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Using Agile To Address Cybersecurity

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If you’re a software development expert, you’ll opine that the sector plays a crucial role in cybersecurity. Every organization uses various software to run its day-to-day operations. As such, defective programs give a leeway for cybercriminals to access your organization’s systems, which may compromise the confidentiality of your client’s data.

Recently, Chief Security Officers (CSOs) have adopted the use of agile software development techniques to enhance their company’s security systems. Unlike the traditional waterfall approach, agile development concentrates on step-wise software modification to yield an easy-to-secure operating system.

Also, agile software development guarantees predictability and allows a quick threat identification. As a result, it gives your organization’s IT professional adequate time to avert the cyber-attacks.

What You Need To Know About Agile Approach

If you want to safeguard your organization comprehensively, you must understand all the details of your operating system. The comprehension will help you to detect any deviation from the norm and mitigate the risk before it occurs.

However, some of the files/software may be too huge for your IT professionals to master every detail about them. What’s worse is the fact that your organization could be utilizing as little as 5% of the entire software!

So, do you need the 95% software remaining?

Well, the truth is that you do not need it! It unnecessarily adds to the volume of the data that you need to protect. Since your IT professionals may not understand most of it, cybercriminals can easily use it to target your data.

That’s where agile software development comes in;

This approach ensures that you only have what you need. It relies on the scalability and repeatability of the exercise. Your CSO and IT team can progressively add details to your operating software, but only when they are required.

As a result, you will easily understand every element of your software, which makes it helps you to safeguard your information. Training of employees becomes relatively easy due to the low volume of data involved. In the long run, the agile approach will not only enhance your security system but also boost your productivity.

What Are The Benefits Of Using An Agile Approach To Enhance Your Cybersecurity?

A majority of cybercrime activities involve unauthorized access to an organization’s systems to compromise normal operations. This has become relatively easy due to a rise in the adoption of technology both by criminals and businesses.

As such, there is a need to institute measures to protect your business from cyber-attacks. This is how agile technology helps you boost your cybersecurity:

  1. Gives Flexibility. The agile technique enables you to select what to include in your operating software carefully. This flexibility enables you to understand all the details of your systems thus allowing you to have a comprehensive security approach
  2. Continuity. The agile approach is not a one-time project. Instead, it allows your business to add various elements into the system when they are needed. If you have a professional IT team, they can detect security loopholes and code for specific features to mitigate them. This gives you a personalized cybersecurity system that you can monitor with ease
  3. Comprehensive Security Testing. Since this is a continuous process, every feature that’s developed is first tested for security before implementation. If security loopholes are identified, they are rectified before its operationalization. This gives you a significantly higher certainty when compared to software developed through the traditional waterfall technology
  4. Improves Employees’ Awareness of Cybersecurity. Employees are not bombarded with many features at once, which can be confusing. Instead, the agile approach allows a collective approach to cybersecurity. All the employees understand the step-wise development of the operating software. They are obliged to point out inconsistencies that can expose your organization to security threats
  5. Guaranteed Compliance. The agile approach makes it easy for internal and external auditors to evaluate your security systems. Your IT team will have step-wise reports on the security measures adopted to protect your data. This makes it a breeze for your organization to be certified by regulatory bodies such as HIPAA, GDPR, and PCI DSS

What To Consider Before Adoption Of Agile Approach

Before your organization starts using this approach, you should categorize your data based on sensitivity and risk of attack. Your IT professionals should be keen to first develop software to safeguard highly restricted information in your organization. You may consider using a cloud-based solution provider to help you in backing up your data and offering a more centralized point of your data source.

Also, you should adopt a reliable risk analysis approach to identify threats early enough. Ensure that you train your employees aggressively to understand the systems. This makes it easy for your team to detect threats and suggest solutions.

Bottom Line

You should never gamble with cybersecurity! Always use an approach that guarantees comprehensive protection of your systems. This article highlights the benefits you can acquire from the agile approach. I recommend that you read through and implement it to enjoy a safe working environment.

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