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Best AI Tools for Podcasting

Best AI Tools for Podcasting
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Podcasters are searching for ways constantly to grow their audience, as they want to ensure that their listeners return for more episodes. In order to achieve this goal, you have to create top-quality content consistently. This article has elaborated on the best AI tools for podcasting. These tools combine insights with ML algorithms so that you can create more engaging content.

What are the AI tools for podcasting?

Buzzprout, Podcastle, Descript, Riverside, etc., are some podcasting tools that use AI technology. These tools can speed up the podcast’s production process and give this a more professional quality. However, it is not so easy for the beginners to find the best podcasting tools that use AI. So, go through this article to find the best AI tools for podcasting.

How to use AI tools for podcasting:

Audio editing: AI algorithms are used by these tools to perform tasks like noise reduction, equalization, & compression. Thus, these tools help to improve the podcast audio quality.

Speech-to-text transcription: Using these tools, it is possible to convert spoken words into written text. Thus, you can get a podcast episode’s transcript.

Voice recognition: These AI tools detect & distinguish various speakers in a podcast episode. As a result, editing & organizing the audio become easier.

Content analysis: These tools use AI algorithms to analyze podcast content, identify topics, & suggest contents that are related to future episodes.

Distribution: These tools are able to analyze audience data using AI algorithms and recommend the best platforms & strategies that can help you in reaching a wider audience.

Why Are AI Podcast Editing Tools Important?

It is important to get the best edit to succeed as a podcaster. Let’s see what are the advantages of AI Podcast Editing Tools.

Saves Times & Resources:

These AI-powered tools help to save a lot of time because it enables you to automate monotonous tasks and provide better accuracy. As these tools can reduce the need to focus on manual labour, it helps to save money.

Consistency In Editing Quality:

AI podcast editing does not include any human error. It can provide consistent editing proficiency, which indicates consistent results. These tools employ ML techniques and algorithms for a harmonious editing regimen across all episodes.

Enhanced Accessibility & Usability for Podcasters:

Those who have lower skill levels or don’t have much experience in this field can be benefited using these AI podcasting tools, as these tools ensure that they will get a top-quality post-production process. Novice podcasters who want to record a podcast as a one-person job, should definitely try these tools. Instead of replacing humans, AI is able to democratize the entry point for future podcasters. In this way, it enables more people to podcasts.

5 Best AI Tools for Podcasting:

  1. Buzzprout:

This best AI tool for podcasting, offers easy hosting for your shows. You can create content easily with the easy to use and top-quality services offered by this tool. It includes free learning materials. Those who have any queries about this platform, can contact customer support.

With the help of this tool, you get to know which of your content is getting consumed the most. The tool comes with a detailed report which is simple to understand. Besides, the tool can increase the work reach with podcast directories. It lets you list in several places such as Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, & Amazon Music. Therefore, a wider audience will be able to hear your work. Putting podcast content on social media is one of the methods to increase the reach. It is the reason the tool provides a service to generate videos for sharing on Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, & YouTube, even if the podcast is voice-only. AI is important for those who want to profit from work development.

The Magic Mastering Feature uses advanced technology to enhance audio files. After that, it helps to optimize them for talking productions to fit the best practices. Thus, the tool can deliver exceptional quality to your content and captivate even more a large audience.


Magic Mastering feature: It is a great standout feature of this tool that uses advanced technology to enhance audio files automatically. Besides, it enables you to optimize the audio files for dialogue or music-heavy productions.

Subscriptions and Buzzsprout Ads: It includes a subscription feature enabling podcasters to accept recurring support from the listeners. You can set up this feature within two minutes. As a result, podcasters can monetize their content easily.

Dynamic Content: This unique feature of this tool enables you to add & remove pre-roll and post-roll spots. Remember that dynamic content indicates audio segments which you can change or update.

  • Free learning materials;
  • Certified by The Podcast Standards Project;
  • Buzzsprout Ads for additional income
  • Dynamic content tool to edit podcasts.
  • The free plan has only a few options.
  • A limited amount of content can be uploaded monthly.

This tool offers 3 plans at different price ranges. The first plan costs per month $12 whereas Plans 2 & 3 cost $18 & $24, respectively. This platform offers a trial for 90 days. Users can receive a 20-dollar credit when they sign up for the paid version.

  1. Podcastle:

The work of content creators has become easier as this tool allows them to do podcast edits through AI. Along with exporting content perfectly, the tool offers great studio quality for recordings. It provides the best content for your audience. This AI tool also offers a toolkit allowing you to improve your audio in just a few clicks.

This AI podcasting tool ensures that you can immediately download the podcast without losing any quality. This tool can convert your audio files or live speech into text in seconds. You can copy your voice to make this digital via AI technology. In this way, you will be able to produce audio by typing what you need the digital voice to say.

Developing new voices is possible depending on various factors like genders, nationalities, ages, & emotions. It enables you to give life to voices, closer to human beings. As a result, these can fit in with various podcasts. While the tool helps you to diversify the content, it helps you to save money also. Users do not need to hire too many people and carry the expense of re-recording.

Its Audio Editor enables you to improve content with just some clicks. The voices come out in various pitches with artificial intelligence. It lets you smooth out the loudest voices & amplify the quietest ones. This tool ensures that your listeners do not feel uncomfortable with audio changes. If you want to record in unfavourable environments, the tool will remove the noise.


Revoice: This one of the best AI tools for podcasting enables you to generate an audio clip of your voice once you type out your content. In this case, you have to record yourself reading sentences. Then, this AI podcasting tool processes this into the “personal voice skin.” This feature enables you to turn text into a podcast.

Quick-clicks editor: Editing must not take too much time. The tool enables you to split, trim, & fade the audio files with just some clicks of the button.

Automatic audio transcription:

Don’t need to hire a professional to transcribe the podcast. The tool transcribes the episodes in real time. Besides, it caps transcription at 25 hours for premium plans.

  • Automatically converts text to audio;
  • Record up to 4k videos;
  • Record without any equipment;
  • Enables users to edit audio by editing a text;
  • It lets you record with up to ten remote participants at a moment.
  • Limited Video recordings;
  • Access to new features is available only in the Pro plan.

The price of the tool for Storyteller is $11.99 per month.  At the same time, Pro users need to pay $23.99 monthly. However, you can try the free version of the tool to learn how the tool works.

  1. Descript:

If you are a creator who wants to make your technical work of editing simple, then it is the right tool to choose. This tool helps you to focus better on those factors which are vital and informs you which developing material can attract a larger audience.

It has a powerful editor which can be used easily. This simple to use platform comes with a multitrack production engine that can help to meet your creative impulse. Its live collaboration tool works in a Google Docs style. So, you can create comments & store media in the cloud automatically.

Creating your voice’s AI clone is possible via the platform. This feature allows you to correct the error in your recordings or type a text to add some words without the need of changing anything. The tool features noise removal, speech enhancement, & other sound effects that you can use with just a few taps.


Overdub: The tools let you clone your voice to fix audio errors when you misspeak or something you didn’t say.

Filler Word Removal: With the help of this feature, you can remove the filler words like “um,” “uh,” “you know,” etc from your audio automatically.

Transcription: This one of the best AI tools for podcasting is able to produce your episode’s automated transcripts that can be added to improve accessibility, and shareability. Thus, it helps to increase the visibility of your episodes in the search engine.

Podcast clips: It allows you to share snippets of episodes and enables you to clip key points & export these to social media channels and websites.

Transcript combination: The tool mixes transcripts from separate tracks into one transcript.

Automatic room tone generation:

Long silences seem irritating to the listeners. This AI tool fills in gaps using a room tone from the recordings.

Live editing: It enables you to edit audio in real time and it starts the transcribing process when you click recording.

  • Lets the users edit videos for social networks;
  • Includes a screen recording feature & an ultra-realistic voice cloning tool
  • Removes echo in audio & video edits.
  • Limited transcription hours

For creators, the monthly cost of this AI tool for podcasting is $12. Whereas for Pro users, $24 is the per month cost. This platform comes with a free plan to which you should give a try to learn how the tool works.

  1. Riverside:

Users are able to transcribe sessions using this one of the best AI tools for podcasting. Besides, you can edit the content in the virtual studio. While you can use this platform to create podcasts, it is useful for other functions like webinars & marketing video recordings. If you are willing to speed up your work production, give it a try.

It has developed an AI in order to record you & your guests locally, ignoring poor internet connections. As a result, you will not find any audio stutters and or blurry images in your videos in those places where the network displays instabilities. Regarding its post-production, the work competition is quicker because of the text-based editor provided by AI. This tool allows you to type, find, and cut to the transcript for what you require.

This tool ensures that you do not lose recorded content if your PC crashes. The reason is that this platform can upload videos automatically to the cloud to make them safe. Once you finish the recording, you can download your files within seconds. Also, it is possible to download separate audio & video tracks for every participant. This tool can offer enhanced control in post-production.

This tool comes with an application for Android & iOS. Hence, a good camera is essential to develop a growing format on the web. In addition, users should not give up sharing on social media to attract an audience. You can stream content live to Facebook, YouTube, Twitch, and LinkedIn while recording.


Record, Edit, and Share: This tool enables you to record conversations, edit this and share them with the world. Netflix, Marvel, and Shopify are a few companies that depend on this tool to create podcasts, video interviews, marketing videos, virtual conferences, internal communications, etc.

Makes video professional: AI transcriptions, top-quality local recordings, and text-based editing of this tool helps to make professional videos.

  • Supports over 100 languages;
  • Up to 4k video resolution
  • AI transcripts with 99% accuracy;
  • Users can modify the text to edit audio and video;
  • Produce clips for social networks.
  • Separate audio & video tracks have limited hours monthly;
  • Live chat support will be available only for the Pro plan.

The Standard monthly price is $19, whereas the price of the Pro plan is $29. On the other hand, the standard price is $180 yearly, whereas the Pro plan’s price is $288. Try the free version to learn how the tool works.

  1. Adobe Podcast:

It is one of the best five AI tools for podcasting and the famous social network that is used to improve audio. Content creators use this tool to make videos more professional, as this intuitive platform can easily eliminate echoes and noise.

In Adobe Premiere Pro, AI edits audio via transcripts with the help of the speech-to-text technology. Additionally, it advises how to improve the microphone setup with a visual which you can understand easily. By just sharing a link, you will be able to record content with others.


Audio editor: You can edit a Word doc more easily than an audio clip. This tool is capable of editing audio via transcripts.

Background noise removal: Once you upload an audio file, the tool removes the background noise. Then, it sharpens the voice frequencies within seconds.

AI mic checks: This one of the  best AI tools for podcasting provides an easy-to-understand visual that will help you to know how to improve the mic set-up.

  • Edit audio through transcripts
  • Removes background noise
  • Sound source needs to be closer, otherwise this tool can’t cope well.

This is a free podcast tool.


If you are unhappy with the podcasting tools you use or you want to boost the process of generating more engaging results, try any of these above-mentioned AI tools for podcasting. With the help of these tools, you will be able to make your podcast sound professional, without the need of too much extra work on your part.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can you edit a podcast with artificial intelligence?

Users can edit their podcasts easily using AI tools for podcasting, even if they don’t have too much about video editing. Moreover, you can use these tools to improve the content quality.

  • What equipment do you need to make a podcast?

Microphones, headphones, an audio interface, a computer, and software for recording & editing are a few pieces of equipment that you may need to make a podcast.

  • What is Adobe Podcast?

It is a cloud service that uses AI to analyze podcast audio. Besides, it creates transcripts, keywords, summaries, etc. With the help of this tool, you will be able to edit the audio to get better quality.


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