How Technology is Changing the Travel and Tourism Industry

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Technology and innovations have taken the travel and tourism industry to massive heights. There is a tremendous growth in the travel and tourism industry these days it all happened just because of the new technological advancements.

Whether you like it or not technology has played a vital role in changing the traveler’s experience. It has played a sustainable role in achieving economic growth in accumulating information for consumers to travel.

Usually, the tourism industry is often defined as the sectored system of innovation and production and it is extremely complex. The evolvements of technological advancements in travel help them make a substantial impact in tourism.

If you are travelers who love to travel then you will definitely use the technological advancements to plan your trip.

Imagine if you are traveling with no access to flight booking systems, hotel booking, or even basic google maps. You will definitely face problems while traveling without them. Now, these all are nothing but the technological advancements which are created by using technology.

Now for your convenience, I have listed out a few ways on how technology is changing the travel and tourism industry.

travel tech

  1. Dream vacation ideas in your fingertips:

When you use the technology your dream vacation will be at your fingertips. I mean, you can simply choose the best dream vacation ideas on the internet and you can plan accordingly.

Each and every person will have a dream location, then strive to go a place where they love to do something different. If you strive to do that then you have to plan according to by the help of the options available to you. These days there are many options for you to select perfect and luxurious dream locations.

I am having the Bahamas as a dream location and you will have a different location. I have opted for Exuma rentals to full fill my dream vacation and I have done it successfully. If you strive to visit the Bahamas then your best option to get unique experience is by these rentals. These provide lovely luxury villas, which are simply amazing to stay in the Bahamas.

Similarly, if you have your own dream place to visit then you can search for the best and popular luxury treats around you for better costs and enjoys your lovely trip. If you are out of inspiration then check out some best dream vacation ideas and opt for the best and effective vacation you love to visit.

Now, let’s get to the other unique point.

mobile technology

  1. Mobile technology is helpful in the tourism industry:

A Recent study tells that 85% of mobile users use the mobile application to plan their holiday trips. This number itself stats that there is a massive amount of users who are using their mobile. These stats are possibly happened because of the advent application of mobile technologies.

With the help of mobile technology, users can quickly access loads of data on travel and tourism. Customers can view and choose various plans and even they can book their desired trips. Services like short messaging also help travelers and provide a lot of information regarding the booking confirmation.

Now, with these short messages, people can simply go through hotels and airlines check-ins. They can even show download their passes and show simply board on their flight this will say lots of time of them. That’s why it is having a massive impact on the growth of travellers who are using mobile technology.

This is substantially helpful as these phones allow users to access the internet and book their desired services like hotel rooms, cabs, airline tickets and so on.

travel trends

  1. Digital technology helps to identify travel trends:

Digital technology helps you to identify the hot and ongoing travel trends. These days the tourism and hospitality industries have extreme digital transformation compared to the other industries. It really worked for them to grow their users list massively.

Previously, we would be used to visit a travel agent every time when we need a travel to outstations or to plan a family vacation trip. Most of you may not remember that because of the digital transformation available these days for technology.

Today, the technology helps travelers to plan their tours themselves. We should be thankful for the mobility as we can easily get all the required details for the trip. If you want to find a hotel, which matches your style and budget, then you will often find best deals very often. It is all happened because of the digital technology.

This helps to identify each and every travel trends which are currently happening. It’s been said by Forbes that “digital transformation is a mix of greater customer demands” that’s the true statement when we think about the travelers. Some of the top digital trends in travel are mobile integration, Chatbots, internet of things etc.

travel agency

  1. How technology improves on online travel agencies revenue:

The continuous evolution of the digital technology has helped online travel agencies a lot in terms of revenue. As there are having numerous sales throughout the internet and have hell lot of bookings for their services at the best prices.

Technology helped them to increase their online travel bookings and along with that they have tasted an increase in visibility and also had lots of potential customers towards them. These all things helped them to increase their revenue massively.

The online travel industry has grown its sales enormously over the past few years. According to the study it stats then there is a growth of 25% sales then it was in 2015. You can see that this Is a huge amount as in 2015 only travel sales have generated 564.9 billion US dollars. It will definitely cross 830 billion US dollars in 2019.


There are many points which influence technology as it goes hand in hand with the travel and tourism industry. If you are a traveller means you will definitely know the benefits of incorporating technology in the travel. Are you up for suggestions then you can let us know in the comments section below?

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