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How to Block Spam Calls on Android

How to Block Spam Calls on Android
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Nowadays, as the use of the internet and smartphones has been growing continuously, the inconvenience of getting annoying spam calls increases. Although the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and mobile carriers are putting efforts to prevent people from getting these calls, you should take necessary steps to keep yourself safe. If you are using an Android phone, your job is to activate the default spam filter. In addition, if necessary, use the blocking tool which is offered by the phone carrier or a 3rd-party solution. Go through the article properly to know about how to block spam calls on Android.

How To Block Spam Calls Once And For All?

You need to silence all the unknown callers to block spam calls on your Android mobile. To do so, you have to install spam-filtering apps. After that, you have to register your number on the national Do Not Call Registry. Hence, you need to call 1-888-382-1222, or for TTY callers, the number is 1-866-290-4236. It lets you stop scam calls, robocalls, and other unnecessary calls to get through to the mobile. In this way, you can also stop scammers from calling you. Knowing which numbers can block spam calls and how you can block those numbers on your Android device is necessary. Along with this, you should also know how you can get rid of spam emails & spam text messages.

How Do Spammers Get Your Phone Number?

Spammers get mobile numbers in several ways. There are a few methods spammers follow to obtain mobile numbers. For instance, they set up fake charities, soliciting donations, sponsoring contests, or arranging giveaways to draw people’s attention. They were also able to get numbers from businesses that display caller IDs. Telemarketers are a popular breed of spammers because they buy lists containing mobile numbers from 3rd party data providers. Therefore, you have to be careful when you give out your mobile number.

Moreover, you should know about the types of spam calls to remain aware of them. While you can get the sales calls from telemarketers, you can also get the spam calls as automated robocalls. In addition, you can get scam calls from someone who acts as a bank representative. Moreover, people who are experts in a computer can request personal information such as credit card details under false pretenses. If you receive any of these calls, ensure that you are vigilant & you should not divulge your personal information.

Is There A Code To Block Spam Calls?

You won’t find a universal number to block spam calls because it relies on only your phone carrier. If you are a T-Mobile user, dial #662# to prevent robocalls for free. After that, you need to activate the Scam ID and Scam Block features. On the flip side, if you are an AT&T customer, you have to dial *61 to block unwanted calls. If you want to block any unknown number on the landline, dial *60.

Does *61 Block Unwanted Calls?

Those who have a digital home phone with AT&T can block unwanted calls by dialling *61 because it is a part of the free Call-blocking service. In order to add the last call to the blocked call list, you need to press *61 and the “call” button. If you don’t want to get calls from any private number that does not have any caller ID, then you need to dial *77. After that, the callers will receive a message saying they are not accepting calls from private numbers. Dialling *87 allows you to unblock the calls.

How To Block Spam Calls On Android Mobiles:

If you are an Android user, you will be glad to know that several processes are there that can be followed to learn how to block spam calls on Android. You can block all unknown numbers or mark them separately as spam. Let’s see how you are able to stop the spam calls on Android:

Use The Caller ID & Spam Protection Feature:

You can get details about callers or businesses which are not in the contact list using this feature. Besides, you will get warnings about potential spam callers using this feature. Generally, this feature remains on by default. So, it is possible to tell the Android device to block these numbers entirely.

You should follow these steps to turn on or off the feature.

  • Your first job is to open your Phone app on your Android mobile.
  • Then, you need to click on the more options icon, i.e. three dots. After that, your task is to click on Settings. Then, tap on Spam and Call Screen.
  • You need to turn on or off caller ID and spam protection. Next, you should click on Block numbers. After that, you have to toggle on the Block spam and scam calls.
  • After doing this, the filtered calls will be seen in your Call History or Voicemail. However, you will not be able to see them appearing as missed calls. If you are wondering how to unblock spam calls on Android, you should try to slide off the toggle at last.

Mark Individual Calls As Spam:

You can mark individual calls as spam and block them.

  • First, you need to open the Phone app. Then, you should choose Recents.
  • Next, your job is to click on the number which you are willing to block. After that, you need to choose Info (i).
  • Now, you need to click on the option Report. And choose the spam call type which is related to the number. Then, you need to click on OK.
  • Click on Block on the info screen.

Block Spammers Manually:

In most cases, you can receive spam and robocalls from random phone numbers. When you get these spam calls from the same few individuals, you should try to block them one by one.

  • First, your job is to open the Phone app.
  • Then, you need to long-press the number which you are willing to block.
  • Finally, you need to click on Block.

How To Stop Spam Calls By Registering Your Number On The Do Not Call Registry:

When telemarketers make the calls, they use a public contact list. With the help of the Do Not Call Registry, it is possible to remove your number from that list. Although the process helps to reduce the types of spam calls, you might continue to receive unwanted calls from politicians, charities, debt collectors, and unknown callers.

While you will be able to register your number on The Do Not Call Registry by calling, you will be glad to know that it can be done online. To do so, follow the below-mentioned process.

  • First, your job is to head toward the FTC’s National Do Not Call Registry website. Then, you need to tap on the Register link.
  • Then, you have to put your mobile number without giving any hyphen. Registering three numbers at a time is possible. In order to confirm this, you need to enter your email address.
  • After that, your job is to open the confirmation email you received within 72 hours ( from when you submitted it).
  • Then, you need to follow the steps in your email to complete the procedure.

How To Block Spam Calls With Carrier Tools:

There are many mobile carriers which offer more advanced tools with paid features to block suspected spam calls. The popular ones are as follows:

AT&T ActiveArmor:

The mobile app of AT&T is ActiveArmor, used to block fraud and spam calls. Android & iPhone users can use it. With the help of the free version, it is possible to detect potential scams, label telemarketers acting as nuisance calls, etc. This app costs $3.99 every month, in exchange for which you will benefit from a VPN, identity monitoring, caller ID, and so on.

T-Mobile Scam Shield:

It is available for postpaid T-Mobile & Metro customers. And both Android & iOS users can use it. The scam shield helps to detect scam calls and block them. In addition, it provides a detailed Caller ID page.

While you see a label and Number Verified notification for valid calls, you will get a warning for potential spam calls. Besides, you can get a proxy number for privacy and changing this number is possible for free once a year. If you pay $4 a month, you can access Scam Shield Premium, which is equipped with features such as voicemail-to-text, call blocking, etc.

Verizon Call Filter:

If you are an Android or iOS user and want to use a postpaid plan, then you can try it. With the help of the free version, you can detect & filter spam calls. Besides, you can get alerts of potential spam calls and block robocalls depending on the selected risk level. Additionally, you are able to report illegal numbers. If you want to use the paid version, you need to pay $2.99 every month per line. This version includes Caller ID, a personal spam list, etc.

How To Block Spam Calls Using Third-party Apps:

Does your phone not have a spam filtering feature? Do you not want to use your carrier-provided service?

Then, you can try these popular apps to block spam calls.

  • Call Blocker – Caller ID
  • Calls Blacklist – Call Blocker
  • Should I Answer?
  • Call Control. Call Blocker
  • Truecaller: Caller ID & Block

Why Are You Getting So Many Spam Calls?

If you pick up any of your spam calls, you may receive more spam calls in future. The reasons why you are receiving calls from random phone numbers are as follows:

  • You might have entered your mobile number where you should not have
  • The number you are using was exposed in a data leak.
  • You could have engaged with an online scammer whom you accidentally gave all of your phone numbers.
  • Your mobile number was randomly dialled.
  • You have picked up a spam call in the past.


Now you have learned how to block spam calls on Android. Scammers randomly test mobile numbers for supporting their malicious activities. They purchase numbers from companies which can include companies that you have used previously. In addition, fraudsters are able to get numbers from data breaches.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do you permanently block spam calls?

You need to call 1-888-382-1222 (voice) or 1-866-290-4236 (TTY) and then register your numbers on the national Do Not Call list.

  • How do you stop spam calls on your mobile?

Text ‘TPS’ and the email address to 85095 to register the phone number.

  • How can you check if a number is spam?

If you are on a Truecaller’s landing page, you need to use the search bar first to look up a number. Then, you have to sign in with an email or social account for the system to ensure that you are not a bot. Then, you can search for numbers to identify if these are spam.

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