your information.
  • To make sure click on the “Option” tab on the Odin box at the lower left-hand side of the program.
  • Now, make sure that “Re-Partition” option is not checked on.
  • If you checked it, please uncheck that option this will help you.

Fifth Step: Flash the downloaded Oreo update on your S9 0r S9+ Device:

Once you set Odin correctly, you have to flash the Orea update on your S9 or S9+ device. You have to flash Orea then only you can update the Android Beta version. So, you have to flash the Orea update on S9 or S9+ device carefully.

 Android Pie Beta Odin

Follow the process:

  • Firstly, Click on the “BL,” “AP,” “CP” and “CPC” boxes one by one and then you have to select the corresponding files which are having matching letters on the beginning of their file names.
  • Make sure you leave the ” USER DATA” field, Blank.
  • Now it may take some time when you load the file starting in ” AP” as the file is more prominent.
  • Sometimes you can also see the unresponsive page for a couple of minutes, but don’t close it.
  • It is normal when the big files are processing in ODIN.
  • So, just sit back and let the process complete.

Android Pie Beta odin

In the process you can see CSC file it is the same file you have downloaded for this process. Although most of the people say that misconfiguration of using CSC file will wipe out data, but it doesn’t do any harm. Even though it is best to be careful so cross check twice while selecting CSC file. After the process is completed, you are ready to flash your S9 or S9+.

  • Just hit ” start” button to run the process.

Note: If you got stuck in between the “process” or flashing is unsuccessful means you have to again start from the Step 3. If you again see this problem arises means I recommend to change the data cable and try again with the best possible data cable to fix the issue.

In general, the flashing process will take at least 5 minutes to complete so sit back and relax, but don’t tweak any settings or do anything crazy while the process is going on. Once the process is completed, you can see “Pass” in Green color on the left of the program screen.

Sixth Step: Enter into the Recovery Mode:

As you have successfully installed the Orea update now, you have to update that to the Android Pie. Now to do this, you have to first enter into the Recovery mode in your Galaxy device.


  • Firstly, switch off your Android device.
  • Once it is Switched off then press and hold the “Bixby” and “Volume up,” buttons then press and hold the “power button.”
  • Leave the power button when phone boots up.
  • After that leave the remaining buttons once you see the blue screen.
  • Now the blue screen will automatically transfer to the recovery screen after the phone fails to detect any command.

When the phone entered into the recovery mode then advance to the next step. “ Opening the ADB”.

Seventh Step: Open ADB ( Android Debug Bridge):

After completing the above process, you have to finally run the ADB command on the Android Pie Update on your S9 or S9+  device. You should be opening a command prompt in the tool folder inside the ADB installation Directory. Apart from that, you’ll also have to select ” Apply update from ADB” in your recovery screen on your S9 or S9+ device.

If in case you have done a default installation on SDK tools from Google means you have to head to the

C:\Program Files (x86)\Android\android-sdk\platform-tools folder.

Or else go to the folder where you have installed ADB and open the tools folder within the page.

Once you are inside the folder press and hold on the shift button on your PC keyboard then right click on the window and choose “Open Command Widow,” or you can input the “CMD” within the folder’s address bar.

There is another option for this that is if you have enabled ADB to run on any folders in your PC then you can open command on the update file’s folder easily.

Now enter the below command in the terminal and just hit enter. Click on the Next Step once you are done.

adb start-server.

Eight Step: Finally, Update to Android Pie Beta:

Now, you have done all the hard work to come here. Finally with ADB and running the command input “Adb sideload” followed by a space.

Then the location of the update ZIP file.

Ex: IF download file is named as in your PC  then you have to input the command same as follows.

adb sideload C:\Users\juanm\Downloads\

At this time if you opened a command prompt within the update file’s folder means you have to type in command along with the name of the .zip file.

adb sideload

Always be careful and make sure you type all commands accurately and then hit Enter. That’s it.

It will now be updated Orea to the Android pie Beta Version Via ADB, although it takes a couple of minutes this process will be completed.

Its status will be displayed in percentage with the command prompt. It will work correctly until you do anything wrong. After the process is completed your device will automatically reboot, and then you can enjoy the Android Pie Beta Update.

By this process, you can successfully update galaxy S9 or S9+ to Android pie beta. I hope you all like this topic “How to get Android Pie Beta on Galaxy S9 or S9+ Right Now”. Although this Android Pie Beta is not official but it’s worth a try. Try and have fun with Android Pie Beta.

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Android P Beta 2 and final APIs

Android P Beta 2 and final APIs

Android P Beta 2, released with most useful APIs and several new emojis

Just after one month of launching Android P’s original beta version, Google has made an announcement of Beta 2 for the much-awaited mobile OS. Android P Beta 2, as one of the recently released updates, comprises official SDK and final APIs. You will be capable of dealing with developmental work with all the features of Android P.

Getting Android P Beta 2 is easy-

The users, with an enrollment in developer program and with accessibility to Pixel device, can enjoy this update. However, the best fact is that while you have downloaded the first version, you will automatically get the second one.

The new system includes tools and images that are helpful to developers for app development for the future Operating System. There is integrated Adaptive Battery, and the users will be able to make out the apps, which consumer most of the resources. The developers will surely get help from App Actions as it enables the apps to become more viewable in Google Launcher or Assistant.

To include the feature, like Adaptive Battery, we have found a joint effort with DeepMind. In this feature, Machine Learning technology is applied to focus on the system resources to make apps. However, the users have to know the detailed information in power documentation, and it helps them in finding the way how they do their work.

Everything is simple and refined in Android P Beta 2-

Android P enables you to work on those screens that have the display cutouts. The latest APIs present you with a very rich experience. Cutout system performs its role in the best way for most of the apps. The status bar for the system management differentiates the cutout from content. While the content is immersive, the developer may also the APIs with display cutout. This helps in testing the cutout shape and position.

Messaging Style has also undergone a number of modifications, and the developers will get values from them. While there is message notification system in an app, these notifications can turn out to be more functional. It is easy to attach images or stickers and reveal the conversations.

Android P Beta 2 API for better security-

For the purpose of authentication, you know that the biometric sensors play a good role. Android P Beta 2 has offered dialog that is system manageable and that helps user for all biometric verification types. The apps will apply BiometricPrompt API, and there is no need of developing the dialog. This API is also useful for face authentication.

Emojis and other APIs-

Android P Beta 2 also includes 157 different emojis. Gender-neutral emojis are also available with it. There are Superhero and Red Hair of different skin tones and genders.

You can find several other things with the new release. In case of camera integrated apps, the developers can try out multiple-camera APIs. You will be able to design unique that may not be easy with one camera, like stereo vision and bokeh. In addition to it, there is Dynamics Processing API, another facility for the modification of audio.

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Android P: More Power for Enterprises

Android P: More Power for Enterprises

Android P becomes more Business friendly

Google recently launched the beta version of Android P. This new OS brings a lot of intelligence and simplicity to the way things are done on phones. The newest launch on Android P also brings in more features that business users will find really useful.

The new version of Android P adds in more security to apps, an easy move mode between work related and personal accounts in apps, the ability to add in certain apps in kiosk mode and apart from these many more. All in all, these features are aimed at making a mobile phone more- friendly for everyday work related scenarios.

New work related look on Android P:

The new user interface on Android P has a space dedicated completely to work related apps. The work related apps now come in a dedicated tab in the app launcher which makes them not only more visible but also helps in avoiding duplication of apps and overall clutter on the phone.

These work related apps also come with a designated briefcase icon which goes with the overall look and feel of the interface on Android P. Besides this, Android  also offers users the ability to switch between work related apps and personal apps. At the end of the day it is simply a question of switching off the work mode and for the rest of the day you won’t have to be bothered with notifications or the like from those apps.

Switching between personal and work related accounts on the same apps in Android P:

Many people now have multiple accounts associated with one app- a work related one and a personal one. So to cater to users with such accounts, Android P allows users to seamlessly switch from their work related account to their personal one without the need of going to the app launcher.

Google tasks has already installed the feature on their platform and Google will get more of their apps to support this feature soon.

Shifting between users in Android P:

For phones that will be shared between multiple users, Android P users will now simply be able to log out and hand the phone to the next user without any trouble of their data being seen by the other person.

More apps on Kiosk Mode with Android P:

Businesses use phones for a lot of things some of which are as payment modes, digital signs, information kiosks and otherwise. Previously when using a phone on kiosk mode only one app could be locked onto the screen but now all that has changed with Android .

In Android P , IT admins will now be able to add more apps onto the Kiosk mode and with their own designated launcher. That being said, business customers will not be able to access any other features on the phone such as notifications from other apps.

Developers will not have to build their own launchers anymore too, admins can now make their own customized launcher with the ability to hide features such as the status bar icons, power menus, notifications and navigation buttons.

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Introducing Google Play Instant, a Faster Way to Try Apps and Games

Introducing Google Play Instant, a Faster Way to Try Apps and Games

Gaming to get a lot more easier with Google Play Instant

Google is about to make gaming much more enjoyable and fun with its new Google Play Instant. You can now even test out games before you download them onto your mobile device. This is not all, Google has also done a revamp on its Google Play game app. You can now get more details pertaining to the app, be it a news story or a YouTube video.

Games tend to be the highest downloaded content on anyone’s smartphone. Google has even noted on its blog post that the number of people to download a game from their gaming app has doubled since the last year. Gaming is a booming industry yet for the developers it is still  a struggle to create awareness of their game and that is why Google has introduced a way in which users can first preview a game and then if they like what they see download it.

What is Google play Instant?

Google Play Instant takes off form Google’s instant apps where Google transformed a company’s app into a website. So you don’t want to be routed to download a particular app to buy a particular product, then no worries because all you need to do is check out the web url of the app and you’re sorted. There is no need to download the app, this was the whole premise behind Google’s Instant apps.

This was all two years news, but at the Game Developers conference in San Francisco, Google announced a Google Play Instant for games.

What’s there in this new version of the Google Play gaming app?

Google has gone and done a revamp of its gaming platform with new headings and news articles pertaining to its Google Play games. The Google play Game app now comes with a heading called “Arcade” where you can check out game video trailers and you can also browse games according to a genre like “adventure” or “action” or “new”.

Google has also mentioned in its blog post that it would allow users to see content of their games from YouTube or any other source depending on the link to the game. This is in a bid to up the gaming skills of their users.

In Google Play Instant you can first check out a particular game before going ahead with buying and downloading it. All you have to do is just select the game you want tap on it and play it without the need to download it. When you like what you play, you can go ahead and download it. The first games to get on board Google Play instant at this free preview stage include games such as Clash Royale, Final Fantasy XV and Words with Friends 2.

The team behind Google Play Instant, have also decided to increase the file size of their games from 2MB to 10 MB which is not at all surprising given the graphics and other features of the game packed onto a single game app.

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