Best Tools for Writers to Boost Their Productivity in 2021

best tools for writers
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Are you looking for the best tools for writers? Then you are in the perfect place, here in this post I’ll let you know about the 15 best tools for writers in 2020.

In this digital world, tools are vital to easing our work and efforts. Same like other niches, writers too require tools to ease up their work. If you are checking for the best tools for writers, then you’ll get them here.

Generally, Poor craftspeople blame their tools. If you’re blaming your tools, then you have to change. Tools only can’t make you a craftsman, but surely they can help you out. From new writers to seasoned writers, everyone needs the best tools to improve their writing. It’s not at all an easy task to write every day, but finding the perfect writing tools may help you increase your productivity.

Gone are the days where you used to use typewriters, pen, and paper, notepads, and more to write, but now we’re working on computers. Growing with time and age, we have evolved in technology. So, we can see the improved writing tools that assist you in writing.

As you are searching for the best tools for writers? You can get them on in this post. Let’s check out the best writing tools and resources for writers to make their work easier.

Best Tools for writers:

These best tools for writers are curated by testing hundreds of writing tools. If you are striving to make your work easier, then you should check out this list of best writing tools for writers.

Microsoft Word:

Microsoft Word is one of the popular tools that are useful for writers. If you’re striving to check out the best tools for writers, then Microsoft Word will be on that list because of its utmost features.

This software is one of the oldest yet powerful word processor tools in the market. It’s having a wide variety of formatting options writers need to format their document correctly.

If you are a writer who is working on a larger document with many sections and headers, then you should consider Word because it has got everything covered from formatting options to printing options. You’ll have everything on your side.

Best Tools for Writers-Grammarly:

Grammarly is one of the best tools for writers in 2020. After keeping hell a lot of effort in writing an article, you should proofread yourself to stay away from mistakes. Most of the time, writers will miss some mistakes. At these times, Grammarly will come to help you out. Grammarly is one of the most useful tools for writers as it offers specific writing enhancements.

This tool shows grammar and spelling errors and makes your article error-free. It’s more focused on calrity, conciseness, and tone. You can use Grammarly as an extension for chrome, safari, or firefox web browser for free.

This tool also has a premium version, which is more useful in detecting advanced grammar errors such as deeper word structure, plagiarism, vocabulary enhancements, and more. You should use this best tool for writers in 2020 so we have mentioned that on the best tools for writers list.

Google Docs-Best Tools for Writers:

Google Docs is one of the popular online word processors from the family of Google. It’s best in performance, features, and almost equal to Microsoft word. With this tool, you can collaborate and organize your content in a perfect format. You can even collaborate to share a draft with the others.

This is one of the best tools for writers. You can share your document with your friends, and they can comment or do edits to the document if you give them access. Apart from that, google docs allows you to store all the documents in google drive. This makes it easier for others to access your documents. Apart from that, you can even open the document from anywhere on any device with ease.

Evernote one of the Best Tool for Writers:

Evernote is one of the best tools for writers. This tool helps you sync all the digital items across all the devices you own. If you are at the office and want to access some files or if you are at the shopping mall and want to access an email or photograph on your smartphone, which you have left at home means you can set up Evernote to monitor those folders on the computer easily.

If you add anything to the folder, it is accessible from all the devices or gadgets. Apart from these, you can even search the notes you want and save the ideas that strike in your mind as well. This is one of the best tools for writers you have to use in 2020.

Reedsy Editor:

Reedsy is another best tool for writers in 2020. This tool is a free online word processor that formats your book as you write it. It’s a handful of tools if you are striving to write a book or long notes. Whenever you check your drafts, they automatically turn into a professional piece of content.

The best part of the reedsy book editor is it lets you to typeset your content to EPUB and print-ready formats instantly. If you are searching for the best writing tool that automatically formats your content, then you have to choose this software.

Scapple – Best tool for writers for Brainstorming:

If you are searching for the best tools for writers to brainstorm their ideas? Then scapple is one of the best tools as it helps writers to brainstorm their ideas.

Usually, writers face a hard time while getting ideas to write on a topic. So, this special tool will help you with the initial and crucial step of writing content. With this tool, you can capture all your thoughts and ideas and establish them in a visual format and connect them to form the main idea.

This tool is excellent for making mind maps and tracking your thoughts so that you can indulge in creative writing. The flexibility of this app is particularly good, and it helps you organize your ideas.


The Draft is another userfriendly software which is helpful to edit and create documents. This is an online word processor the same as the google docs, but it does more than that.

Draft online processor not only helps you write but also tracks how many words you usually write per day. It will email your daily reminders about the “Word Count Goal” when you create one for you. You can find all the format options similar to Google Docs, so this is one of the best tools for writers in 2020. The interface of this unique tool is more comfortable to access than the Google Docs.

Hemingway App:

Hemingway app is another helpful app for writers who love to write. This app improves your writing and helps you with useful suggestions. It doesn’t act like a Grammarly, but it works similarly to that, but it’s focused on the readability factor.

In general, all writers need help from a good editor. If you are in search of free editors, then the Hemingway app is the best option for you. It’s a handy tool for busy content writers who have a hefty schedule. This app usually highlights all the common errors, readability aspects, complex sentences, and more.

It also shows you overuse of the passive voice, and notify all pieces of text which are difficult to read. This is the best tool; that’s why we have included on this list of best tools for writers.

Headline Analyzer from CoSchedule:

Writers often tend to spend quality time for headlines to impress the audience. As a writer, it’s our job to create an eyecatching and click-worthy headline that instantly captures the reader’s attention. If you are finding it hard to judge your headline, then you can use the “headline Analyzer.”

Writers have to enter their headline idea and other details about the article. Then this tool will “Analyze Now,” and your headline will be given a score by analyzing powerful words, emotional and uncommon words. This is also the best tool for writers, so I have mentioned this on the list.

Best Tools for Writers- Marinara Timer:

When we are thinking about the best tools for writers? Then we should consider timer tools to stay organized while writing. This simple time management tool can help you enhance your productivity.

This app helps to manage the time of your workload as well. Whenever you work for 25 minutes, then you will have to take a 5-mins break and then again work for 25 mins. You can use this free to use timer to make yourself more productive.

Readable – Tool to engage your audience:

Readable is the other best tool, so I have mentioned in this list of best tools for writers. This tool helps you to create and craft the article as well. The readable tool usually assesses the content and searches for mistakes, readable factors, and more.

This tool helps you to write for your target audiences quickly. You can “Copy – Paste” the content in that tool to get the “Score Text.” With this score text, you can tweak your content and make it more engaging for the audience.

Cliche Finder:

Cliche finder is the other best tool for writers in 2020. This tool helps you to ensure you have a good understanding of what you write. Usually, some styles of writing use cliches and other idioms, but lots of writers don’t know about it. International audiences will better understand your writing if you avoid colloquialisms.

In case, if you are struggling to avoid over-usage or having confusing language in your writing? Then a cliche finder could be the best tool for you. This tool is easy to use, and it gives you excellent results, so with all these features, we have listed this on the best tools for writers list.

Stay Focused App-Best Tools for Writers:

Stay Focused is another great app for writers. If you are searching for the best tools for writers? Then a stay focused app is one of the best finds for you.

Usually, writing can be intense, and it’s very easy to lose your concentration while writing. So, this app helps you stay focused on its unique features.

This app is available as a google chrome extension, and it’s useful to stay focused. It restricts the amount of time you usually spend on time-wasting websites. This is definitely a helpful tool that eliminates all unnecessary distractions and increases your productivity levels. Stay focused is one of the best writing tools for writers, so I have named it on these best tools for writers list.


These are the best tools for writers in 2020. Along with these you can also use other writing tools such as Nosile, Prowriting aid and more. Start using these special and best tools for writers and enhance your writing and be professional.

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