Lag Switch: What You Have to Know about It?

Lag Switch: What You Have to Know about It?

Lag switch is one of the crucial tricks to know if you are into serious gaming. If you are new to this word, here is everything you need to know about the lag switch.
A lag switch is a common term among gamers. Many of them use it as a trick to defeat in a group match. How many of you exactly know how it works? Not many I am sure. Even though it is quite popular, its mechanism is still not a clear concept for many gamers.

Here is everything you need to know about one of the most common tricks used in the gaming world.

Understanding Lag Switch

It is a switch to restrict the flow of traffic to the internet. Though temporarily, it eventually delays the data transmission. Lag Switch is small equipment attached to the home network to control the data flow.

When it comes to gaming, Lag Switch has a huge role to play. You can toggle physically to switch it on, to delay the pace of the game. This helps the one using the mechanism to control the game with an upper hand. The players on the other side will face a delay in the progress of the game, resulting in an easy win for the switcher.

How do you use a lag switch in gaming?

Lag switch in gaming is a popular cheat code. You may wonder how it would help a gamer. There is a very simple way of how it influences a game result. Once you activate the switch, the console or your device will stop sending information to the internet for quite some time. Meanwhile, even though the user is not connected, the game will not throw the user out. This is mainly because the game expects the user to return soon. It keeps some time as a buffer and lag switch uses that opportunity to play with the game result.

Even though the game thinks that the user’s internet connection is low, it allows the user to play locally. Here lies the twist. With an activated switch to lag data transmission, on crucial points, you can play locally. This will make your opponent remain oblivious about your moves.

How does the hardware lag switch look like?

The basic hardware lag switch is very simple. It is an Ethernet device. Either the green or the orange wire of Cat5e Cable has been intertwined to a button. The Ethernet device then connects to the console from the router of your home network.

Is it legal to use a lag switch?

Well, deceiving your opponent for winning a game does not sound like a legal way to play. However, using such switches is not outright illegal. Games like ‘Call of Duty’ will ban if a user is found to be using a lag switch. They sometimes ban a user even if he or she uses a such switch for inter speed issues. But for most of the games, using such delaying techniques will not get you into trouble.

Frequently asked questions

  • Can you lag switch on your console?

    You do not lag switch your device. Using such techniques essentially means adding gibberish in your network to create a lag for users who are connected on the same network.

  • Where does the name lag switch come from?

    As the name says, it comes from lagging the connection. That is where the name came from.

  • How do you know if the opponent is lag switching?

    The game will look lagging from the very beginning. But that can be just a poor connection as well. You can take a teleporting test to check if someone has lag switched. If you teleport and are still in the game, then there is a high possibility that someone has lag switch activated.

  • What are the devices where lag switch works?

    It will work on most of the devices – PS4, PS3, PS2, Xbox One, Xbox, Xbox 360. Besides, It works in all of these gaming consoles. It also works for some desktop-based games.


Gamers have been using a lag switch for quite some time now. Not all the gamers tend to use it even though it has gained a great share of popularity. Most of the ethical gamers think it to be a cheat code. Gaming society has its own set of rules and ethics. If you are a part of society, it is better to abide by those rules and ethics. However, this switch can be very useful in gaming. However, remember, forging someone to win is not the trait of true sportsmanship.

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404 Error: Quick Ways to Check and Fix Them

404 Error: Quick Ways to Check and Fix Them

Everyone had the bitter experience of getting the 404 error, indicating that the requested page is not found during your day to day browsing. These 404 Not Found, error 404, or some of the HTTP status codes are the common error messages. The HTTP status codes indicated whether a particular HTTP request completed or not. These HTTP status responses grouped into five. This 404 Error falls in the Client Errors Group (400–499)

 HTTP Status Codes

You know the page; you click on a link, but instead of getting the site you want, an error pops up, indicating that the requested page is not available. Something along the lines of ‘404 Not Found’. A 404 error is the standardized HTTP status code. The message sent from the web server of an online presence to the web browser (usually the client) that sent the HTTP request. The browser then displays this error code.

This HTTP 404 Not Found client error response code indicates that the server cannot find the particular website or the resource searched. Moreover, the links lead to the 404 error pages names as dead or broken links. The other names for broken links are link rot or reference rot.

The 404 Error message does not specify whether the resource website is temporarily or permanently down or removed.

Therefore you will get any of the following messages:

  • Page Not Found
  • 404 Error
  • Error 404
  • 404 Not Found
  • 404
  • Server Not Found error

Interpretation of Http Status Codes

The message is the Hypertext Transfer Protocol response code in network communication to notify the browser that the browser cannot communicate with the given server or could not find the requested resource.

Sometimes, the 404 Not Found Error also be used by the server when it does not wish to disclose whether it has the requested resource. It uses a 404 Error protocol instead of 403 to hide the resource’s existence to the unauthorized client request.

If the URL is written mistakenly in the server end or mistyped in the browser, then the 404 error may occur.

Besides, the requested domain name could not be converted to an IP address by the DNS; then this error may happen.

Soft 404 Errors- Some domains report not found error by sending 200 ok response code, thereby reporting that page is loading correctly and these named as Soft 404 errors.

Proxy servers sometimes generate 404 Error instead of 500- range code. They are delivering a client error code instead of a server error code. This is because the proxy server could not find the requested page because of a remote server host’s problem because of hostname resolution failures or refused TCP connections, and they deliver Error 404, instead of 5XX internal server error.

Intentional 404 Not Found Errors- these intentional 404 errors practiced to conceal the potentially illegal content.

404 Not Found

 Fixing the 404 Not Found Error:

Retry the web page pressing an F5 function key, or clicking, tapping the refresh, reload button, or trying the URL again from the address bar.

Since 404 Not Found Error appear for several reasons sometimes a simple refresh load your requested page.

Sometimes mistyping may lead to the 404 not found error page so check again for any typing errors

Sometimes trying one directory level up can solve the 404 error page. For example, instead of trying, working may resolve your issue.

Go to the home page and try the search option for the page you are looking for.

If the site doesn’t have a search option, try the category links or tag links to dig deeper to find the page you are looking for.

The search of the page from a popular search engine to get the page you want to go. Sometimes you can get the page from the popular search engine’s cached page option.

Sometime your Browser cache may be the reason for the 404 Not Found message. Clear your browser cache and try it again.

Sometimes clearing the cookies related to the website can resolve your HTTP 404 error.

Even you can contact the site owner using the contact page for the particular resource you are checking for.

If all the about said methods are futile, then update your bookmark accordingly to avoid Page Not Found Error in the future.

Changing your DNS server to a public DNS Server may fix the problem, so try it also.

 How Do 404 Error Harm Your Site

HTTP 404 errors can damage a website’s ranking and reputation

Too much of 404 errors will lead to affect the reputation of the sites in the eyes of Search engines and the visitors.

The dead links lead to the negative impression of Search engines, and the crawlers may reduce the crawling frequency. The search engines may degrade the ranking of the sites due to 404 errors. That may result in a negative impact on the SERP of the website. And the direct visitors via the search engine will be reduced.

Because of more broken and dead links, visitors may be annoyed and lose trust on the site. Because of the Error 404 Not Found the user experience may hamper, and it directly raises the bounce rate. The increased bounce rate may affect the ranking of your sites in the online SEO Tools.

How to Identify 404 Error in Your Website:

Every website owner must eliminate the HTTP 404 Not Found pages to enhance the user experience. Get rid of 404 Not Found pages from your site will improve your site ranking. Here are some free tools to track down broken links from your website.

Google Webmaster Tools/ Google Search Console:

If you have already added your site in the Google search console, you can easily find the 404 Not Found pages of your website.

First, sign in to your account.

Go to Crawl Errors-> Diagnostics

Click -> Not Found

You will get a list of not found pages of your site

Bing Webmaster:

With the help of Bing Webmaster, you can find the Not Found Errors. You will find the 404 Not found pages in Under Reports and Data under Crawl information. Here you will get the detailed list of pages with 404 Not Found.

Yandex Webmaster:

Sign in to Yandex Webmaster

Go to Indexing-> Searchable pages-> Indexing ->Excluded pages

In the Excluded pages, you will get the 404 pages of your site using an appropriate filter.

Apart from these free tools, you can use Moz, SEMRush, or Ahref to fetch the list of not found error pages.

How to Fix 404 Error in Your Site

There are pretty high chances to have Error 404 on your site. You can eliminate them following some simple tips given below. For the perfect user experience, it is crucial to fix these errors quickly.

Page Redirection:

Page redirection is the easiest way to fix the Page Not Found Error code. Redirecting the error page to another page using 301 Redirect is an effortless way.

Note: The redirected new page must contain the original information or the updated version of the content for the better user experience.

Correcting the Link: 

Checks the URL for error; if it is there, fix it immediately.

Restoring deleted pages:

Sometime, your deleted pages may contain more relevant, valuable information for the users. You either restore the deleted pages or redirect them to the pages with similar content.

However, Do not forget to create a more personalized 404 error page for your site. Besides, with the personalized error page, the visitor understands that the content removed permanently. 404 errors are inevitable in a website, therefore to avoid bitter user experience, and to avoid negative SEO metrics, monitor your site periodically. In other words, allotting some time and periodical checking will help you stay ahead of your competitors.

Here are some 404 Error sub status codes:

  • Not found– 404.0
  • Site Not Found– 404.1
  • Common Gateway Interface restriction– 404.2
  • Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions type restriction– 404.3
  • No handler configured– 404.4
  • Denied by request filtering configuration– 404.5>
  • Verb denied– 404.6
  • File extension denied– 404.7
  • Hidden namespace– 404.8
  • File attributes hidden– 404.9
  • Request header too long– 404.10
  • The request contains a double escape sequence– 404.11
  • The request contains high-bit characters– 404.12
  • Content length too large– 404.13
  • Request URL too long– 404.14
  • Query string too long– 404.15
  • DAV request sent to the static file handler– 404.16
  • Dynamic content mapped to the static file handler via a wildcard MIME mapping– 404.17
  • Query string sequence denied– 404.18
  • Denied by filtering rule– 404.19
  • Too Many URL Segments – 404.20
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Cable TV vs. Streaming Services: Who Will Win?

Cable TV vs. Streaming Services: Who Will Win?

When cable TV replaced satellite, it opened new avenues for consumers in terms of accessibility, options, and reliability. Cable TV, undoubtedly, is one of the most promising sources of entertainment. You can watch all your favorite shows, sports, news, and movies on cable. However, with the growing taxes, surcharges, and fees, cable TV is becoming more and more expensive. For a starter plan, you will have to pay around $50 every month. The prices go up after the end of the promotional term and the equipment charges are separate.

Since the consumers are tired of stretching their budgets, it is a common practice among them to cut the cord and switch to streaming. Cord-cutting is a growing movement in the US. Many people think that there is no point in paying $100 on cable bills if you can order a better service in just under $20-$30.

Therefore, more and more streaming services are popping up. This has started a debate. Which one is better? Cable TV or Streaming?

In this post, we will discuss all the pros and cons of cable TV and streaming services. In the end, we will try to understand which one is better.

Pros of Cable TV

Extensive Channel Lineups

Cable TV plans offer an extensive channel lineup. You get a daily dose of sports, news, and entertainment on the go. An average cable TV service has more than 100 channels. The number goes even higher if you subscribe to higher-end plans. For example, Cox cable has many plans offering 100 to 200 channels in HD. This includes all the national, local and even foreign language channels.

Local Sports & News Channels

Cable TV has an admirable variety of local channels. If you are born in the States, there are high chances that you grew up loving college football, baseball, and basketball. College sports have produced world-class athletes and there is no denying that we Americans live and breathe it. The best thing about cable TV is that it has all the local channels so that you can watch your favorite games and get the local news.

Greater Stability

The problem with streaming is that it relies entirely on high-speed internet. If the internet connection is unstable due to bad weather or poor reception, you will not be able to watch your favorite TV shows. On the bright side, cable TV works just fine even in the stormy season. You don’t have to rely on the internet just to watch the news or a TV show.

Cons of Cable TV


Cable TV has become a bit expensive in recent years. You have to pay for the package, TV boxes, taxes, surcharges, and other fees. As a result, the monthly bill goes out of an average consumer’s budget range. Many providers offer promotions but these promotions are only good for a year or two. After the end of that term, the prices hike up.

Pros of Streaming

Streaming Services are Cheap

The biggest advantage of getting streaming services as opposed to cable TV is the price. The streaming services are quite cheaper. You do not have to pay for the cable boxes, taxes, or surcharges every month. The prices stay the same throughout the year and even if there is a raise, it does not create a dent on your budget. The affordability is the reason why many people are switching to streaming.

Pay For What You Want

Cable TV has a lot of stuff you don’t even watch. However, you still pay for those unimportant channels. This isn’t the case with streaming. You get to choose the channels you want to stream and you pay for the stuff you watch. Nothing more.

Entertainment On The Go

We all have a busy and spontaneous lifestyle. No matter how hard we try, things go unplanned. To cope with our busy lifestyles, we need entertainment on the go, and not through a fixed schedule. Streaming gives you that. You can watch anything, anytime, anywhere, as long as you have internet access. On the other hand, cable TV programming follows a strict broadcasting schedule and you might miss your favorite show if you are late.

Cons of Streaming

Requires High-Speed Internet

Streaming requires high-speed internet. If your connection is not up to the mark, you might have to suffer indefinite buffering while streaming an episode online.

One Streaming Service is not Enough

There are tons of streaming services in the market. They have distributed the market share by occupying popular shows. Therefore, you will have to sign-up for multiple services to get your favorite programming. As a result, you will have to pay more, deal with different bills each month, and there would be no reason to switch to streaming after all.

Final Verdict

Which entertainment source wins? Well, we have to wait until a streaming service gives us the same amount of channels as cable TV. It should have all the local channels as well. Only then can we argue that streaming has completely beaten cable TV.

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Best Smart Watch Hand Picked by Our Experts in 2020

Best Smart Watch Hand Picked in 2020

Most of your watches are analog watches, whereas the Smart watch is a digital watch. A smart watch is nothing but a small wearable computer. It comes with a touch screen interface for easy use. With an internet connection to your Smart watch, you can do many things that a computer can do. In addition, with the best smart watch, you can send and receive messages, GPS navigation. Moreover, with Bluetooth connectivity with your phone, you can send and receive mails, play digital media. You can run almost all of the apps on your Smartphone. The Smart watch designed to offer convenience. It complements the Smartphone’s function when paired with it. Wearing a wearable device is not harmful to you. But there are some privacy and security concerns are there.

Pros and Cons of  a Best Smart Watch:


  • Regular work of an analog wristwatch
  • Incoming call alerts
  • Notifications for the calendar, remainder, and other social media push notifications
  • Reminder from your virtual assistants and voice assistant
  • Navigation purpose
  • Finding your phone option
  • Health alerts like ECG, heartbeat rate, etc., using Accelerometer, Gyro, and Heart Rate monitors.
  • Fall detection
  • Altimeter, Compass, and thermometer
  • All call features


  • Consume more battery life
  • Display- Very Small

Types of Smart Watches

There are three types of the smart watch based on the production line.

  • First, the hardware and the OS belongs to the same vendor namely Apple watch
  • Designed and sold by many vendors using third party OS like Google wear operating system.
  • Proprietary operating system used by the vendor.

The types of smart watches based on the specific use and purpose of the clock.

  • Watches for Hiking
  • Special Diving Watches
  • Flying watches
  • Fitness tracker

5 Best Smart Watch Exclusively for You

The following are our best smart watch pick, exclusively for your wrist, within your budget.

Apple Watch 5 Series:

Apple Watch 5 SeriesApple Watch 5 Series is a compelling, versatile smart watch that offers a wide range of features, including fitness. This apple wearable is more expensive but worth for features available in it. The advantage with Apple Watch 5 Series is, it seamlessly compatible with Apple devices. The disadvantage is; it is not compatible with Smartphones other than iPhone. It has fitness tracking, life-saving health features, and fall detection. Apple watch uses high-quality aluminum for cases. They are incredibly light with an elegant look. The straps are easily interchangeable. 


  • Retina Display- No needs to raise your arms to watch the time. The display dims when your hands are down. When you raise your hands, it automatically brightens the face.
  • ECG App (needs watchOS 6) for finding heart rhythm or heartbeat rate count. It is capable of generating single-lead electrocardiogram that can provide critical life-saving data. The electrodes built-in the crown make ECG with the help of the crystal build-in
  • Noise App- alert for noise pollution around yourself
  • Cycle tracking App- to track your menstrual cycle
  • Easy customization according to your preference
  • Advanced workout metrics reading<
  • GPS enabled. With the Maps app’s help, you can find your geographic position and the direction you are facing. Thanks to Apple technology.
  • Apple Watch Series 5 is designed for swimmers, and it is Water resistant up to 50 meters. The apps measure the active track of swimming. Moreover, measure burnt calories, including distance from swimming in the pool and open water.
  • Activity app to track exercise activity every day. It tracks yoga, cycling, swimming everything can be tracked with this app
  • Easy access to Apple Music library to streams your favorite beats
  • The built-in Compass can measure the ground elevation. Compass app displays your heading along with elevation, latitude, longitude, altitude, and incline.
  • You can call or text without your phone. Yes, Apple Watch Series keeps you connected, even without your iPhone in hand.
  • Emergency SOS alert. Automatically calls for assistance in emergency
  • Fall detection automatically calls emergency service without the wait for you to respond after 60 seconds
  • Siri voice assistant at your service
  • Hundreds of watch face to match perfectly with your outfit.
  • You can enable more health apps to give you additional support and alert when you need it.

The offer price of Apple Watch Series 5 is $399

Amazfit GTS

Amazfit GTSThe best smartwatch, Amazfit GTS, uses a high-resolution screen with pixel density 341ppi and a 348X442 resolution. The fully customized 1.65″ AMOLED display enriches the color of the display to the next level. The display delivers the lifelike color saturation with the NTSC color spectrum with ultra-high color saturation.

The fully customized square screen delivers a larger display area. Recently, Amazfit GTS released two innovative modular watch faces that can be customized to display the essential information needed, such as heart rate, calendar, and events. The maximum you can customize to have seven widgets and 17 functions.

The upper left corner is dedicated for time, and the center of the display is for important information of the widgets. The lower areas are for a stopwatch, alarm clock, and battery indicator, etc.


  • Water-resistant up to the depth of 50m
  • Amazfit GTS supports multiple swimming activities. It automatically recognizes your swimming position and records the data. And deliver accurate analysis.
  • It supports 12 exercise modes. It has professional sensors to perform a scientific analysis of the data.
  • Amazfit GTS’s best smart watch combines both hardware and software to optimize power consumption. In primary mode, it works for more than a month.
  • Inbuilt Huami BioTracker PPG tracking sensor performs 24 hours of heart rate monitoring.
  • It has the multi-dimension health management functions to develop a good habit and improve overall health.
  • An integrated health management system helps you to understand and control your health.
  • Supports Android 5.0 or iOS 10.0

Huawei Watch GT2e

Huawei Watch GT2eThe best smart watch Huawei Watch GT2e, it comes with 1.39″ AMOLED HD display with revitalizing watch faces. It comes with a stainless steel frame. It flawlessly pair with the colorful straps with a firm grip.

Huawei Watch GT2e comes with a Kirin A1 wearable chip. Moreover, this Huawei made chip ensures high performance with incredibly low power consumption. The power-saving algorithms 2.0 with dual-chip consume less energy with a splendid power pack.


  • GPS enabled
  • Sensors: Accelerometer sensor, Gyroscope sensor, Geomagnetic sensor, Optical heart rate sensor, Ambient light sensor, Air pressure sensor, Capacitive sensor
  • Memory: 4GB
  • System Requirement: Android 4.4 or later and iOS 9.0 or later
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth 5.1, BLE/BR/EDR
  • Battery Life: 14 days
  • Charging: Magnetic charging thimble
  • Water Resistance: 5 ATM water-resistant

Huawei Watch GT2e price 120$

Best Smart Watch  from Samsung

Galaxy Watch Active2

Galaxy Watch Active2Samsung Galaxy Watch Active2 now comes with a large customizable screen. You can choose either sturdy stainless steel or lightweight aluminum body. Galaxy Watch Active2 battery can last for a day. With an IP68 and 5ATM water and dust resistance rating, you can try swimming freely.


  • Tizen Based Wearable OS 4.0
  • Battery Capacity 340mAh
  • Exynos 9110 Dual-core 1.15GHz
  • RAM + 4GB Internal Memory
  • Bluetooth connectivity and Wi-Fi b/g/n, NFC, A-GPS/GLONASS
  • Sensors: Accelerometer, Gyro, Barometer, HRM, Ambient Light
  • Compatibility: Samsung, other Android: Android 5.0 or higher & RAM 1.5GB above
  •  iPhone: iPhone 5 and above, iOS 9.0 or above
  • Price of Samsung Galaxy Watch Active2 299$

Tag Heuer Connected 2020

Tag Heuer Connected 2020After a long five years break Tag Heuer Connected 2020 best smart watch released recently. However, It is one of the refined models of Tag Heuer. High-performance smartwatch form the luxury brand. The specialty is the battery can be replaced with. The sapphire crystal topped OLED touch screen is the best looking screen. Tag Heuer Connected 2020 uses Steel or PVD coated titanium case.

Price of Tag Heuer Connected 2020 is around 1800$

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Windows Modules Installer Worker- High CPU Use

Windows Modules Installer Worker- High CPU Use

 What is Windows Modules Installer Worker? Windows Modules Installer Worker or otherwise called WMIW is an executable program need to execute windows new update available for your computer. This tool is very much necessary for your computer which   running on Windows Operating system. This Windows Update Service automatically running at the background for checking and installing any update available from windows server, for your operating system.

Why Windows Modules Installer Worker is Important?

Most of the hardware manufacturers release latest versions and updates for their drivers. Most of the updates are the improvements in the previous or the security fixes. Relatively windows also need to deliver the updates for the systems. Usually Microsoft collects the new version of the hardware drivers, and the Modules Installer Worker down loads them to your computer.

Therefore, all updates comes with some security fixes for the previous versions, new features and other varied improvements. Hence it is very much important to install those updates as early as possible.

Since this WMIW is continuous process some time it pushes the disk usage of your system hundred percent. And this becomes one of the reasons for frequent freezing and hanging of your windows system.

Why Windows Modules Installer Worker Use High CPU?


Sometimes the Windows Modules Installer Worker use high CPU use and become vulnerable to your daily use of the system. In that case you can control the high CPU use in the following ways:

  • By disabling windows update service
  • Running Windows Update Troubleshooter
  • By making necessary changes in your internet settings and make it a metered internet connection.

The second one is the very easy and safe way to overcome the high CPU use problem.

Windows module installer worker or the Tiworker.exe windows module installer worker is not a virus. It is a genuine Microsoft Windows program.

Fix for Windows Modules Installer Worker High CPU Usage:

Method 1: Disabling Windows Update Service

As told earlier, you can disable automatic update for your windows update. Disabling automatic update stops the WMIW tool and can solve your high usage of CPU issue. To do this, follows the steps below:

Enable run command by pressing Windows key with R on your system keyboard

Type “services.msc” and click ok

In service window look for “Windows Module Installer”

Double click on Windows Module Installer to open dropdown menu and set it to “manual

Now check for “Windows Update” in service window

A dialogue will appear, select either manual or disabled for the startup type

Click Ok and save the settings and reboot it.

This technique solves the issue in most of the case, if not follow the other methods given below.

Method 2: Running Windows Update Troubleshooter

You can run the windows update troubleshooter easily from your settings itself to solve the issue with WMIW.

  • Go to: Settings -> Update and Security -> Troubleshoot -> Windows Update
  • Click “Run the troubleshooter”
  • Follow the instructions to fix the issues notified.

Method 3: Making necessary changes in Internet Settings

Most of the Microsoft Windows 10 users follow this method. This setting actually not allowing tiworker.exe to consume more Internet usage, hence it stops high usage of the CPU resources.

Start -> Settings -> Network and Internet -> Wi-Fi

Click Advanced

In the options select the metered connection on.

If it is wired connection do the following:

Start -> Settings -> Network and Internet -> Status -> Change adaptor options

Click -> Change connection properties

Set as Metered connection -> On

Exit the settings.

Disk Drive Fix

disc drive

Sometimes this high usage of CPU may be due to Disk drive errors. To resolve the issues due to disk drive errors, you can use the CHKDSK command utility. CHKDSK command utility can check the disk drives for errors and will fix those disk drive errors, and bad sectors, which may be the reason for the high usage of CPU.

Open command CMD prompt as administrator (Elevated command Prompt)

Enter CHKDSK c: /f/r/x

Schedule the disk check on the subsequent restart and allow it to restart and do the fixing.

Sometimes the disk check will find the corrupt files but it is unable to fix them. Then in that case you need to run the DISM command DISM/Online/Cleanup-image/RestoreHealth to clean the corrupted files and enable the SFC to do the needful.

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