Siri for Android Smartphone: 11 Best Voice Assistants Alternatives

Siri for Android Smartphone Cortana
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Now a days every android smartphone users are raising the question ” Can I get Siri for Android phones? Hence here is the post related with it. With the advent of Siri, Alexa, Google Now, and related technologies, it is apparent that it is one of the next major trends in technology to monitor our phones and other devices by talking to them. iPhone, iPad, Mac, and HomePod users can use Siri to view site content, open apps, perform shortcuts, play music, get directions, and so much more.

Can You Get Siri For Android?

Siri is undoubtedly a great multitasking voice assistant that not only listens to your commands but also cracks a few jokes and keeps you entertained. People who don’t have iPhones might wonder if they can get Siri for Android or other smartphone platforms like Windows Phone or BlackBerry.

Can You Get Siri for Android Smartphones?

The quick answer is: Sorry, for Android or other non-iPhone platforms, there’s no Apple voice assistant and possibly never will be. But it doesn’t mean that most mobile users can’t get a personal assistant that is more like it, and maybe even better.

Why Siri Only Runs on Apple Devices

As Siri is a big competitive differentiator for Apple, Siri would possibly never operate on any mobile operating system other than iOS or a desktop operating system other than macOS. You have to purchase an iPhone or some other Apple smartphone if you want all the fun stuff Siri does. Apple earns the bulk of its revenue on sales of hardware, but enabling such a persuasive function to operate on its rival’s hardware will harm its bottom line. And that’s not anything Apple, or any smart business, does purposely.

While there is no Siri for Android or other mobile platforms, each of these other smartphones has its own built-in intelligent voice-activated assistants. For each network, there are several choices in certain situations.

Fake Alert: There Are Lots of Fake Siri Apps

You can find various applications with Siri in their titles if you check the Google Play Store and the Windows Phone app store for “Siri.” So beware since these apps are not Siri.

These are voice function apps that compare to Siri (one also pretended to be the official Siri for Android for a short time) to piggyback on its success and appreciation of the brand and draw Android and Windows Phone users searching for Siri-type functionality. These apps are certainly not Siri, no matter what they say, and they are not from Apple.

There are no applications in BlackBerry App World (the app store of that platform) pretending to be Siri, unlike with Android or Windows devices. Of course, there are several BlackBerry voice-activated applications, but none of them are as advanced or strong as, or really appear to be, Siri.

Alternatives to Siri for Android

In real life, voice assistants help out a lot. They help you keep track of important things and make it a little simpler to handle your life. Siri isn’t the market’s only automated voice assistant. Out there, there are quite a few nice ones. Here are some of the very best Android OS digital voice assistants that you can rely on for your needs:

1. Google Assistant

Siri for Android Smartphone Google AssistantLet’s begin with Google’s own application for Android assistant. Google Assistant is the perfect solution for those searching for a near replacement for Siri for Android. You can ask numerous questions from Google Assistant, and the replies to certain questions show just how separate this app is from Google’s other voice assistant, Google Now.

Google Assistant, unlike Siri, answers in a conversational format. If you’re conducting a real investigation or making a joke, that’s valid. And its sophisticated artificial intelligence ensures that if any Android assistant has won the “Siri for Android” nickname, it is this one.

2. Bixby

Siri for Android Smartphone Bixby

Bixby is Samsung’s personal assistant. It’s accessible only on Samsung devices. Otherwise, it’s strangely good. It does site searches, installs Google Play applications, and has direct support for a range of apps available. As long as you have Samsung’s exclusive hub, it also encourages smart home software. It’s only over one year old.

It’s always better than any other choices, though. Many with Samsung smartphones should be sure to try this one. It’s not certain if Samsung wants to open this up to all other users. Maybe it would be good if they did.

3. Cortana

Siri for Android Smartphone CortanaDo you prefer an Android assistant from a major technology corporation other than Google? Then you should try Cortana. You may be thinking that Cortana is only available on Windows phones, but Microsoft has released versions of Cortana for Android (and also for iOS, interestingly enough).

It’s also worth mentioning, while it may not be at the top of the search list. Mac users enjoy using Siri on their iPhones for the same purpose. If you are using a device that runs Windows 10, where Microsoft’s assistant is also integrated, Cortana is the Android assistant for you.

That ensures that you can send messages from any system while using Cortana on both your phone and laptop. Equipped with speech recognition apps, you can chat as comfortably as you can on your mobile with Cortana on your PC. You can also set up alerts on your PC, and Cortana alerts you of them on your phone.

It’s pretty easy to scan for rivals (just start looking for the Google Play Store), but Cortana is a compelling contender for a great Android voice assistant. If you are a Windows 10 user, Cortana could be a stronger Siri for Android than the iOS Siri.

4. Google Now

For some reason, Google Assistant was only available on Google’s Pixel phones in the past. Therefore, Google introduced Google Now, a voice assistant app for non-Pixel devices. Although Google Now might not be the most faithful analog to Siri for Android, if you don’t mind its lack of personality, it’s still a pretty decent assistant. Even before you ask something, Google Now tries to surface the details that you require. Google Now does this by capitalizing on the details Google has about you.

Google Now, for example, presents you with details depending on your searches, the texts that go into your inbox, and the videos you’ve watched. It will even inform you how much traffic you can encounter on your ride and when you need to depart for your flight to the airport. We’re relatively confident Android users would find it to be a convenient replacement to Siri for those purposes alone.

5. Robin

RobinThe Google Play Store description of Robin calls it the “Siri Challenger.” That doesn’t mean that for Android, it’s just the same thing as Siri. But Robin is an Android assistant that is pretty helpful.

From a number of various sites, the app has received favorable feedback. In reality, “Robin has more personality than other voice search products, assistants, chatbots or messenger bots,” according to its Google Play Store description. Robin brings a smarter character to your mobile.

You may ask Robin for directions or locations nearby. For the new update on traffic or details on where to park. Or keep linked via Facebook or Twitter with your buddies. Plus, to phone, fax, or email your contacts, you may use Robin.

It can also manage your restaurant review inquiries or help you locate the cheapest gas station in your area. One point to take notice of is that Robin may not be able to perform certain functions that implement explicitly into the operating system.

6. Top Assistant

Top Assistant is much less Siri-like and is not a regular voice assistant software, but the virtual assistant performs very well. In such situations where a person wants some multitasking regularly, the Top Assistant is most beneficial. For example, if you do any substantial work with equations and use spreadsheets, you would require a calculator to do this job.

By showing you an on-screen button to open the calculator, the Top Assistant does some easy work. You could have an expensive Samsung device to do any multitasking, think that you didn’t have the Top Assistant to help you navigate this. You should not overlook the benefits of getting Top Assistant.

7. AIVC (Alice)

Ready for a modern Android assistant and step outside Google’s options? Let’s familiarize ourselves with AIVC, also known as Alice. There are both a free edition and a pro version of this Android assistant. Alice can help you with calls, text messages, and texts. With subtitles, routing, warnings, and clocks, she will support you as well. And if that’s not enough, she can open applications, measure, manage alerts from Facebook, do web searches, monitor the weather, and look for photos.

But AIVC is fairly flexible, unlike Siri. With Alice, you may describe commands of your own. And you can use the customization to monitor devices that can be reached through a web interface. Alice constantly develops different talents (like any useful Android assistant), being capable of a range of fun and functional roles easily.


Another fantastic Siri alternative for Android that will certainly inspire you is ANDY. The developer sells a free version and a pro version of this Android voice assistant that will send text messages, make phone calls, and give you directions.

This version of Siri for Android can “answer almost every question you throw at him,” according to the description of the Google Play Store.” The information of ANDY officially encompasses much of the data contained on Wikipedia. But that’s not it. You may even inquire about the weather and time, get answers to questions about mathematics, or ask him to create unit conversions.

ANDY is often programmed to be “smart enough to answer questions even if English is not your first language.” In reality, among the many voice assistants competing for the Siri title for Android, that’s a fairly unique trait. You only need to press the microphone button on the app’s home screen to ask a question or to command something.

Or you can allow the “Shake Recording” feature so that the Android Assistant can unlock when you shake your smartphone. Don’t you like one of those options? The old-fashioned method is still there: typing your question to get a response. ANDY can acknowledge your speech, evaluate your query, and strive for the best response. The Android assistant would then read it back to you and view it with additional information on your phone.

9. Dragon Mobile Assistant for Android

Dragon Mobile Assistant for AndroidAnother fantastic choice for a competent replacement to Siri for Android is Dragon Mobile Assistant. Nuance Communications, a renowned brand in the science of speech recognition, owns this Android assistant. With Dragon Mobile Assistant, you can see the technology in play. You’ll also start asking if, in the first place, you needed the Siri app for Android.

With the Dragon Smartphone Assistant, you can send and receive text messages, post stuff on Facebook and Twitter, and send emails, all hands-free. Will you need to know about the forecast or think about your future appointments? Dragon Mobile Assistant has got you covered! It can set reminders, make appointments, and explore the internet.

And do not panic if the screen of your phone is closed. By switching the Attentive Mode on, you can always reach the Android assistant at any time. The option to generate a “voiceprint” is one aspect that we feel really makes a difference in its functionality, though.

This functionality ensures that your assistant can just respond to your orders, and no one else’s. You may pick a voice and build a name for your assistant to make the interaction much more intimate.

10. Genie

Genie is a good Android OS automated voice assistant program that you can use on your Android phone as an alternative to Siri. Via the Genie app, activities such as voice messaging, calling, and dialing are made simple. Setting the alarm with a voice command has never been so easy.

For example, you have to talk the words to set the alarm for Monday at 8 am: “Wake me up on Monday morning at 8.” The app would comprehend it and serve you according to your directions. Therefore, it is, without a doubt, one of the finest alarm clock software. This software has a premium option for $3; certain restricted functionality comes with the free edition.

11. Indigo:

Another Siri-like Program for Android is Indigo. The Indigo Virtual Assistant offers some impressive functionality with one of the best interfaces among the other similar applications, such as monitoring the music while you’re busy with something else like exercises or kitchen works. Indigo will even do the translating for you, although you must have an indigenous accent.

The software also offers functions for linking to social media as well. These fun features make it one of the strong options for Android users if you’re looking for a Siri alternative.

Alternatives to Siri on iPhone

Siri was the first of these assistants to enter the market, but it did not take advantage of its rivals’ technical advancements in certain respects. Because of that, several people claim Siri is superior to Google Now and Cortana.

However, iPhone owners are fortunate: both Google Now and Cortana are available for the iPhone. As part of the Google Search app, you can get Google Now (downloaded from the App Store), while Cortana is a standalone alternative. As a standalone iPhone app, you can even get Alexa, the intelligent assistant integrated into Amazon’s line of Echo products (among many other things). Try these applications for yourself and compare the smart assistants!

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