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What Are Snapchat Charms- How to Get Them with Friends?

Snapchat Charms- How to Get Them with Friends?
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Many people have seen images of people with dogs’ ears or heart freckles or flowers. It is the Snapchat platform where you can see such pictures. Over fifty various “locked” emojis representing trophies are available on this platform. If you are willing to unlock these, you are required to send some messages. You can unlock them by making new friends or verifying your email address. You are capable of accessing the Trophies through the Trophy case of this platform. Emojis and trophies were part of that Snapchat Charms. However, nowadays, charms have replaced trophies. In this article, we have discussed the names of the charms, the procedure to get these, etc.

What is Snapchat? 

Snapchat is a very famous social media platform. There are two reasons for the popularity of this platform. The first one is Snapchat’s visual add-ons such as text and filters. Users are capable of using these add-ons while sending a message. The second one is the reward system of the application. In this case, you will get more awards when you send more messages to other people.

It is a combination of texts and snaps. The feature of this application makes it unique from other social media. In this app, you can find a special type of camera. This platform allows you to try different looks. You merely have to tap one time on your phone display. Thus, it enables users to chat with their dear ones through snaps. The platform has over 500 million users, because of which it has become a vast platform.

What are Charms on Snapchat?

Snapchat Charms are fun filled special mementos to celebrate your relationship in Snapchat. They are such attractive gifts that are available on this platform. It varies differently based on the interaction and relationships with your friends, how you communicate with each other, etc. When you want to see the rewards of your friend, you should go to the friendship profile or group profile and open it. After that, your task is to scroll the profile to the bottom of the screen. If you are willing to know more details about the surprises, then tap on them. These are private and get updated over time; therefore, you need to watch them. As a result, only your friend and you are capable of watching these.

Where did Snapchat Trophies Go?

In previous days, the platform had a prominent feature, i.e., Trophies. The feature is a hidden reward system containing badges. Users can unlock them, but only after you achieve something in the app.

Where Can You Find These Charms Rewards?

Users can get these surprises in their friendship details with other people’s accounts.

  • To find these surprises, first, your task is to go to the app on the camera screen.
  • Now, your job is to take the help of the search bar for typing the name of any of your friends. If you want, you can navigate to the Chat list.
  • Now, you should select any of your friends on the platform and then tap on the username.
  • Next, you have to search for the user’s icon or their Bitmoji. You can get them available at the top left corner of the display. After finding these, you should tap on them.
  • After that, your job is to scroll down the display and search for the surprises. These are available at the bottom of the friend’s profile.

How to Get Snapchat Charms:

Users can get various types of surprises from the platform. But it relies on the connection between your friend and you. Besides, it also depends on the number of snaps you send to your friend, how complete the profiles are, etc.

As soon as you complete these criteria, you will get awards from this platform. Further, the availability of these surprises is based on your birthdays, usernames, your friend emojis, or Bitmoji.

The app doesn’t give any control to its users of these charms. A few people are there who are willing to watch new ones appearing in their friendship. Ensure to snap at each other often if you also belong to them. Always try to keep your profile updated.

Names and Meaning of the Snapchat Charms:

Now, you can also get the surprise that is one of the reasons to celebrate for you. Haven’t any idea about them? Don’t worry, as you can get these available on the new profile screens for your friends. Your task is merely to click on their Bitmoji and then scroll the display to the bottom. After that, you can see them in front of your screen. We have named a few of these here. Let’s have a look at those.

SnapChat Zodiac Signs & Their Meanings:

Zodiac Signs Meanings
Taurus This one indicates the earth. Hence, people are reliable, practical, and powerful. Someone can trust you with lots of responsibility. But you may be stubborn.
Cancer Cancer indicates the water sign of the zodiac. People who get this type of sign are compassionate and intuitive. They can love their dears intensely. People can feel insecurity, or they can be pessimistic.
Gemini This sign of the zodiac also indicates air. Whether you are a Gemini, you are capable of cracking a joke quickly. These people can manage any kind of situation practically. But they are sometimes indecisive.
Sagittarius It refers to the fire. People with Sagittarius are givers. They usually have a big heart for everyone. However, other people can take benefit of your generosity and kind-heartedness.
Libra We know it as an air sign of the zodiac. Libra people prefer to get along with everyone.

They are diplomats also and work with others properly. People can allow other people to get benefits from their diplomacy.

Aquarius We know it as an air sign of the zodiac. People who are Aquarius are generally powerful and independent. They know the value of freedom. However, in some cases, people are quiet or shy.
Capricorn It is a sign of the zodiac that indicates earth. People who are Capricorn are usually motivated and task-oriented. They are responsible enough. But sometimes, they can behave arrogantly.
Leo This one is a fire sign of the zodiac. People with this sign are passionate and creative. They usually have a lot of energy. But they may be lazy as well as stubborn.
Scorpio The sign indicates water. People with Scorpio are independent, stubborn, and resourceful. They can strive in any situation. However, they may be secretive and distrusting.
Virgo It is also an earth sign of the zodiac. In this case, people are loyal and modest. They are dedicated to friends and family. People are shy hence and take too much stress.
Aries This is also one of the fire signs of the zodiac. Hence, people are lively and courageous. They prefer to travel to different places and explore various types of things. But, they are impatient and impulsive.
Pisces It is a water sign of the zodiac. People who are Pisces are usually awesome artists and creative also. However, it is not mandatory to be grounded for you in reality.

In Details:


The meaning of Taurus is Strong, steady, and loving. People are very strong-willed in this case. It is one of the purposeful signs of the zodiac.

How to Get Taurus Zodiac Sign: Whether you are born between April 20 – May 20, then you are a Taurus. Thus, you can get the sign.


The symbol has a relation with nesting and home life. People of such signs love to live at their place instead of traveling with their groups.

How to Get Cancer Zodiac Symbol: Whether your birthday month is between June 21 – July 23, then you are a Cancer. Thus, you will get the sign.


The symbol is representative of two personalities. One is versatile, inquisitive, expressive, and the second one is fun-loving.

How to Get Gemini Zodiac Symbol: If you were born between May 21 – June 21, you are a Gemini. Thus, people can get the sign.


People who are fun-loving of this type are very optimistic. They love to travel to various locations. Besides, they always love to enjoy their lives most. It means that they love to do a night out and prefer to chase their dreams.

How to Get Sagittarius Zodiac Sign: People who have birthdays between November 22 – December 21 are Sagittarius. They can get the symbol in this way.


In this case, people are very likable as well as charming. These people have a lot of friends. However, sometimes they have a limited friend circle above all else.

How to Get Libra Zodiac Symbol: People who were born between September 23 – October 23 are Libra. They can get this sign from the platform in this way.


People of this type are the most independent people in the zodiac. Hence, every person has a special character.

How to Get Aquarius Zodiac Symbol: People who have birthdays between January 20 – February 18 are Aquarius. It is the way how they can get the Aquarius surprise from the platform.


We know the sign as a very hardworking and focused symbol in the zodiac. People who are Capricorns can reach their destination easily through little but successful steps.

How to Get Capricorn Zodiac Symbol: Whether your birthday is between December 22—January 20, then you have a Capricorn character. It is the way you can get this type of charm.


People hence are the bright fiery stars of the zodiac. It means that they are creative, brave enough as well as dramatic. However, sometimes they may be over-dramatic.

How to Get Leo Zodiac Symbol: If you were born between July 23 – August 22, then you belong to this type. Thus, you are capable of getting the Leo sign.


These people are very much determined and passionate. Besides, they are very sensitive. If you feel comfortable with someone, a loving character of your personality will come out.

How to Get Scorpio Zodiac Symbol: People who have birthdays between October 23 – November 22 are Scorpios.


These people are considerate, patient, as well as thoughtful. Along with these, these people have a naughty, fun side. Virgo people have a powerful work ethic. They love to live their lives in an orderly and productive way.

How to Get Virgo Zodiac Sign: If you were born between August 23 – September 22, you are a Virgo.


These can enlighten any room they want to walk into. People having contagious lives prefer to explore always the latest and exciting things.

How to Get Aries Zodiac Symbol: Whether the birthday of anyone is between March 21 – April 19, then he or she is an Aries. Thus, they can get the Aries symbol.


People are very creative as well as sensitive. They are the poetic dreamers of the zodiac. This type of person has a lot of emotions and feelings in their heart. But they don’t showcase their emotions to the outer world.

How to Get Pisces Zodiac Symbol: Whether you were born between February 19 – March 20, you are then a Pisces. Thus, you are capable of getting the symbol.

Friendship Charm:

Mutual BFs: In this type, the mutual BFs are the first ones we will discuss. It will resemble like a pair of sunglasses. The symbol indicates that you and your friend have shared a best friend from the Best Friends section.

Mutual Besties: Mutual besties is the next one that you will unlock. It appears while you will share a best friend with that person. As a result, a best friend becomes common among all. However, another surprise is there that you can unlock.

It is why we ask Mutual as the awkwardness surprise. Here, you can see fighting between you and them for your best friend’s number one position. When you use the platform, you can see changes in Best friends frequently. It may take seven days. Sometimes, the surprise can appear on someone’s profile. But they can see that next week.

BFF: BFF is the final unlocking surprise for you here. You can get this available in three variants. The reason is that it relies on the time duration the people have been your BFF. While you and your best friend are with each other, the time is the first tier of the best friend’s surprise. Therefore, both people remain in the first position on their accounts.

When they keep it for two weeks, then you will get the Two-tier. While they keep these for two months, they will get the Three Tier. Therefore, a few barriers are there that let you know how well your best friend is.

New Friends Charms:

People who sign up on this social media platform recently usually don’t get any best friends yet. When you include a person, the platform will give you a surprise for a short duration of time. The baby one indicates the surprise of New Friend.

Snapstreaks: A few people are there who take these very seriously. It doesn’t matter how many are in the Snapstreaks. Besides, no different variants are also there. For example, the number can be 6 or 100 in the Snapstreaks. But it asks only that the person has a streak with this person for a long time.

Snapstreak: When you lose the streak, you will lose the symbol. Surprises that you can unlock now in your profile display are all the friend emoji types. These have been available in the application for a couple of years. It will give you more reasons why you should have a best friend on this platform.

The nest surprises are entirely brand new. You won’t see them before on this platform. Therefore, let’s discuss these brand-new types. The first one is going to be addressed which one you get by default with each person. It doesn’t matter whether you talk to them or not. Therefore, these five tiers rely on the way you snap the person.

Keep in Touch Charms:

In Touch: You will get this while you are in touch with the person frequently. The surprise is the best one that people can get. It indicates that you are snapping at that person often.

It’s Been a Second: The term “It’s Been a Second” indicates that a person has not talked to another person in a short while. Therefore, a small time duration has passed, i.e., probably a week.

It’s Been a Minute: The next term we will discuss is It’s Been a Minute. It indicates that you haven’t talked to the person for a while. As it is more than a second, therefore it becomes a minute now. The time duration is not now in seconds; it is now in minutes. However, there is nothing to take tension.

It’s Been a While: It’s Been a While is the one that we will discuss. It indicates that for an extended period, you haven’t spoken to that person.

Shy Guys: The very next surprise is Shy Guys. You will get this type when you have never talked to a person and vice versa. In this case, both have added each other as friends. But no one sent a snap to each other.

It’s Been Forever: The last one we will discuss is It’s Been Forever. When you see the It’s Been Forever charm, ensure that you and your friend are not in touch for more than a year.

Snapchat Birthday Charms:

The next new type you can unlock is related to your birthday. To get this type of surprise, you should put your birth date into the app. As soon as you enter, the app will give you awards with a few gifts.

Birthday Twins:

It is only for those who are Birthday Twins. When two people or more than that are born in the same week, they will get the birthday surprise. In this case, it doesn’t matter if the year of two people doesn’t match. Whether you are born within seven days, then it is possible to unlock the Red Hats. It is the Birthday Twin.

Half Birthday Twins:

It doesn’t matter whether you have any birthday twins or not on the app. The reason is that another surprise is waiting for you. It is Half Birthday Twins that you need to unlock. Users are capable of getting these while their friends are six months apart from them. That is why they don’t need to be in the same week, month or year.

The duration should be equally six months. For example, if you were born in January, then the birthday twin would be born in July. It is known as a Half Birthday Twin. The surprise or charm looks like a Blue Hat.

Astrology Compatibility:

It is set to default in the app. Therefore, whether you won’t see it on someone’s profile screen, then he might not enter his date of birth. These are the astrological star symbols. All people have a star symbol. It didn’t depend on the month when they were born. The app only requires the date. There are different dates on different star signs. You can see these available on the display of your profile. The astrological star symbol indicates the character of a person.

You get to see another star also on the display of your mobile. It displays the different dates between different star signs. You can see a symbol of an astrological star while you present on the friend’s profile screens. These symbols let you know what the character of the person is. The astrological compatibility or the star sign compatibility is the one that compares your star symbol with others.

Hence, you will get a small but nice paragraph. It asks the way someone is compatible with the other person. When you are going to share an astrological connection with someone, you will get this. A few zodiac signs are there that are well compatible with one another.

When someone gets the symbol, it indicates that he has friends with complimentary zodiac signs.


Birthstones is the one that is related to birthdays. It is for the profile of your friend, not for your profile. Besides, the charm doesn’t compare to the astrological ones do. There are some birthstones with short descriptions. These are January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November, and December. Every month has its Birthstone charm.

Upcoming Birthday:

The function of the forthcoming Birthday charm is to notify your upcoming birthday of your friend. Your friend will know when he or she wants to celebrate whenever your birthday is.

Snapchat Score Charms:

These are all about the averages between your friend and you. In this case, you can see multiple tiers also.

For Rookies, the score range is between 0 to ~1,000. When it comes to Sophomores, the score range is between ~1,000 & 10,0000. For Heroes, the range is from ~10,000 to 200,000 whereas, for Legends, the range is ~200,000+.

Newbie or Rookies:

It is the first tier of the Snapchat score surprise that you will unlock. People with a very low Snap score will get this type. There is one star you can see in the middle. It lets you know that you are a beginner to the application.


This one is the next tier up. The sophomore is a two-star charm. In this tier, you have progressed to a greater level. Thus, you can move on to a higher score.


The Masters is the three-star one. It means that you and your friend know about the app a bit for a reasonable score level.


This indicates that both your friend and you have reached a very high peak in the app’s score.


It has five stars. If you have reached the level, then you have become a legend. When you get the sign, it indicates that you use this application very often to share snaps. The reason is that you can make the best score. Legends sign lets you know the quality of your scores in an average.


If you are willing to get this, then you must have something special. Almost all users can use this one. People who used the application in 2013 face Snap OG with 2013 written on it. Therefore, if you have been using the app since the time, then you must get that.

Employees Only:

When an app employee is talking to another employee, they can get it. If you are willing to get the Employees only surprise, then apply for a job to Snapchat. When you get the job, you should add their members or staff.

Group Charms:

The social media platform has included the feature also similarly as a friendship type. We know the feature in a group known as Group Charms. These help to spot the members of a group who are very active and creative.

If you want to see this, your task is to navigate to the group which you are willing to see. Then, you should click on the Group Profile. After that, your job is to scroll down the page to the bottom of the group. All members of that group can see these.

These are all that you can see in the app while using it. We hope you will find this perfect.

How to Hide or Remove the Charms:

Whether you don’t prefer any of these, you are capable of removing or hiding them manually. In this case, your first job is to click on the surprise. As soon as you open the surprise, you should find the three dots. You can get that available at the top right corner of the popup display. Next, you should click the three dots. As soon as you tap on them, you can see an option to Hide. Then, you should choose the option Hide and ensure your task.

You can hide Birthday and Astrology ones. But to do these, you should toggle off the Birthday Party. If you want, you can change your birthday in Settings. In this case, you should know that the editing work can be done only in a limited amount of time.

How to Unhide the Charms:

In this case, the method is quite similar. You are required to tap on the three dots. After that, your task is to choose the option Unhide for restoring the surprise. If you have any queries left, then go to the official support page of the platform.


Snapchat is an application that is very famous among kids. As a parent, this must be known to you. Whether you don’t fit in any of these, you can still explore new things.

SnapChat Charms Frequently Asked Questions: 

  • Does the app ask someone when you look at their charms?

You can see the profile of another user. Like, you can view their Snapchat score, username, saved messages & pictures in your chat with the person, etc. While you see, the person won’t get any notification. A few people are there who have linked their Stories to their Bitmoji. As a result, you can view an image or video in a bubble above the head.

  • Are these same for both people?

Snapchat gives rewards to its users for their interactions. When you get them, these are available on your profile. These are available on both profiles simultaneously. As soon as you get these, your friend will also get them.

  • How can you tell who stalks your Snapchat?

There is an icon of an eye having a number beside it. This number tells you the number of people who have seen your story. You only have to swipe it up from the bottom. Then, you can see a list containing the names of people who have seen it. When you have a lot of views, you can’t see everyone.

  • What happens when you tap on a Snapchat charm?

After tapping on that, an illustration of you and your friend’s Bitmojis appears, along with more details about the reward system. As soon as you tap on that, you are capable of scrolling left or right. Thus, you can view the details about other rewards also.

  • Can you stalk someone’s SNAP score?

To do this, you have to include them as a friend. They also need to accept you as a friend in return.


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