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Best Fishing App for Android and iOS- Free & Paid

Best Fishing App for Android and iOS- Free & Paid
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Suppose you’re a fishing lover and have a Smartphone in your pocket, and then who will stop you from fishing. Because in Today’s Technologies; your Smartphone application can help you to catch more fish. There are so many amazing fishing app available in the App stores. That helps you check the weather condition for 12 weeks, find the best fishing spots, social media sharing features, and find specific spots and many other features available in these applications that help you make fishing more enjoyable.

In this article, we’ve listed Top 10 Fishing Apps that are useful for catching more fish. Because after using these apps, you can decide which day you can go fishing and where you’ll get your favorite fish spot.

So without wasting a second, let’s review all the top 10 Fishing Apps, and then you’ll pick the best one for you!

What is a Fishing App?

It is a mobile application mainly used for fishing, and fishing lovers use this app. With the help of it, you can track the best hotspots to do fishing, social media sharing platforms, give you details about Weather forecasts, and capture all you’re fishing moments using it. Even some applications offer tournaments near your locations so that you can play and enjoy more.

How Far is It Accurate?

So many fishing forecast apps provide you with accurate data to enjoy fishing and become a better Angler. And some Apps use Solunar Tables to predict the best time for it.

Why Do You Need a Fishing App?

For fishing and tournaments lovers, all these apps are a must-have application. Because using these applications, you can enjoy your fishing more and do something more advanced. Because with the help of these apps, you can find the best weather and the best time for fishing, find the best Hotspots. And in which lake you’ll get your favorite species. That is why it is worth for use.

Fishing App: Free Vs Paid

Well, it’s obvious to know the difference between free vs. paid. Because, in the paid version, you’ll get more features, more accuracy, more tools, more awards, more tournaments. And everything will be more if you’re using paid.

And its free plan comes with essential tools, features, analysis, and giving results. But let me tell you the most popular and helpful fishing tools, which are free. So you can’t ignore it. And Definitely, I suggest you go with free version first and later; if you’re getting benefits, you can switch to its paid plan.

Here’s the List of Top 10 Fishing Apps:


Best Fishing App ANGLRThere’s a reason behind listing this application in the first position. ANGLR is one of the most user-friendly Fishing Apps because it has so many advanced features that make this tool #1 Position. It’s a completely automated tool where you don’t need to do so many things. You need to click on Start. This application will handle everything. It will show you GPS Route, Weather conditions (For the next 12 Weeks), Temperature, Water condition, Best Spots, and so many other features that will help you in fishing. Even ANGLR has a Bullseye Bluetooth feature where you can take a Snap after catching fish, and it will record in the database.

You’ll also get a feature of Logbook where all your previous trips store in one location like – catching location, weather conditions, water condition, and so on. This application supports both platforms, i.e., Android and iOS. Yes, it’s worth it to purchase this application at the cost of $29.99, but its free version is also available with very minimal features.

ANGLR: Pros & Cons


  • It’s easy to use this application.
  • In your fishing trip, it’s a useful application.
  • Accessible to track fishing days.
  • This application gives accurate data about the weather forecast.


  • Sometimes it’s hard to get Bullseye.
  • The support team was not responsive.
  • Facing Camera crashes issues.

#2 FishAngler

FishAnglerIt’s a free tool for fishing lovers because it comes with four major features, i.e., Mapping, Weather forecast, Logbook, and a significant feature of Virtual Community so that you can connect with other anglers worldwide. Yes, it’s a free tool. That’s why you’ll get limited features as compared to other tools. But it’s a very useful tool, and many users love to use it.

FishAngler: Pros & Cons


  • Capture accurate results while fishing and track data for each location.
  • You can see a community of other Anglers.
  • Easy to use this application.
  • You can keep updated with weather conditions.


  • For some locations, the weather forecast is not working well.
  • Too Many ads come because it’s a free application.

#3 FishBrain

FishBrainI’m sure as a fishing lover you heard this name once, i.e., FishBrain, because it’s the most popular app. Overall, 9 Million+ users are using this tool. The reason behind the popularity of this tool is you’ll see amazing features like – Virtual Community with Anglers. You can find hotspots where you can do fishing, A specific species recognition tool and weather forecast, and so many features you’ll see inside this tool that helps you do more fantastic fishing. Premium Versions of FishBrain have a lot more features like hotspots, crowd sourced, and crunching real-world data.

This app comes with a free and paid plan that costs $5.99/Month.

FishBrain: Pros & Cons


  • So many valuable features in this app.
  • Easy to use interface of this application.
  • Maps of Lakes are accurate and give the right results.
  • Best for social sharing your catches to other Community.


  • Sometimes this application crashes.
  • Catches are not accurate in this application.

#4 FishTrack

FishTrackSuppose you’re a deep hunter and looking for deep-sea spots. In that case, this tool can be the best choice for you because this tool has everything for in-depth analysis and gives you details of weather forecast, sea surface temperature, chats, and some weather predictions. In terms of analyzing and images, this tool is more advanced than any other tool because its Premium version comes with satellite imagery and some new useful features. This tool also comes with a Free and paid plan that cost $14.99.

FishTrack: Pros & Cons


  • Its Interface is so easy to Use.
  • Its customer support is helpful.
  • Highly recommended by Users


  • Its premium plan is not worth it.
  • Sometimes this application Crashes.

#5 Fishidy

FishidyIf you’re looking for an All-in-one tool, Fishidy comes with all the Important Features and tools you need. It’s a fantastic app that you can utilize its Features like – You can record data, catching fish moments, trip moments, and also its social media sharing feature to share your trip moments with others.

You can find fishing Hotspots in Fishidy. And with this app, you can track the records you’ve made, like on which lake you do fishing in July; when you caught four-pounder three months ago, everything will be tracked, and whenever you want to know the details – You’ll get every detail about in this app. With its User-friendly Interface, it’s easier to use this application.

Fishidy: Pros & Cons


  • Its social sharing feature is good.
  • Track previous data where you have logged fish.
  • You can get Up-to-Date details for the weather forecast.
  • Check another live tracking of who catches fish, which spot, and which fish in every detail.


  • Delay tracking of catches fish.
  • Other tools have better performance and features for $49.99.

#6 GoFree Hooked

If you love to capture the moment of your fishing, then GoFree Hooked can capture all your moments in one place, and it’s a handy tool because this application allows anglers to catch by GPS location, fish photos, about fish detail and track each fish catch. All your data will be tracked while fishing and you can share this data and capture moments with your friends and relatives through social media because it’s interlinked with this application.

You can play tournaments with other anglers to see who is the best angler based on fish catch and data stored in this application. You can see your ranking on the leaderboard section, where you’ll see all data tracks like how many fish you catch, when and fish details everything with a scoreboard and ranking.

GoFree Hooked: Pros & Cons


  • Record and share catch to social media platforms.
  • This application easily tracks your fishing catch.
  • There are so many tournaments you can play and win.
  • it’s easy to use this app


  • It is consuming a lot more battery.
  • It’s A Free Tool. That’s why you’ll get essential features.

#7 iAngler

Best Fishing App iAnglerThis is a top-rated application and is mainly used for clicking photos and releasing tournaments. If you’re someone who wants to love tournaments and love fishing, then iAngler is the perfect match for you. You’ll get an option to find tournaments near you so that you’ll feel more excited for this tournament in your locality. All your data for catching fish, spots, and details will be automatically captured in this application database. And this application is free of cost. I suggest you to try this tool at least once and play some exciting tournaments near your-location.

iAngler: Pros & Cons


  • Best application for tournaments.
  • Easy to use this application.
  • For fishing, you’ll get most of the resources in one application.
  • You’ll get notifications for upcoming tournaments.


  • Its performance is very slow.
  • Late response from customer support.

#8 Pro Angler

Best Fishing App Pro AnglerThis tool is quite impressive compared to other tools because it’s an advanced tool with features like tracking your number of catches and when and in which location. Even this application suggests more than 7,500+ HotSpots. And you’ll also get details about the weather forecast, air temperature, and other things. And one unique feature that we haven’t seen in previous applications, i.e., land-based data nearby, shows like – Bait and tackle shops, boat ramps, charter boats, and many more. If you see some stats, then Pro Angler is the No #1 Rated application in-app store.

Pro Angler comes with two plans, i.e., a Free and Paid plan that costs $9.99/Month.

Pro Angler: Pros & Cons


  • For beginners, it’s a beat app to use for fishing.
  • They are mainly used to find spots of fresh water for fishing.
  • Excellent customer support


  • Too many ads showing.
  • Its paid plan is quite expensive.

#9 RiverFlows

Suppose you don’t want any hectic and want a precise application that tells you fiver flow level in the United States. This application is unique. You can utilize its data because this application data is fed by USGA, NOAA, US Army of engineers and shows you water temperature to indicate at water level. It’s a free but practical application that you can use.

RiverFlows: Pros & Cons:


  • It is one of the best tools.
  • Accurate data for river flow level for anglers
  • It’s easy to use this application.
  • Track activities in river


  • Some lake data are not stored on the server.
  • It stops showing AHPS data.

#10 Fish Rules App

Fish RulesIt’s a Rules-based application but helpful to get an idea about fishing – with the help of this tool, you can find details like how many you can keep, how big they can, Which Species, and in which season. And if you’re new to using these applications, then Fish Rules comes with a FAQs section where you can easily find answers to most of the questions. Because this tool mostly gives accurate answers to your queries.

Fish Rules: Pros & Cons


  • Highly recommended application for fishing lovers
  • From time to time, all update you’ll get
  • It’s easy to use this tool.
  • You can find your favorite fish in hotspots easily.


  • Sometimes you’ll face deny GPS Access
  • Get too many ads in the application.


I hope after reading this article, you’re able to pick the best application for you because, in this article, we’ve listed the top 10 best fishing tools. Some come with free and paid versions and are Compatible with both Android & iOS platforms. Some of these are the Best Free Fishing forecast app that you can consider while looking for free fishing apps, to make your next fishing trip awesome and excited you need to pick tools from this list. And you’re ready to do fishing better based on the right weather, right spot, and right place. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q – What is the Best Fishing App?

We’ve listed the top 10 best app with ranking now. I hope you can understand what the best application that you need to use is.

Q – What is the Best Fishing App for Android?

Angler is one of the most popular apps for Android. And you can do some paid updates also.

Q – What is the Best Fishing App for iPhone?

FishBrain is one of the best applications for the iPhone.


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