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Apps That Pay You to Walk

Apps That Pay You to Walk
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Are there apps that pay you to walk? Checking the article’s title, we hope you already understand which topic we will discuss today. Walking is part of our life, and it may become exciting for you when you know that a few apps pay you to walk. In this article, we will let you know all the apps which you should definitely use to get paid for walking.  Are you a sporty person? Then, after listening to get paid by walking, you may become more active. Isn’t it really interesting? You can earn money just by doing something that you already do. Instead of walking alone, to add more fun, you can walk with your family, friends, and pet and earn money.

Best Apps That Pay You To Walk:

Here, we are going to mention the popular walking apps that pay you to walk. Let’s check it.

1. Sweatcoin:

However, using this app, you will not get any cash. But this app pays for steps in cryptocurrency. When you complete 2,000 steps, the app will convert it into cryptocurrency, which is known as sweatcoin. You can earn five sweatcoins daily for 5,000 steps if you have a free membership. Moreover, you can earn ten sweatcoins daily once you complete 10,000 total steps. But to do so, you need to use the upgraded membership of these Google apps that pay you to walk.

But remember that you can exchange the currency for cash or rewards. However, there is a limitation in the gift card options. You can get $1,000 for 20,000 Sweatcoins through PayPal. Hence, it is true that you may need at least 18 months to reach the $1,000 goal, $1,000. A user can redeem this amount one time only. However, the app is great for earning extra money only by walking. But make sure that you are using the GPS on the mobile. Remember that the app doesn’t count indoor walking. Besides, it doesn’t have any connection to fitness trackers.

  1. Walgreens Balance Rewards

Basically, this app gives Balance Rewards points when the user walks. The user can use points towards Redemption Dollars, and they can also redeem them at Walgreens. Have you planned to purchase something at Walgreens? Then, it is a great way to get paid by walking. So, to begin the process, your first task is to sign up on the website to open a new Walgreens Balance Reward account. As soon as an account is created, you should sign into the Walgreens app.

The app permits the user to connect several types of fitness trackers. Moreover, if you want, you can add sensors on the mobile. This app gives the users 20 Balance Rewards points once they complete one mile by walking. However, 1000 is the limit of Balance Rewards points each month. The app also enables you to earn points if you log your weight and blood measurements. Thus, it is possible to earn some extra money for Walgreens shoppers.

  1. Evidation:

This app not only pays the user for walking but also it pays for performing several activities. So, do you prefer to perform biking, swimming, running, or to play any sport? Then, Evidation is an app which you can use to get paid. In this case, you need to log your activities daily through Evidation. In addition, you should know that Evidation will give you six points as a reward if you log your food intake, sleep schedule, etc. In addition, you can get rewarded from the app if you check your weight in the app or share your journey on social platforms.

A user can earn 80 points maximum daily when they log their exercises. The amount you will get is $10 for every 10,000 points. If you want, you can take the cash. Moreover, you can donate the amount to different charities that can be found on this app’s list. If you try to increase your points each day, you will need four months to reach your goal, a $10 payout.

It indicates that users can earn a $30 maximum yearly through the exercise rewards system. You can take health surveys and exercise if you want to make more cash. In addition, the app supports other apps such as Fitbit, Garmin, MyFitnessPal, and so on. But none of those mentioned above apps is required to use Evidation effectively as the app uses logged data in your mobile.

  1. StepBet:

The app is excellent for those who believe in their fitness goals. When you use the app, it will ask you to set a fitness goal to bet on yourself. If you meet goals, then you can win money. But if you don’t reach your goals, you will lose money. The app determines the goal depending on the user’s current fitness level. So ensure that you meet the goals every seven days for the whole six-week game period. Otherwise, you are going to lose money.

You can link StepBet with other fitness trackers. However, you need to bet around $40 on yourself and the goals which you have set. As a result, you can motivate yourself by thinking that failing to reach the goal will lead you to lose money. Thus, you can force yourself to meet the goal. Moreover,  when you complete your goal, you earn some extra money using this one of the best apps that pay you to walk Fitbit.

  1. Million Steps:

You can use the app on both Android and iOS to track your regular steps. You will get $10 money after completing one million steps. Although it is not a considerable amount, it is still something you can’t make easily. For example, if a user has 10,000 steps per day, they can meet the goal in a hundred days. But this app does not count steps once you reach the target of 1,000 daily.

If you watch Ads, it is possible to maximize the daily count. Every ad can boost the base by 200 steps, meaning you should see 45 ads daily so that you can reach 10,000 steps. Therefore, there are two choices — one is that you can see ads to boost the step base or meet the goal slowly. As soon as a user meets one million steps, they can redeem $10 cash or get the amount as gift cards. So, just complete one million steps and get $10. The app monitors your regular steps, indicating that this is a perfect fitness tracker.

  1. Higi:

The performance of Higi can let you feel like it is more than an application offering you rewards. Besides, this company comes with different health tracking stations at pharmacies where users can track their health condition. In these stations, people can measure their body fat, weight, blood pressure, pulse, and many more.

Users get rewards when they complete health station check-ins and exercises. The app can be linked to different fitness trackers and other apps available on your mobile. Besides, the app offers many challenges to complete every month or week. Remember that you can earn points when you complete walking for up to a mile.

You should note that the points are redeemable but not cash. Generally, you can get deals on gear as rewards. However, you need to buy something in most cases to get the deals. So, remember this before signing up for it. However, if you have a requirement for their rewards, it is an excellent way to save money when you buy anything. But this app is not so good if you don’t require a discount on any deal offered by them. If you want, you can donate the points to charity. If you are interested in doing so, then you can use Higi, one of the best apps that pay you to walk and exercise.

  1. Charity Miles:

People who prefer donating money to charity can use the app because it allows them to earn money by walking. However, you will not be able to earn cash from the app. But, it is an excellent way to donate money without breaking the budget.

The main motive behind designing this app is that the users can donate the earned rewards to charity only by walking. The idea has similarities with the Walk-A-Thon concept. So, there is no need to go around asking someone for cash as a charity donation. The app uses GPS and motion sensors, with the help of which it can monitor your activities every day. Using this app, you can get walking, running, and cycling rewards.

It is possible to log indoor workouts happening on a treadmill. But make sure that you are logging your activities. If you want to get rewards for activities, you need to open the app. There are a few apps that run in the background. But Charity Miles is different from these apps. So, ensure that you open the app whenever you want to monitor a workout.

With the app’s help, it is possible to donate to more than forty worthy causes. Here, we have mentioned a few names of charities. Let’s check it.

  • World Wildlife Fund
  • Jude Children’s Research Hospital
  • Feeding America
  • Wounded Warrior Project
  • Habitat for Humanity
  • National Park Foundation

Remember that your workout will help you to support your favorite charity.

  1. MapMyFitness:

It has many related apps like MapMyWalk and MapMyRun, which can give you rewards for the effort. These apps provide many challenges to the users. Besides, you will attend several contests that are organized by these apps and get fun prizes. In this case, you should know that these rewards can’t be translated directly into cash. But you can find several opportunities that allow you to get prizes related to exercise.

You should remember that these prizes are mostly related to Under Armour products. The app can be connected to mobile sensors or Fitbit easily. In addition, the GPS feature allows you to track a specific workout on the mobile. But you will not be able to earn cash via the app. However, the app is still capable of giving you motivation and allowing you to earn fun prizes.

  1. Fitpotato:

This app permits you to compete for weekly prizes. Users can challenge other Fitpotato members based on walking or exercise sessions. Once you complete the weekly challenges, you can share the prize money. The app can be used for walking, running, or walking with a dog. But remember that this one of the best apps that pay you to walk inside is available only for iOS users.

  1. Winwalk:

This app can monitor your steps and allows you to earn points by walking. Hence, you should note that the app gives coins as rewards for every 100 steps you walk. You can use these coins to get e-gift cards for free from famous stores. Amazon, Walmart, and Starbucks are a few stores from where you can earn gift cards. However, you must remember that the app has a 10,000-step limit per day.

  1. Lifecoin:

This one is a free app that gives you rewards whenever you walk or run. You can get Lifecoins when you take steps. These coins can provide you with free e-gift cards to different stores, including Amazon, iTunes, or PayPal. Besides, these coins can be used for getting sporting goods or other prizes. Ensure that you are using the app used outside so that you can earn coins because these best free apps that pay you to walk usually work with the GPS of your mobile. You should know that the app supports both Apple and Android.

  1. HealthyWage:

It enables you to earn money for weight loss. But the app does not pay you for walking directly. However, you can add walking to the weight loss plan. You can make a weight loss bet as soon as you download the app.

As soon as you make your bet, the money you are willing to gain will depend on a few parameters, such as your current weight, weight loss goal, height, your sex, your waist measurement, and the money that you want to bet on yourself. In addition, the app can give you more motivation so that you can meet your walking goals with the bet.

  1. Lympo:

The app pays you for walking in cryptocurrency. Hence, users get paid in LYM, and this one is a kind of cryptocurrency. However, Lympo lets you earn LYM via indoor or outdoor walking. Moreover, gaining extra points via the app’s challenges is possible. As soon as a user earns LYM, they can redeem the currency for a prize as per their choices. You can use this app on both platforms — Android and iOS.

  1. Carrot:

The main reason behind designing this app is to encourage users to take more steps. While it is true that it wasn’t available for many years, it is under the relaunch procedure. After signing up for Carrot, it is possible to connect the app to Fitbit to monitor the steps. As a result, users can earn redeemable points while walking. Furthermore, you can redeem the points for prizes. In addition, earning points is possible through wellness quizzes. Thus, you will be capable of unlocking rewards more quickly.

  1. PK Rewards:

It is an excellent choice for those who are looking for such an app that can give you rewards for performing all kinds of exercises. The app includes a unique feature: every exercise can get an effort score. It indicates that working harder during a workout gives you additional points. In addition, users can earn coins that they can redeem to receive prizes and gift cards.

  1. Fit For Bucks:

This app monitors your activities and gives you rewards. Once you download the app, it will start monitoring different types of physical activities like walking, running, dancing, biking, running errands, and so on. If you stay active, you can redeem rewards for steps. Those who prefer small but practical rewards, go for this app.

  1. Runtopia:

This app allows users to get a different experience for walking. Suppose you use this app to monitor a walk. In this case, remember that you may face audio coaching, which can match your walking pace. The app also displays data about your walks used to improve performance over time. Users can earn virtual coins and redeem the prizes they want.

  1. Yodo:

Do you want to use an app that can track all physical activities? The main motive for designing the app is to offer incentives for you to boost the users’ walking regime. In this case, you should know that the app uses a default pedometer to track your steps which helps you to earn cash rewards. What is unique about this app is that no cap exists on the cash rewards. Therefore, this app is a good option for those who prefer to walk daily.

  1. Rover:

This company assists you in finding a dog walking job. Hence, your job is to sign up to become a walker via the app or website. Thus, you can earn more money if you love dogs or you are someone who prefers walking with dogs.

It is possible to earn around $20 for a short walk rather than earning a small amount of money walking daily. If a dog is around you, your walk can become more exciting. There are a lot of people who want to walk with their dogs. This app can be best for them.

  1. Wag!

This company is the best app for dog owners who take their dogs for daily walks. Once you sign up to become a walker, it is possible to download this application. As soon as you become a walker, you will get to see the Wag! Feed that displays the available jobs. According to the company, walking for only 30 minutes can earn $12 money along with tips. Currently, the app is available in 50 states and 4600 towns globally. However, this one of the best apps that pay you to walk dogs supports both Android and iOS.

  1. Gigwalk:

This app that pays you to walk in stores gives money to the walkers for performing “gigs” for companies. So users can walk to stores and take the display images. If you are a Gigwalker, you may be asked to mystery shop a store. Doing more “gigs” allows you to get jobs with better payments. So, if you want to walk in stores and neighborhoods near you, use this app.

  1. Become a Human Billboard:

Have you ever noticed someone who is walking around with a giant sign in a store? You should know that these kinds of people get payments when they walk around and carry the sign. Generally, these people earn low wages. However, the extra cash may go a long way. So, focus on the job boards so that you can have a human billboard job. Sign spinners is another name for the job.

  1. Instacart:

Basically, the app provides grocery store deliveries. So are you one of those who purchase from Instacart? Then, remember that you can earn money by walking through the store’s aisles and collecting the items you will see on the shopping list of customers. If you are a part-time shopper, you will not require access to a car. You just need to walk around the store for hours and select items for a customer.

  1. DoorDash:

This one is a very famous food delivery service, and you must have heard about it. However, this app provides something more than food delivery. It can give a chance to walk more and get paid for this.

Suppose you are a dasher. If it is the case, you need to choose restaurant food, and then you have to deliver the food to customers. However, several markets require a car or bicycle. Whereas DoorDash markets permit you to walk.

If you can deliver food on foot, the app pays you for walking around. This app is an excellent choice for earning cash. A user needs to sign up to become a Dasher and will get approved within some weeks.

  1. Postmates:

It is another restaurant’s food delivery service. Using this app will pay you when you deliver food orders to the customers waiting for their ordered food. As it is not feasible in all places, you can deliver food on foot. As a result, you will get paid for walking. You should know that the app provides flexible hours and instant daily payments.

  1. BetterPoints (UK and Europe):

There are a few apps that are mainly focused on the United States. But people from Europe should not be disappointed. Because this app can give you rewards only when you are in Europe.

It is an activity tracker. It allows the users to get paid for being on the move. In this case, your only task is to download this app. Then, you have to join the rewards program and stay active to receive money. But you should remember that people living in the UK, Italy, France, and Poland can use it only. Every 1,000 points let you earn £1, and in dollars, the amount is roughly $1.29. However, the app enables you to exchange your points for gift cards. But the gift cards are applicable only in the countries mentioned above. However, you can donate the earnings to charity.

  1. Carrot 2.0 (Canada):

It is available for both Android and iOS. This Canadian app is famous for giving rewards for walking. But later, in 2019, it stopped working. So finally, it’s back.

If you complete challenges, the app rewards you. After joining the application, evaluating your walking habits will take about one week. After seven days, the app will determine a step goal for you.

Users can earn points when they accomplish challenges that the app sets. However, it is possible to earn some additional points and complete challenges many times in a row. For example, users can boost points when they fill out their health surveys. As a reward, you can get gift cards, free movie tickets, etc.

  1. Airtasker:

Want to earn extra money? Airtasker is an app that can help you meet your goal. First, you should download the app. Then you need to create a profile to get the earned cash. Then, you can earn money by becoming a Tasker so that you can help people out around their houses.

Here, we will mention a few tasks you need to complete. Let’s check it.

  • Cleaning
  • Delivery
  • Handyman
  • Gardening

However, you will find a lot of other tasks offered by the app. But you need to know that the person who has posted the task will give review the bidders and need to select one of them. Suppose you are selected. Then you will get the money within two to five business days after completing the task.

  1. Favor:

This legit app that pays you for the walk is another delivery app that can pay you if you deliver groceries or restaurant orders working as a Runner. Remember that the app is a great option to earn additional money. Although it is possible to work when you want, still investing more time allows you to earn more money. A user can earn between $10 to $18 for each favor, along with tips. As soon as the customer pays and confirms the tips, the payment comes to the bank account directly within a day of completing the favor.

  1. Sidewalk:

Both iOS and Android users can use the app. Living in a famous travel destination can allow you to earn some bucks if you walk around your area and guide the tourists. You will find free guided tours in this app indicating that you can walk as a tour guide, and then you need to list it on the app. Do you want to make the tour more interesting to get some extra tips? If you are charming and funny, this app is good for you. However, you can earn additional bucks from some tourists as a tip.

  1. Pawshake:

It is a dog-walking app that indicates the moment when the pet meets the pet sitter for the first time. This app will pay you when you walk with dogs. Generally, these pet walkers provide home visits, home dog boarding, house sitting, dog walking services, and so on. Consumers prefer this because no booking fee or subscription fee is required for pet care. The app offers a detailed profile of each pet sitter, like a bio, qualifications, and experience.  Besides, you don’t need to pay any subscription fee for contact and meeting in this app. In addition, payments must be made after completing the booking.

  1. Dog Walk:

This one of the best dog walking apps can find dog walkers. Besides, the app gives you the details of all distances, routes, and duration of every walk so that you can get an idea about the dog’s exercises. Dog walkers can record the activities of a dog also. You can share your experience of using this app with pictures.

Remember that you only have to hit the “Start” button to track the walk. This app allows the user to see the walking distance and the correct duration of walking. With the help of this app, you can capture the best moments of the dogs. As an owner, you can watch the correct location where the dog is going. After completing the walk, you can share the walk with your close ones or friends.

  1. PetBacker:

The app allows the users to get an experienced and caring pet sitter who is also professional. First, the app accepts your request. Then, it will spread to the pet walkers and sitters who are always ready to meet your goal. However, pet parents can explore the reviews and ratings of the pet walkers. Basically, pet owners use this app when they want the sitters to earn money along with loving their pets. Using this app, you can find the best sitters as per your needs.

  1. GymPact:

Do you walk to the gym? You can bet on yourself and complete your gym walk if you want. You will be surprised to know that the app will pay you for this. As per the site, the app pays between $0.50 and $0.75 per workout. If you want, you can make a pact, and the period to meet the goal will be between Monday and Sunday. Gyms, yoga studios, outdoor tracks, rock climbing, and walking will be counted by the app when you go to the gym.

  1. The Commit App:

It is one of the promising apps that pay you to walk. This app can collect the wager money for your fitness goals and the steps. But if you can’t meet the target which you have set, the money will go to your chosen charity. However, it is also a win for you because the money goes to the charity you want. So there is no chance of losing money.

  1. My Achievement:

Now you can track the steps at this app with Fitbit. But, then, there is a chance of getting $10 cash for every 10,000 points. Hence, you need to note that a maximum of 80 points can be earned daily for physical activity. Also, remember that payouts can be done through Paypal or Giftrocket within seven days of your request.

  1. Fitbit:

This application permits people to reach their workout goals. Besides, it can give you motivation and improve your health. In addition, this app allows you to track your activity, exercise, food, weight, and sleep. If you want to earn from here, sign up first and set fitness goals. Then, you have to invite users so that you can sponsor the target. Beating the goal makes you the winner and gives you the sponsor’s prize.

  1. Earthmiles:

Users can earn using this app when they run, walk or even ride bikes. Doing more work out enables you to get more EarthMiles. After earning Earthmiles, it is possible to spend them on healthy rewards.

  1. Winwalk:

Winwalk can record both indoor and outdoor steps. The app rewards one coin for every 100 steps. However, you will need a hundred coins to exchange the coins with gifts from brands. Users can earn coins for each step. What is unique about this app is that you can also get credits for indoor steps.  Amazon, Walmart, and Starbucks are a few stores from where you can earn gift cards using this app.

  1. Fitfetti:

Hence, your family needs to sponsor your steps so that you can earn from the app. In addition, the app allows you to sponsor others’ steps to make them more active. Once you reach the weekly goal, your sponsor can pledge money ( paid in Amazon Credits). You should know that the app is currently available for iOS, which can be connected with Fitbit.

  1. People Walker:

The app allows you to get paid for motivating others to walk more. This app allows users to connect with those who need companionship for walking. In addition, the app allows you to hire walkers to get a company even for $7 a mile. After signing up on the app, the app lets you meet with a person who needs a walk.


These best apps that pay you to walk around can be considered as a fun way to improve your health. Isn’t walking your favorite activity? Of course, but when you know that you can earn money or get rewards by walking, you may become more active and start walking daily.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Do any get-paid-to-walk apps pay via PayPal?

Mostly the gig economy apps pay in cash, depositing the amount to your bank account or PayPal. Whereas there are apps like Paceline and HealthyWage that can pay users through PayPal. In addition, these apps can give a PayPal gift card as a reward.

  • Is the app that pays you to walk real?

Sweatcoin, DoorDash, Evidation, Rover, StepBet, HealthyWage, and Gigwalk are a few apps that can pay you for walking in Canada.

  • Does my Walgreens Health Goals pay you for steps?

The app allows you to set a health goal for a four-week challenge. Completing the challenge allows you to earn Walgreens cash. In addition, several devices, like pedometers, glucometers, and blood pressure monitors, can be connected to monitor your progress.


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