IFTTT Alternatives and Similar Apps for Automation

Microsoft Flow
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IFTTT is a leading automation app. It is so much exoteric because of two primary reasons. First, the app allows you to use it for free. And secondly, the app compacts with a massive number of services.  But only because of its popularity, it doesn’t mean that you don’t need IFTTT Alternatives. A few alternatives are available based on user requirements. 

List of Top IFTTT Alternatives for Automation

  1. Integrately
  2. Zapier
  3. Microsoft Flow
  4. Tasker
  5. Integromat
  6. Automate.Io
  7. Workflow
  8. Huginn
  9. Yonomi
  11. MacroDroid

 Best IFTTT Alternatives and Similar Apps for Automation


A novel workflow automation provider, Integrately offers 250000+ integrations, with ready integrations available for the top CRM, marketing, management and survey apps. Custom SaaS integrations can also be done by the in-house customer support staff. With free trial plans available, Integrately plans start from $15 per month. Indeed, through its 1 click integrations, Integrately is rapidly growing to become one of the top workflow-automation software providers.

Integrately comes with ready mappings, so many complicated steps don’t need to be performed to execute basic tasks. With a speedy platform, which connects apps within 5 minutes, Integrately has some of the most competitive pricing plans compared to its peers. Custom SaaS integrations can also be carried out by the back end team. With its prompt customer service and addition of new 1-click integrations on a regular basis, Integrately is a great option for any business looking to increase operational efficiency through workflow automation.


IFTTT Alternatives ZapierIt is one of the most well-known IFTTT alternatives. Hence, you can connect devices and apps. By using “Zaps”, this app can connect apps and services. This app is mainly for those users who want to build complex sequences. Hence, it can support plenty of niche services. Besides, it enables you to add many steps of actions into single Zaps.

It usually offers three different price options or tiers. The first one will not permit you to make Zaps with two steps. Hence, you can’t select apps as your preferences. In the $20-per-month tier, you will get unlimited grades. Furthermore, it allows you to introduce filters and formatters. Moreover, there exists a level of $600 per month that is used for business purposes.

Microsoft Flow

Microsoft FlowThis one mainly develops excellent apps for both iOS and Android platforms. Microsoft Flow comes with a great UI. The app is compatible with all its Services such as OneDrive, OneNote, Office, and so on. Microsoft Flow also comes with integration for every third-party app. The unique feature of this app is that it is a cross-platform app. But there are a few drawbacks of this app also.

Hence, as a user, you must have a Microsoft Account. Otherwise, you will not be able to use this app. It is because there exists no other way but using which you can log in to this app. The main focus of this app is on the business side of things. However, for those who want a cross-platform app, Microsoft Flow is the right one for them.


IFTTT Alternatives TaskerIt is the perfect automation app that supports the Android operating system. Instead of automating external web apps, the main focus of this app is to automate your phone. Now, you can launch Spotify while plugging in your earphones. Although, using this app is slightly confusing for beginners. Here, you can’t get the friendly GUI that is offered by both IFTTT and Zapier.

This app does not allow you to use it for free. If you want to use it, you need to pay a one-time payment of $3.50. You only get here for a seven-day trial period. Also, it would help if you kept in mind that a few IFTTT applets are there that can automate your phone. Moreover, these applets allow connecting millions of services in terms of automating regular tasks.


IntegromatIt is another app that works similarly to IFTTT. Mainly for business purposes, this app is designed. The significant power of it is Integromat supports the volume of apps. You can transfer and even transform data by using the app. It helps you to do this by moving between several locations in the workflow. Hence, you can automate anything without doing any program on the platform.

However, those who have efficiency in code making can build highly complex integrations. Users can do up to 1,000 operations, transfer about 100MB of data, and 15-minute intervals by using Integromat. If you want to get the paid plans, then you need to spend at least $9 per month. And It will run up to $299. The highest-paid plan allows the users to transfer more than 220 GB of data and supports about 800,000 operations.


Automate.Io IFTTT AlternativesIt works similar to Zapier. With the help of this app, you can make multi-step workflows in multiple services and apps. This app is mainly used for professionals and business purposes compared to home users. It can support more than 100 apps. It comes with a free tier that offers 300 monthly actions. Here, you can access the generic apps, five bots, and five-minute run intervals. The starting plan of the app is $49/month. However, if you want to use the highest plan, then you need to pay about $400/month.


Apple iOS is a locked-down nature. It means that you can’t get here any like-for-like replacement for Tasker in the App Store. It is the Apple Design Award winner that helps to connect almost every app on your phone. Hence, it doesn’t work automatically like Tasker. You have to activate the workflow manually.

Moreover, the app also allows you to use one of the pre-made workflows. But it is when if you don’t know where to begin. As soon as you will get more familiar with the apps and understand how it works, you can create your own. The price of the app is $2.99. But when Apple acquired the company in the year 2017, it allowed the users to use this app free of cost.


IFTTT Alternatives HuginnIt is an open-source app. Designers made this app in such a way so that you can run it on your server. The app is a combination of Yahoo Pipes and IFTTT. If you’re a beginner in the coding world, then it is a perfect option for you. However, you may face difficulties in making and setting up agents.

This app allows you to watch for events, read the web, take actions, and so on. It can make all these jobs done without sharing your data with an external third-party app. You can use Huginn utterly free of cost. It can support the increasingly famous Docker.


YonomiPeople who have iOS can use it. Yonomi is free to use. With the help of the app, you can connect your favourite home devices. As a result, you can play all the tools together such as Hue lights, Smart locks, Amazon Echo, and Sonos speakers, without any hub. Hence, what you need to do is to set up “Routines”.

According to this routine, all the devices will respond to each other automatically. But it depends on the time, location, and your preferences. Besides, you can get updates of the calendar and contextual weather throughout the day. It enables you to pause songs during calls and adjust the lighting and temperature. It would help if you had a network connection to run the app.

Elastic.ioThe starting price of the app is $220 per month. It is a hybrid integration web-based platform. Professional developers usually use this app. With the help of the app, you can securely connect API’s on-premises and cloud applications. It comes with a vast library for inbuilt connectors for business applications. This web-based platform offers users a sleek dashboard. As a result, you can monitor, log, and handle errors by using the dashboard. Moreover, it helps to decrease manual methods.


IFTTT Alternatives MacroDroidMacroDroid supports only the android version. It allows you to use it for free as well as you can pay for the premium version too. The minimum cost of the app is $1.99. However, It is a configuration and task automation app. Therefore, MacroDroid maintains the balance between usability and features. Hence, you also have to make a Macro to automate things. Every Macro has a connection with a trigger which helps you to activate the automation.

The app allows you to choose from over 40 various motivations for starting a Macro. The main difference between MacroDroid and IFTTT is that it enables you to link more than one action to a single trigger. Even, you can see here constraints that can work as exceptions to the rule. For instance, it allows you to set a Macro that helps to disable WiFi or Mobile data.

But it is when you will see the battery level goes down under 10%. Apart from this, this app allows you to add constraints as much as you need. Although, you can not add unlimited limitations in this free version. Hence, you can create only 5 Macros in the free version.

Conclusion: Here, we have given details about the top ten IFTTT alternatives. Looking at the features, benefits, and drawbacks of these IFTTT alternatives, we hope that you can choose the right one.

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