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How to Do a Reverse Video Search (on Search Engines & Other Tools)

How to Do a Reverse Video Search (on Search Engines & Other Tools)
Written by twitiq

Looking for a valuable video on the web? Wondering for its original source? Several ways are there through which you can solve the problem. The source of a video can be easily found using reverse video search .

What is a Reverse Video Search?

While you are in a search engine, generally, you use a word or keyphrase. You need to do this continuously till you are not getting your preferred content. But when it comes to reverse video search, you should use the search engine.

Search engines like Google and others take help of the colors and pixels in a video for finding exact copies online. However, this process is not always correct. But you can use this to check the number of times a video appears on the web. You may know the first time when the video will appear first.

You can use it for different purposes like meme creation, posting funny videos online, etc. Users are capable of performing the process quickly. You just need to have the essential tools only.

Is this Idea Widespread?

No. The reason is that Google has not kept back up this kind of search. Generally, people look for keywords such as reverse video search YouTube.

Why is Reverse Video Search is Hard Now? 

Similarly, like others, it also has both pros and cons. We have given here a few essential aspects related to the idea.

It is still not launched. Plenty of years need till now. The technology is recently under the cover.

You are capable of manipulating the search results with ease. If any change happens, even a single pixel in a video won’t appear in the results. You should know that the search engines are required to index each frame of the original video. It is a time taking method.

A lot of videos are uploaded regularly on the web. So, indexing one by one is going to be a tough job.Technically, you are capable of solving the issue. But you will need uncountable time as well as plenty of resources.

It is not possible to perform this search using the current computing power. So, you should wait until the quantum computing idea or technology comes into reality. It may take another 5 – 10 years.

Why do We Need a Reverse Video Search?

Finding Illegitimate Usage of Video Content: People who are making video contents find it very useful. This technology helps them every time the video is available on the web. If necessary, a request can be issued for the removal of the content. Users can ask for credit also via this way.

Finding Full Versions of Videos: There are a few file-sharing sites that come with file size limits. Reddit or Imgur are a few examples of it. You are required to use the technology hence for the full version of a video.

Discover Related Content: Now, it is possible to explore the same content related to your content. You can use the technology for a different research approach.

Objectives of Reverse Video Search:

This technology is very helpful in the following ways:

  1. Copyright Checking and Video Matching:

Are you wondering whether your video creation has been shared online or not? Concerned if the video is violating license agreements? You can take the help of a few services that are handy to match the exact video online. This technology is beneficial for those who wanna find the online location of a video.

  1. Location Recognition:

If you are a videographer and video editor, then this technology is useful enough for you. Sometimes, you may create a video in a specific location. But what happens is that you may miss a few minutes of clips. With the help of this technology, you are capable of finding clips matching your location. 

  1. Similarities:

The technology helps you look for the same footage with features like lighting and temperature, concise videos like long-shot or full-shot.

  1. Object Recognition:

Whether you want to find any object inside your video, you can take the help of this technology. Using this, you may identify the name of a certain plant. Besides, you are capable of classifying an animal inside your video. The technology is perfect for analyzing and identifying objects inside your video. You can easily detect a variety of colors, shapes with the help of this technology.

How to Perform Reverse Video Search: 

Run-on Google:

When you are going to use Google as a search engine, you should take a screenshot of the video in question.

  • If you are using Apple or Mac, then you are required to tap on the Shift-Command-4.
  • Next, your task is to tap on the mouse or trackpad key.
  • Now, your job is to drag the area that you are willing to take a screenshot of.
  • Finally, you should release the trackpad or mouse key.

If you are a windows user, you can take a screenshot by tapping the Ctrl + PrtScn buttons.

You can get the help of the snipping tool in rectangle mode.

Ensure that you are using a distinctive frame from the video while taking a screenshot. The screenshots you have captured needs to be kept to the desktop so that you can access them easily.

Then, you are required to move to Google Images. Now, you should tap on the camera icon to find through the image.

When you upload it, the tool will return a SERP for the screenshot. In this SERP, you can find the search results along with any image data.

You should know that the largest search engine on the globe is Google. It enables you to find anything. But as of now, you are unable to use Google for this purpose. However, Google allows doing a support image search. Hence, you must put a picture on it, and then the search engine will find related content around the entire web for the results.

According to the reports, the technology has been used recently with Bing’s Visual Search. The good news is that it has worked nicely.

When you put a picture in Google, it uses the metadata of the image and keywords. From the Google search, this platform is still unable to identify. In this case, you can use the Bing Visual search tool.

Run-on Bing:

You are required to follow the same pattern as it doesn’t rely on the platforms. Just capture a screenshot of any frame and upload this on various tools.We have given here the method to use the tool for this purpose.

  • First, you are required to run the video for search.
  • Then, you should capture a picture of the frame of a video and keep the screenshot.
  • Now, you should upload the screenshot on the Bing Visual Search.

The tool is capable of showing all the results of the video and identifying the man inside it. People who are willing a fast solution to reverse video search must use the tool. I hope this will work for you.

Other Independent Tools for Reverse Video Search:

There doesn’t need to take the help of the major search engines in this case. Using third-party tools can help you in this case. If you are willing to find databases of these search engines, then use the tools.


Are you making your unique content on different platforms? Then, this online reverse video finder tool is the best one for you. If you are willing to use this, you need to pay for it. The tool allows you merely five free searches. After the search, you will get an email report of your pictures and videos.

How to use:

  • Use the tool to screenshot any video. You can put a video file also to the page.
  • Next, you are required to select the plan you prefer. It costs from $5 to $25 per month. You can tap on the search option for free.
  • After that, your job is to tap on the Search option and then wait for the results. You can find the results on the dashboard.


  • The image search process of the tool has similar details from Google, Bing, Yandex, and others.
  • Users can import images easily from multiple platforms like Flickr, Dropbox, and other social media.
  • The tool allows you to set-up an account with ease. It saves your work and sends the results.
  • With the help of this Berify tool, you can find thumbnails that enable you to find stolen videos. This one is one of the unique features of the tool.


  • Users can try merely five free searches.
  • The tool features professional image search services, but there exist issues with their videos. Compared to the Google video search, it performs better.


The tool is ideal for image search and recognition. If you are looking for a tool for label matching, color search, image tracking, then use it. With the help of this TinEye tool, you can easily find videos by objects. Plenty of companies are there that use the tool. It is because the tool is the oldest one for image reverse search. TinEye allows you to search with video screenshots also. The method is simple enough.

  • Capture a screenshot of the video that you are looking for.
  • Then, your task is to navigate to the page and upload the image.
  • Whether a few filters are required, take the help of a specific domain or certain collection.
  • If you are willing, you can add a particular page while you think the page may contain the video content.


  • The tool comes with filters to suit the highest resolution image, newest, and oldest.
  • You will get results from the tool very quickly.
  • As this one is a private search engine, your history is not saved here.
  • It features mobile image recognition and advanced image identification.


  • It doesn’t come with the right match option.
  • The tool is unable to find images except taking the help of text, logo, etc.


This engine is the only one that comes with a reverse search video option. It has been available for more than two years. If you are a blogger, then the tool is perfect for you. The reason is that it is capable of boasting about one billion images and videos. Besides, the tool comes with a million user contributions or more than that.

  • First, your job is to capture a snapshot of the video or any footage part to use the tool.
  • Then, your task is to navigate to the official page.
  • After that, your job is to drag the screenshot. If you want, you can upload an image to the dashboard panel. You are required to use keywords to get better results.
  • Finally, you should browse the results.


  • It is a section specialized for videos only.
  • It offers top-quality 4K video search.
  • Don’t consume too much time.


  • The subscription price of the tool is $170.
  • If you want to have 5 SD Clips, you need to invest $280 without a subscription.


If you are a videographer or video editor, you should use the tool. Using the tool, you are capable of saving time and money. The API makes the digital fingerprints of the videos first and then compares these. Finally, it will offer the detailed results of your matches.

  • To use the tool, first, your task is to upload the content.
  • After uploading, the Automatized API helps you to create fingerprints.
  • Then, it will compare both the video source’s digital video fingerprint and the video’s fingerprint.
  • At last, the tool will give you the results.


  • The tool is easy-to-use and works quickly.
  • Tags, logos, or keywords are not required.
  • It comes with an automated method allowing you to remove duplicates, false, or missing results.
  • It comes with a 30-day free API key.


  • Machine learning technology along with Artificial Intelligence is used in this tool. It doesn’t offer the correct results always.


It is one of the best editors using which you can edit the videos with perfection. A team of highly skillful developers invented the tool. They always try to keep the tool updated. It enables you to get the recent technology to edit your videos.


The tool’s user interface is straightforward. You can use this software to rotate, merge, flip, trim, and crop videos.

  • It comes with more than eight hundred stunning effects. You can apply this to the video easily.
  • If you want, you can edit videos even professionally. It comes with almost all the helpful features.
  • It is compatible with more than fifty formats that ensure that you can play the results on any device.
  • Users are capable of sharing videos over social media like YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and others.

Reverse Video Search on Mobile: IOS and Android

To run this on mobile, it needs a snapshot. For android models, your job is to tap on the Power and Volume Down buttons together repeatedly.

If you are an iPhone user, your task is to hit the Power and the Volume Up button at the same time repeatedly. You won’t find any camera icon on the mobile of Google Images. Therefore, the maximum you can do is to request the desktop option.

In the Chrome app:

First, your task is to open Google Images.

  • Then, your job is to choose the three dots that are available at the bottom-right of the page. Tap on the three dots to open the menu.
  • Choose the option Desktop site if you are using Android. iPhone users need to choose the option Request desktop site for loading the desktop version of the site.

Here, you can see the site’s desktop version and then choose the camera icon. After that, you should upload the snapshot taken on your phone.

iPhone iOS:

Mobile “long press” process:

  • Hence, you are required to have the Google Chrome Application on your mobile.
  • To do this, first, your job is to navigate to the page where the image is available.
  • Then, you should tap on the picture and, after that, hold it until you see a menu popping up asking— Select Search Google for This Image.

Android Reverse Video Search:

Generally, android mobiles come with the default Google Chrome browser. You can take the help of the Google Chrome app or the Google website hance for this purpose.

Android Visual Search:

  • When you are using your android mobile device, first, your taka is to open the application. Then, click on the Discover option available at the bottom.
  • After that, you are required to hit the options Google Lens available in the search bar.
  • Now, you should upload a snapshot of the video for search.
  • Finally, your task is to scroll the page to look for the search results at the bottom of the page.

Tracking Videos with Backlink Analytics:

Backlink tools can be used for tracking pictures as well as videos. People who are marketing campaigns should follow media.

With the help of this Backlink Analytics tool, you can get a backlink database. It helps you to identify any new backlinks.

  • First, your job is to open it in Semrush. Then, you should type the URL of the picture or video.
  • Hence, you can see all the backlinks and referring domains of the last 180 days using the tool. If necessary, you are capable of using the tool for tracking lost backlinks.
  • The tool helps to review the domain authority.
  • You can get the help of the Backlink Audit tool in case you see any suspicious activity or untrustworthy websites. If necessary, then you can contact the administrator of the website.

How to Use Image Search on Google To Find a video:

  • First, your job is to capture a snapshot of the video you are using. Ensure that you are cropping it so that there doesn’t exist any other stuff.
  • After that, your task is to navigate to Google Images.
  • Then, you should tap on the camera icon that you can see available in the search bar.
  • Move to the options “Paste image URL” or “Upload an image” after that. Then, you should tap on the upload image option. Now, you should choose the screenshot of the video.
  • Tap on the search option. Now, Google shows several pictures that it can recognize to be the same as the real one.
  • Finally, you are required to browse through the results.

As AI and machine learning are used in Google reverse image search, therefore this one is not foolproof. You can find the images in any of these formats such as .jpg, .gif, .png, .bmp, .tif or .webp.

The Bottom Line:

When you do a reverse video search, you will find every single piece of content related to the video you are looking for. Some people prefer to invest both their money as well as time to make useful or entertaining videos. If you’re also one of them, then you should use it for better content ideas.

Frequently Asked Questions: 

  • How can you do a reverse Google video search?

Now, Google can’t perform this as it doesn’t come with any feature. Google is not capable of reading videos, but it comes to an image search feature.

  • How can you search by video?

We have given here a few names that come with video search features.

Google Video: You can use this to search the videos on other social networking sites like news channels, film trailers, live streams, etc.

Youtube: This platform has an excellent search ability to display related videos. Besides, it comes with filters for advanced search.

Bing Video: Although it doesn’t come with reverse search, you can get related videos here.

  • How do you find similar videos?

A lot of sites are there which come with an auto-play or related videos feature. Users can find related videos in these places.

Whether the YouTube platform is hosting the video, you can see other relevant videos similar to this. In this case, you can also see playlists sometimes. Google Advanced Video Search comes with an in-depth search filter.


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