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10 Best Google Adsense Alternatives in 2020

10 Best Google Adsense Alternatives in 2020

I’m sure most of you might know about the popular google Adsense – This popular Google Adsense is used for making money online for bloggers through their blog or website. However, it’s not the only choice when it comes to money-making for bloggers, but it’s one of the best options to generate passive income through online advertisements. Most of the Bloggers are unaware of Google Adsense Alternatives.

Google backs Google Adsense, so people trust this Ad network to generate money. However, it’s not that easy to get active Google Adsense Approval for websites or blogs. Especially if you are a newbie who is striving to make some money, you can’t get through Google Adsense Approval.

In that case, most of you might be searching for Google Adsense Alternatives? If you are the one who’s searching for Best Google Adsense Alternatives in 2020?

Then don’t worry, in this post, I’ll let you know about the best Google Adsense Alternatives in 2020.

Not only newbies search for Google Adsense Alternatives, but some people who got their Google Adsense disabled will also look at these alternatives to generate income.

If at all you got “Your Google Adsense account disable or temporarily banned” message, then don’t worry too much as it’s much more common these days to get disabled.

Mostly we can’t tell you a specific reason why you got banned from Google Ads because they may be different reasons for different accounts. But, we can surely help you with the best Google Adsense Alternatives.

Usually, people bash google or cry when they get disabled, but no need to do that because there are other good options to make money online the same as Google Adsense.

Let’s explore the list of Best Google Adsense Alternatives in 2020 that can help you to generate passive income.

Best Google Adsense Alternatives in 2020:

In this list, we have mentioned all the best Google Adsense alternatives you need to earn passive income through your website or blog.

Some of the Google AdSense alternatives on this list can be used along with Adsense to increase your revenue.

Let’s get started with the list of best Google Adsense alternatives

Media.Net: Popular Google Adsense Alternative in 2020: is the popular Google Adsense alternative in 2020. It’s one of the largest contextual advertising networks that have 2nd largest ads revenue in the modern advertising industry.

This is the perfect alternative of Google Ads, mainly considering its different high paying ads options. It’s the best option for both publishers and advertisers.

Presently this company has over 500 employees in it’s operating centers in New York, Dubai, Mumbai, Bangalore, Los Angeles, and Zurich.

All the payments are made via Payoneer as they take lower commissions than other gateways. This network pays based on Net 30. The specialty of this network is it powers the yahoo and bing network contextual ads.

Unlike Google Adsense, you don’t have to get through lots of restrictions. Minimal traffic is enough for to get your account approved. The approval process usually takes two days on average, and the best thing is you will get an extra 10% over your earning for your first three months.


  • You can customize ads according to your website.
  • The payout threshold is $100 for Wire Transfer and Payoneer.
  • Fast approval process and needs minimal site traffic.


  • The primary language of your site should be English.


Best Google Adsense Alternatives for Bloggers:

Propeller Ads:

Propeller Ads is the other largest ad network that offers a wide range of ads types such as sponsored links, banner ads, push notifications, and more.

This ad network helps you to reach nearly 1 billion users so you can earn a hefty amount from this network. The self-serve platform is pretty easy to use. You don’t need to take stress in setting up the ads on your website.

This ad network has lots of targeting options with real-time performance measurement, and you can even work proactively on improving the campaign. It also has features that are helpful in ad optimization. You can fine-tune the ads by AI; this gives you the best number of conversions on your ad without the manual efforts.


  • The fine-tuning ads by AI give you the best conversions.
  • This ad network has various advertisements that can help bypass ad-blocking tools.
  • Minimum Payout of Propeller ads is $5; this is much lesser than other ad networks.
  • This network supports multiple ad types that include on-click ads.


  • The only con is the minimum payout for wire transfer is $550 that is more than other ad networks.

Amazon Native Shopping Ads:

Amazon’s native shopping ads are the other best shopping ads you should consider. We all know Amazon is the largest e-commerce store, but most don’t know it has its own ad network for shopping ads.

It has kept its own native shopping ads network for showing their products directly to potential customers. As a blogger, you can earn handsome pay for these native ads. It is even better when you have a look at the pay per click.

The ads are similar to Google Adsense depending on the contextual it displays relevant products based on keywords and content. If you at all a user clicks on your link and makes a purchase, you will earn more money through commission.

As Amazon is famous throughout the world, you can get more conversions and increase your pay. All you need to do is bring traffic and convert it to get passive income from minimal effort. This is one of the best google adsense alternatives in 2020.


  • It has three types of ads that let you pick per your blog. – Search ads, custom ads, and recommendation ads.
  • Amazon is very easy to use, and you can show advertisements easily.


  • The minimum payment is $100, which is more than other networks.
  • Payments are made via Check, Direct Deposit or even Gift Card.
  • It works excellent if you only have traffic from the EU or the US.


Adsterra is another good option for Google Adsense. This is an excellent advertising network for publishers, and it offers great CPMs. As a publisher, you will have a lot of different ad formats to choose from both for mobile and desktop.

This special network pays based on NET15 via Paypal, Webmoney, wire transfer, Paxum, Bitcoin, ePayments, and more.  Adsterra has decent pricing models and usage statistics with an excellent support team.

This site has the minimum payment requirements; you can withdraw the amount once you reach $5 (USD), so it’s pretty convenient for small bloggers who are keen to take out small earnings. It’s having banner ads, popunders, web push notifications, video ads, direct links, and more.

Adsterra has been the best Google AdSense alternative for small and medium bloggers in recent times. The best part of this adsterra is it has a personal account manager who is always available via Skype.

It’s an excellent advertising network that’s paying out funds regularly without any problems. So, you can trust adsterra as it’s growing every day.


  • The Minimum Payment Threshold amount of $5.
  • It has a great referral program that gives you 5% of their profit to your income forever.


The wire transfer requires $1000, so it’s problematic for bloggers who are striving to use wire transfer.

Google Adsense Alternatives to Monetize Your Websites:


Infolinks is another helpful Google Adsense Alternatives in 2020. This is the world’s leading advertiser in the text-advertising industry. It’s only the best for text-based ads. However, this also provides banner and video ads for advertisers and publishers.

Infolinks is one of the biggest monetization networks in the world that’s serving more than 200,000 online publishers to earn money in 128 countries.

The Infolinks native and contextual ads are perfect for anyone, and its interface is incredible for any users. You can customize the product ads and do more with Infolinks.

The best part is it is open for all the publishers with no minimum traffic, no setup fee, and no hidden costs as well. Infolinks is working with leading brands such as Amazon, Facebook, eBay, Ali Express, and more. So, this makes the best Google Adsense alternatives in 2020.


  • No traffic requirements, it is the best part to join the network quickly.
  • Minimum payout is only $50 and has various payment options such as Paypal, eCheck, wire transfer, and more.


  • As there are no minimum requirements, it’s payment is lesser than other networks.


RevContent is another reliable advertising network you should check out if you are searching for the best Google Adsense alternatives. This ad network focuses on the quality of blogs, so you should have better engagement rates to get through the approval process.

RevContent is thus far the best native ads network with great quality ads in the industry. It has high engagement, and they bond pretty well with your site and look just like the articles.

Regarding CPCs, it’s paying 1-10 cents per click, so it’s better than most of the sites, but it has some quality restrictions. If you have a quality blog with high or medium engagement, then you can earn a good amount of money from this site.


  • The minimum payout limit is $50 for PayPal.
  • It has all the ad formats such as display, mobile, video and text ads.


  • RevContent is tough to go through the approval process because lots of newbies miss out from this network.
  • This network only pays with PayPal, and it has no other payment options.

Google Adsense Alternatives to Diversify Your Portfolio


PopAds is a good performing advertising network these days, particularly in Pop-under ads. This network has decent monetization rates and has a minimum payment threshold. All you need to earn is $5 USD to withdraw.. If you are searching for daily withdrawal, then you can do that by making $5 or per day.

The quality of their ads are good, so you will have good engagement and clicks on your ads. It has an easy approval policy and takes just a few minutes to set up your ads.


  • Minimum Payment threshold of $5 (USD).
  • You can take daily payments when you reach $5.
  • It has great customer support via Skype.
  • Popads offer a 10% referral commission, because of that you can earn an extra amount.


  • No direct link provided.
  • It has only a pop-under ad type.

Revenue Hits:

Revenue hits is another impressive ad network you should watch out if you are looking for the best Google Adsense alternatives. This is a genuine platform that’s paying regular payouts on time because of that people trust this network. So, you can trust this site for publishing ads.

This site has contextual and Geo-targeted ads that help you to generate the best revenue from all the digital assets that includes search widgets, applications, toolbars, and more. You can use multiple ad types, such as standard ads, widgets, pop-ups, and more.


  • The revenue hits payout is $20, this is among the low thresholds in ad networks because lots of people choose this network.
  • It supports various payment options such as Paypal, Payoneer, and Wire transfer.


  • For wire transfer, you need to earn $500. That’s more than a few best networks.


Sovrn // Commerce (Formely Viglink):

If you are blogging from the past few years, you might hear the name Viglinks as it used to be among the best Google Adsense Alternatives. Now, it has changed its name and turned into the Sovrn // Commerce. It’s a kind of ad network that suites blogs who link to the business or e-commerce sites.

This site converts all the links on your website into the affiliate links and automatically allows you to earn a commission from the purchase. It’s undoubtedly different from Google Adsense, but it’s another option to make money from your blog. This is an effective method because of its network type and it’s useful if you are focusing on affiliates.


The minimum payout is just $10 – the lowest among all the ad networks.

It has multiple payment options such as ACH, Check, Paypal, and wire transfer.


Payments are processed after 90 days ( This makes users leave this network)


EvaDev is the newbie in this ad network industry. It is one of the best Google Adsense alternatives in 2020. This is helpful for both publishers and advertisers, and they provide various ad formats as well. You can choose ad types you need, such as video sliders, mobile interstitial, banners, push notifications, and more.

This network reaches worldwide visitors, and this allows you to generate revenues for traffic from any place in the world because of that its great network. Recently EvaDev has also added pop-under ads.


  • The minimum payout is $25, which is lower than some ad networks.
  • It has multiple payment options such as PayPal, Skrill, Bank Wire, and more.
  • The referral program can help you earn 5% of referrals earnings.


  • The minimum payment is $1000 for wire transfer.


These are the best Google Adsense alternatives in 2020 you should look at to earn some extra money from your blog. Some of these can be used alongside Google Adsense as well. Along with these, they are other ad networks like Adversal, Adcash, yclick, and more.

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How Could Optimising For SEO Help Boost Overall Visibility?

How Could Optimising For SEO Help Boost Overall Visibility?

Optimising content is essential in the online world as Google homes in more and more on the need for fresh and exciting content. But how can this improve your overall visibility? In this article, we will be looking into how you can optimise your online presence with the use of SEO.

Appearing In Local Search

When looking into how SEO can boost visibility, you should first turn your attention to local search. With Google prioritising local search in their map function, ranking for local search in your area is essential to your visibility. With many searching for a service near me, appearing in this search result can help to boost visibility substantially and increase the number of conversions that you are seeing on a daily basis. By ranking for localised keywords, you can then boost your visibility within your area and potentially rank against competitors.

Boost SERP Rankings

SEO is key to ensuring that you appear in SERP’s in position zero above your competitors. By optimising for keywords as well as updating the content frequently, you can begin to climb the rankings in Google. This plan is completely different for every campaign and will need to be specifically tailored. By using a digital marketing agency such as Absolute Digital Media to build the online campaign it can help to boost the company visibility and help to build the business over time.

Increase Brand Awareness

Brand awareness is an element of SEO that has to be built up over time however, it can be helped by increasing SEO efforts and increasing the visibility that your site gets on Google. By implementing PPC as well as Google My Business you can begin to boost the brand and get the logo and name out there. Targeting local search volume to help boost your results in Google maps and get you the increase in footfall that you need. This is great when implemented properly as this will increase the amount of profit you make as well as boost popularity to your brand.

Increase In Organic Traffic

Though spending money on a PPC campaign can help to boost visibility this will only help in the short term. However, SEO will help generate longer-lasting results that will last much longer. Though this can take longer to generate, SEO will help to guide the organic traffic and build up the trust in your site. This is beneficial in terms of longevity as your business will begin to see conversions off the back of these changes. By increasing the organic traffic to a site that is stable and has all the relevant information, you are much more likely to see an increase in conversions as a result.

Google Mobile-First Indexing

The final way that SEO can help to boost the visibility of your site is through the use of mobile-first indexing. By implanting SEO on a mobile version of the site, you are catering to mobile-first indexing. This automatically places you higher in the SERP’s as Google looks for mobile optimised content first. This is essential to the success of your business as this will allow customers to reach you on a number of platforms with ease and help your target audience to find you easily online.

With this in mind, there are a number of ways that SEO can help to improve brand visibility, you just have to find the right one that works for you. Which of these will you be implementing first?

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Best Free SERP Checker Tools-2019 (Latest)

Best Free SERP Checker Tools-2019(Latest)

Looking for SERP checker to find your keywords? But can’t find out Best Free SERP Checker tools? Then don’t worry these free SERP checker tools will help you get what you need at lightning speed.

Usually, starters often have trouble with SERP Rankings because most of them don’t know which tool to use to check out their rankings. As everyone has to start somewhere, they simply try out different tools. In some cases, they will leave this a said.

As they gain prior knowledge on SERP rankings then they will soon realize just how important measuring SERP Rankings. And quickly search for best premium tools to check their SERP Rankings.

Here the sad news is that all beginners will not have funds to buy premium products. In those cases, they often try to check out Best free SERP checkers. If you are one of those who are searching for free SERP Checkers?

Then you’ll love this guide. In this special guide, I will discuss about the best and free SERP checker tools. But before that, let’s find out what is SERP and why SERP checking is important.

What is SERP and How to utilize SERP Checker ?

SERP is nothing but the Search Engine Results page. Which means the page which displays right after you enter any keyword on Google.

Every SEO Analyst strives to get on top of search results and it will be the goal for every SEO. Now, after all the efforts one must check their SERP rankings to find out where they stand for their target keywords. So, that it will give a proper idea about how to rank their website for that keyword.

Until Now, we have learnt about what is SERP and its introduction. Now, let’s find out the importance of SERP Checking and the best tools to find out SERP rankings. Firstly let’s concentrate on the Importance of SERPS Results.

Importance of Checking SERP Results with SERP Checker:

SERP checking is always important for any blogger or digital marketer. In general, the SERP analysis is a process of having a look at the top ranking websites in the SERP Results and at the same time finding out our position in SERP. Here SERP is nothing but search engine results page.

After doing all the hard work SEO simply measures the rankings and work by having a look at the SERP results. If you’re not getting proper results for your efforts means you have to change your strategy. As you are striving to have a look at the importance of SERP results. Let’s check them out in key points.

  • Checking SERP ranks will help you learn about what’s working and what’s not working.
  • With the research, you can simply evaluate your content according to the top-ranking sites.
  • You can change your plans and optimize your page with new strategies to get ranking.
  • By having a glance at the SERP results you can find out what other sites are doing to rank well in google.
  • You can learn about new strategies and stay up to date.
  • This process can help you pick the right keywords for your niche.
  • You can even find out whether you are able to outrank your competition with present strategies or not.

Now you know the importance of SERP checkers. Let’s get into the best free SERP checker tools list.

Best Free SERP Checker tools of 2019:

When you want to have a look at the best SERP checker tools you can find out a hell of a lot of tools. But do you know what’s the best SERP checker tool in those hundreds of free tools? If you don’t know then just check out this article. In this article, I have mentioned some best free SERP checker tools in 2019. Make use these free tools to enhance your blog.

Popular SERP Checker: What’s My SERP

What’s My SERP is one of the best free SERP Checker tools in 2019. This tool helps you to check your SERP results hassle-free. With this tool, you can check your Google search results for different keywords.  If your website is ranking in between 0-100 results then it will showcase your results. Or else it shows you are not ranking for the keyword.

What's My SERP

This tool has some limitations, those are it only checks 10 keywords per day for users who aren’t registered with the whats my SERP. If you create a free account and sign in to your account then you can run this tool for unlimited times. So, all you have to do is sign up for this free tool without paying a penny.

At present, you can only trace out your google keyword rankings in this SERP results. But you really can’t track Yahoo or other search engines yet. You might soon track those shortly.

Key Features:

  • Quickly track your SERP Results for free.
  • Create an account to get unlimited SERP results.
  • This tool tracks your rankings pretty quickly when compared to other tools.
  • You can only check Google SERP Rankings with this tool.


SERP checking is one of the important things you should do to check your rankings and find out what your competitors are doing. So, SERP Robots has brought you a free tool to find out search engine ranking positions quickly.


This tool gives accurate results than other free tools. All the results on this site are loaded real-time so there are genuine.

As an SEO Analyst or blogger, you can quickly check your ranking of your competitors for free. You can search thousands of keywords rankings for free. You can find the results of your keyword only when you’re ranking in between 0-100. Above 100 it will just display as “Your Ranking is Above 100”.

Measure your efforts by quickly having a glance at your rankings and plan new strategies accordingly to rank higher than your competition.


  • Check your SERP Results unlimited times for free.
  • Get accurate information from real-time search engines.
  • Measure your competition with this effective SERP Checker tool.

SERP Surf:

Serp Surf is one of the best free SERP checker tools in 2019. If you are trying to check your SERP ranking with ease? Then check out SERP Surf free tool. With this tool, you can check your search rankings easily.

Along with that, you can also check your competitor rankings and their tactics for free. In this SERP Surf to check your rankings, you have to enter your domain name and enter your keyword and hit enter. Then your results will be displayed in 2mins. So, you can measure your competition rankings as well.


  • With the help of this tool, you can insert up to 5 keywords at a time.
  • You can check your keyword rankings and top 10 results of the websites.
  • Serp Surf is a free SERP checker tool which shows accurate results.

Small SEO Tools:

If you’re curious to find out your SERP results effortlessly? Then you should check out Small SEO Tools. This site is having a package of SEO tools which are useful for bloggers and digital marketers.

SERP Checker Small SEO Tools

Small SEO Tools helps you out with lots of SEO stuff such as plagiarism checker, SERP Checker, and more. With the help of small SEO tools SERP checker, you can find out all the keyword ranking at one place. This is free to use and it shows accurate results as well. In this tool, you can quickly check 10 keyword rankings at a time. So, its quite a handy tool for bloggers and SEO Analysts.


  • Accurately check your SERP results.
  • You can check up to 10 keywords per search.
  • This small SEO tool is also having other tools like plagiarism checker, grammar checker and more.

Daily Serp:

SERP CheckerDaily Serp is yet another premium tool which has its own free version. Its free versions have some limitations those are you can only check 10 keywords per day.  For checking that also you have to register for a free account.

if you want to check out more results per day then you have to opt for the premium account. Usually, if you are a starter you don’t need more than 10 searches per day. So, you can take this free SERP tool and make use of it.


  • You can track 10 keywords per day on its free account.
  • Register for a free account and then start checking 10 keywords per day.
  • Select the platform which you want to check SERP results of such as the mobile, desktop.

Best SERP checker,  SEO Review Tools:

SEO Review ToolsSEO Review tools is a quick and reliable SERP Checker which checks the search ranking positions of any website for free. This tool is almost similar to the other group package tools like Small SEO tools.

In this tool, you can check bulk keywords with ease. All you have to do is enter your keyword and website to check your ranking. This tool allows you to check a maximum of 10 keywords at a time. So, you will definitely save lots of time. Along with that, these results are quite accurate. With all these features you can definitely list this feature in Best Free SERP Checker tools.


  • This tool helps you to find out accurate rankings for all your keywords.
  • You can search for 10 keywords at a time.
  • SEO Reviews tool supports more than 14 countries.

Search Engine Reports:

Search Engine ReportsSearch Engine Reports is yet another tool which you can use for finding keyword rankings. This special tool can help you check 10 keywords at a time similar to the SEO Review tool. With this tool, you can check SERP results of different regions such as USA, NewZealand, UK, China, USA and more.

In this tool, you can quickly check the keyword rankings by your keywords or you can check it by your URL as well. So, this is a useful tool. You can select the mobile or desktop search results with this tool as well. So, make use of this tool and measure your competition rankings.


  • You can check 10 keyword rankings at a time.
  • Check keyword rankings either with URL or with the keyword.
  • You can keep track of your website easily.
  • Measure your competition keyword positions hassle-free.

SERPs Rank Checker tool:

SERP Rank Checker Serps rank checker tool is one of the popular free SERP checkers. This tool is having both the premium version and a free version as well. Coming to the free version, you can check your keyword rankings with some limitations. Where else in the premium plan you can search rankings for unlimited times.

In this tool, you can quickly select the device such as desktop or mobile. You can even select the search engine such as google, bing, yahoo and so on. The main part is that it can show you the search results based on the exact location just by entering the pin code. That’s the main speciality of this special SERP checker tool.

This SERP checker Features:

  • You can check your SERP rankings with limitations in free account.
  • Select the device you want to check search results for.
  • You can even select the search engine you want to find the results from.

Smart Serp:

Smart SERPs is one of the most popular tools in free SERP Checkers. This is one of the fastest and most accurate tools where you can check free keyword rankings.

Free SERP Checker Smart Serp

You can make use of this fastest and easiest tool to check your rankings for free with ease. SERPs is the only tool which shows you the top 250 search results along with the different stats such as keyword volume, phrases and more.

Although it has some limitations but still it’s a great tool to use. If you are an analyst who is striving to find out all the details about the keywords and ranking position. Then you can make use of this special tool.

Features of this SERP checker :

  • Find keyword rankings of nearly 250 positions.
  • Quickly check the rankings and traffic of the domain.

These are the best free SERP checker tools you have to know about in 2019. If you are interested to find out more interesting tools on blogging then stay tuned to our blog.

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Closure of Google+: Everything You Need to Know

Closure of Google+: Everything You Need to Know

Google’s plan to take on Facebook has come to an end with their closure of Google+. Google had started Google + in an attempt to compete with Facebook. Since then Google + has not garnered any respect and now Google plans on closing shop. Google+ will be shut on April 2nd with user’s profiles and pages also being deleted on the same day. The announcement to close Google + has led to widespread confusion among many. Google + made it extremely easy for people to create profiles involuntarily, thus leaving many unaware of joining the site. So to put all confusion aside, here’s all we know on Google’s closure of Google+.

Things that will be deleted with the Closure of Google+:

With the closure of Google + any and all of your pictures and videos that you stored on Google + will be deleted. This does not mean that photos and videos that you saved on Google Photos will be deleted. Google’s other services will remain intact as will all your data on those other platforms.

Google+ and all the data on it only will be deleted.

Do you know if you have a Google+ account?

How do you know if you have a Google+ account? With Google closing the curtains on Google +, many are wondering whether they will be affected by it, that is do they have a Google+ account in the first place.

The easy answer to this question is that Google will send you a notification informing you of the closure of Google + and the cessation of your account.

Still confused? No worries. Just go on to and log in using your Google log in details if you still get a join Google+ icon on the left of the screen, then you’re not a member.

What’s behind Google’s closure of Google Plus?

According to Google, they are closing down Google + due to low usage and an inability to maintain a successful site that meets user’s expectations. At least that’s the official explanation.  Back in March 2018 there was a data leak on the social media platform that was not disclosed for 6 months. Maybe such an event has led to the closure of Google+. That leak had affected at least 500,000 accounts. Third parties could get information marked as private from Google+.

However Google said that they found no evidence of any of that information being misused. Initially Google had scheduled the closure of Google + for November of this year, but another bug brought that date forward. This bug gives access to third party apps information that is not marked as public.

I have a Google+ account and need to save all my data, what do I do?

If you have data on Google+ and need to put it some place before it is all deleted, there is a page that allows you do just that. You can download all your saved content onto that page and upload it to a more popular social media site such as Myspace.

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10 Vital SEO Browser Extensions Every SEO should be using?

10 Vital SEO Browser Extensions Every SEO should be using?

It’s always hard to manage SEO tasks when you aren’t using any useful tools to measure your SEO efforts. As a blogger and digital marketer, I know how hard it is to perform SEO task on a daily basis. Without a proper help from SEO Browser Extensions & tools, you really can’t manage to do to that hefty tasks of SEO.

If you are the one, “who is struggling to do your SEO daily routine” without proper SEO Browser Extensions & Plugins?

Then don’t worry, here in this post about I got your covered. I have listed out some best SEO Browser Extensions every SEO & digital marketer should use to make their work easier. Most seo professionals to improve their sites they always use the extensions that are covered in this list.

So, let’s get into the post of 10 vital SEO Browser Extensions.

  1. 1. Chrome Developer Tools, a Must SEO browser Extensions:

Chrome Developer Tools, SEO browser Extensions

Chrome developer tools can literally do anything you need to do on a web page. No matter what change you need everything can be done through the chrome developer tools. Although I really can’t share all the features about the chrome developer tools but I will give some brief on the chrome developer tools.

More about this Tool

The Chrome team develops this tool, and it is accessed via the Chrome menu.

Google Chrome Menu — More tools — then developer tools. With this developer tool, you can find the page code, and you can determine all its features and size, functionalities as well. The best feature of this browser extension is you can find the code, and you can simply determine the size, color, and shape of the element. You can even troubleshoot them from this excellent tool.

The chrome developer tool allows you to just hover over the elements you like on a web page and it will display its code. So, it will be helpful for all the coders to know about the code of any element on the web page.

Apart from that, you can adjust the color padding, size of the element and more in developer tools. If you like to make changes to the site means you can even change the code and check live changes on the browser as well. This can be, comfortably done in all the desktop sites and even in popular mobile devices, you can find these extensions. What I have explained isn’t only the functionality in this tool it is also having more features such as various security, speed, troubleshooting options, etc.

So with all these benefits and features it provides, it has become the go-to SEO browser extension for all the expert coders, SEOs and Digital marketers. With this particular tool, SEO’s and digital marketers are quickly knowing about the competitors and also finding out all the solutions for their questions to solve the ranking mystery.

If you are an enthusiastic SEO expert who wants to improve, then you should be using this tool. Even popular bloggers like Neil Patel, Brian dean & others use this Extensions.

  1. 2. Page speed Insights Extensions:

Page speed Insights Extensions

As an SEO expert, I often check our client’s sites page speed almost every day when I start their work because page speed is a crucial element in SEO. I think most of you might know about this because a second delay in the site speed will cost some severe damage to the sites profit.

In fact, Strange loop network has stated that a second delay costs conversions by 7 %, Page views by 16% and customer stratification by 23%. Brain dean has also mentioned about the site speed factor in his popular post 200 ranking signals in search ranking algorithm.

So, I often monitor the sites speed and server response time of my clients business. It is even more useful in getting mobile traffic, so I usually check speed with my favorite & official Google tool “page speed insights.”

This is a great tool to get the website’s usability stats and speed insights of the website. With these stats, we can quickly start the optimization from of the site. If you are striving to be SEO analyst or digital marketer, then you should use this Page speed Insights SEO browser Extensions.

  1. 3. SEO Quake, Must SEO browser Extensions to Check Metric:

SEO Quake, Must SEO browser Extensions

Being a blogger & SEO expert, I just love to use this useful SEO browser extension. SEO Quake is a powerful tool which is helpful to provide SEO metrics of the Specific page, along with lots of other options.

It is a best and useful SEO plugin among the other SEO plugins and SEO browser Extensions. Quake always gives you an array of data that you need to analyze the page. This tool will pull out all the backlinks data, index information, cache data and more effectively.

SEO quake also analyzes keyword density and other factors just with a couple of clicks. You can simply get tons of data such as keywords, heading tags, Schema data and more. It shows better results than the normal tools, and it does give you accurate information that is needed to outrank the competition.

  1. 4. Keywords Everywhere:

SEO Browser Extensions Keywords EverywhereKeywords Everywhere is another special SEO browser extension one should use to minimize their keyword stress. This an incredible tool which shows you the google search volume of the keyword along with that cost per click.

This tool also shows you the keyword suggestions and its search volumes besides the competition metrics as well. Keywords everywhere saves you a lot of time on keyword research and get you best keywords which act better in search engines.

With this awesome tool you can quickly check out the cost per click of any given keyword, and you need not spend a lot of searching the best keywords of other websites. Here in this useful plugin, you can copy data from different sites, and you can save your report in PDF or Excel report.

  1. 5. SEO Peek:

SEO Peek SEO Browser Extensions

For every SEO professional On page, SEO is an essential factor, and you all might know that. Right? Now, if you want to check the on-page seo factors of multiple websites on a regular basis means you I’ll have to pour a lot of sweat and time measuring the metrics. If you don’t want to do that means use SEO peek.

This is an On page seo checker which checks all the DOM of pages. So, after installing SEO peek you really don’t have to waste time worrying about the HTML source codes and all. This particular tool will fetch and display all the data of the page such as page title, Meta descriptions, Meta keywords, heading tags and more.

So, if you are having an issue with on-page optimization then take advantage of SEO peek. Along with this SEO browser extensions, you can also use other plugins like The similar web extension or moz bar.

  1. 6. Similar Web Analyzer:

Similar Web Analyzer SEO Browser Extensions E

In SEO fetching all the traffic data and user engagement data of the websites is always a painful & daunting process. Now, if you want to avoid that process means you can make use of similar web analyzer.

It is an excellent tool which gives you all the necessary SEO information on the page. You can even deep crawl the website and have a look at the insights of traffic, bounce rate, site time, etc.

This awesome tool helps you to analyze different sites through its analyzer. It provides lots of information about sites such as client data, user engagement data, analytics data, etc.

In just a matter of seconds, you can find your competitor information and find out the target audience stats and locations as well. As you are striving to be part of smart SEO & digital marketers, then you should be using these types of tools to do your work faster with your intelligence.

  1. 7. Tag Assistant SEO browser Extensions for Tag Managment:

In SEO bloggers & SEO experts always use tag manager to identify issues with analytics and the other tracking codes like Ad-words, Google Search Console, Ad-sense, etc.

The Google tag assistant extension tool is handy for all the SEOs who use tag manager. It often helps bloggers to with analytics and re-marketing issues. This tool is beneficial in recording the session times and use to check the tags.

This useful tool will notify you to make proper corrections for your tags and so on. That’s why this is a valuable  SEO browser Extension for digital marketers to fix all the errors.

  1. 8. Best SEO browser Extensions, Redirect path:

Redirect path SEO Browser Extensions

Redirect path is another best SEO browser extensions you should be using to reduce your work pressure. This isn’t just a broken link checker it is more than that. This will uncover 500 and 301 HTTP status codes, java script redirects and more.

If you are looking for the best option to detect technical issues for SEO, then Redirect path is the best plugin which can help you to fix all the redirect issues.

  1. 9. Hunter tool:

Hunter tool SEO Browser Extensions

If you are looking to spread your brand name and strengthen the brand’s presence, then you can take advantage of Hunter.

This tool helps you to find out all the website email ids. Generally, email id’s are vital for every SEO to reach out other bloggers to write a guest post, make an offer or something or the other you need their email address.

In most of the cases, you can get email ids of some bloggers and site owners by their contact page of about page. But, it is always a daunting task to find out influential bloggers email ids. In that case, you can make use of the Hunter tool to find out all the email address just with two clicks. You can even integrate this Seo browser extensions with the Linked In so that you can get perfect details of the person whom you are searching for on Hunter.

  1. 10. User Agent Switcher:

User Agent Switcher SEO Browser Extensions

User Agent Switcher is another helpful tool, which helps you when you are developing new sites. This plugin is an easy plugin that switches the user agent info and allows you to view a site as a different bot.

You can even troubleshoot the crawl issues of the site or uncover how Googlebot is viewing your site. Along with that, you can also determine how a site will load on different browsers and the Operating systems as well.

These are the ten vital SEO browser extensions every SEO should have to make their work far more easier. If you are a smart SEO professional, who wants to do his job quickly means you have to look at these above 10 SEO browser Extensions or the plugins for google chrome.


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