Best Interval Timer App Android in 2020 for All

Best Interval Timer App Android in 2020

Interval Timer app is always great because they can help you in lots of ways. If you’re searching for the best Interval Timer App Android? Then don’t worry; in this post, I’ll cover the best Interval Timer App Android in 2020.

Generally, interval timer apps are great as they are essential for many careers and different processes. For ex, if you are in sports, you’ll always notice the countdown timer for the fastest lap or even check the time you have done the activity and so on.

If you’re in the kitchen cooking a dish, you’ll often keep a close eye on the interval timer to find out your dish is perfectly cooked or baked. Nevertheless, there are lots of ways this interval timer app will be useful for you.

Generally, everyone who owns a mobile phone is eager to own an interval timer app. Usually, all devices will have an installed clock app on their devices.  But, these basic timer apps will not have special features such as interval timer apps. So, if you are in search of the best Interval Timer App Android? Then do check out this particular list of interval timer posts.

Best Interval Timer App Android in 2020:

As you’re striving to check out the best Interval Timer App for Android in 2020? Then you have to check the below interval timer apps. This list is taken by trying out different Interval Timer App for Android.

Interval Timer App Android:

Interval Timer is one of the best Interval Timer App Android in 2020. People love this interval timer app because of its top-class features. This app is straightforward to use and has a simple interface when compared to other interval apps.

Interval Timer App Android

Interval Timer app has all kinds of activities such as boxing round timer, circuit timer, Calisthenics timer, HIIT training timer, and more. So, it’s useful for all types of tasks. No matter what Timer you want, you’ll get that in this unique interval timer app Android. This particular app is best for workouts as well. If you love to work on high-intensity interval training, then you should be using this exclusive countdown app and stopwatch.

If you’re striving to check out the best interval timer app Android for sports interval timer? Then it would be best if you were using this special app on your Android device. This is available in the IOS platform as well, go to the Apple store and download the app if you are in search of the best interval timer app.

Interval Timer apps, full-screen coding makes the interface easily glance able from far distances as well. So, you shouldn’t have any problem with this app.


  • This interval timer has a boxing round timer.
  • Calisthenics circuit timer.
  • HIIT Training
  • Circuit training timer and so on.
  • It has an easy user interface, and it’s visible from a far distance as well.

Tabata Time: Best Interval Timer App Android & Workout timer HIIT:

Tabata timer is one of the popular apps in the Interval Timer category. It’s best for workouts and sports timer options. This is a free tool for Android, which has a complete set of interval timer options. Usually, this app is used by people who love to do workouts. This is a high-intensity interval timer app Android and acts more like a stopwatch and countdown app.

Tabata timer

It’s perfect for athletes who are striving to use the best interval timer app for Android devices. If you use this app, you can find out its true potential as it’s good for sports and workouts purposes.

Coming to its user interface, it’s clean and straightforward. So, you can easily use it by pressing it’s start button while starting your workout. Its theme is also great and provides all the special features. You can easily configure this interval timer app. If you want, you can even add a voice assistant as well.


  • This app has an intuitive interface.
  • Bright, customizable color options.
  • Add a description to intervals and sets.
  • Easily add images to the intervals and configure them.
  • Create sequences of workouts.
  • Add your own sounds and get voice assistance as well.

HIIT Interval Training Timer:

HIIT Interval Training timer is an exclusive app that brings out the best in you during workouts. This particular watch is entirely focused on workout and sound. You can use this great and practical watch for sports and companion training exercises as well.

It will assist you in focusing on your workout mainly, and it will not allow you to easily be distracted by the watch or screen. In this app, you can forget about time and can easily focus on the sound. When you are done, the music will be stopped, and you can quickly stop the workout. You can even share the results with your friends on social sites as well.

As this is a customized app, it allows you to set up the screen quickly and adjusts the music volume as well. You can even load one of its fat loss options as well. This particular app has the best user interface that is loved by its users.


  • Quickly setup screen with its effective User Interface.
  • Adjust the music volume with an in-app volume bar.
  • You can load the preset which you have previously used.
  • Share results on your social media platforms by linking it to Facebook and Twitter.
  • It vibrates mode is also helpful for you to notify.

Seconds Interval Timer App for Andriod:

Seconds can be called as the best interval timer app Android because of its HIIT training and other special features. It’s specially developed for mobile devices, so it’s highly recommended interval timer app by the gym trainers to their clients.

seconds interval timer app android

Coming to the app, it’s a simple yet powerful app that has all the features you required. It’s full screen, and color-coded display helps you to check the timer from far distances. Apart from that, it can work both in landscape and portrait format.

Seconds app has a speaking functionality so you can easily follow its speak in your workout. With the newly added features, you can easily coordinate music with your Tabata workout integration as well. This app is highly recommended for workout users.

This best interval timer app Android is free so that you can use this particular app. You can even create a custom interval templates in this android app.


  • Vibrant color-coded display with full-screen functionality.
  • Easily create custom templates for every interval.
  • Speak your interval names to follow your workout routine.
  • Coordinate music with Tabata workout.
  • Share the results with your friends on social media.

Exercise Timer:

Exercise Timer is another fantastic app which has highly customizable options. It’s used globally, and it’s famous for its interval training timer. If you are searching for the best Interval Timer App Android in 2020? then exercise timer is one of the best options for you.

Exercise Timer

You can use this app for interval training timer, HIIT training, Tabata, and even for yoga as well. This Exercise timer helps you easier create your custom workout routines. With this app, you can do intricate workout routines hassle free.

If you are interested in adding exercises or intervals means you can add as many intervals or practices to your workout routine. Most of the interval timer apps will not give this feature, but you will find that in the Exercise timer app.

In case if you want to skip the exercises and do other activities means you can simply press the next button to do it. This particular app also has an online workout creator where you can create your exercises.


  • Perfect fit for Workout freaks.
  • It has HIIT Interval Training Timer
  • Stopwatch timer with min to min workouts.
  • Amrap stopwatch to efficiently perform a set of exercises.
  • It has a plank timer, Gym workout tracker, and CrossFit clock.

Impetus Interval Timer:

Impetus Interval Timer is an advanced interval timer app Android. This app is having all the features such as HIIT training, Tabata training, Fight Gone bad, croossfit, running, BodyRock, Zwow. Apart from those, you can also see breath hold training, beast maker, yoga, boxing, martial arts, kettlebells, pyramid training, running, physical therapy, and more options.

Impetus Interval Timer app android

This app is a best interval timer app Android because of its top features and reputational workouts as well. You can see advanced mode in this app, where you can set timers and use variable timers as well.

In this app, you can easily customize all the colors, intervals, titles, and even alerts of the timer app. With the help of this app, you can switch to different sections such as voice, speech or even manual method as well. Using this app, you can get your training at the best speed and can build all training plans as well.


  • Get training faster with the Impetus timer app.
  • Create custom training plans according to your wish.
  • Can use presets over and over
  • Quickly customize your cues.
  • Get rhythm to your training by playing some music.

Workout Timer for Android:

If you are searching for the best interval apps for Android? Then the workout timer app can be a useful app for you. This app can be used for all the interval timers such as Tabata, HIIT training, CrossFit Timer, weightlifting timer, cycling, running, and the yoga timer as well.

You can say the workout app as a hybrid interval timer app because of all its advanced functions and features. If you are searching for high-intensity interval training, then you can use this apps.

With this app, you can personalize or even customize the colors or exercise icons as well. This displays all the total interval time and other stats as well.  In this apps, you can also play the customizable soundtracks and set animations for them.


  • Personalize and customize exercise icons, colors.
  • Display total icon, interval remaining time, and more.
  • You can use countdown beep.
  • Quickly play sounds on interval finish.
  • Easily edit warmup and cool down times.
  • This app works in the background as well.
  • Add cool designs and animations to intervals.

Best Interval Timer App for Android: Interval Timer Apps — HIIT Training:

Interval timer- HIIT is another app that can use for workout freaks. If you love to do workouts and striving to get the best interval timer app for Android installed on your device? Then you can check this Interval Timer – HIIT app.

This is a proper HIIT Training app that has interval timer features.  You can see a sports timer, countdown timer, and other timers in the package. You can create free intervals as templates in this app. If you are searching for best Interval Timer App for Android you should opt for this app.

This app usually helps you to adjust the desired intervals, so it’s always best to work with the desired intervals. You can add images or text to each workout aspect. Apart from that, you can use a built-in voice recorder to say comments in your training. You can use this app when your screen is locked as well.


  • Easy to use and has a clean interface.
  • Customizable works and rest intervals.
  • Quickly save workouts with ease.
  • It has the option to continue the timer app when the phone is locked down.
  • This has bodyweight timer, calisthenics, circuit training, and more.


These are the best interval timer app android; you should use in 2020 to make your workout much more accessible. If you are eager to get more features, then you have to go for the premium versions as they have lots of other functions as well.

By considering the above features, these are enough for workout freaks. You don’t have to go for premium features as most of these tools are already having them.

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How to Add Canned Responses in Gmail – (Updated Guide)

How to Add Canned Responses in Gmail – (Updated Guide)

Do you know what is the use and how to add canned responses in Gmail?

In this digital age, sending emails and replying to them has been a tricky job. Most of you might think this isn’t a tricky job, but it is a tricky job if you are dealing with thousands of emails a day.

If you’re working as a customer care executive or a sales executive, you’ll know the real pain of drafting the same and routine types of emails thousands of times.  These days, not only customer care executives, even digital marketers, Community people, and even regular users are drafting more emails.

So, spending lots of time developing those emails has been a tedious job. Now, to make that task easier and cut back the amount of time we spent on writing sales emails, we can use canned responses.

If you already know about the canned responses, then you’ll know how useful these are for productivity. In case, if you dont know about the canned responses then don’t worry, in this article I’ll let you know about the canned responses and How to add canned responses in Gmail as well.

How to Add Canned Responses in Gmail

Let’s find out below aspects in this guide:

  • What are Canned Responses?
  • When and how Canned Responses should be used.
  • How to create a canned response in Gmail?
  • How to add canned responses in Gmail?

What are Canned Responses?

Canned Responses are an excellent resource for those people who continually get the same comments or questions via email. Generally, these canned responses are pre-established responses to common queries.

This canned response is a unique Gmail feature that quickly allows users to create and save email templates in their inbox to answer the routine questions. Although these canned responses are not pre-enabled in your Gmail, you should enable them in your Gmail Settings. Apart from that, you have to create your templates or “Canned Response” to make this feature work.

The ” Canned Responses Lab” is the feature where you can create and save multiple templates in your Gmail inbox. These emails can be sent with just a single click, or even you can send them automatically as well.

These Canned Responses relieves you from copying pasting jobs and can save lots of time in sending the same response over and over. This will increase productivity, as well.

When and how to use Canned Responses?

Until now, we have learned about Canned Responses. Let’s check out when to use canned Responses and how in this section.

When and how use Canned Responses:

  • Canned Responses can help you respond to the recurring comments instantly. These are lots of situations where these canned responses can come handy to you.
  • Accepting Applications – If you’re accepting application for jobs or contests, you can set up a canned response to let all the applicants know you’ve received their application and, at the same time, thank applicants for applying.
  • Canned Responses help you to set up different email signatures for different recipients – So, this gives more freedom to switch signatures.
  • If your scheduling meetings are taking up a lot of time, you can create a template with a link to calendar scheduling software and can notify your contacts to choose a time.
  • Whenever someone sends an email for help regarding your product or service, then you can have an email ready to send them so that they will know you have received their messages, and you are working on it.
  • In case you get the same questions about specific products or resources or something? Then you can create a canned response of tips or solutions to the problem as a template instead of writing a new mail everything.
  • These canned responses used to send routine documents and other paperwork as well.

How to create a canned response in Gmail?

To create a canned response in Gmail, you have to activate canned responses as it’ll not be active at the start.

Activating Canned Responses:

  • In your Gmail, Click on the Gear Icon, which will be on the right side of your Gmail.
  • Then choose the settings option.
  • After choosing settings, click the tab which says “Advanced.”
  • Then simply “Enable” the “Canned Responses” Prompt.
  • Ensure you have saved your changes by clicking on the save tab at the bottom.

That’s it; you have activated the Canned Responses. Now, let’s go to the other step.

How to Create your first canned response template:

After activating your canned responses, you have to start composing your email template to serve you like your first template of a canned response.


Here you can choose to write something you want, or if you already have any previous thread, you can even copy-paste the content.


  • Just compose a new email by hitting the “Compose” button.
  • After writing your first canned response template, you have to click the three vertical dots which are on the right side bottom corner.
  • Then select the “Canned Responses” option.
  • Click on “New Canned Response.”
  • You’ll see a box pop up asking you the name of your Canned response.
  • Give a name that you easily remember. (Write Subject name so that you can know what it’s for).
  • That’s it; you have now created your canned response to save your time and send useful emails.

Let’s check out How to add canned responses in Gmail & How to send a canned response in Gmail.

How to add canned Responses in Gmail:

Until now, we have seen what canned responses are and how to use it. Now, let’s find out how to add a canned response in Gmail and how to create them.

  • Click on Canned Responses on the Right-hand corner.
  • You can find that in the right-hand corner of the screen, near the compose window, you can find out three vertical dots.
  • Select them and click on “Canned Responses.”
  • Then select the canned response you want to use under “Insert.”
  • Now, select your recipient and click send.
  • Then your canned responses will be automatically copied into the compose window and will be delivered to the recipient you have added.
  • These canned responses added when replying to an email.


How to Send Canned Response as Auto-Replies:

We have learned about how to add canned responses in Gmail. Now, let’s check out how to send canned responses as the Auto-Replies.

This is another way to take advantage of canned responses quickly. Here you can set up auto-replies, and the best part is there is no manual work involved in it.

Create a brand new filter:

  • You will find a tab called “Filters and Blocked Addresses” under the settings option.
  • Click on “Create a new filter” in the middle of the screen.
  • After selecting the new filter, a new window will pop-up.
  • There you can select the criteria you want for your Canned Response to quickly auto-reply.
  • Fill the subject line with the keywords, body of the content by copy-pasting.
  • Soon after you finish filling out the content, then select “Create Filter.”
  • In the next pop-up, you can click on “Send Canned Response,” then click on the checkbox and choose the template you want to use.
  • Then, click on “Create Filter,” once you have created the filter, then you’re done with creating the filter.

If anyone sends an email with the keyword you have selected, or it came from the email address you choose, these auto-reply emails will go to them instantly.

So, always make sure while selecting the keywords properly. If it’s the too broad keyword, then you’ll end up sending up auto-replies that are incorrect, so always make sure you have adjusted canned responses correctly.


This is how to add canned responses in Gmail. Always make sure you use these canned responses correctly because sometimes you may misuse them. Make sure you re-check them perfectly before creating templates.

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Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 19569 Announced

Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 19569 Announced

Windows 10 Insider Preview: The Release of the Icons

The new Windows 10 is all set to have new icons. From the many new designs revealed back in December, Windows has chosen a few. Recently the tech company has begun rolling out a few too. Users in the Windows 10 Insider preview will have already started seeing some of them. The first to make an appearance are the mail and calendar icons. Windows Insider Preview is the more stable of all the initial releases.

More New Icons in Store:

The fast ring insiders would also see more new icons from the latest build that was released on Thursday. Apart from mail and calendar some other icons have also undergone a change. Some of these icons include Alarms & Clock as well as the calculator icon. Many of these apps will see updates from the Microsoft Store itself.

What else is in store in Windows 10 Insider Preview?

Besides these icons, Windows has also released certain bug fixes as well. Well, this is a common thing for updates to release. Not that we’re complaining.

Why the Icon Change?

According to Christina Koehn, who is Microsoft’s Principal Design manager alongside being its creative director, personal computers have undergone a change in the last 35 years. This has led her to reflect on changes that needed to be brought about in icon styles as well.

Of course a change in design in icons is not really going to add any new functionality. But a whole new simpler look will encourage more people to use computers to multitask and organize. Koehn also says that a simpler design takes off pressure on a person’s brain thereby leaving more room to perform other tasks. This means basically you don’t have to concentrate so much on looking for a particular app which would happen if it had a complex design.

This is why Microsoft has released its Fluent Design Language to redesign its icons over a number of years. These so called icon designs are also spilling into some other OS’ which include iOS and Android as well as Mac.  Well coming to Android, Microsoft has 78 apps on the Google Play Store.

Users these days use multiple platforms and not just Windows or iOS or Android OS, so Windows wants to make sure that users of their apps across platforms all look the same and feel the same.

As for Fixes…

Windows 10 Insider preview fast trackers get to see some improvements as well as fixes too. Some of them are as follows:

  • An issue where OneDrive takes up a lot of CPU has been fixed.
  • An Issue with the Start Menu has also been fixed where its reliability was being called into question.
  • Some insider were also experiencing a green screen with a “System thread Exception not Handled” displayed.
  • In certain cases SCSI drivers were not being recognized by third party machines, this issue too has been fixed. This was causing a c1900191 error to occur.
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3 Things to Consider before Adopting an OpenAPI Specification

no thumb

Originally known as the Swagger specification, OpenAPI Specification is often regarded as the industry’s go-to description format for building APIs. Its most recognizable output is machine-readable files that can realize APIs in the representational state transfer (RESTful) architectural style.

There are several benefits to using an OpenAPI Specification Toolkit for API development. They include:

  • The ability to generate client libraries in a multitude of languages
  • Linkage to useful tools, for example the kind that can create automated tests
  • Quick generation of interactive API documentation, where users can test API code for themselves in a browser
  • Reduction of dependencies between different API teams
  • The possibility of being very efficient in with the OpenAPI Specification approach and, thus, shortening the time it takes for the API to launch

But what should you consider before adopting OpenAPI Specification and the toolsets associated with it? How will you know that this description format will work out for you? Here are three factors to consider before you make the leap towards OpenAPI Specification.

What Language is Your API Designed to Work With?

Among other things, OpenAPI Specification is celebrated for its language-agnostic quality. Thanks to its accommodation of up to 40 languages, it’s seen as very inclusive. But some APIs are only designed to work with specific languages in the first place. Instead of making it easier to develop to the APIs, OpenAPI Specification may needlessly complicate the process.

It would be wise to ask your team what they value more. They can choose either flexibility in the languages they can use or simplicity that can streamline their work for them.

Will Adopting the OpenAPI Specification Rewire Your Entire Development Process?

The main selling point of OpenAPI Specification is that it is compatible with many types of API. But even the official website overseen by the OpenAPI Initiative includes a disclaimer stating that it isn’t compatible with every single type. It’s not meant to be a blanket approach to API development, and the OpenAPI Initiative is forthright about that.

The key prerequisite of being able to adopt the OpenAPI Specification is that the service be described using the specification’s structure. Therefore, if adopting the specification will require a huge overhaul in your development workflow just to accommodate it, reconsider doing so.

Otherwise, if your API is compatible, you can enjoy the fruits of OpenAPI Specification. Given how advanced and responsive OpenAPI tools have come to be, there’s a high chance your implementation with be smooth. This the best position to be in in order to give OpenAPI Specification a shot.

Are You Open to Engaging with the Wider OpenAPI Community?

Lastly, if you’re looking to add a spark to your API development process, do consider exploring the wider community of OpenAPI Specification users. It possesses a large mindshare of some of the top rising talents in tech. The support community can also help you and your team learn the ropes of the specification and troubleshoot related issues. You’ll be in good hands.

Who knows? Becoming involved in the community may be just what you need to achieve some next-level creative and technical improvements on your API.

Conclusion: Will Adopting OpenAPI Specification Be Worth It in the End?

As to whether adopting OpenAPI Specification will be worth the money, time, and effort, make the decision based on what’s best for your team. Before making any purchases and subscribing to any service, consult the team first. Get to know what changes are required of everyone in order to adopt the specification, and evaluate whether you’re ready to do so.

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How to Repair Windows 10 Using Command Prompt

how to repair windows 10 using command prompt

 Are you striving to find out how to repair windows 10 using command prompt? Then don’t worry; in this post, you’ll find out how to repair your windows 10 by using Command Prompt.

Usually, when there is a problem with your windows operating system. Most of the people repair it with some basic repair tactics such as windows directory repair, boot directory repair, and so on. Some people will restart their device to resolve the issues automatically.

If at all, the window 10 is not responding means, you have to go to the advanced repair options. But, for instance, if you are striving to find out how to repair windows 10 using command prompt means you can get the information in this post.

In this post, I’ll let you know How to Repair Windows 10 Using Command Prompt using  different methods by which you can fix windows 10 using the command prompt.

How to Repair Windows 10 using Command Prompt:

Whenever you encounter any problems that you usually can’t solve in windows 10, you can solve them by using Command Prompt. If, in any situation, you only had a chance to boot into safe mode with command prompt means, you can still repair your windows 10 through command prompt tool before you try reinstalling the windows 10.

Let’s get into the different methods to repair windows 10 using the command prompt.

How to Enter Windows 10 Safe Mode with Command Prompt:

If you have access:

If you are having access to your windows 10 means, you can enter safe mode by simply clicking on the Shift and Restart button” from Start Menu. Then click on (6) from Startup Settings to quickly boot the system into safe mode with command prompt on the next restart.

If you don’t have access:

In case, if you are not having access to your windows 10 at all means, you need to “Hold and Press Power Switch” on your system for 5 seconds or until it’s completely turned off.

After that, power it on again. When the system starts loading windows 10, just hold and press the power switch back to force shutdown. Repeat this process for around 3-4 times so that windows 10 will automatically boot into Windows recovery mode.

When windows recovery mode displays, select Troubleshoot option — Advanced Option — Startup settings.

From that, press 6 key to boot into safe mode with command prompt on for the Next Restart.

How to open the command prompt from Windows 10 Recovery:

If you want to open the command prompt from windows 10 recovery, then you have to go to the start menu.

  • Go to Settings.
  • Click on Update & Security
  • Then click on Recovery
  • After that, choose Advanced Startup.
  • Press Restart Now to boot into the Windows Recovery mode.

In case if you can’t access, your windows 10 PC means, follow the steps as mentioned above to force shutdown your PC to get into windows recovery mode.

Once you are into that recovery mode, follow the below process.

  • Select the Troubleshoot option.
  • Click on Advanced Options
  • Then click on command prompt.

From there, you will be able to execute or run the commands from the windows recovery CMD Mode. If you have a recovery drive, then this process won’t be needed as you can boot the recovery drive to enter recovery mode.

Method 1: How to Repair Windows 10 Using SFC?

SFC is nothing but the system file checker. It is a command-line utility that can scan for all the corruptions in Windows 10 System files, and it can replace any corrupted or missing protected files with Good version files. Whenever you feel bug with your computer or even notice problems during the booting process, you can repair it with SFC Method.

The process to fix windows 10 using SFC:

Firstly, open “Start” and search for command prompt.

Then Select the Command prompt and run it as administrator.

Type the command: “sfc/scannow” and press “Enter.”.

This will fix most of your problems if it’s unable to fix your problem then your utility cannot get the required files to resolve the issue. So, you can use another method in that situation.

Usually, this process may be 30 mins or up to several hours, mainly depending upon the size of windows system files and your system performance. When the scan is completed, choose to restart your system to verify whether the problem is resolved or not. If the problem persists, move to the next method.

Method 2: How to fix & Repair Windows 10 using DISM?

Windows 10 has a command-line utility known as DISM ( Deployment image servicing and management). This DISM Command in windows can be used to repair windows images, windows setup, recovery environment, and so on.

It can also fix the recovery image within the installation of operating systems as well.

Process of Repairing:

Firstly, check whether there is any corruption by running the command line as an administrator.

Then type below syntax and click enter.

DISM /Online /Cleanup-Image /CheckHealth

To quickly scan the Windows image for any corruption, you can use the below command and click enter.

DISM /Online /Cleanup-Image /ScanHealth

To quickly fix the windows image, click on the command line below and hit enter.

DISM /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth /Source:repairSource\install.wim

Method 3: How to Reset Windows 10 with Command Prompt?

If you want to reset windows 10 with ” reset this PC” means follow the below instructions:

Type “systemreset-cleanpc” in a command prompt and click on Enter. In case, if your computer cannot boot means, you can boot into recovery mode by selecting “Troubleshoot.”

Method 4: How to run System Restore with CMD?

If your problem is too severe, then you can restore your Windows 10 to the previous state by enabling system restore.

But these will not restore documents, personal files, emails, and so on.

The process to Run System Restore”:

  • To run the System Restore in safe mode, start your computer and press “F8” continuously until windows advanced options appear.
  • Click on “Safe Mode with CMD” and click enter.
  • If your computer boot normally, then type “CMD” in the start menu search box and click “Command Prompt” to continue.
  • Then sign-in using the administrator account if you need it.
  • Enter “rstrui.exe” at first in command prompt window and click on “Enter” to continue.

This particular command will bring you an interface of system restore.

You can click on the restore point or click “Next to choose other restore point options. Then follow the onscreen instructions to complete the system restore.

Method 5: How to fix windows 10 with AOMEI.exe?

Apart from system restore, you can also fix your windows 10 with AOMEI.exe. This is a backup command, which is a reliable backup and restores software that is specially designed for windows Visa/XP/7/8/10.

With this, you can either back up your system and restore it from the graphic user interface or the command line. This has some features that the built-in Windows tool does not have.

Ex: AOMEI Backupper can be used to create an incremental backup, and even used to restore dis-similar hardware.

For suppose, if you have created system image backup with AOMEI Backupper. Then you can use a utility name check image to check the system image backup before restoring the system.

Process: Use the following steps to repair windows 10 with AOMEI.exe:

Firstly, navigate to the AOMEI Backupper installation directory just by typing below command on CMD and press “Enter.”

Command: cd C:\Program Files (x86)\AOMEI Backupper

In case, if you run a command under windows PE then drive letters such as C, D, E, and so on might change.

Run below command to start the restore process.

Command Explanation: AMBackup /r /t [ backup type /s “[backup location path]” /d [ Desitination location]

Ex: if you want to restore the system backup, which is saved in “H:\systembackup1 to disk 1”. You should type the command like the following.

AMBackup /r /t system /s “H:\system backup \systembackup1.adi” /d 1

Note: In case, if you need to restore another computer, AOMEI Backupper “Universal Restore” feature can be handy.

Method 6: Running CHKDSK to check for hard drive errors:

Hard drive errors are one of the most common mistakes that usually cause trouble to corrupt the windows 10 or crash it. If you run the check disk (Chkdsk), it will help you to check and quickly repair unwanted disk errors on your system HD.

As you are trying to resolve and repair your windows 10 using Command prompt, you can run this command to perform check disk.

To run this command, you have to enter below command:

Command: chkdsk c:/f

As you’re not using your disk, chkdsk will not ask to restart your PC. If it suggests that volume is in use and schedule chkdsk scan on your system next restart, then you can press Y to proceed.

For the system file check, the scan may take some time. So, don’t interrupt the scan; whenever it’s completed, then restart your PC and verify your problem still persists or not.

Method 7: Bootrec to fix windows 10 boot problems:

If your system is facing boot problems, then you have to run bootrec. Bootrec.exe is one of the useful tools to repair boot problems in windows 10. Whenever startup repair can’t resolve your windows 10 boot problem, then you should try our bootrec repair tool.

All you have to do is enter the below commands in Command prompt and hit enter.

bootrec /fixmbr

bootrec /fixboot


bootrec /rebuildbcd

bcdboot c:\windows /s c:

These are the commands which are useful to execute bootrec.exe to fix the master boot record and other boot problems quickly. In case, if your windows 10 is stored in D drive means replace C: with D: and reboot your computer after executing all the commands.

These are the best ways to repair windows 10 using command prompt. If you are striving to check out more then you have to follow our blog as we regularly update these posts with new tactics.

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