Ted 2017: Elon Musk Vision for Underground Road System

Ted 2017: Elon Musk Vision for Underground Road System

Elon Musk has a vision to streamline the traffic with underground road system

We live in a fast paced world where every minutes counts and every moment is precious but navigating through the traffic can turn our world upside down.  Elon Musk has come up with a noble solution with his vision for a tunnel network spanning the length and breadth of United Sates. At first it will be seen at its full potential under the Los Angeles. This revelation for a giant underground road system was made by Elon Must at the Ted (Technology, Entertainment and Design) Conference.  Quite interestingly this new way of transportation system will help in bringing fully autonomous journey across the country by year end.

It’s time to get rid of traffic congestion

Elon Musk is charismatic founder of Tesla and Space X and both these firms have made serious technological evolution in their respective field which was never heard off. Quite recently Space X has been able to develop a rocket which can be reused with perfection and accuracy. He emphasised that the need of having a tunnel system has become a necessity in our today’s society because being stuck in the traffic amounts to a soul destroying experience.  He also showcased a concept video for the underground road system which gave the world a glimpse how a multi-layered system might work in future.

 Underground Road System

The challenges to overcome in Underground Road System

The best thing about the underground road system is that there happens to be no limits on the amounts of tunnel which can be added to it. However the major challenge which this vision has to overcome is related to cutting down the boring costs and speeding up the tunnel creation. Elon Musk gave the example of his pet snail named Gary.

He stated that Gary possess the ability to move as much as fourteen times faster than the current tunnel boring machine. Quite literary he is emphasising on the fact that even with modern equipment the tunnel boring is way slower than the snail pace.  So a lot of effort will be given towards speeding up the whole process, the faster we are able to tunnel through the lower will be costs associated to it.

Musk is determined to fructify his vision of Underground Road System

Musk has already set up a firm to work on this project and it has been tentatively named The Boring Company. Being a visionary Musk has kept himself lightly associated with this firm and it will be managed mostly for the part-timers and interns with zeal of revamping the current transportation system. Musk further elaborated that the underground road system will allow commuters to move at a breath-taking pace from the parking lot in California to across the country in New York and other far stretched locales. The transportation will be completely autonomous thereby it will allow commuters to travel a faster pace than the conventional models. Musk also talked about the semi-autonomous electric truck made by Tesla and it is expected to be unveiled in September this year.

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New Gadgets Worth Investing in

New Gadgets Worth Investing in

There are various gadgets in the market that are worth the investment. The urge to save money often keeps people away from making investments. The fact that technology devices are leading in the CMC markets, means that they are becoming a necessity. There are devices that one can invest in and end up saving a lot of money in the long run. These gadgets may be costly when purchasing them, but in the end, it will have been worth every penny. Such devices will enhance the quality of life, make it easier and fun to carry out day to day activities. Here are some ideas for new gadgets that are worth the effort.

gadget 2

Smartphone powered thermostat

A Smartphone powered thermostat makes the process of controlling heat and cooling your room much easier, fancier and cost efficient. This gadget allows one to use the Smartphone to make changes to the thermostat. One can decrease or increase the room temperature comfortably without having to move an inch. A unique feature of this gadget is that after studying one’s trends such as the common temperature setting and when turned on or off among others, it can then make the appropriate adjustments by itself. By doing so will enable you to save a lot when using a thermostat. It will also improve energy efficiency, and thus it’s worth the investment.

Gadget 3


Noria smart air conditioner

This gadget has changed the face of comfort when it comes to conditioning. Its remote connectivity allows you to control the air conditioner from any point of the house. The experience of window air conditioning does not get better than this. The Noria smart air conditioner has been beautifully designed to give your home a stylish look in addition to the comfort it provides. It enables one to maintain the view from the window while still letting fresh air into the house. The gadget design facilitates easy installation.

Gadget 4

Clean router

Over the recent years, the internet has become part of our daily life. As such, it is overwhelming, especially for parents to control the content available on the net. With the clean router device, parents now have the ability to block or filter web content. It is a wireless router connected to the devices in the house. This gadget offers an easy way to administer parental control as it automatically blocks the content that the user chooses such as pornography among others. Another advantage of using the clean router is that its features do not slow down the internet.

gadget 4

Torch coat heater

More and more gadgets are being developed to ensure comfort. Torch heater ensures that you stay warm without having to put on more clothes. This device allows you to increase the temperature of your coat by just clicking on a button. The torch is designed to discretely and perfectly fit inside the jacket. The tool is powered by a battery and has around four heat settings to provide options to the user. On a single charge, the torch is capable of providing heat for up to 5 hours. This torch is a gadget worth investing in especially during the cold seasons.

New Gadget 5

Belkin travel rockstar power bank

Belkin travel Rockstar is must have gadget for individuals who heavily depend on their mobile devices. It is important that even when travelling that their devices remain powered throughout. Belkin travel rockstar power bank is a portable multipurpose charger that will come in handy especially during long distance travels. This gadget helps to keep your Smartphone devices or tablets charged all the time. It is powered by just plugging it into a standard outlet. The led status indicator lights of the power bank allow the user to know the amount of charge available and thus one can plan ahead.

gadget 6

Fidget Toy hand spinners.

In addition to the stress balls and desk toys, there are some new exciting toys on the market. Fidget Toy hand spinner is a perfect gadget for someone looking to reduce anxiety and stress levels. This toy is easy to carry and also safe to use. Its design, round corners, and the smooth surface ensure that your fingers do not get a scratch. It is considered a useful tool for increasing focus as well as facilitating deep thought. These gadgets are also suitable for decorative purposes.

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Wikipedia’s Jimmy Wales Creates News Service Wikitribune

Wikipedia’s Jimmy Wales Creates News Service Wikitribune

A Noble News Service Called Wikitribune Unveiled by Wikipedia’s Jimmy Wales

Wikipedia ‘s co founder named Jimmy Wales tends to keep a low profile but this time he has emerged back in the news for all the right reasons. He has stated that Wikipedia is extensively working on developing a news service based on its home grown technology which is dedicated to the professional journalist and volunteer. The spread of fake and viral news has become so aggravated that the real news which offers the factual and neutral articles has become subdued to a great extent. The new news service is called Wikitribune which will help in bringing this very tone of news to the users in a bid to combat the fake news.

News Service Wikitribune

How good will be Wikitribune?

Wikitribune will be presented as free service devoid of any advertisement and certainly it will be free to read just like the Wikipedia. But it will rely on the supporters and sympathizers for regular donations.  Wales believes that with time Wikitribune will emerge as one of the most trusted and prominent new website in the world with limited influence. This isn’t the first time Wales had come up with a news service platform. Wikitribune shares a huge number of features already available on his online encyclopedia website. This site’s technology boasts of details which can be searched by the writers to find the source and even people can edit the articles present on the site to ensure its accuracy.

Crowd funding is not the right way to go

Some people believe that Wikitribune going forward with the crowdfunded model will result in limiting its overall potential. It is very unlikely that majority of people will start trusting this website or technology based on the content on it. Secondly the articles published on it will only be fixed by very few people or in the end it will be become a tool of spreading the false information which eventually it wanted to eradicate.

News Wikitribune

This method o model will only be turn into a success if it is implemented on a small scale and helps in producing a relatively low amount of unique content. But even with the current standing it is very unlikely that this service will emerge as a major, massive news organization within few months of activity.

Controlling the quality on Wikitribune

Mr. Wales has stated he will be devoting 100 percent of his on this project from the very early stages to its final days. He will be serving as the Wkikitribune chief executive for at least year to take it towards the path of success which has been achieved by the Wikipedia. The number of advisors brought by the Wales includes the journalism lecturer named Pro Jeff Jarvis, model cum actress Lily Cole, Silicon Valley venture capitalists Guy Kawasaki and US law professor Larry Lessing. The content for the website will be decided by the team of staffs on daily while finders will get a chance to influence the content as well. It will be ensured that the supporters remain neutral and doesn’t indulge in picking up the favorites in order to forward their own agenda using this technology.

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Sorting Messages on Gmail

Sorting Messages on Gmail

Sorting out Messages – Gmail

A feature which is missed in Gmail is its potential of sorting out messages and by default it tends to sort mails by date which is not much of a job when it comes to checking important emails within specific dates that may come up during the phase of your vacation.

There is no facility of sorting mails by name, size, subject and sender and returning back after a vacation tends to get difficult in sorting out the important emails.  A thing to be noted is that Gmail is based on search and not on sort and hence things need to be done in a different manner such as:

  • Sort by Size
  • Sort by Sender
  • Sort by Subject
  • Search Mails within Specific Dates
  • Sort by Label
  • Sort Read & Unread mails
  • Sort with Filters

Sort Gmail by Size

Since organize by size is not done in Gmail, one could utilise Outlook or Thunderbird in order to import your mails and thereafter sort them according to size. .But there is no system wherein you could sort Gmail by size of mails, though you could utilise the search operator `size’ to locate large size mails.

Moreover, you could also utilise `smaller’ or `larger’ operators sort mails with lesser or greater than the specified size. Besides this there is also search for `filetype:zip’ or filetype:pdf’ or any file which one may receive regularly, to locate the large size mails.  For users having their inbox memory full, they could search for `has:attachment from:melabel:sent’ which will provide the list of mails sent by you with attachment.  These could be deleted to save on space.

Sort Gmail by Sender

Three types of procedures are available in sorting and any could be utilised based on the choice of the user:

  • The easiest option is to utilise the Chrome extension but the same is not recommended since its source is protected and what tends to take place beneath the hood is not known. Moreover, their website has not listed who is the developer and how it functions.  Besides this, it cannot be utilised on Firefox, IE or any other browser.
  • Users could use the following script in sorting active view by sender; For browsers besides Chrome, you could copy-paste the code to the address bar while for Chrome, go to Developer Tools by pressing F12 key.  Select the console tab and past the code. Use Enter Key and your mail gets sorted by sender where only the currently view tend to get sorted.  Hence it is better to opt for maximum mails shown per page from Gmail settings.
  • This is a simple implementation of search concept wherein on hovering over any image of a name/contact can opt for Emails from the contact to view all incoming (received) or outgoing (sent) mails with the desired name, In order to view only received  mails, search with from:sender’s name in the Gmail inbox.

Sort Gmail by Subject

In order to sort the mails by subject, a custom code is used to arrange the current set of emails which are viewed.  If any other browser besides Chrome is used, then you could copy paste the code to address bar and then use the Enter Key.  In case of Chrome, press the F12 key to enter Developer tools and click on console tab.  Then paste the code and press enter.  The code will only help in sorting the prevailing set of emails that are being viewed.

Sort Gmail by Labels

One can drag and drop a label in Gmail that tends to make labelling easy.  Moreover you could also choose which labels to display and which to be hidden from the Setting page of Gmail.  But there is no sorting facility in Gmail that tends to arrange folders automatically.

How to Search for Mails in Specific Date

By default, Gmail sort mails by date and to locate mails within the specific dates you could do an advance search.  By clicking on the arrow within Gmail search box opt for `Date within’ search option.  You will not find a field for `From’ and `To’ date to search but editing only one date and opting date within the range would provide the required details.

Sort Read and Unread Mails

You could hover over the Inbox link and click the drop arrow.  Thereafter opt for `Unread First’ and you will first get a list of unread mails and then the read mails. Besides this you could also search all u unread mails by entering `is:unread’ in the search box and likewise on entering `is:read’ to search for all the read mails.

Sort Incoming Mails with Filters

Users are aware that one can use Gmail id with a plus (+) in order to develop a new version of your account and can create several versions needed by attaching any word together with your username together with plus symbol.

The trick is to utilise Filters and Multiple Inboxes with this feature in order to sort various kinds of incoming mails. Go to Gmail Settings > Filters > Create New.  In the field `To’, your designated id with plus sign should be specified and then a label for the same.  Then you could go to Labs under settings and enable Multiple Inboxes.  On saving you will see Multiple Inboxes tab in the settings.


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Space Fabric Links Fashion and Engineering

Space Fabric  Links Fashion and Engineering

What is Space Fabric

Innovation is the change that unlocks the new value. With great aspiring minds comes the change that is inevitable. Now, we are living in an era where each day we get to witness some magic happening in terms of the invention. There are always reports related to the technology gadgets, automobiles and many more. Well, recently there has been a news related to the fabrics designed by a system engineer from NASA.

The name of the guy is Raul Polit who is currently working in the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California of NASA. He has been in the field of textiles since childhood as his mother is a fashion designer. At a tender age, his curiosity made him to know how the materials work for designing purpose.

The Design of Space Fabric

Well, now he is in the best labs of the world making his dreams come true. They have designed space fabric which has been created by the latest 3-D printer. The design has been made in such a way that each side gets to perform a different function. This is something enticing for the new design that has been created.

Space Fabric_1

The Functions of Space Fabric

The space fabric that has been created can be used in multi purposes which would surely be going to benefit the human era. Well, to start with the uses or implementations of the space fabric, it can be used in the large antennas and other useful devices. The material is can be shaped anything and it can be done pretty quickly.

The material is also foldable. Well, with the name space fabrics, it can be used in the spacecraft which can act as a shield from the heavenly bodies like the meteorites and shooting stars. It can be used in the spacesuits of the astronauts. The other incredible and most surprising thing about the space fabric that it can be used to capture many objects on different lands like on the planets.

With the improvised version of the space fabric, the device can be used to insulate the space ship. If you go for space travel some day in the near future, you can use the device to act as a basement which would serve as you as feet and the ice below would still remain intact.

The Technique Behind Space Fabric

The device or the prototype that has been designed looks more like chain mail. There are numerous squares of silver which are held together. At a first glance, it would look like a tailor made design but then there is the technology which would always amuse you in one way or the other.

They have been printed with the latest technology involving the 3D printer. The layers get embedded one after the other to give the impression of the design. Well, it is effective in terms of cost as well as it creates uniqueness in the object. The space fabric consists some of the great qualities which are essential for any device. Tensile strength is one of them. The foldability and the reflectivity add to the number of specialities along with reflectivity.

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