New Device can Detect Defects in Photovoltaic Modules

New Device can Detect Defects in Photovoltaic Modules

When photovoltaic modules experience wear and tear out in operation, they need to be repaired. This process is not only time consuming but also exposes the repair crew to high voltage environments bring about safety concerns. The whole process of repairing photovoltaic modules means that repair crew have to unplug the device and take pictures one at a time of the photovoltaic module to identify areas which have wear and tear and need to be repaired. While all this takes time and raises safety concerns, it also means operational downtime and higher costs for solar developers.

The solution to Repairing Photovoltaic Modules:

The solution to the problem comes in the form of a high speed non- contact scanner developed by Tau Sciences. This scanner can detect signs of wear and tear caused by moisture, cracking, intrusion and corrosion.  Since the scanner is non- contact this means that workers are not exposed to high voltage areas eliminating any safety concerns.

The high speed scanner also takes high resolution images of the cells which does not require any electric connections which in turn means less voltage exposure. The whole point of capturing images is to check the flow of current in the cell. If there is damage caused by wear and tear that part of the cell won’t glow, thus needing a repair.

The Entire Process of Identifying the Need of Repairing Photovoltaic Modules:

This high speed device comprises of a camera, a source of light to illuminate the area and a software system. The software system will instantly collect images, analyze them for defects and then alert the customer to the area of the photovoltaic module needing repairs. This entire process makes the detecting diagnosis quicker and less costlier than the one before.

The insurance claims process also becomes much faster and operation delays are kept to a minimum as well as inspections costs become much lesser.

Funding of the Project:

The first research of the project to detect defects in photovoltaic modules with a non- contact scanner was initially sponsored by the U.S. department of Solar Energy Technologies Office or SETO for short. The scanner so developed would use a light source which would measure the spectral response of a solar cell or in other words the ability to convert color of light into electricity. There are two types of lights involved- a blue light to show defects on the surface of the photovoltaic module and an infrared light to show defects towards the back of the photovoltaic module.

While this project was underway, Tau science learnt of a technology invented in the course of this project known as contactless electroluminescence which injects light into a cell to illuminate it while being photographed. Tau science then turned to SETO for the licensing of the technology as they knew they could bring about improvements to it.

Finally in 2017, Tau sciences and SETO collaborated to bring about the first lightweight, high speed scanner that would detect defects in photovoltaic cells quicker.

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Five Convincing Reasons to Have Your App Developed by a Professional

Five Convincing Reasons to Have Your App Developed by a Professional

If you’re tech-savvy, you may have considered developing an app on your own. Although it’s possible, you’re in for a rude awakening. There’s a lot more to app development than just creating the app itself!

Instead of trying to do it all by yourself, and driving you and your team crazy, it’s a good idea to have your app developed by a professional.

The benefits of professional app development include:

  • Developing an app that keeps users safe, and it provides you with peace of mind
  • Ensuring your app is scalable, so you can reach more users and experience more success
  • Updates are anticipated, so making changes in the future is a lot easier
  • Analytics are built-in, enabling you to see exactly how your app is performing
  • You can save time, which enables you to release your app faster

It Will Ensure Your App Is Safe

Safety is a hugely important consideration when building an app. It is something that must be thought about from the very instant the app creation process begins to ensure features can be built into the app from the very beginning.

That can be a difficult thing to do without professional help. Not to mention, you’ll always wonder if you did it right. Skip the sleepless nights and make sure everything is secure by leaving the details to developers who know what they’re doing.

It Will Ensure Your App Is Scalable

Of course you hope your app will be successful, but many people who develop an app don’t think about what that actually means. It means you have to be able to scale your application.

If your app utilizes a single server and database, you won’t be able to handle an increased number of downloads. You may end up having to redesign your app altogether in the future simply because it can’t accommodate any more users.

A professional developer understands the importance of load balancers and autoscalers, and they can incorporate these features in the development of your app from the very beginning. That way, you never have to worry about losing data, poor user experiences, or having to figure out scalability after the fact.

Updates Are Easy

Your job isn’t done when you get your app developed and released. It is extremely important to update your app regularly. Updating your app comes with benefits that include:

  • Showing customers that you take their feedback seriously
  • Re-engaging users with new benefits and features
  • It can show you how engaged your users are by showing how many have updated their app

It can be difficult to figure out how to go back in and update your app after the fact. Not to mention, it can be a huge hassle. If you work with a developer, updating your app couldn’t be easier.

It’s a Lot Easier to See How Your App Is Performing

Using data and statistics is important if you want to create a successful app. There are many outside ways to track the performance of your app, including Google Analytics, but it can be much more helpful to have tracking capabilities integrated directly into your app.

A professional app builder can help you minimize how many outside trackers you have to utilize by integrating them into your app. Not only can this save you money, because you won’t have to figure out how to build and integrate this information from scratch, it also provides you with a single place to access your data, making it much easier to compare.

It Will Save You a Ton of Time

Perhaps the biggest reason to ask a professional app developer for help is because you’ll save a ton of time. Not only will you save time developing the app itself, you’ll save time on every other point on this list, and you’ll be able to release your app faster!

You won’t have to waste your time figuring out how to make your app secure, you don’t have to worry about scalability or updates, and it will be easy to see exactly how your app is performing from the very first day it hits the market. Saving so much time is important, because it means you can focus your attention on other aspects of your business.

Although you may be tempted to try and save money by doing everything yourself, the fact is, you’ll end up spending more. With professional help, you will save time and money. They will make your ideas come to life, while making sure the mechanics of your app are sound.

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How to Get Google’s Digital WellBeing Feature on any Android Phone (Dec 2018)

How to Get Google’s Digital WellBeing Feature on any Android Phone (Dec 2018)

In this modern world, people are always busy with their smartphones. Some are busy with watching videos, some addicted to social media networks, and some addicted to playing games. I’m sure most of us all fall in these categories.  Right?

If you feel like you should control your digital activities, then there is a great tool which can help you to manage your digital activities. That is nothing but Google’s Digital wellbeing app. This apps gives you complete control of your social activities and stats so with the help of this app you can control your daily smartphone habits.

Now if you are new to these type of apps means don’t worry, I’ll let you know about this Digital Wellbeing app and How to Get Google’s Digital WellBeing Feature on any Android Phone in this post.

How to Get Google's Digital WellBeing Feature on any Android Phone

What is Digital Wellbeing App:

Digital wellbeing is a google’s official app which is launched to control the Digital activities. With this App, you can do a hell lot of things such as controlling your actions, monitoring your activities, Collect useful information and so on. To get a clear picture, this can show all your stats you performed on your smartphone. You can quickly get daily updates on this Digital wellbeing App.

Daily View of Digital Habits:

  • How frequently you tend to use different apps.
  • Count of notifications you do get a regular basis
  • How often you tend to check your phone etc.

Along with these stats, you can also disconnect from those daily apps whenever you want.


  • You can cut down your daily app time with the app timers just by setting up a limit.
  • Wind down feature always reminds you to switch off at night. At this time you can set a schedule to fade your screen to Grayscale.
  • You can also use Do Not Disturb Silence notification for a proper night’s sleep.

This is all about How to Get Google’s Digital WellBeing Feature on any Android Phone

With this App, you can control everything from many times you unlock the device to time spend on each app. So, this is a helpful tool you should be using in this modern tech-centric world. This feature is exclusive to Google’s Pixel Phones only, but now there’s a chance to get it on your phone by using some techniques.

If you strive to Get digital wellbeing app, then you can have a glance at this topic “How to Get Google’s Digital WellBeing Feature on any Android Phone”.

So, let’s dive into the topic How to Get Google’s Digital WellBeing Feature on any Android Phone to know about the process.

Now to get this Google Digital WellBeing Feature on your Android Phone you should have some minimum requirements.


  • You should have unlocked Bootloader.
  • You should Gain Root Access.
  • Magisk Installed on your device.
  • Android 9 Pie.
  • Finally, you need Stock or AOSP ROM.

Let’s get into the process of How to Get Google’s Digital WellBeing Feature on any Android Phone:

Download the Digital WellBeing Port Module:

To go through with the process of installing Digital wellbeing, you have to download Digital wellbeing Port Module. So, head over to the Magisk App and then tap on the menu button on the left.

Then tap on the “Downloads” Section and hit enter. Now, search for “Digital Wellbeing Port” in the search box so that you can find it in results. After it displays digital wellbeing tap on the menu button on the left and then click on the install button to just start flashing the module t your device. Once the primary process is completed simply click on the close button on the left and proceed to the second step.

Step 2: Download Google Framework Module:

After you install the main app, you should start installing one more framework module. You must install this framework just to keep the app officially updated from the Google Play Store. Usually, without Google’s structure installed, the app will simply say your phone is not supported and incompatible. So, it is always best to install google framework to make that app work properly. This framework removes all restriction on the app, and it is helpful.

  • Go to the Download section in Magisk App.
  • Type “Google Framework” in the app search.
  • Then click on the download arrow to download.
  • After that install the module and start flashing to your system
  • Once this process is completed then Reboot the device to restart your device.

3. Update The Digital Well Being App:

After your system reboots, simply go to the Google Play Store and search for the “Digital Wellbeing” App. Then start updating the app, and then you can start using the app.If you strive to get beta version, then you can even scroll down and enroll for “Beta Tester” and click on “Join now” button. Joining the beta version is entirely depends on your wish. If you strive to check out features ahead of regular users means you should enroll to the beta tester.

4. Start using new features of Google’s Digital WellBeing:

As you installed Google’s Digital WellBeing Successfully, now you should start using it. Here you will have a lot of features and options which are useful.

If you are striving to know about them means read them below. I’ve mentioned a few critical points in the features section.

Features of Google’s Digital WellBeing:

Wind Down:

As you have installed your Google wellbeing, you should know about its features as well. Wind Down helps you to make some changes to wrap up your evening and to put your Android device down.

Manage notifications

In this section, you can manage notifications, and you can even shut down all notification. You will have lots of customization options to get some experience as well. In this section, you can disable noisy apps constant notifications and keep important ones such as messages, and so on.

Do Not Disturb:

Like all features, you are having Do not disturb mode in this app. This can help you to give full control to all other settings of the apps. With this, you can only control your digital activities.

That’s it. This is all about How to Get Google’s Digital WellBeing Feature on any Android Phone. I hope you all liked this process if you have any issues means do let us know in comments section.

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How to Take Full Advantage of the Benefits of Screen Recording

How to Take Full Advantage of the Benefits of Screen Recording

True to its name, screen recording will let you capture video footage directly from your screen. To use it you’ll need a screen recorder, although MacOS and iOS now have built-in screen recorders and Windows 10 has one too – of sorts.

Although it may not seem that impressive initially, screen recording actually can provide numerous benefits. In order to take full advantage of these benefits however, you need to know some of the ways in which it can be used:

  • Record footage of apps, software or the desktop

One of the main ways in which screen recording is used is to record video footage of apps, software, or the desktop and operating system itself. More often than not this is the way how-to guides and demonstrations are created, as screen recording is the perfect way for you to show how any actions or tasks can be performed.

However it can also do more than that, and if you want you can record any bugs or issues you encounter to make it easier to get help. Think of it as a screenshot, but with the ability to capture much more detail due to the fact that it is a video and not just an image.

  • Record video calls

Another useful way to use screen recording is to record video calls from platforms such as Google Hangouts or Skype. Not only will this let you keep a copy of memorable personal calls, but it will also let you save business meetings or conference calls that are important.

On top of that being able to record video calls with let you create a wide range of content ranging from discussion panels to expert interviews. It may not have the classic look of a face-to-face interview, but it is certainly easier and more convenient to record.

  • Record footage from video games

Recently one of the more popular ways that screen recording is used is to record footage from video games. Nowadays there are lots of types of content created using such footage ranging from guides to speed runs, let’s play videos, and so on. Alternatively you could just save short clips of memorable moments from your games to share with your friends.

While slightly different from other types of screen recording, the technology is the same. That being said it does require more system resources to run a game while recording simultaneously.

By this point you should have a lot of ideas regarding how you can take full advantage of the benefits of screen recording. All that you need is a screen recorder with audio capture as well to give it a try, such as Movavi Screen Recorder Studio for example.

All said and done there are plenty of other ways that you could use screen recording, and you should certainly explore it further. Suffice to say if you need to create any type of content or save anything from your screen – screen recording will provide you with the tools that you need.

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