New iOS Features: iOS 13.5 Features and Changes You Need to Know about

13.5 Features and Changes You Need to Know about

In this modern world, people love to find out the best features to make their IOS devices better. If you are an IOS customer? Then you’ll love to find out these best new IOS features more particularly the latest iOS 13.5 update.

In this quick guide, I’ll let you know about the useful new IOS features that are yet to be available to the iPhones.

Most of you might be using the iOS 13 – the latest Apple’s operating system for both iPhones and iPads. In this version, you can see many helpful features that make you use this iOS device more than you usually do.


Do you want to see its new 13.5 features and changes before its rolled out?

If you are striving to find out the new iOS features of 13.5 version means? You can check them in this particular post.

Apple has introduced its latest version of iOS 13 back on June 3 at a keynote event in 2019. Since then, it has released 13.1, 13.2, 13.3, 13.4, and other minor updates in between.

Now comes the time for another update soon that is iOS 13.5. Let’s check out its brand new iOS features and Changes.

Best New iOS Features:

The newer version of iOS 13 has a massive overhaul to iOS, as it has offered a long list of new features. You will see even more in the latest iOS 13.5 features.

The first beta version of iOS 13.5 will be released on April 16, 2020. In this post, let’s see the new iOS features that are yet to come on the latest iOS 13.5 operating system.

Disable Automatic Zooming in Group Facetime:

In this Covid-19 time, we can see a massive spike in group facetime calls. As the maximum group party size is 32 people, things can easily get confusing faster than expected. So, Apple has made an automated adjustment where it enlarges tiles of the speaker and minimizes others who aren’t speaking.

Although it’s a good feature, it can be disturbing when you chat with dozens of people. As the constant zooming in and out will bring out the anger and distract you.

Now, in the new iOS features of 13.5 version, Apple is adding a switch to disable the “Auto-Focusing Feature.” So, you can toggle off the speaking prominence switch. Then you can find out less active Group facetime experience.

However, if you want to focus on people while talking, you can double-tap on any tile to watch them better. This is one of the new iOS features you have to look at in the 13.5 version.

Bypass Face ID faster even when you are wearing a Mask:

We all know that we’re in a pandemic season where we have to use masks to protect ourselves or at least defend ourselves from Covid-19. When you put on the mask, you can protect yourself from COVID-19, but it makes it harder for you to unlock your iPhone using FaceID.

This is a pain for users who often tend to use their device for different activities. It’s also irritating for a few users to always type in the passcode every time as the screen displays after a few seconds. So, Apple has found a way for it with its new iOS 13.5 update.

With this new update, a failed Face ID scan activates the passcode screen with no delay. Although it’s not possible to scan faces on the masks, but it’s faster screen unlocking will be welcomed by lots of users.

Disable Exposure Notifications & Contact Tracing:

If you are facing issues with Disable Exposure notifications and the contact tracing issues? Then Apple’s new version comes handy for you to disable contact tracing and Disable Exposure.

Actually, you may hear about the Apple and Google joint venture “Contact tracing and Exposure Notification Program.” Google and Apple have teamed up to create this system that allows IOS and Android devices to communicate with each other in passing.

This feature helps to ping all the other phones that are connected in the community whenever the person is testing positive. It’s best in these pandemic times. Apple has launched this update for 13.4.5, however in that; you can disable this feature.

But in iOS 13.5, you can either enable or disable this feature. This is undoubtedly a helpful feature; that’s why I have mentioned this on the new ios features list.

New iOS Features: Share Apple Music to Facebook & Instagram Stories

If you are a social media enthusiast, you will definitely love this new iOS feature. In this new update, you can share Apple songs directly to your Instagram stories and even on Facebook as well.

All you need to do is a simple tap, and you can check out Apple music open either on Instagram or Facebook. Then put a story and select the song featured in the middle.

Then you will splash the color scheme of the song in the background for a neat effect. Apple Music is so far the first to offer this feature. Even though Spotify, Pandora, and shazam allow you to share songs with Instagram stories. Pandora offers to share with the Snapchat stories, but with this new feature, you can add a bit of spice with a background as well.

New iOS Features- Medical ID with First Responders:

This is one of the essential features in iOS 13.5, you should check out, especially in this COVID-19 crisis. With this special iOS 13.5 feature, you can share your medical Id with first responders during emergency calls.

Apple has made it easier to share your personal medical ID when you are placing an emergency call from your device. This feature supports only when the service supports your areas. However, the information is encrypted, so you don’t have to worry about the privacy concern with this special feature.

Want to Get Activity Award:

This is not a feature, but it’s available in iOS 13.5 code features. It is an activity award through 2022. You can earn these awards for simply completing different fitness tasks just with your Apple watch.

So, it’s always good to know for Apple users about the Activity awards as there is plenty of time left.


These are the best new iOS features you should know about. All these features are available on iOS 13.5 and will roll out soon. So, you have got good knowledge on this version. You can find out more advancements and features shortly on this 13.5 iOS version.

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Zoom vs Skype: Which is best for you to work from home?

Zoom vs Skype: Which is best for you to work from home?

  With more and more countries keeping lockdown restrictions for their citizens, most of the businesses are striving to shift for work from the home model. Video conferencing gets more importance. Zoom vs Skype is the most heated argument now.

This decision of work from the model has suddenly increased the demand for Video Conferencing apps such as Zoom, Skype, and other apps.

If you are striving to find out the best video conferencing app between Zoom vs Skype means you should check out this post.

In this post, you will find the full details of Zoom and Skype, along with the proper comparison of both apps.

Zoom vs Skype is the most heated topic in the Coronavirus pandemic times. So, we’ll cover these two popular Platforms features and more in this Zoom vs Skype post.

Zoom vs Skype: Pros and Cons

Lets first check out the two most popular video conference apps and then go on with its comparisons.

What is Zoom?

Zoom is one of the most popular video conference apps that has enormously come into the act in this pandemic crisis. Zoom is generally a cloud-based video conferencing tool that is helpful for users to do video conferencing calls.

Zoom vs Skype

With this tool, you can create meetings or record meetings. This special tool is mainly built with large companies in mind. With this tool, you can quickly host the online meeting, record meetings, group chats, and more. Zoom app works on all operating systems such as windows, mac, android, and IOS operating systems.

Now, let’s find out what is Skype.

What is Skype?

Generally, I don’t have to say about Skype because most of the people know about it. Skype is a popular Microsoft product that allows multiple users to interact remotely in real-time.

Initially, this app is designed to make voice calls over the internet. But, soon, it has launched its video calls and instant messaging as well. This app is compatible with almost all devices such as Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Android, Xbox, IOS, Amazon Alexa devices, and more.

Skype vs Zoom

Until now, we have seen both Zoom and Skype descriptions. Now, let’s check out Zoom Vs Skype features and comparison.

Generally, the main thing that comes to mind while checking the video conferencing app is video quality.

Let’s check out Zoom vs Skype Video Quality to find out who’s best in video quality.

Zoom Vs Skype Video Quality Comparison:

The most important factor users love to check while choosing the best video conference app is Video Quality.

People don’t want to look pixelated in their presentations and their meetings. So, they often strive to find out which app is best for Video Quality.

Generally, both apps have a 1080p video option. So, most users who strive to use both will be happy.

As both the apps have 1080p, all you need is a fast data connection along with proper hardware to ease up this task.

If you are a person who considers net speed for high definition calls means Skype needed 1.2 Mbps, whereas Zoom needed a bit more data speed. For zoom, you need at least 3 Mbps for the highest quality  Video.

Skype activates 1080p resolution by default, where else Zoom doesn’t enable 1080p by default.  This is the only difference between both. Zoom 720p is activated by default. If you want 1080p, you have to do it manually. However, 720p is arguably good.

Coming to the audio quality, this mostly depends on the microphone you have on your device.

Now, let’s check out the participant limits of both Skype and Zoom to find out Zoom vs Skype, which is best in the participant limit.

Zoom Vs Skype Participant limit, which is best:

Coming to the participant’s limit, the zoom has the upper hand over skype.

Most of the companies are confused about choosing the best video conference apps between Zoom vs Skype because of different reasons.

If you check out participant’s limits, the Skype free version limits 50 participants. Skypes paid version allows users to add up to 250 people in a single video call.

However, the zoom number almost doubles in the free version. Zoom is presently allowing 100 participants in a single video call in its free version. In the zoom premium version, you can add up to 1000 people in a single video call and view 49 on-screen videos.

So, its cool for companies who are having more staff. If you have more staff, then you should choose Zoom as it’s your best and only popular option.

Now, let’s check out the Zoom vs Skype App integration to find out which is your best bet.


Zoom Vs Skype: App Integrations:

Both the app’s zoom and Skype are best in integrations. You can expand the power of each tool by integrations with other apps.

Generally, Skype gives you the option to integrated Microsoft products such as OneDrive, Word, Outlook, as well as other third-party apps like WordPress, slack, and more.

Coming to the Zoom in allows most of the third-party app integrations through its Marketplace. You can integrate popular options such as Linkedin, Google Drive, Slack, Health Care, Sales, marketing, finance, and more categories apps.

If you are striving to use these apps without creating the Account, then you check this part. You’ll love it.

Zoom Vs Skype: No need of Account:

Skype has newly introduced a feature called “Meet Now.” That allows users to call without a signup process.

With this feature, you don’t have to sign up for the service or even download the app for calls. The Zoom inspires this special feature as this app also has the functionality to join meetings through browsers without sign in or without downing the app.

You’ll get a unique link in both services that can be shared to enter the video call. If you are meeting others, you can invite anyone regardless of whether they are on Skype or Zoom. This is a helpful feature for users to save time. Also, there is no need to be in a hurry to join the meeting by skipping all the login process.

Let’s check out the other features of Zoom vs Skype to find out which is perfect for you.

Zoom Vs Skype: Screen Share and Other features:

Zoom and Skype video conference apps are presently offering very similar features.

Both these apps include screen share options along with cloud storing, meeting recording, file sharing, whiteboard, Instant group chat, joining call via the link, and more features.

However, Zoom has a slight upper hand when it comes to the other features. As it’s better with overall services and can be integrated with different apps.

Even though Skype has capabilities such as individual meetings and more, but it’s lesser than zoom capabilities.

Let’s check out compatibility.

Zoom vs Skype: Compatibility

When it comes to compatibility, both these are great. Both skype and zoom have fantastic compatibility with all the other devices. These apps can be used on Windows, macOS, Linux, IOS, Android, and even from a web browser as well. Zoom can be compatible with Xbox, Amazon Alexa devices, and more. However, skype isn’t that compatible with these devices.

Along with the above options, you can even join the meeting via call so you won’t miss any meetings, or you will not have any excuses to miss meetings.

Finally, we have reached the main point that’s Security and privacy of the user.

Let’s find out which one is best in privacy.

Skype vs Zoom: Privacy factor

Skype and Zoom, both apps, have robust end-to-end Security. However, these days zoom is in the news about privacy concerns. In recent times, Zoom has even force stopped its new features for 90 days due to the rising concerns of privacy. However, the company has updated these security patches, but despite that, it’s still having issues.

Several questions are hovering around the internet regarding privacy vulnerabilities in Zoom. The most shareable and notable news in that act is Zoombombing, and this is an act of using a screen sharing feature to display pornographic or violent imagery in a meeting.

Many enterprises are trolling zoom regarding their screen sharing patches that let users to re-entre with a new name after blocking from video conference as well.

This has become a nuisance for Zoom, apart from these amidst the tensions between the USA and China. Most of the people are claiming that Zoom is not safe because it’s having a data center in China, and they are operating regarding the Chinese Government.

However, these claims are not proved, but the Zoombombing thing has made New York City ban users of Zoom from online learning during these pandemic closures. So, due to these concerns, Zoom is not ideal for some companies that strive to maintain secrecy.

We have seen every option on Zoom vs Skype, now lets both apps pricing.

Zoom Vs Skype: Pricing:

Both Zoom and Skype have a free plan that works great for some users. Skype provides video conferencing, voice calls, chat, and more for free over the internet.

If you want to call cell phones or landlines with skype, then you have to purchase Skype credit or even a premium subscription. The Skype credit is generally offered in a minute based tier. However, monthly subscriptions provide unlimited mins for you.

Zoom offers a free basic plan for users that’s more than enough for users and groups. If you want to arrange a meeting for more than 100 people, then you should check out its premium plans. You can get full details on paid plans on their sites.

Bottom Line:

Both skype and zoom are useful video conference apps that have great features. But, in most of the sections, the zoom has the upper hand than Skype.

However, it has fallen in the main aspect that is privacy. The growing concerns of privacy make users switch to Skype. If you are striving to add more members in your video call, then you should opt for the Zoom. There are no other options.

So, if you are planning to do group calls for fewer members, then skype is the best option, or else you should go with zoom. This is all about Zoom vs Skype.

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20 Best Sites to Download Free Audiobooks in 2020

20 Best Sites to Download Free Audiobooks in 2020

In this pandemic time, people are searching for different alternatives to spend their time. Some are busy watching movies, reading books, spending time with their family, and some are busy with Download Free Audiobooks.

Most of you might already know about the audiobooks; if not, I’ll tell you about them in this post. Audiobooks are audio recordings of your favorite books that are narrated adequately by professionals or some of the renowned celebrities.

Through these Audiobooks, you can gain lots of knowledge, and if you are a literature freak? Then you will surely enjoy the popular literature Audiobooks.

Some people who are striving to read more books often can’t spend that much time reading, in that case, these audiobooks will be helpful. All you have to do is play the Audiobooks and listen to the audio to gain knowledge.

There are thousands of audiobooks readily available online that can save you a lot of time. If you are searching for the best sites to download free Audiobooks in 2020? Then you have come to the perfect place, here in this post I’ll let you know about the best sites to download free audiobooks in 2020.

Let’s check out the list of best sites to download free audiobooks in 2020.

20 Best Sites to Download Free Audiobooks in 2020:

In this list of free audiobooks, you can access thousands of classic books for free. If you are striving to have a great time listening to the best books? Then you will enjoy this list of best sites to download free Audiobooks in 2020.

Download Free Audiobooks from Loyal Books:

When it comes to downloading audiobooks, I feel loyal books are the best site because it’s having thousands of audiobooks in various categories.

This Loyal books is a helpful site to download free audiobooks in 2020. It has covered all the best selling books and novels apart from those you also check out the book synopsis.

On this site, you can check out the date of publication and its synopsis to get an idea about the Audiobook before you download it. With this app, you can download Audiobooks as iTunes Podcasts, Mp3, and even listen to them in RSS Reader.

The Special feature I love the most about the site of this Loyal book is you can specifically download chapters you love. That’s the cool feature and most used feature in the Loyal Books site. This app has an Android App to download Audiobooks from your mobile itself. Because of these features, I have listed this site on the top of the best sites to download free audiobooks in 2020 list.

Perfect Site to Download Free Audiobooks StoryNory:

Storynory is another excellent site to download free audiobooks in 2020. It’s the perfect site to get storytelling audiobooks for kids. On this site, you will get all the best storytelling audiobooks that are written by professionals.

Most of the books available in the Storynory are pretty entertaining and exciting so that you can make use of them. You can download the audiobooks from the site, or you can even read it if you want from this app. This app is available for IOS users.

The impressive audiobook collection and user interface of this IOS app has made me list this app on the ” Best sites to download free audiobooks in 2020.”

Learn Out Loud:

Learn Out Loud is another good app to download free audiobooks in 2020. This is a proper hub for both paid and free audio & video learning materials.

In this learn out loud site, you will get most of the books you love as audio files. You can even get the mfun stories on this site as well. This exclusive site also offers personal reviews of books to understand the content better before you even download the audiobooks. You can download this app from the IOS store, or its official site.

Download Free Audiobooks LibriVox:

LibriVox is another good audiobooks site you should be considering in 2020. This site is a community-driven audiobooks site that has free audiobooks to download. Most of the community members narrate the popular books and make them accessible for people to download.

However, few of these narrated books aren’t that great, but you will find most of the essential books on this free audiobooks site. Because of its quality and free options, we have listed this on the best sites to download free audiobooks in 2020 post. This app is available to download for both Android and IOS devices as well.

Project Gutenberg:

Project Gutenberg is another excellent resource to find audiobooks. This site helps you find the classic ebooks that are converted into audiobooks. The volunteers of Project Gutenberg narrated all these classic ebooks.

Similar to the Librivox, you will find lots of amazing ebooks that are narrated entirely into the audiobooks. In this site, you can find both the computer narrated and human narrated audiobooks to download. This Project Gutenberg is available both for Android and IOS devices.


Audiobooksom is a premium site that has loads of audiobooks, but it has free audiobooks as well. Usually, this app is a subscription-based service. However, it gives users to download one audio for free and also provides a 30-days free trial.

Maybe, that’s enough for most people to listen to popular ebooks online for free. If you love to go for its premium version, then you have to pay a $14.99 fee.


Lit2Go is a perfect site to download free audiobooks in 2020. This site has a free online collection of the stories and ebooks in Mp3 format. You can find lots of abstracts, citations, and ebooks and different kinds of stories in all niches as audiobooks on this site.

This site does a great job of adequately summarizing the books, and they even offer the recap of all the chapters in the book. Just go to the lit2go site and download the audiobooks you want. is another best option you should consider in 2020. This is generally a subscription-based audiobooks website that offers different audiobooks. However, it gives access for users to download a single audiobook for free whenever you sign up.

On this site, you will find over 50,000 titles and more to choose from. Apart from that, they are even adding fresh content regularly.

Open Culture:

Open Culture is one of the best sites to download audiobooks. This site offers hundreds of free audiobooks for users to download. However, this site isn’t the audiobooks site that offers their own stuff. It’s the site that acts like torrent sites where it gives the download links to most popular audiobooks.

In addition to the existing list, this site always adds fresh content to the site regularly.

Audiobook Treasury:

Audiobook Treasury is another famous site you should consider for downloading free audiobooks in 2020. Although this site focuses on selling paid audiobooks, but it also offers free audiobooks. The free audiobooks which you see on this site are new, and those are made available for free by the respective authors.

In some cases, you will find books with old titles. Search perfectly on this site to find the best audiobooks you need.


Overdrive is a platform that has lots of free audiobooks. This site is just like the online library of free audiobooks. In addition to the audiobooks, it has hard copy books as well.

With an overdrive site, you can find lots of free audiobooks and paid audiobooks as well. This site is not similar to the other websites as it gives free library cards of paid sites so that you can offer that content for free.

Audiobooks by

Most of the people know about as it’s one of the biggest archives of classic books. Now, this site has more than 13,000 free and classic audiobooks on this site.

The site has an excellent user interface, and it’s dead easy to download these audio files. You can play these audiobooks online, or you can download them.

Lightspeed Magazine:

Lightspeed Magazine is one of the best sites that have high-quality sci-fi type content. If you love to listen to sci-fi and fantasy audiobooks, then you should check out Lightspeed Magazine. Lightspeed magazine authors narrate the classic sci-fi and fantasy books.

So you can easily download this free stuff and enjoy listening to sci-fi audiobooks. You can download a lightspeed magazine for your IOS and Kindle as well.


eJunto is another platform that is useful to download audiobooks. This particular eJunto site provides you with a hell lot of valuable books. You can even find audiobooks of autobiographics of American presidents, history, fantasy books, and more.

Because of the exciting audiobooks, I have listed this post on the list of best sites to download free audiobooks in 2020.

Best to Download Free Audiobooks- Scribl:

Scribl is people’s favorite audiobook site that’s perfect for downloading interesting audiobook stuff. In this site, you can find audiobooks that are narrated by the scribl authors.

These audiobooks are simply perfect in narration, and it has all genres covered for you. You can get these audiobooks on iTunes as MP3, or you can even listen to it in RSS Reader as well. If you love this app and are eager to donate some for authors, then you can donate or else you don’t have to pay.

ManyBooks for Free Audiobooks Collection:

Manybooks is another reliable site to get free audiobooks. With the help of many books, you can get popular audiobooks for free. It has more than 1700 free audiobooks. Because of that collection, you can find many exciting books and audiobooks ready to read and download.

Light up your brain:

Want to be romantic and interesting to listen to romantic stories? Then you should be choosing to light up your brain site. This is a site where you get the best love “Audio Stories.”

If you have a desire to read kids’ stories? Then you can make use of this site as it also covers kid’s stories. The narrator’s voice is best when it comes to narration, and even it’s understandable by kids.

Free Classic Audio Books:

If you are striving to check out the best site to download free audiobooks? Then you should check out free classic Audio websites. This site has lots of audiobooks in different categories because of the collection you can download your favorite stuff with ease.

Here you can download audio files in either mp3 or m4b format (iPod). Because of its site’s user interface it allows users to choose their favorite author’s audiobooks. Thus, it makes it easier for users to download hassle-free.

BookRix for Download Free Audiobooks:

BookRix is a friendly site that allows you to download free audiobooks because of its best collection. This site is a minimal known site that specializes in stories of religious, fantasy-base, and adventure stories. You can even get the fictitious audiobooks as well.

Miette’s Bedtime Story Podcast:

Miette’s is a podcast site that shares Miette’s own recordings on the site, although its run by a single author, but the narrating style makes me list this site on the list of best websites for downloading free audiobooks in 2020.


These are the 20 best sites to download free Audiobooks in 2020. If you are searching for the best audiobooks to timpass in this lockdown time? Then you should make use of the above sites to get rid of your boredom.

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10 Best Google Adsense Alternatives in 2020

10 Best Google Adsense Alternatives in 2020

I’m sure most of you might know about the popular google Adsense – This popular Google Adsense is used for making money online for bloggers through their blog or website. However, it’s not the only choice when it comes to money-making for bloggers, but it’s one of the best options to generate passive income through online advertisements. Most of the Bloggers are unaware of Google Adsense Alternatives.

Google backs Google Adsense, so people trust this Ad network to generate money. However, it’s not that easy to get active Google Adsense Approval for websites or blogs. Especially if you are a newbie who is striving to make some money, you can’t get through Google Adsense Approval.

In that case, most of you might be searching for Google Adsense Alternatives? If you are the one who’s searching for Best Google Adsense Alternatives in 2020?

Then don’t worry, in this post, I’ll let you know about the best Google Adsense Alternatives in 2020.

Not only newbies search for Google Adsense Alternatives, but some people who got their Google Adsense disabled will also look at these alternatives to generate income.

If at all you got “Your Google Adsense account disable or temporarily banned” message, then don’t worry too much as it’s much more common these days to get disabled.

Mostly we can’t tell you a specific reason why you got banned from Google Ads because they may be different reasons for different accounts. But, we can surely help you with the best Google Adsense Alternatives.

Usually, people bash google or cry when they get disabled, but no need to do that because there are other good options to make money online the same as Google Adsense.

Let’s explore the list of Best Google Adsense Alternatives in 2020 that can help you to generate passive income.

Best Google Adsense Alternatives in 2020:

In this list, we have mentioned all the best Google Adsense alternatives you need to earn passive income through your website or blog.

Some of the Google AdSense alternatives on this list can be used along with Adsense to increase your revenue.

Let’s get started with the list of best Google Adsense alternatives

Media.Net: Popular Google Adsense Alternative in 2020: is the popular Google Adsense alternative in 2020. It’s one of the largest contextual advertising networks that have 2nd largest ads revenue in the modern advertising industry.

This is the perfect alternative of Google Ads, mainly considering its different high paying ads options. It’s the best option for both publishers and advertisers.

Presently this company has over 500 employees in it’s operating centers in New York, Dubai, Mumbai, Bangalore, Los Angeles, and Zurich.

All the payments are made via Payoneer as they take lower commissions than other gateways. This network pays based on Net 30. The specialty of this network is it powers the yahoo and bing network contextual ads.

Unlike Google Adsense, you don’t have to get through lots of restrictions. Minimal traffic is enough for to get your account approved. The approval process usually takes two days on average, and the best thing is you will get an extra 10% over your earning for your first three months.


  • You can customize ads according to your website.
  • The payout threshold is $100 for Wire Transfer and Payoneer.
  • Fast approval process and needs minimal site traffic.


  • The primary language of your site should be English.


Best Google Adsense Alternatives for Bloggers:

Propeller Ads:

Propeller Ads is the other largest ad network that offers a wide range of ads types such as sponsored links, banner ads, push notifications, and more.

This ad network helps you to reach nearly 1 billion users so you can earn a hefty amount from this network. The self-serve platform is pretty easy to use. You don’t need to take stress in setting up the ads on your website.

This ad network has lots of targeting options with real-time performance measurement, and you can even work proactively on improving the campaign. It also has features that are helpful in ad optimization. You can fine-tune the ads by AI; this gives you the best number of conversions on your ad without the manual efforts.


  • The fine-tuning ads by AI give you the best conversions.
  • This ad network has various advertisements that can help bypass ad-blocking tools.
  • Minimum Payout of Propeller ads is $5; this is much lesser than other ad networks.
  • This network supports multiple ad types that include on-click ads.


  • The only con is the minimum payout for wire transfer is $550 that is more than other ad networks.

Amazon Native Shopping Ads:

Amazon’s native shopping ads are the other best shopping ads you should consider. We all know Amazon is the largest e-commerce store, but most don’t know it has its own ad network for shopping ads.

It has kept its own native shopping ads network for showing their products directly to potential customers. As a blogger, you can earn handsome pay for these native ads. It is even better when you have a look at the pay per click.

The ads are similar to Google Adsense depending on the contextual it displays relevant products based on keywords and content. If you at all a user clicks on your link and makes a purchase, you will earn more money through commission.

As Amazon is famous throughout the world, you can get more conversions and increase your pay. All you need to do is bring traffic and convert it to get passive income from minimal effort. This is one of the best google adsense alternatives in 2020.


  • It has three types of ads that let you pick per your blog. – Search ads, custom ads, and recommendation ads.
  • Amazon is very easy to use, and you can show advertisements easily.


  • The minimum payment is $100, which is more than other networks.
  • Payments are made via Check, Direct Deposit or even Gift Card.
  • It works excellent if you only have traffic from the EU or the US.


Adsterra is another good option for Google Adsense. This is an excellent advertising network for publishers, and it offers great CPMs. As a publisher, you will have a lot of different ad formats to choose from both for mobile and desktop.

This special network pays based on NET15 via Paypal, Webmoney, wire transfer, Paxum, Bitcoin, ePayments, and more.  Adsterra has decent pricing models and usage statistics with an excellent support team.

This site has the minimum payment requirements; you can withdraw the amount once you reach $5 (USD), so it’s pretty convenient for small bloggers who are keen to take out small earnings. It’s having banner ads, popunders, web push notifications, video ads, direct links, and more.

Adsterra has been the best Google AdSense alternative for small and medium bloggers in recent times. The best part of this adsterra is it has a personal account manager who is always available via Skype.

It’s an excellent advertising network that’s paying out funds regularly without any problems. So, you can trust adsterra as it’s growing every day.


  • The Minimum Payment Threshold amount of $5.
  • It has a great referral program that gives you 5% of their profit to your income forever.


The wire transfer requires $1000, so it’s problematic for bloggers who are striving to use wire transfer.

Google Adsense Alternatives to Monetize Your Websites:


Infolinks is another helpful Google Adsense Alternatives in 2020. This is the world’s leading advertiser in the text-advertising industry. It’s only the best for text-based ads. However, this also provides banner and video ads for advertisers and publishers.

Infolinks is one of the biggest monetization networks in the world that’s serving more than 200,000 online publishers to earn money in 128 countries.

The Infolinks native and contextual ads are perfect for anyone, and its interface is incredible for any users. You can customize the product ads and do more with Infolinks.

The best part is it is open for all the publishers with no minimum traffic, no setup fee, and no hidden costs as well. Infolinks is working with leading brands such as Amazon, Facebook, eBay, Ali Express, and more. So, this makes the best Google Adsense alternatives in 2020.


  • No traffic requirements, it is the best part to join the network quickly.
  • Minimum payout is only $50 and has various payment options such as Paypal, eCheck, wire transfer, and more.


  • As there are no minimum requirements, it’s payment is lesser than other networks.


RevContent is another reliable advertising network you should check out if you are searching for the best Google Adsense alternatives. This ad network focuses on the quality of blogs, so you should have better engagement rates to get through the approval process.

RevContent is thus far the best native ads network with great quality ads in the industry. It has high engagement, and they bond pretty well with your site and look just like the articles.

Regarding CPCs, it’s paying 1-10 cents per click, so it’s better than most of the sites, but it has some quality restrictions. If you have a quality blog with high or medium engagement, then you can earn a good amount of money from this site.


  • The minimum payout limit is $50 for PayPal.
  • It has all the ad formats such as display, mobile, video and text ads.


  • RevContent is tough to go through the approval process because lots of newbies miss out from this network.
  • This network only pays with PayPal, and it has no other payment options.

Google Adsense Alternatives to Diversify Your Portfolio


PopAds is a good performing advertising network these days, particularly in Pop-under ads. This network has decent monetization rates and has a minimum payment threshold. All you need to earn is $5 USD to withdraw.. If you are searching for daily withdrawal, then you can do that by making $5 or per day.

The quality of their ads are good, so you will have good engagement and clicks on your ads. It has an easy approval policy and takes just a few minutes to set up your ads.


  • Minimum Payment threshold of $5 (USD).
  • You can take daily payments when you reach $5.
  • It has great customer support via Skype.
  • Popads offer a 10% referral commission, because of that you can earn an extra amount.


  • No direct link provided.
  • It has only a pop-under ad type.

Revenue Hits:

Revenue hits is another impressive ad network you should watch out if you are looking for the best Google Adsense alternatives. This is a genuine platform that’s paying regular payouts on time because of that people trust this network. So, you can trust this site for publishing ads.

This site has contextual and Geo-targeted ads that help you to generate the best revenue from all the digital assets that includes search widgets, applications, toolbars, and more. You can use multiple ad types, such as standard ads, widgets, pop-ups, and more.


  • The revenue hits payout is $20, this is among the low thresholds in ad networks because lots of people choose this network.
  • It supports various payment options such as Paypal, Payoneer, and Wire transfer.


  • For wire transfer, you need to earn $500. That’s more than a few best networks.


Sovrn // Commerce (Formely Viglink):

If you are blogging from the past few years, you might hear the name Viglinks as it used to be among the best Google Adsense Alternatives. Now, it has changed its name and turned into the Sovrn // Commerce. It’s a kind of ad network that suites blogs who link to the business or e-commerce sites.

This site converts all the links on your website into the affiliate links and automatically allows you to earn a commission from the purchase. It’s undoubtedly different from Google Adsense, but it’s another option to make money from your blog. This is an effective method because of its network type and it’s useful if you are focusing on affiliates.


The minimum payout is just $10 – the lowest among all the ad networks.

It has multiple payment options such as ACH, Check, Paypal, and wire transfer.


Payments are processed after 90 days ( This makes users leave this network)


EvaDev is the newbie in this ad network industry. It is one of the best Google Adsense alternatives in 2020. This is helpful for both publishers and advertisers, and they provide various ad formats as well. You can choose ad types you need, such as video sliders, mobile interstitial, banners, push notifications, and more.

This network reaches worldwide visitors, and this allows you to generate revenues for traffic from any place in the world because of that its great network. Recently EvaDev has also added pop-under ads.


  • The minimum payout is $25, which is lower than some ad networks.
  • It has multiple payment options such as PayPal, Skrill, Bank Wire, and more.
  • The referral program can help you earn 5% of referrals earnings.


  • The minimum payment is $1000 for wire transfer.


These are the best Google Adsense alternatives in 2020 you should look at to earn some extra money from your blog. Some of these can be used alongside Google Adsense as well. Along with these, they are other ad networks like Adversal, Adcash, yclick, and more.

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iPad Pro 2020: Backed with Great Features

iPad Pro 2020: Backed with Great Features

Are you wondering about Apple’s New iPad Pro 2020 Review? Then you are in the perfect place. Here I’m going to let you know about the proper review of Apple New iPad Pro 2020.

In this modern world, most of the people are handling Apple devices because it has been a famous company in smartphones.

Apple has launched some high devices which are famous for its security, features, and stunning looking.

Recently, it has done great work with it’s iPad Pro 2020 version. It has turned the iPad into a viable laptop alternative in 2020, and mainly thanks to its powerful features and great updates.

Most of the people around manage to do work on the iPad, but it requires too many patients as its older versions are too slow to work and also not suitable for hefty workloads.

Thanks to its new iPad Pro 2020 version. This is a speedy iPad pro 2020 version with a long-lasting battery, and it even supports the trackpads that make a vast difference between the older device and its new version.

The trackpads and mice can also be connected to the old versions such as Ipad OS 13.4, but having a new version has some added benefits in other sections.

This version iPad pro is a long-awaited device that makes Apple’s tablet more accessible and helps in productivity-related tasks.  It can seamlessly help you to do your work tasks as it has a larger screen size, i.e., 12.9-inch.

Most of the people are calling this a perfect laptop replacement, but Apple is positioning; it has a new type of computer that can handle your work similar to the laptop.

iPad Pro 2020 Price:

Although this iPad pro 2020 is slim and has a light design with a smooth touchscreen option, it’s not as good as the laptop. Because this iPad pro 2020 is running on the software that was designed for mobile.  Along with that, it also doesn’t feel as comfortable as a laptop because it has a lack of mouse support and other significant factors.

In the US, it starts at $800 for the 11-inch model, $1000 for 12.9 inches.

iPad Pro Overview:

This iPad Pro 2020 is just a magical piece of glass, and it’s blazingly fast than most of the PC Laptops and has a premium camera that can transform reality. Apart from these, you can have an Apple Pencil, keyboard, and trackpad to access it.

Let’s get into the Specifications:

Apple iPad Pro 2020 Specifications:

Before going into the in-depth discussion about the specification, have a glance at them to get an idea about the device. In this review, I am using a 12.9 version, which has 1TB of storage.

iPad Pro 11 ich model:

Display:  11-inch liquid retina display with LED-backlit Multi-touch display with IPS technology.

Processor: This device has an Apple A12Z Bionic chip with 64-bit architecture, Neural Engine, and Embedded M12 Motion coprocessor.  (2nd Generation)

Front Camera: 7-MegaPixel camera with optical zoom.

Rear Camera: 12 Megapixel wide camera and 10 megapixels of ultra-wide-angle with 2* optical zoom out and digital zoom up to 5x.

Sensors & Ports: Face ID, LiDar and has USB-C, Smart Connector option.

iPad Pro 2020 12.9 inches:

Display:  12.9-inch liquid retina display with diagonal LED-backlit Multi-touch display with IPS technology. It has promotion technology and an accurate tone display as well.

Processor: This device has an Apple A12Z Bionic chip with 64-bit architecture, Neural Engine, and Embedded M12 Motion coprocessor. (4th Generation)

Front Camera: 7-MegaPixel camera with optical zoom.

Rear Camera: 12 Megapixel wide camera (f/1.8) and 10 megapixels of ultra-wide-angle with 2* optical zoom out and digital zoom up to 5x.

Video: 4K  up to 6fps

Sensors & Ports: Face ID, LiDar and has USB-C, Smart Connector option.

Now, let’s get into the review of the iPad Pro 2020 review. As said earlier, I am reviewing the 12.9 inches version in this review.

Display and Design of  iPad Pro 2020:

Apple’s iPad pro is impressive, mainly because of its thin and light design. It’s built at 0.23 inches thin, and it’s just as slim as the iPad Air. This 12.9 inch iPad Pro is coming with Wifi and cellular weights of 643 grams while the surface pro is bit heavier than this as it stays at 775 grams.

As this is designed to give you more display place, it has no home button similar to the iPad Air. So, you have to use either passcode or FaceID to unlock your device. Also, swipe up from the screen to go to the home screen.

Coming to its display, its 12.9-inch display is vibrant, smooth, and absolutely sharp. This device has a higher 120 Hz refresh rate, so it has a great Pro Motion feature. Ipad Pro even supports True tone color by adjusting the technology. It has built entirely right in terms of display and design. However,  to replace the laptop, it has to do more.


Apple’s latest iPad pro 2020 software is great as it has added some powerful features to the iPad.

It’s presently better equipped to handle work-related tasks and can enhance the productivity of your work. It has a proper file manager to access documents stored on the iPad or other places such as iCloud Drive and so.

The split-screen mode is another helpful option, and it even supports external drives in the files app. Along with these, the new home screen helps you to see more information such as upcoming appointments, events, and more.

Even though it has all the powerful features, it still can’t replace the laptop as you can drag-drop or resize your home screen like you do on a desktop. Apart from these, switching apps can’t happen as good as the desktop on this iPad. This irritates a bit for users who love to switch between apps.

However, if you consider the speed and other factors, you can be satisfied with this iPad Pro as an alternative to your laptop.

Performance and Battery Life:

The new iPad Pro 2020 battery life is good when compared to the other devices. It’s faster than a laptop in performance. Usually, while opening apps MacBook Pro or Mac Book Air, you will see some sluggish performance where else with iPad pad pro, you don’t need to do that as it’s blazingly fast.

As Apple’s newest iPad Pro runs on the A12Z processor, it’s so far the powerful processor that detects sharper graphics and has a great improvement in GPU’s Thermal Architecture.

The previous version of iPad pro used to have Apple’s A12X chipset, so it has lesser performance than A12Z.

Coming to the battery life, Apple claims it can last up for 10 hours while browsing the web on wifi or even streaming videos. I find that it’s true as it lasts around 10 hours. The iPad Pro works perfectly for 10 hours, and in some cases, it can drain soon, but that depends upon the various factors.


If you are eager to shoot videos with your iPad Pro, then you can get high image quality similar to the iPhone 11.

This iPad Pro has a 7-megapixel front camera for selfies and video calls, although it’s not as great as the iPhone 11 selfie camera, but it’s okay.

Coming to the rear camera, it has a 12 Megapixel wide camera, with 10-megapixel ultra-wide angular camera that’s great at taking lower resolution pics.

The pictures you capture on iPad pad pro are good but not great. If you are a camera lover, then you should find another device to enjoy your photography skills.

However, iPad Pro does a good job as it has a LiDar Sensor that actively made a great impact on capturing the image. This special sensor is geared to improve performance in AR apps.

Apple Ipad pro 2020 is capable of detecting surfaces quickly and hassle-free. However, AR apps will have to be built for Apple’s new scene geometry application; then, only the LiDAr sensor works flawlessly.

Overall, the iPad Pro is faster in taking images and accurate in detecting surfaces so you can be comfortable with this device. If you are trying to go ahead of this, then you have to search for other devices.

Mouse and Trackpad support:

The iPad pro-2020 has the ability to use a mouse and trackpad. So, it has become a game-changer among the other devices.

Don’t expect mouse and trackpad support as good as Mac or PC. Although it has this feature, it works differently from the PC interface.

Computer mice will work fine with iPad, but it’s a wise option to choose trackpads as it far ahead in performance from mice.

Downsides of  iPad Pro 2020:

IPad Pro’s main downside is its price. This device is way too expensive than the laptop and tablet.

The cost starts from 71000INR in India and $800 in the US for the 11-inch device. It’s 12.9-inch device costs over 89,000 INR in India and $1000 in the USA.

Most people choose MacBook Air as it is similar in pricing; some even choose other alternatives as they are cheaper. Some apps in the iPad pro are not optimized for a trackpad that gives frustration to some people.

It doesn’t have any portraits and night mode as well. To use this Ipad pro, you need an Apple Pencil as it will cost you around $130. So, the price might even go higher.

Final Review:

The new Apple Ipad pro is definitely a powerful computer that is stunning in design and sleek in shape. Its long battery life is helpful for anyone. Apart from that, the trackpads support will also help you.

But, if you are looking for a laptop replacement? I feel this can’t replace your laptop, but if you are finding a device to fully fill your productivity work apart from laptops, then you can consider this iPad pro.

The software experience in iPad pro is still not as good as laptop os in some features, but coming to the performance, it’s great.  So, if you are looking for a device between phone and laptop, then this is a perfect option for you.

Pros of  iPad Pro:

  • Long-Lasting Battery life (Lasts up to 10 hours while using wifi)
  • Unique sleek lightweight design.
  • Supports both trackpad and mouse.
  • Blazingly faster than lots of laptops in performance.


  • Too expensive than regular laptops.
  • Software is still missing some important aspects.
  • Not having night mode and portrait support.

New iPad Pro 2020: Backed with Great features but still can’t replace laptop

This is all about the iPad pro 2020 review.

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