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Firewalls vs. CASB Which is Better?

Written by twitiq

Both firewalls and cloud access security brokers (CASB) work to protect your online information from threats. Instead of considering one better than the other, you should consider them different components of your security system. Learn the differences between the two, including how each one works, so you can set up the right online security system for your small business.

Firewalls Protect From Some Attacks

For people accessing websites and information at work, a cloud firewall is a good thing to have in your security arsenal. Firewalls help prevent malicious websites from probing into your cloud or stealing your data. Firewalls allow you to create lists of programs that are allowed to access the cloud, and programs that are not. You can also extend firewall protection to people accessing your cloud remotely because the firewall applies to the cloud itself from any access point.

CASB Is Not a Firewall Replacement

People often wonder if CASB replaces firewalls. The answer is no. These are two different security measures, both of which you should have. CASB fills in a lot of the gaps that a firewall cannot cover. Gaps in security caused by new programs and human behavior can be devastating to a cloud account if you have no way to protect against them. A firewall can’t recognize when a user account is behaving strangely or give you detailed control over cloud access. CASB can.

CASB Monitors Human Behavior

One major threat to cloud systems is personnel access points. If black hats outside your business get a hold of login information, they can enter your cloud and steal your data or set up malware. A major way CASB works to protect you is monitoring what people do once logged they enter into the cloud. CASBs also monitor how long people are logged in for and how many login attempts someone has made.

If an employee is using shadow IT, which is IT that your company has not authorized, a CASB will find it and notify you. Not all shadow IT is malicious or causes a security threat, but you need to know it’s there so you can take steps to speak to employees and get rid of it if you need to. Remember, employees can be security threats too, whether they intend to be or not.

CASB Offers Encryption and Management

For significant encryption and tokenization, you need a CASB. As you upload files to your cloud, the CASB will encrypt those files to your specifications. When you have sensitive data within the cloud, you can set rights management protection up in case people try to download those files. Allowing only specific people access, or getting a list of those who try to download specific information, can prevent your files from falling into hacker’s hands.

Both firewalls and CASB are necessary to protect your cloud. They have specific strengths that offer a web of protection. If you only have a firewall right now, then you need to add CASB protection. Your data is too important, and your business needs CASB encryption and monitoring to protect that data.


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