Smarter Twitter Client
Track and Share What's Happening on Twitter
We regret to inform you that due to changes in Twitter's API's, TwitIQ is no longer in service. We want to thank all of our users for your support over the past few years.

Please check out if you're interested in a Q&A Knowledge Sharing community.
Enhanced Twitter
- Real Time Updates
- Automatic Expansion of Shortened URLs
- Inline Image and Video Previews
- Multiple Accounts Support
Real Time Channels
- Real Time Customized Tweet Streams
- Syndicate & Distribute as Widgets
- Discovery via Channels Directory
- Analyze Twitter Updates
- Monitor URL Clicks
- Track Channels Syndication
Twitter Reviews for TwitIQ
NullstreamBlog John: I did a quick scan of web based twitter clients with multi-account & extra features. So far I like #TwitIQ the best. sockers Updating from TwitIQ. This is slick, I might just start using this and Twitterfox.
tiny_mel Testing as an alternate to So far, me likey! ashurshhs Liking better than iTweet -
sososazesh Testing out TwitIQ. Kinda like it. Hash tag topic list, keyword cloud, and retweet list. futurizekorea First time using a Tweeter client besides the default web interface, but TwitIQ's enhanced followers page rocks