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Tips to Produce More Engaging Social Media Videos

Written by twitiq

If you’re producing videos for social media, you should try to make sure that they are as engaging as possible. In other words your goal should be to ensure that viewers keep watching your video and react to it by commenting, rating, liking, or sharing it with others.

While understanding video engagement can help, if you want to start producing more engaging social media videos there are a few tips that you should try to follow:

  • Create short and bite-sized videos

As a trend social media viewers have short attention spans, and don’t sit through long and drawn out videos. That is why you should focus on creating videos that are short and bite-sized, and are more likely to retain viewers if you do.

To create short videos, you need to choose topics that are narrow and more specific. On top of that you should structure the video so that it delivers its message in a concise and direct manner.

  • Tell viewers why they should watch the video at the start

Most social media viewers will decide whether they want to keep watching a video during the first 8 seconds. Because of that you should use that time wisely, and start your video by telling viewers why they should watch it.

Try to outline the benefits viewers will gain from the videos or its goals so that they know what is on offer.

  • Provoke an emotional reaction to the video

While this may not be suitable in all types of videos – if it is possible you should try to provoke an emotional reaction. If viewers feel inspired, tickled, or surprised they are more likely to react to the video in turn.

Structuring your video as a story can make viewers feel more emotionally invested in it and its outcome, or you could draw on storytelling elements to do the same.

  • Show the message of the video visually

As you are probably aware videos are more engaging than any other type of content of social media, and that is because they are more effective at visually delivering a message. Keep that in mind when creating your video, and think of ways that you can ‘show’ your message instead of relying on a voiceover to ‘tell’ viewers about it.

Try to be creative and find unique yet effective ways to put your point across visually. For example you could play two videos side by side using Movavi Video Editor’s split-screen effect to show an action being performed from different angles so viewers can see it more clearly.

Each of these tips should help you to start producing more engaging social media videos sooner rather than later. That being said as you do publish videos you should track their performance and analyze the data to learn what seems to drive engagement further. At the end of the day that will help you to learn more about what viewers in your demographic find engaging, and improve any other videos that you produce moving forward.

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