Touring Silicon Valley’s Hottest Tech Industry Hangouts

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Touring Silicon Valley’s Hangouts is something that every corporate office should do once in awhile. This offers you a great chance to network with the bigwigs and meet with the best in business. For college students it’d be a great chance to get inspired from the future leaders too.

True, one of the ways to meet the bigwigs is visiting the leading tech campuses, but, they can be very difficult to follow, and since, it’s their workplace they’re often not open to lengthier conversations.

All this adds up to make the campuses great places to visit, but, not great places to hangout with the techs at. How do we meet with the who’s who of the industry? We go where they are the most comfortable.

However, bay area traffic isn’t exactly your best friend and it can often get stressful managing large groups on tours around the town. When you’re working with large groups in industrial areas, the key is planning, and we’re here to help you with that.

Book your transport

Unless you’re traveling with a very small group, it’s very hard to get around with multiple cars in the onslaught of cars. You might want to go about chartering a private coach or tour bus if you’re going out with a large group. This way you can ensure maximum time with the people you’re traveling with and you don’t have to figure out every single place by yourself. Overall, travel becomes much more smoother and you can enjoy yourself that much more.

Also, it’s necessary to find out about the people traveling before you set off. Make sure to get a proper list about what they want to eat and what kind of problems they have. This way you can avoid injuries.

Check out the best tech places

The tour will be a success if you can figure out where to go to before you book your tour. This way you can be sure about the places and add more destinations to your list.

The Creamery – This cafe makes the most noise in Silicon Valley and with good reason. It’s one of the main places where techies hang out and also one of the places where people close deal. Winging for a new job of networking for new clients? This is where you want to be.

Coupa Cafe – The young place has been a preferred meeting place for many rising stars of the tech world. While, you’re there, try their excellent selection of appetisers too.

21st Amendment – You haven’t really met someone until you’ve seen how they party. This is the coolest place is town and the place to go to let your hair down after the tour.

Rickhouse – This is one of the mainstays of Google employees

Remember to reserve

This tech hangouts are busy places. So, if you’re looking to hang around for lunch or drinks, remember to book your tables ahead of time so that you don’t have to wait for hours to find a seat. You can’t network on an empty stomach.

Plan out the journey

Journeys that involve all day tours like these can be stressful. If you’re moving around with a bus filled with adults or teenagers, the tensions can easily rise high and cause problems.

Its necessary to keep people busy so that arguments don’t spill out and jeopardise the trip. Plan out a few games to play. Choose something simple and interesting that the traveling people would like to invest in.

Another trick is to invest in some simple props that can keep people engaged for long hours. A pack of cards goes a long way, and a small movie screen can engage people for longer hours.

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