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Must Have Apps for Android
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Whether you’re a new Android convert or a long-time fan, Google Play Store’s 3.5 million app collection can be overwhelming. Our must have apps for android list is a perfect spot for those trying to jump-start their set.

We freely agree that the Google Play Store doesn’t even attempt to approach the almost endless number of games. We also know that everyone has different interests when it comes to their Android phones, so we advise you to disregard non-relevant applications. Over the year, there are hundreds of various apps being released. We’re no strangers to the apps that make us more active. Notice that there are no games in this list since there are just too many and too many to accommodate here.

List of Must Have Apps for Android in 2020

  1. Dropbox
  2. Manual Camera
  3. VLC Player
  4. Netflix
  5. Pocket
  6. Google Drive
  7. IFTTT
  8. Spotify
  9. Evernote
  10. Nord VPN
  11. Nova Launcher
  12. Signal Private Messenger
  13. Snapseed
  14. SwiftKey
  15. Sleep as Android
  16. Disney+
  17. Google Podcasts
  18. LastPass Password Manager
  19. Pulse SMS or Android Messages
  20. Zedge

Must Have Apps for Android in 2020

If you have an Android Smartphone, you’ll need some important applications to sync your files, watch movies, log your sleep habits, get ready, and more. We’ve collected the latest, most useful applications for Google Play Store.

  1. Dropbox

DropboxThe first app that comes in our list of must have apps for Android is Dropbox. Dropbox remains the strongest file synchronization software to and from your handheld devices. It operates through the internet, Windows, macOS, iOS, and of course, Android, ensuring you never need to find yourself without an essential file. You can use Dropbox to back up your images and videos to the cloud automatically, keep the valuable collection of PDFs with you, or take notes back to your desktop. In the negative hand, the free Dropbox package provides just 2 GB capacity. However, if you need additional storage space, premium plans start at $10 a month for 1 TB storage.

  1. Manual Camera

Manual CameraManual Camera is also one of the must have apps for Android. After all, it’s the biggest, most robust camera software for Android. If you want to tweak a whole lot of parameters before clicking the catch button, this is your app. It’s the closest you can play with a DSLR by still holding your mobile. With Manual Camera, you can perform professional photography shoots while using your very own Android smartphone. The app allows you to shoot, edit, and add effects to your pictures and videos, all in a single app.

  1. VLC Player

VLCMost of the Android devices play movies and music right out of your in-box, but we recommend you add VLC Player to your regular apps. Think of it as an all-in-one app for every media playback work. VLC Player can manage any file format there. Besides basic replay, it carries lots of other features: you can play online streams, add subtitles, change sound settings with the built-in equalizer, view videos in pop-up windows on top of other applications, download computer content on the local Wi-Fi network, and more.

  1. Netflix

NetfixNetflix is not only among the best online streaming apps, but it is also one of the must have apps for Android. For smartphone streaming, Netflix is hard to top. It boasts a huge (if unlimited) TV shows and movies library and top-notch features like offline browsing and 4 K video. Netflix also leads the way among streaming platforms by producing, to name a few, critically acclaimed original programming including Black Mirror, The Crown, Narcos, The OA, and Stranger Things. It also provides good online anime titles. Netflix is no longer all about wasting time; it’s about catching up with the new hit series.

  1. Pocket

Must Have Apps for Android PocketYou do not have enough time to catch all those articles online. Instead of increasing windows, Pocket lets you save things from any browser, whether on your computer, tablet, or phone. This makes it among the must have apps for Android. Learn these bits at leisure on the Android version. You can also sync things to be available while you’re offline. What’s more, Pocket strips all ads and other clutter from webpages to give you an easy-to-eye reading experience. Extra features, including automated search and auto-tagging, include a $5 monthly premium membership. It also has the additional benefit of eliminating Pocket phone ads.

  1. Google Drive

Google DriveWhen it comes to the must have apps for Android, we can’t forget about Google Drive. Google Drive isn’t all cloud computing. Besides synchronizing and saving your files, it also provides a versatile mobile office suite to build and edit files from your phone. Drive will also store files locally for viewing and editing offline. It does not replace your laptop office utilities, however remarkably similar. It also makes communicating and exchanging documents with other people simple, regardless of medium.

  1. IFTTT

IFTTTIFTTT, or If This Then That, connects various apps together: when a signal appears in one service (“if this”), it happens in another (“then that”). You will incorporate a whole range of programs, including social media, mobile applications, hardware computers, online utilities, and more. The software works especially well on an Android device: you can use it to change the wallpaper of your phone every day, back up your SMS messages to email, update several social networks concurrently, or turn off your Wi-Fi when you leave home. That’s just an example of what’s possible — IFTTT has even more things to try.

  1. Spotify

SpotifyEveryone in the world have a taste for music, and there’s no better way than a music-app to listen to your favorite songs on the go. Music apps have become the must have apps for Android due to the increasing demand. There are more ways to listen to your favourite music on your phone. Spotify delivers a winning mix of simple, crisp music and a massive genre-spanning collection. Collaborative playlists encourage you and your friends to enjoy personalized mixes, and runners will love the beat-matching workout settings. Its multidevice support is also remarkable, allowing you to switch from one system to another remotely. If you just plan to use one streaming music app on your Android smartphone, pick Spotify.

  1. Evernote

Must Have Apps for Android EvernoteTaking notes is an important part of our everyday lives, whether as a student, worder, or instructor. This is where Evernote comes in as one of the must have apps for Android. Evernote lets you scribble memos, plans, random ideas, and just about everything you’d like to digitally set down. This Evernote software has been around for more than a decade now, but considering its advanced age, it remains young and keeps pace with younger rivals. It also excels in organizing stuff: Evernote helps you organize all your papers into notebooks and mark them with categories and personalized marks, making them conveniently searchable and available. It also synchronizes different systems smoothly. Both these features come with the free app. If you purchase a $5 / month premium package, you also obtain the opportunity to connect your Evernote package to third-party applications as well as expanded sharing opportunities.

  1. Nord VPN

Must Have Apps for Android Nord VPNGoogle and web antivirus firms did a fine job of keeping Android (mostly) clean of harmful malware. But when you link to a public Wi-Fi network, malicious entities can intercept all of your information. Therefore, virtual private networks are so critical, and NordVPN is among the strongest. Other funny tricks for a VPN? Hiding advertisers’ IP address and accessing region-locked material. This is what makes Nord VPN one of the must have apps for Android.

  1. Nova Launcher

Nova LauncherOn Android, you can adjust the pixel-by-pixel look that you can’t do on iPhones. Specifically, launcher apps — like the excellent Nova Launcher — let you absolutely reskin Android style, redoing everything from home screen configuration to app icon information. If you’ve installed Nova Launcher on your computer, it lets you add more icons to the home screen, change their height, tweak text and mark settings, incorporate more gesture controls, reskin your phone with a new theme, and more. If you fork out to update Prime, it loads on even more graphic customizations.

  1. Signal Private Messenger

Must Have Apps for Android SignalOur list of must have apps for Android basically covers app of all kinds, so a private messaging app can also be expected in our list. Signal Private Messenger is a free email site. Besides text messages, Signal supports voice and video calls, making it extremely flexible. Many common messaging applications are operated by businesses with bad consumer privacy histories, so using Signal is a safe way to escape these threats altogether. Installing Signal is also fast. Only enter a phone number and select a user name, and you will have a more safe contact experience.

  1. Snapseed

Must Have Apps for Android SnapSeedYou’ll find several Android picture editing applications, but we’re huge Snapseed fans. It gives you access to nearly every image-tweaking app you can think of, helping you do everything from color correction to object removal. You may do intense work tuning effects to a very fine degree or just slap in seconds on any filters. Given the many features, Snapseed and its tools remain user-friendly. When you’re done, you can quickly export the data. Originally an autonomous software, Google now develops Snapseed. As with several tech-giant games, it’s free. It’s perfect for imaginative smartphone photographers.

  1. SwiftKey

Must Have Apps for Android SwiftkeyYou may be satisfied with the keyboard that came with your Android smartphone, but if you want to upgrade to the next level, you need SwiftKey. It picks up words, slang, and nicknames you rely on and uses the information to have smarter autocorrect and text predictions. If you prefer to change, SwiftKey supports that too. This allows for faster form. In addition to adapting to your own typing style, SwiftKey also offers quick access to emojis and GIFs, supports various languages, and offers plenty of color themes to jazz the keyboard’s appearance.

  1. Sleep As Android

Sleep as AndroidAs the name itself suggests, Sleep as Android is one of the must have apps for Android as it is made specifically for the Android operating system itself. You don’t have to fasten an activity tracker to your wrist to monitor your sleep patterns — use your phone and the Sleep As Android app instead. The software will track movement and noise and find out how much you’re sleeping and how much shut-eye you bank. The basic features come standard but pay the one-time free update, and you can unlock a lot of handy extras. This includes a smart clock, which wakes you up depending on your sleep cycles, and an app-free experience.

  1. Disney+

Must Have Apps for Android Disney+Whether you’re searching for something like Disney, Star Wars, Marvel, or Hamilton, the only way to go is Disney+. You will stream everything from the new Avengers movie to the odd Disney Channel shows you are used to enjoy back when you were a 12-year-old. With the COVID-19 pandemic delaying theatre reopening, Disney also uses Disney+ for big blockbusters, including Mulan. There’s a free seven-day trial, and it’ll cost you $7 a month back — but you can spend $70 a year in advance to save $14.

  1. Google Podcasts

Must Have Apps for Android Google PodcastsGoogle’s latest podcasting foray hits a good compromise between versatility and convenience. Besides playing your favorite shows, it also synchronizes your listening through devices — including Google Home speakers. The GUI is tidy and clutter-free, so finding new podcasts is easy. Upon subscribing to a program, automatically download new episodes and join your list.

  1. LastPass Password Manager

Must Have Apps for Android Last PassPasswords are the most important things for almost everyone, so a password manager app must be included in our list of must have apps for Android. LastPass is a must have Android app. It’s a password manager that stores your user credentials safely. It will also help create almost impossible passwords to use on your accounts. A master password governs everything. It has cross-platform functionality to use on laptops, handheld devices, phones, or whatever. Yet LastPass still seems like it’s one step ahead. The premium edition is also inexpensive. You can also catch LastPass Authenticator for added protection. There are some fantastic password managers tools in the Play Store if you like more tools. We like LastPass a bit more nice and safe (usually), particularly with its extra authenticator app.

  1. Pulse SMS or Android Messages

Pulse SMSThere’s plenty of decent SMS applications. Two are above the others, however. Pulse SMS or Android Messages. Pulse SMS features theme, GIF support, password-protected chats, spammers blacklist, dual-SIM support, and more. Android Messages is much more basic, but it’s easy, and it’s finished. They also provide SMS texting from your laptop. Pulse SMS srevice charges a monthly subscription or a single $10.99 fee while Android is free. Pulse SMS uses server structure, while Android messages stream the messages live. Both Pulse SMS or Android Messages have their pros and cons, but both are great choices for accessing your messages anywhere. Textra is another fantastic choice if you don’t need desktop text and find it more fantastic.

  1. Zedge

Must Have Apps for Android ZedgeLast but not least, on our best list of must have apps for Android is Zedge. This wallpaper, ringtones, message tones, and alarm tones app gives you an amazing range of choices to modify your device’s most simple components. Besides providing an exhaustive range of products, Zedge also promotes different pieces during holiday seasons, making it convenient to customize your phone for Christmas, Halloween, and other holidays. It’s not 100 % perfect. It has occasional errors and other truly annoying commercials. Zedge Premium is a recent project to offer premium content at fair rates. You watch advertisements or complete surveys to gain Zedge credits like other great ringtone apps and wallpaper apps. However, only Zedge does both consistently.


So these were 20 of the must have apps for Android. All the apps mentioned in this list are the best in their very own and serve important functions. Whether it’s doodling, scheduling, editing, streaming, socializing, or whatsoever, these 20 apps are just what you need.

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