Why is Cloud Crucial to the Future of Our Societies?

Why is Cloud Crucial to the Future of Our Societies?
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Although cloud has been a part of the digital and technological landscape for quite some time, very few people have truly understood how it can affect the society in the future. One reason why its applications and capabilities are little understood is the arcane nature of this technology. Here are some of the ways by which cloud will impact the human society in the future.

1. Building infrastructure for tomorrow

It is estimated that by 2045, more than 6 billion people will live in cities. Cloud computing will solve many of the questions of tomorrow’s cities. This technology will help provide better services in the areas of transportation, power plants, etc.

Experts also predict that cloud will also be offered in the form of services to industry verticals. For example, there would be specific service that will be provided to the energy sector, and this service will come in the form of cloud. Similarly, companies working in the aviation sector will get services from the aviation cloud. This service will provide better services in the fields of baggage handling, ticketing, passenger reservations etc.

Similarly, a utilities cloud will provide more efficient services in the field of power distribution, storage, and generation. Suffice it to say, that cloud will acquire a much more personalized character in the years to come.

2. Data Management

By 2025, 80% of all the data traffic will be comprised by high definition data, and cloud will play a pivotal role in the management and storage of this information. It is estimated that network and bandwidth requirements will be determined less by user-generated content and more by non-entertainment image and video content. This content includes videos on public awareness and information, IoT data produced my machine to machine communications, and data produced by personal computers and servers. This tremendous explosion of data will be managed by superior cloud computing. So, all your data on the major business assets like websites and applications can be stored on cloud. Cloud hosting has become extremely popular form of web hosting in the past few years and it is one of the most reliable form of hosting.

3. Artificial Intelligence and Cloud

In the coming years, cloud will support new technologies like Artificial Intelligence. This will lead to mobile phones becoming more ‘intelligent’.

In 2011, mobile phone sales overtook those of PCs. This lead to a huge amount of information being stored on mobile phones but all this data (emails, photos, videos) is really unstructured. Arranging this data requires time because the AI in mobile phones is slow. Structuring this data requires the cooperation of cloud servers. However, as cloud computing technologies become more advanced, the AI of our phones will start arranging this data more quickly. Therefore, every time you point a camera at a subject, the lens will adjust itself to the subject because of machine learning and Artificial Intelligence.

4. Cloud and autonomous vehicles

The thought of seeing driverless cars gliding on our streets seems like a real possibility. The background technology of these cars largely works on cloud and will continue using the various cloud computing applications.

Driverless cars work with massive volumes of data the processing of which can only happen on cloud. However, some applications might run on or inside the car. Car owners will mount several security cameras to thwart robbery and all the relevant footage will be cloud hosted. As more and more driverless cars hit our roads, there would be a greater democratization of the cloud industry.

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