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10 Best Password Managers for Android

Best Password Managers for Android
Written by twitiq

Nowadays, data breaches are usually caused due to weak, reused, or old passwords. Most of the time, we spend on our Android mobiles. So, it is hard to ignore the number of unprotected accounts. Fortunately, taking the help of a password manager can solve this problem. Let us find Best Password Managers for Android in this blog post.

When you use a trustworthy Android password manager, you will be able to generate new & complex passwords. Moreover, you are capable of storing them in the vault & autofill when necessary. You need to know that advanced encryption, Two or Multi-factor authentication, and a master password protect the vault.

Before using a password manager, checking if it supports your Android device is necessary. In this article, the top ten best password managers for Android are covered in terms of security, privacy, performance, compatibility, and so on.

Why do you require a password manager for your Android?

Several people reuse their passwords in different applications and websites. To avoid losing credentials, many people note down passwords or store passwords without protection. These unsafely stored passwords result in data breaches & identity thefts. That’s why it is necessary to use a strong Android password manager.

People use default password managers, such as Google Password Manager. Although these are beneficial, these have only a few basic features, including autosaving & auto-filling the credentials without syncing them across different devices.

3rd party password managers take privacy & security very seriously. Using a password manager lets you protect the passwords with advanced encryption & multi-factor authentication. You can use a password generator to make new complex passwords. Besides, with the help of a password health checker, you can find risky passwords. Additionally, syncing your items is possible across different devices. It ensures that you won’t lose a password again.

How can you select the Best Android Password Managers?

If you want effective performance from a password manager, ensure that it runs on your OS properly. Several password managers are there which can be chosen based on security, compatibility, features, etc. Let’s see how to choose the best password managers for Android.

Security: The best ones always help you to encrypt your passwords so that they are visible only to you. Generally, these are not stored in plain text. The normal password managers use the latest encryption technology (256-bit AES with PBKDF2-HMAC-SHA512). These are equipped with biometric logins & multi-factor authentication.

Device Compatibility: If you are looking for an Android password manager, you need to confirm that this one supports your other devices. Migrating to a new mobile will become very simple if you take the passwords. A few password managers support a specific OS. However, others are compatible with cross-platform use. It indicates that passwords can be stored in the cloud. People can access their passwords on all the devices.

Coverage: A few ones come with limits on the number of entries you are capable of storing. Besides, other managers prefer unlimited password storage and syncing. You should focus on those ones which do not have restrictions on storage.

Additional Features: Many of them provide extra features which go beyond storing passwords. With the help of a password generator, it is possible to get better passwords. Shared accounts let you share login details with family or colleagues. A few of these password managers provide encrypted storage & data breach monitoring.

Best Password Managers for Android


Price: Free / $2.99-$4.99 per month

It is a very competitive password manager that comes with fundamental features such as password management, password generation, and cross-platform support with OSs.

It has password unlock & other organization features. This application can give a 30-day free trial for setup & demoing. After enjoying the free trial, users need to subscribe to any of their plans.

aWallet Password Manager:

Price: Free / $3.49

If you want an application which has been around for a long time, aWallet should be an automatic choice. It stores banking info, passwords, credit card info, and custom data. There exists a default search, custom icons, and an auto-lock feature. In addition, you can find a preloaded password generator. Every basic is covered by it, like AES and Blowfish encryption. You will be able to download the app for free. You can pay for the pro version as a single in-app purchase.


Price: Free

It is a newer password manager application. This application comes with AES-256 bit encryption, salted hashing, and PBKDF2-SHA-256 for the prevention of brute force attacks. This one is free to use and open-source also. It is possible to host your own password server if you want. Bitwarden is compatible with Android’s Autofill API. It belongs to the top most effective free password manager apps.


Price: Free / $4.99-$9.99 per month

This one is a famous password manager application that comes with many free features, good encryption, etc. The free version allows you to enjoy several features such as auto-fill, security alerts, storage for up to 50 passwords, etc. It has two premium subscriptions. If you go with the $4.99 per month option, you can enjoy unlimited password storage & device syncing, dark web monitoring, and a perfunctory VPN.

The $9.99 monthly tier includes a credit monitoring service, identity restoration support, etc. This free version is suitable for most people and works fine until they do not want this on their PCs as well as on phones.

Enpass Password Manager:

Price: Free / $9.99

This strong password manager comes with all the basics. It comes with desktop versions for Mac, PC, & Linux. In addition, there are no subscription fees. The application is able to back up & restore your info like 256-bit AES encryption and cross-platform syncing. It is possible to make migration simpler by importing from other password managers. You can use this to fill passwords automatically into the Chrome browser. Just download the app and use it by paying $9.99 to unlock everything. You will be able to use this app at free of cost with Google Play Pass.


Price: Free

This one will be a great option if you are looking for basic password manager apps. It comes with the fundamentals and lets you backup passwords. But it doesn’t include more complex features like other ones in the list. A primary reason why people like to use this is that they can use it for free and it is open-source. This manager depends on the code for Keepassdroid, whereas these two are compatible with one another. It is an exceptional free password manager which you should definitely try.


Price: Free / Up to $9.99 monthly / Up to $99.99 yearly

Are you searching for an old password manager app? Keeper is a good-to-go option whose frequent updates keep this relevant. It includes all fundamentals, such as Android’s native auto-fill capabilities, a password generator, & a vault for stuff such as files, photos, and videos. The PC version is above average. This one is a competent password manager equipped with more niche features.

Keeper is one of the most expensive password manager apps in this list. It includes a free version, a trial for the Pro version, etc.

LastPass Password Manager:

Price: Free & $2-$4 monthly

This one comes with hundreds of features like auto-filling passwords into apps, sites, & forms.

LastPass is flashy, due to which most users love this one. With the app’s help, you can store images & audio notes securely. It includes many uncommon features like fingerprint scanner support, a password generator, and a password auditor informing you about the strength of a password whether it is strong or weak. LastPass lets you grant emergency access to any friend or someone in your family. Its free version keeps you locked to a single platform as of 2021. It is a drawback of this one.

Password Safe:

Price: Free / $4.99

This password manager can boast zero connections to the Internet & 256-bit encryption. These let you feel safe by protecting your data. It helps to put in your passwords, categorize them for easy browsing, and make new ones. The app also has an auto-backup system. Purchasing the Pro version for $3.99 offers a lot of features. It isn’t the strongest, but it is decent. Besides, the app is free with Google Play Pass. My Passwords by Erkan Molla is another decent option similar to Password Safe.

Google Smart Lock:

Price: Free

This app is an excellent password manager which supports Android, Google Chrome, & Chrome OS. When you log into this, Google asks whether you want it to remember the password or not. After that, if you reopen the app or site, Google will put in the information for you. It is compatible with usernames, passwords, credit card info, etc. You need to press the button above to access the passwords you can store on the Google account. Browsers like Firefox include similar features. But for Android, the only option is Google Smart Lock.


You can go for any of these best password managers for Android based on your requirements and budget. If you have any doubts or confusion, do ask us via comments.

Frequently Asked Questions

Doesn’t Android already have a password manager?

Google has a default password manager, available on Android devices. But it can’t sync with non-Google accounts and can’t work across several apps & sites. It also never gives many security features. Moreover, like other password managers, it doesn’t come with a lot of security features.

Are third-party password manager apps safe?

Yes. Because legitimate third-party password managers take help of several security measures for ensuring that the information will be safe and protected.

What’s the best free password manager for Android?

You can go with Dashlane providing unlimited password storage. This one has a simple-to-use Android interface also.

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