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Face Swap Apps

Face Swap Apps
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On social media, face-swapping images have become the new trend, and it is also about time you get into action. So what face swap does? It interchanges your face with another person in the photograph. Therefore, you can experience a hilarious picture. You can use the best face swap apps for Android or iOS devices. In this article, we have given the top 10 best face apps. Let’s dig in.

Top 10 Best Face Swap Apps:

  1. Snapchat:

This one is probably the widely used app in the market and enables people who swap their faces with friends with a simple filter. You should know that it isn’t an app used only for swapping. The app lets you access many other features, Snapchat tricks, etc. Besides, it includes a new Snapchat+ subscription which can add additional features. Don’t you want to buy the platform’s trends? Then, use the face filters which are really fantastic. This feature makes it an excellent versatile face swap app. But to use the face swap filter of the app, you need to do some digging.

Sometimes you may not find the filter in the camera interface. In that case, your task is moving toward the Explore section. Then, you should find ‘Face swap’ and add this to Favorites. While it can perform excellently, you can immediately share pictures you have tapped on using the face swap filter on Snapchat with your friends.

  1. Cupace:

If you are looking for a simple-to-use photo editor app, it is a great option that is equipped with Paste Face. Using the app, you can easily take someone’s face in a picture and paste this thereafter on top of anyone else’s face. With the help of this feature, the app can extract faces manually from any picture. It is also beneficial when you don’t want to interchange faces and add a face to any inanimate object.

  1. Face swap Live:

This face swap app lets you switch faces with camera roll pictures or during live with a friend. Recording face videos is also possible on pictures from the mobile.

You only have to make funny video clips using your eyes or mouth. With the help of the default face-warping feature, you can stretch your face and wrap it. The app includes a library of stickers enabling you to adorn yourself with hats, new hair, and mustaches.

  1. B612:

This one is a “self beautification” app with a face swap option through which you can have live face swap selfies with friends. You have to choose the swap filter first. Then, you can record any face-warped video or snap selfies with a friend. Like Snapchat, it is used to swap faces in pictures & videos. Hence, you need to choose the Face Swap effect within this one of the most popular face swap apps. After that, your task is to swap faces with your friends or celebrities. Its face swap can make you laugh as well as your friends also. It is a great fun image and video editor for Instagram Reels.

  1. Face Swap Booth:

The app enables you to swap around anytime you like if you are willing to have a storage of faces. Using the app, you can add faces manually or let the app auto-detect them. In addition, it is possible to use different faces to swap around different people and have fun. Even swapping your face is possible with default celebrity faces in the app. It allows you to swap faces across many images. You can select a set of default masks to copy individual facial features.

Moreover, this app allows the user to save faces so that these can be used again and again across different images. It is one of the funniest face swap apps that will allow you to adjust skin tone and to match faces to the new bodies. You should try to use the 24-hour trial period because it has mixed reviews. If you want to access multiple options, you need to pay for a one-month, three-month, or yearly subscription plan. The app comes with advanced editing tools, funny face masks, and so on. Although the app has a free version, it is limited. Therefore, it is essential to buy the premium app version for $2.99. It lets you remove watermarks & Ads, save faces & unlimited images.

  1. Reface:

Are you willing to swap your face with any celebrity on GIFs & videos? Then, this application can be a good choice for you. The earlier name of the app is Doublicat. It is a viral app used to create quirky face swaps and share them with your friends.

It is one of the best video face swap apps that can offer multiple GIFs and picture collections to make new GIFs. Additionally, developers are always working to offer new templates daily. Therefore, you don’t miss the new contents when you use the app.

  1. FaceApp AI Face Editor:

Want to exchange a celebrity face with your face? Then, this face swap app is a great option for you. It can provide over 60 highly realistic filters. Hence, it allows you to select the favorite celebrity you want from the list of many celebrities. In addition, adding a custom face is possible to morph an image. Users can see the feature of swapping faces in the app’s photo editor section. While it helps to blend faces properly, it can also save the gallery’s morphed image at free of cost. The app also allows you to tinker with various filters so that you can achieve the result you need. It can work flawlessly to edit images and retouch them. This one is the best application that you may use to give your images a hilarious angle.

  1. Copy Replace Face:

It is an app using which you can copy and paste faces in different images. If you are unwilling to use an entire face, copy features from various faces. Then, try combining them in a single look. It has advanced blending tools and layer masks. Besides, blending the images is possible with celebrity templates.

Are you willing to be a bit more creative in this field? Then, the app is the right choice for you. It enables you to get the desired flexibility to customize the whole appearance. For example, it has an option using which you can copy the entire face or only face parts like eyes, lips, and nose. Additionally, it lets you layer many faces on top of each other. Thus, you can get a completely different picture with a different appearance. With the help of its free version, you can save six faces. The app also enables you to reuse them on as multiple images as you prefer. Removing all restrictions is possible from the app by subscribing to it via the in-app purchase. In this regard, you should know that yearly and monthly subscriptions are available.

  1. Photo Face Swap:

With the help of this application, you can swap faces in the photos. The app is simple to use, and its result relies on how well-lit the pictures are. You can try to use the app because the swapping process is hassle-free. Additionally, it comes with a Face Bomb Effect using which you can put a single face on all people in one picture.

  1. Swap Faces With Your Friend Using Instagram:

The face swap app comes with a lot of filters. When your friend and you hang out together and try swapping each other’s faces in a picture, Instagram can help you. Hence, you must open the Instagram camera, browse for effects, and find ‘Face Swap.’ After that, you and your friend have to record a video together. Then, you need to use the filter to swap your faces. It includes a group face swap filter which you can use for your friends.


Several face-swapping technologies are available now. With the help of these face swap apps, you can portray pictures by making funny and realistic edits. In this article, we have covered the list of the best face swap apps. You should know that all apps don’t work as you want. However, if you want to participate in face swap fun using both android smartphone and iphone, you can give a try to these apps.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you change the face of a picture?

These face swap apps can help you to swap faces for fun.

What app can you use to put your face on celebrities?

Face Swap Live and Face Swap Booth apps help you to swap faces with celebrities because these have default celebrity faces in the app, switching to any celebrity are possible with an image search.

How do you blend two faces together?

MixBooth is a face swap app used to blend two faces together. Users can use the app on both Android and iOS.

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