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What are RCP Components on Android?

What are RCP Components on Android?
Written by twitiq

There are plenty of Android users who want to know what the RCP components is? In this article, we will let you know about this. You will get all the essential details regarding this.

RCP is the acronym of the Rich Client Platform. Developers usually use this programming tool. Therefore, it is not for those people who are normal android users. But developers need to know about Rich Client Platform. Let’s learn about RCP components, why this is present on Android, how to disable and delete them.

What do you mean by RCP Components On Android?

As we have said earlier, it is a programming tool that comes from a group of lower-level frameworks. With the help of this tool, developers can structure their apps on their earlier computing platforms. It indicates that developers do not have to create an app from scratch. The reason is that this programming tool enables you to make apps without generating the tool first. Hence, if you are a developer, you only have to write the code.

A few independent software modules are there, such as Mapping technologies, graphic tools, which run smoothly with the programming tool. The tool is very beneficial in generating and publishing the Android app. Names of these components are as follows: the Microsoft interface language compiler, run-time libraries, portmapper header files, name service locator, etc.

This Eclipse-based system application allows developers to launch apps on different devices. It can be launched except for the requirement for manual intervention. You can install and disable them except for causing any damage to your device. It is available in the Play Store app. Although the app is safe for downloading, it may cause damage by interfering with other apps.

It is the inherent power of the apps due to which your device functions smoothly. You may disable it from your device if you want, and you don’t have to worry about security issues. If you don’t have any idea about the apps that use the technology, then move to the developer’s website. If you are confused about whether these are dangerous or not, then it is better to disable them.

RCP is one of the most essential tools to have. You can find the app in the application manager on your smartphone.

Its components are a significant part of the user interface of your mobile app.

Why are these RCP component seen on your Android mobiles?

You should know one thing: Rich Client Platform components have a significant effect on the performance of your android device. Applications that are related to them support multiple operating systems. Therefore, developers can launch the app on various devices.

RCP components help create applications that are default in your OS and assist in improving the performance and speed at a time. These applications run in the background and work continuously.

What is a Framework?

You should know that Rich Client Platform is a framework made with plenty of small-size frameworks. These are the main components of Rich Client Platform:

  • A core (lifecycle manager)
  • Bundling framework
  • Portable widget toolkit
  • File buffers
  • Text handling
  • Text editors
  • Workbench
  • Data binding and
  • Update-manager

How to Install Rich Client Platform RCP Components:

We have given here the following steps to install the components.

  • First, your job is to download the Eclipse Runtime and install it afterward.
  • Next, your task is to download the Eclipse SDK and extract it.
  • Finally, install the Rich Client Platform if you are willing to use the Eclipse IDE.

The duration of the process can be from 1 minute to 2 hours, which relies on the network connection ultimately.

Rich Client Platform Leverages:

  1. OSGi: Most of the apps are compatible with Rich Client Platform run on top of an OSGi framework. It is essential for app development.
  1. SWT: Its complete form is Standard Widget Toolkit. It offers the primitive widgets mainly used for generating Rich Client Platform user interfaces. The working process of SWT is similar to AWT.
  1. JFace: This leverage offers advanced UI functionality such as wizards, preference pages, data binding, etc.
  1. Other Eclipse APIs: Rich Client Platform relies on those frameworks that don’t belong to it. For instance, it depends on the Jobs API (to meet concurrency) and the Commands API. The second one helps to offer menuing support.

Rich Client Platform RCP Components Uses:

We have given here the uses of the app.


When software developers deploy an app to different clients, the app needs customizations. Suppose a client is willing to have an extra option in the context menu to show it up there. Therefore, you are required to make a separate branch for the client and recompile the app. But you can make a bundle using the RCP components app. It helps to include the additional menu item and the associated functionality. Thus, you can deliver the bundle to the client.

License Management:

People willing to use their software as a set of independently licensed units. Besides, it helps you offer various services based on licensing. Using the app, you can break up the functionality into independently deployable bundles. Therefore, when any customer is willing to include a licensed unit, import the extra bundles. It is a little bit different compared to a new JAR. While you do the process, you get to see all menu items, editors, wizards in the base application.

Sharing A Common Workbench:

If you are a developer, you must want a common workbench in which place you can easily deploy different functional units. A typical workbench comes with core functionality related to security, database access, etc., services.

You can deploy different apps into the workbench using the app, relying on an end-user role. This common workbench offers services and allows you to deploy individual applications quickly.

Deploying to both PC and the web:

With the help of the Remote Application Platform, you can get a set of bundles that you can swap into your app. You can use the same code on both your PC and the web. However, things are never simple as problems, such as singletons and session management, are always there. But you can use the code again in both the desktop and web environments.

Is it possible to disable RCP Components from your mobile?

Yes, it is possible to disable the app from your mobile. It indicates that you are capable of disabling the unfortunate apps and running updates. The process won’t harm any app and function of your device.

  • First, your task is to look for the unwanted apps from the apps list given.
  • As soon as you find the unwanted apps, you need to click on the Edit option. Then, your job is to tap the Folder option.
  • Here, you can see the entire details of the application on display.
  • Finally, your job is to hit the disabled option.

Thus, you can disable the unwanted apps that create issues on your mobile.

Can you delete RCP Components from your phone?

It is not possible to delete them without rooting the device. Multiple default apps are there on your smartphone. Therefore, if you remove those apps, it can cause harm to your mobile. However, it is easy to delete or uninstall the apps. It is easy to download it from Google Play Store.

There are multiple applications embedded in the software. These generally run in the background to enhance the speed and device functionality. Therefore, if you delete these, it can be harmful to your smartphone. That is why it is recommended to delete the unwanted apps, not built-in apps.


In this article, you get to know each detail regarding the RCP-type components on smartphones. The enhanced compatibility with all devices is the advantage of Rich Client Platform apps.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Do you need an RCP component?

If you are a coder, then you will need this. However, if you aren’t, there is still no need to uninstall or remove the app.

  • What does a Rich Client Platform Component do?

Suppose you are a web developer and willing to develop a website from scratch. Usually, when you begin your journey of designing your site from scratch, it will take plenty of time. In this case, having some template or framework can make your job easily done. It is when the Rich Client Platform is used.

  • Are RCP components for iOS?

No, these are for android devices merely. This programming tool is made on Android operating systems. However, Android has become a little liberal when it comes to apps. You can see multiple apps in the Google play store. Whether you create an app yourself, it may or may not be accepted by Google. But it is still possible to add the app separately and share this with users. Android enables you to install third-party apps also.


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