Amazon Launches Echo Spot Alexa-Powered Alarm Clock

Amazon Launches Echo Spot, An Alexa-Powered Alarm Clock

Echo Spot is the new smart desktop clock from Amazon

A smart desktop clock capable of making video calls reaches the virtual shelves of Amazon.

Amazon is presenting a good handful of news this afternoon in Seattle at an event that was unknown until today. After renewing the range Echo, now presents a smart clock for the night table – or any other table that is provided – through which to make video calls, check the time and perform various functions of home automation through Alexa, the virtual assistant of the company.

The Echo Spot comes with a 2.5-inch screen and an included camera, plus speakers and the possibility of being paired with Bluetooth to other playback devices if you want to get better audio quality. It will be available, for the moment, in the United States for a price of 130 dollars, although we hope that it will spread soon to more countries.

Amazon Echo Spot

This is perhaps not the most attractive product than it has presented today, since the struggle to take a portion of the market is in the field of intelligent speakers, but certainly is interesting from the point of view of user.

Amazon presents a new Echo to toughen the competition against Google and Apple.

The company of Jeff Bezos celebrates today a surprise event for the press in its offices, in which they hoped to see announced new products, as it has been. Amazon announces a new Echo, its most popular speaker, which will now be improved with the aim of being better competition for the counterparts of the great technology that are already or will soon be in the market, namely: Google Home or HomePod Apple, which will arrive in December.

This new Echo is smaller and includes a dedicated speaker for the bass, making it much better to listen to music, one of the aspects that focuses more on the Apple speaker. It will be commanded, as it could not be otherwise, by the virtual assistant of the company Alexa and will hit the market today with a price of 99 euros, which is a hard thrust for Apple, whose price is more than triple.

Besides this, Amazon offers for the first time a service of multiple speakers, so that they can be connected to each other in different rooms, which will also compete with Sonos. This system, consisting of three loudspeakers, has a reduction of 50 euros on the total price of the three individual devices.

Amazon has now endowed the Echo with a cloth lining that makes it look less like a technological product, allowing it to draw less attention and make it more stylish to the eye.

In addition to the Amazon Echo renovation, they also feature a Plus model that is not only bigger but also smarter. This model includes a smart hub in its interior, so that it can make use of more characteristics typical of home automation. A good example of this is that it comes with a Philips Hue bulb included and already has more than 100 employees. Its price, 150 euros.

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Ask more of your phone: Google Pixel 2

Ask more of your phone: Google Pixel 2

Drum roll please… Google is unveiling its new smartphone on Wednesday with a number of latest features.Google Pixel 2 is an advanced version of Google’s last model that is Google pixel, coming at the same price. Google pixel 2 is not the only phone that the tech giant plans to release. Google pixel 2 XL is also going to be released tomorrow along with talk of other google tech.

The Google Pixel 2 is said to come with the new operating system “Oreo”. We can expect to see some HTC smartphone-like features on this new model as Google bought a large part of HTC’s smartphone division. While the pixel 2 is made with HTC like features, the pixel 2 XL is said to be made by LG. This is in contrast with Google’s first smartphone that was made in-house.

Google Pixel 2 is rumored to have a Google Home start speaker, a new premium chromebook and a daydream VR headset.

Google Pixel 2 _1

While the launch date of the Google Pixel 2 phone is on October 4th, there is no news as to the date of the actual sale of the phone. In all probability it may come as no surprise if the phone was available for sale at the same time as its predecessor last year.

The rumor police say that the phone will have a screen size of 5 inches while the 2 XL will have a slightly larger 6 inch screen. Pixel 2 is said to have many of the features of its predecessor in that it has a rear end finger scanner and single lens camera. Pixel 2 will have slightly thinner edges than that of the previous pixel and a slightly rounded screen.

Google Pixel 2‘s camera sits at the center of the rear of the phone, Google Pixel 2 XL has its camera slightly off center.

The phones are said to come in basic colors of black and white, while Google Pixel 2 comes in an added shade of blue.

Google Pixel Buds

Google Pixel 2 has done away with the headphone jack, which leaves the user with the option of using wireless headphones or to connect their headphones to the USB-C port.

Pixel 2 will be sold at $649, the same price as that of the current version with the added advantage of it having a 64GB internal storage as compared to the 32 GB internal storage of the previous model.

Google Pixel 2 is going to be unveiled with the latest Oreo operating system. What this means is that it will have a longer battery life, by limiting the running of power hungry background apps, and it will also start up alot faster.

The latest version of the phone will run on a 835 snapdragon chip with increased storage at 64GB. Pixel 2 will also come in a 128GB model. It is rumored that the voice control will be updated in this new model. The phone is also expected to come with squeezable sides which translates to the ability of the user to take a selfie by squeezing the sides of the phone.

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Google Pixel Buds: Wireless Headphones That Can Translate Languages on the Fly

Google Pixel Buds: Wireless Headphones That  Can Translate Languages on the Fly

Google launches a wireless headphone Google Pixel Buds with ability to translate languages

This year might be termed as the year of innovations when smartphone makers finally started moving away from the years of stagnant development. Apart from the launching the new iteration of the Pixel gadgets Google has launched its very first pair of premium wireless headphone namely Google Pixel Buds. Google Pixel Buds is not just a simple wireless headphone but it has the ability to support live translation between languages on the go. Users will have to pair the Google Pixel Buds with Pixel devices whereby this wireless headphone will effectively tap into Google Assistant in order to provide live translation. With Google Pixel Buds Google brings the connected ecosystem of products and technology which was first pioneered by Apple in the consumer electronics.

Google Pixel Buds _1

Google Pixel Buds: A feature rich headphone

This Google Pixel Buds wireless headphone support language translation for more than 40 languages at the moment and Google is working ahead towards the numbers in future. Pairing it with the Google Assistant is seen as masterstroke by industry experts as it will allow this Google Pixel Buds wireless headphone to reap benefits of Google Assistant which has been incredible at providing amazing voice controls. Google Assistant also helps in alerting users through notifications, sending texting and giving directions as per the need of the hour.

Users can activate the translation feature by simply saying ‘help me speak German’ or any language of their choice. Google has also built some smart volume controls in this Google Pixel Buds wireless headphone specifically on the right earbud. Google has stated that users will get the first taste of the language translate done by its Google Translate upon being powered by machine learning. In other words users get to see the very first personal translator with this Google Pixel Buds wireless headphone.

A great language translation experience with Google Pixel Buds

Google employees demonstrated the translation capability of Google Pixel Buds during the launch by having a conversation between a Swedish and English speaker. In this demonstration one person was speaking in Swedish while other was responding the English language. The person speaking in the Swedish language was equipped with the Pixel Buds paired with Google Pixel smartphone. Whenever the smartphone was addressed was English then it actively translated the phrases in Swedish right in the user’s ears.

Google Pixel Buds _2

Now Swedish person replied to this through speaking in Swedish at the same time pressing on the right ear bud in order to bring the Google Assistant into the action.

Google Assistant wasted no time in translating the Swedish reply into English language phrase and this time around the translation phrase was brought to everyone’s attention through the smartphone’s speaker. This might appear to be a complex process but it felt like a charm wherein two people having linguistic differences were able to communicate with other.

A number of users were left spell bound after seeing the potential of the wireless headphone aiding the language translation. This also reminds us that Google CEO has promised in January that Google Translate will be making huge leap this year and this new Google Pixel Buds wireless headphone has just shown its potential. Google Pixel Buds will be made available in the month of November with a price tag of S159.

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Gadget Review: PYYROS Modular Emergency Tool and Flashlight

Gadget Review: PYYROS Modular Emergency Tool and Flashlight

PYYROS – Emergency Flashlight

Pyyros is said to be an emergency flashlight which seems to be perfect tool in any unexpected situation. One could find themselves lost in the midst of their adventure and may not be adequately equipped to handle the situation.

If a person needs a totally equipped emergency tool which combines all features that would be helpful both daily and in an emergent situation the Pyyros is the solution for you.  Pyyros can be helpful in moments like these wherein it tends to light up the path and double as a multi-tool.

Besides this, it also tends to have a distress beacon built-in.  One could say that Pyyros is the ultimate survival tool with a flashlight and much more.  It is the conception of Adam Nichols a US Military veteran and avid outdoorsman.  Nichols during his military career and in his experience in life had observed that in all cases of emergency such as military, natural disasters, expedition emergencies in air, sea and land, had three essential elements namely light, fire and power.  Pyyros tends to comprise of these elements with add-ons.

The Personal Beacon Locator – PBL has a tendency to transmit on the 121.5 MHz + 406 MHz frequencies, with the possibilities of making search as well as rescue easy anywhere on the earth.


PYYROS 100% Modular & Expandable

Its powerful LEDejects 1000 lumens to light up the darkness, its personal beacon locator enables search and rescue teams to locate the missing person and the device also tends to take optional modules, inclusive of driver set, fire starter, USB charge etc. Pyyros is said to be 100% modular and expandable.

It is available in three colours in Aluminium anodized, Jet Black anodized and Red Fire anodized and also comes in special version of natural Titanium colour having a polished silver finish. Pyyros PBL is to be utilised only in events of real emergency where one may face imminent danger and is not a toy.

The PBL cannot be activated accidently. It is a flashlight which cannot be compared to any other and it is built to take serious punishment.  It is said to be the base of one’s total survival kit. Based on one’s needs, there are five modules that a person can utilise right from fixing their car to seeking assistance from a remote area and Pyyros can provide the essential support.

Bright Lights of PYYROS

The main purpose of Pyyros is to offer light and due to its array of effective LEDs the device has the potential of 1000 lumens.  With this type of power it can eliminate the darkness into brightness which could be very beneficial to the person while out on an adventure.  Besides this the anodized 6061 TS aluminium casing is said to be imperishable and is totally waterproof and resistant to corrosion.  Pyyros has the capacity of enduring the outdoor activities with comparative ease.

Personal Locator Beacon of PYYROS

There could be instances at times wherein even a much powerful flashlight could let you down and it is here that Pyyros seems to overcome all these issues when faced with an emergency. The device has the tendency of beaming out satellite signals on two frequencies.  This dual-band beacon meets up with international Cospas-Sarsat standards, alerting local search teams where help is obtained within hours. There has never been a flashlight which has appeared to be a life saver with so much ability.

Multi-Tool Marvels

The beacon is one of the five elementary modules one could add to their flashlight.  For routine outings, one could opt for the driver set or the fire starter and could also attach the hammer cap to drive home the pegs of those tents. Another alternative is the USB charges that could be utilised to top up your device or phone.  Lastly, the empty container module is available after the Kickstarter campaign.

Pyyros – Kickstarter Campaign

This gadget is said to be a project that tends to need several specialized companies to join together in creating a remarkable product from the aviation grade 6061-T6 and titanium milling to the great accuracy and miniature electronics for the Pyyros PBL and all that is in between and hence manufacturing partners were designated before beginning the Kickstarter campaign in order to provide their backers with the confidence essential in making this gadget a real deal. Presently, Pyyros is the topic of a Kickstarter campaign and has raised around $15,200 from its target of $50,000.  You will get a base model on pledging $39 while one needs to pledge at least $349 for an aluminium unit together with the beacon.   Titanium models of special edition are also available from $349 and more all the way for one with the lot with the exception of the wind/water turbine, for $689. If the Kickstarter campaign reaches its goal, Pyyros intends to start the deliveries of its tool by December this year.

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BioEngineering the Future

BioEngineering the Future

When the human body receives an implant, physical, chemical and biological processes of integration in the receiving organism are triggered. Sometimes, infections, clots, or local tissue loss can occur, and the implant does not perform properly. One of the challenges of BioEngineering is to increase the organism’s tolerance to implant biomaterials and to get the body to accept them quickly.

“If we implant artificial material inside the body, we want to recognize it as his own. One technique of bioengineering for achieving this is to “modify the surface of the biomaterial, as a prosthesis, by placing organic molecules (proteins, peptides or nucleic acids) to improve compatibility with the recipient organism and to become an active element for tissue regeneration or the organ we want to recover.

This BioEngineering technique is biofunctionalized and is based on an empirically observed process: proteins attach to the surface of implants and then some cells that are nearby migrating and bind to those proteins. It is a question of choosing the most suitable ones to attract the cells that interest, that is to say, those that have the capacity to grow and to create diverse tissues (bone, nervous, adipose). The choice clearly determines the outcome.

Indeed, one of the problems is that the proteins degrade over time. The group of Biomaterials, Biomechanics and Tissue Engineering of CREB, to which this researcher is linked, bioengineering studies how to avoid it using only a sufficient amount of protein fragments for the cells to adhere. In this way degradation slows down. The disadvantage is that, without the complete protein, the growth of the adhered cells decreases. Research is now focused on finding protein sequences that do not affect growth.

Sometimes implants fail because they become contaminated with bacteria during surgery. In this area, the BIBITE group studies how to introduce antibiotics or molecules with antimicrobial properties in biomaterials. The team head makes it feasible for these applications to reach the market in the current decade and stresses that this would mean “a significant leap in the quality of life of many people.”

New Dimension of Diagnosis, Using Bioengineering Technology

Conventional diagnostic techniques in bioengineering are based on the study of fragments of information; we are committed to an intelligent interpretation of physiological signals that allow us to obtain clinical information that was hidden.

The research group focuses on the advanced processing of biosignals to improve the early diagnosis and monitoring of heart disease, respiratory and sleep disorders, which are often linked.

Thus, for example, symptoms such as snoring, apneas and hypopneas or the respiratory pattern can reveal much about cardiorespiratory functioning. Conventionally, the observation is usually focused only on the intensity of snoring, the number of apneas and hypopneas or the respiratory rate. The team of researchers developed diagnostic improvements based on the analysis of respiratory sounds, the noninvasive classification of obstructive or central hypopneas and the modeling of the respiratory pattern and snoring.

Collecting more information is important in bioengineering, but the key is to make sense by combining it with other signals of different typologies. “So we get a broader view of the patient’s condition, discover causes and effects, and generate new medical knowledge because we study interrelations that have never been identified before,” says Head of the Research team of bioengineering. Advanced information processing techniques are critical in establishing meaningful connections. Simplification is another result: “A few biosignals can tell us more than many classic parameters,” he says.

The group’s bioengineering researchers work closely with hospital centers. According to the head of the bioengineering research team, “we want to respond to the needs of doctors in their daily tavern; this makes us deal with real cases and thus open the door to possible development of new medical equipment. ” These advances lead to an increase in efficiency, with faster and more accurate diagnosis and the consequent improvement of therapies.

Another socially valuable aspect of these bioengineering new methods is that, on the average, they can lead to a paradigm shift in certain medical procedures.


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