Tips from the Most Influential Social Media Marketers

In the business industry where constant changes happen, you need to stay in the loop by familiarizing yourself with various influential marketers. It might be a bit of a funny thing to do, but you can actually learn from them just by following their journey. Take a look at these top social media marketers this 2021.

  • Mari Smith is a Facebook marketing expert who helps brands maximize the full potential of social media when it comes to business.
  • Kandy Robertson is the director of Conquer marketing whose passion is to guide startups and small businesses to scale their success.
  • Mark Schaefer is a social media marketer focused on providing step-by-step processes in building a personal brand.
  • Kudzi Chikumbu is the famous social media expert and director of the creator community at Tiktok. He is more focused on creating content that would appeal to young people.
  • Neil Patel is a top international marketer who is known as the master of social media, SEO, PPC marketing, and e-commerce.

Other top social media marketers include Matt Navarra, Natania Creates, Heather Quill, Gary Vaynerchuk, and a dozen more.

Tips You Can Get From Them

All the social media marketers mentioned above have the same goal – and that is to help entrepreneurs leverage their business in a more updated way. After knowing them, we came down to these tips close to them that can help you level up yours.

Determine Your Goals

A clear and smart goal is the key to driving your business to success. You need to define the 5Ws and how of your action. Once you’ve set your goal, then you can have the driving force to set up your social media campaign.

Analyze Your Target Audience

Don’t skip or get lousy at learning the personality, interest, and behavior of your target audience because it will contribute to your social media strategy. Do not set a social media campaign if you don’t have an idea who you are reaching to.

Choose Your Social Media Platforms Smartly

Not all social media platforms are effective in setting up campaigns. You need to consider the platform that your target audience prefers the most. After that, you can start creating content for them. Likewise, it isn’t necessary to be present on all social media platforms. Just take your time and create an impact on the platform where you currently are. It’s the quality and not quantity that matters.

Schedule and Plan Your Content

Well-developed content is your next key to hooking your target audience. If you think you are falling behind on this aspect, you can hire a trusted social media marketing agency that can handle it for you. Likewise, they also know when to set a perfect schedule in uploading your content.

Utilize Various Tools in Your Strategy

There are lots of social media tools that you can use for a hassle-free campaign. You can automate your activities on social media and enjoy a convenient campaign for your business. One great example is a competitor research tool that you can use to monitor performance.


All the influential social media marketers today started small just like who you are right now. Luckily, they found their path and harnessed their confidence, and added it with some great marketing skills until they reached the top. Now that you have the tips inspired by these top marketers, it’s time to apply them and watch out for the results!

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