Sorting Messages on Gmail

Sorting Messages on Gmail

Sorting out Messages – Gmail

A feature which is missed in Gmail is its potential of sorting out messages and by default it tends to sort mails by date which is not much of a job when it comes to checking important emails within specific dates that may come up during the phase of your vacation.

There is no facility of sorting mails by name, size, subject and sender and returning back after a vacation tends to get difficult in sorting out the important emails.  A thing to be noted is that Gmail is based on search and not on sort and hence things need to be done in a different manner such as:

  • Sort by Size
  • Sort by Sender
  • Sort by Subject
  • Search Mails within Specific Dates
  • Sort by Label
  • Sort Read & Unread mails
  • Sort with Filters

Sort Gmail by Size

Since organize by size is not done in Gmail, one could utilise Outlook or Thunderbird in order to import your mails and thereafter sort them according to size. .But there is no system wherein you could sort Gmail by size of mails, though you could utilise the search operator `size’ to locate large size mails.

Moreover, you could also utilise `smaller’ or `larger’ operators sort mails with lesser or greater than the specified size. Besides this there is also search for `filetype:zip’ or filetype:pdf’ or any file which one may receive regularly, to locate the large size mails.  For users having their inbox memory full, they could search for `has:attachment from:melabel:sent’ which will provide the list of mails sent by you with attachment.  These could be deleted to save on space.

Sort Gmail by Sender

Three types of procedures are available in sorting and any could be utilised based on the choice of the user:

  • The easiest option is to utilise the Chrome extension but the same is not recommended since its source is protected and what tends to take place beneath the hood is not known. Moreover, their website has not listed who is the developer and how it functions.  Besides this, it cannot be utilised on Firefox, IE or any other browser.
  • Users could use the following script in sorting active view by sender; For browsers besides Chrome, you could copy-paste the code to the address bar while for Chrome, go to Developer Tools by pressing F12 key.  Select the console tab and past the code. Use Enter Key and your mail gets sorted by sender where only the currently view tend to get sorted.  Hence it is better to opt for maximum mails shown per page from Gmail settings.
  • This is a simple implementation of search concept wherein on hovering over any image of a name/contact can opt for Emails from the contact to view all incoming (received) or outgoing (sent) mails with the desired name, In order to view only received  mails, search with from:sender’s name in the Gmail inbox.

Sort Gmail by Subject

In order to sort the mails by subject, a custom code is used to arrange the current set of emails which are viewed.  If any other browser besides Chrome is used, then you could copy paste the code to address bar and then use the Enter Key.  In case of Chrome, press the F12 key to enter Developer tools and click on console tab.  Then paste the code and press enter.  The code will only help in sorting the prevailing set of emails that are being viewed.

Sort Gmail by Labels

One can drag and drop a label in Gmail that tends to make labelling easy.  Moreover you could also choose which labels to display and which to be hidden from the Setting page of Gmail.  But there is no sorting facility in Gmail that tends to arrange folders automatically.

How to Search for Mails in Specific Date

By default, Gmail sort mails by date and to locate mails within the specific dates you could do an advance search.  By clicking on the arrow within Gmail search box opt for `Date within’ search option.  You will not find a field for `From’ and `To’ date to search but editing only one date and opting date within the range would provide the required details.

Sort Read and Unread Mails

You could hover over the Inbox link and click the drop arrow.  Thereafter opt for `Unread First’ and you will first get a list of unread mails and then the read mails. Besides this you could also search all u unread mails by entering `is:unread’ in the search box and likewise on entering `is:read’ to search for all the read mails.

Sort Incoming Mails with Filters

Users are aware that one can use Gmail id with a plus (+) in order to develop a new version of your account and can create several versions needed by attaching any word together with your username together with plus symbol.

The trick is to utilise Filters and Multiple Inboxes with this feature in order to sort various kinds of incoming mails. Go to Gmail Settings > Filters > Create New.  In the field `To’, your designated id with plus sign should be specified and then a label for the same.  Then you could go to Labs under settings and enable Multiple Inboxes.  On saving you will see Multiple Inboxes tab in the settings.


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Space Fabric Links Fashion and Engineering

Space Fabric  Links Fashion and Engineering

What is Space Fabric

Innovation is the change that unlocks the new value. With great aspiring minds comes the change that is inevitable. Now, we are living in an era where each day we get to witness some magic happening in terms of the invention. There are always reports related to the technology gadgets, automobiles and many more. Well, recently there has been a news related to the fabrics designed by a system engineer from NASA.

The name of the guy is Raul Polit who is currently working in the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California of NASA. He has been in the field of textiles since childhood as his mother is a fashion designer. At a tender age, his curiosity made him to know how the materials work for designing purpose.

The Design of Space Fabric

Well, now he is in the best labs of the world making his dreams come true. They have designed space fabric which has been created by the latest 3-D printer. The design has been made in such a way that each side gets to perform a different function. This is something enticing for the new design that has been created.

Space Fabric_1

The Functions of Space Fabric

The space fabric that has been created can be used in multi purposes which would surely be going to benefit the human era. Well, to start with the uses or implementations of the space fabric, it can be used in the large antennas and other useful devices. The material is can be shaped anything and it can be done pretty quickly.

The material is also foldable. Well, with the name space fabrics, it can be used in the spacecraft which can act as a shield from the heavenly bodies like the meteorites and shooting stars. It can be used in the spacesuits of the astronauts. The other incredible and most surprising thing about the space fabric that it can be used to capture many objects on different lands like on the planets.

With the improvised version of the space fabric, the device can be used to insulate the space ship. If you go for space travel some day in the near future, you can use the device to act as a basement which would serve as you as feet and the ice below would still remain intact.

The Technique Behind Space Fabric

The device or the prototype that has been designed looks more like chain mail. There are numerous squares of silver which are held together. At a first glance, it would look like a tailor made design but then there is the technology which would always amuse you in one way or the other.

They have been printed with the latest technology involving the 3D printer. The layers get embedded one after the other to give the impression of the design. Well, it is effective in terms of cost as well as it creates uniqueness in the object. The space fabric consists some of the great qualities which are essential for any device. Tensile strength is one of them. The foldability and the reflectivity add to the number of specialities along with reflectivity.

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Driver Assistance System- Alert Your Driver if He Becomes Tired

Driver Assistance System- Alert Your Driver if He Becomes Tired

It is a fun and luxury to you, when you go somewhere by driving your own car. However, at the same time, the risks, associated with car driving, can never be overlooked. In most of the car collision cases, it has been seen that the drivers’ carelessness is highly responsible for it. While driving a car continuously for a number of hours, a driver may become much tired. And due to this fatigue, the risk of accidents gets increased. Now, in this present technological era, the researchers have tried to alleviate these hazards with the introduction of Driver Assistance System.

A weary driver has some common habits

No matter whether you are driving the car with your own effort or have appointed someone to do so, it’s impossible to analyze the exhaustion level. While a driver becomes weary, he may not give proper attention to the highway or his head nods very often. He rubs his eyes continuously or yawns at times. But, as a passenger, you may not be able to identify all these things throughout your journey. That is why innovative Driver Assistance System comes to a wonderful help to you and your vehicle chauffeur.

Detecting drivers’ fatigue with technology-

Researchers of Polytechnic University of Valencia and UGR have developed the affordable Driver Assistance System, which easily makes out the symptoms, revealing the tiredness of driver. It also warns the distraction of driver in order to avert the possibilities of accidents on the highway.

The new Driver Assistance System has 4 sensors integrated with it. All these sensors have the task of observing the physical condition of your car operators. At the same time, it also assesses their pose at car’s wheel. Two are pressure-related sensors, while others are for temperature. An extra light sensor has also been added to headrest in order to know whether the driver is snoozing at the time of running the car.  With the determination of various results, the Driver Assistance System technology is powerful enough to produce some acoustic warnings, whenever there are risks. So, your driver will become alert of the possible mishap.

While alarm system gets activated, your driver may turn it off by hitting the button for resetting.

Another integrated part, found in the Driver Assistance System, is electronic panel, which works as CPU. All these are linked with collision sensing system, which identifies sudden car braking or collisions.

The major role of CPU is to collect information from every sensor and at every instance. It also assesses them with the application of algorithm in order to know whether all the obtained results are to be considered as safe for driver. While any sensor does beyond the set level, algorithm determines whether this is the right alarm. When everything is correct, alarm system is automatically triggered.

The dedicated researchers are still trying to add GPS receiving system to know information on vehicles’ position in Driver Assistance System. Thus, driving becomes quite safer with these innovations. And, the rate of accidents may also get decreased.

Research Paper Submitted

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Apple has received the permit for officially testing its self driving car technology

Apple has received the permit for officially testing its self driving car technology

The mega tech company, Apple has been the centre of attraction in social media platform and news reports in the last few weeks. Though, the company decided not to make any official statement, new reports surrounding the company has been escalating. The company was the subject of numerous rumors and reports, including one that stated that the company is all set to test its self driving car. This news report confirmed that Apple has been working for quite some time on its ‘secretive’ project. The company was also the subject of a latest survey which concluded, that Apple is extremely popular amongst teenagers.

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