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Remote Control for PC
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In this modern world, people need to access their desktops or PCs remotely to get their stored information. If you wish to access your PC remotely or want a remote control for PC from another device? Then don’t worry, you have come to the perfect place.

In this post, I am going to let you know about the six best Android apps for the remote control for PC. Before going into the topic, do you know why people use remote control apps?

People use remote control for PC apps to make sure they get access to their PC from different places. These remote control for PC apps help users to remotely access and control desktop from their mobile or other devices.

Remote control for PC apps are handy in various situations because these apps help you to access your system in person. Although the process is dead easy, some newbies might feel it hard because they don’t know about the settings.

To use remote control apps, all you have to do is set up VNC or RDP on your system, and then you should install and configure Android apps that are compatible with your computer and Android device.

After doing it, you have to connect to your computer from anywhere in the world securely and can access your files with ease. That’s the main flexible reason why people love to use Remote control for PC apps.

6 Best Android Apps to Remote Control Your PC

As you are interested in learning about the best Android apps for remote control for PC, check the list below.

Best Android Apps to Remote control for PC:

In this list, I’ll take you through the list of 10 best Android apps that help you to access your system from anywhere in the world remotely. You can easily control your computer and access the files you need with an active internet connection.

So, let’s get into the list of best Android Apps to Remote Control for PC.

How to Do Team Viewer as Remote Control for PC:

Team viewer is one of the most popular remote control apps you should check out in 2020. If you are striving to check out the best solution to remote control your PC, then the team viewer is the best option for you. This is an exclusive product that helps you provide amazingly fast and secure access to your devices from anywhere in the world.

To use this app, all you need is an active internet connection and Teamviewer installed on both devices. This is enough for you to access your PC from anywhere in the world. The team-viewer app is compelling and provides online support to the customers who cant access their PC.

I have used several remote control for PC apps, so far, I found Teamviewer as the best option mainly for its user friendly interface and power-packed features. This app also offers support for more devices than any other platform. So, these reasons have made me put this software on the top of the list. The team-viewer offers a multi-platform solution as well, so you can be comfortable with that.



  • TeamViewer is one of the best remote control apps that comes with a hell of attractive features.
  • With TeamViewer, you can easily connect to all desktop and mobile platforms that include Windows, MacOS, Linux, Chrome OS, Windows Phone, Blackberry OS, and more.
  • Teamviewer supports screen sharing options that helps you to remote control devices.
  • A Single window interface controls all your contacts, devices, sessions, and more.
  • This app offers a record of remote sessions such as audio, screen, video, and more.
  • You can share clipboards, copy images and files hassle-free.
  • With a TeamViewer, you can transfer data with 200mb per sec across other remote devices.
  • This unique app’s free version is for personal use, but it will not have premium features.


  • Teamviewer doesn’t connect to the systems that are running on Open Source VNC or other third-party software.
  • This app has more premium price features.


VNC Viewer:

VNC Viewer is an excellent remote control for PC apps. With this VNC Viewer, you can instantly remotely access your computer screen from anywhere just by using your mobile device.

This app establishes a secure connection between mobile and desktop. Technically, VNC provides a reliable cloud connection to the VNC connection so that you can connect with other devices without the need for any network configuration.

With VNC Viewer, you can connect with all primary desktop OS, such as Windows, Linux, Mac, and others. If you are striving to get a free open source solution that fulfills your needs, then VNC Viewer is the only option.

Even though VNC viewers lack some premium features as its open-source, it’s best because it’s free.



  • VNC Viewer offers various useful features that help the remote control for PCs.
  • You can get intuitive remote control seamlessly.
  • It supports Bluetooth keyboard and mice for more easy control on the mobile device.
  • This connects your computer to mobile using its open-source VNC.
  • It provides backup and sync connections by using the VNCs Cloud Database.
  • VNC offers a couple of authentication schemes that prevent unauthorized access.
  • You can encrypt whole connections and prevent all malicious entries.
  • Easily blacklist users after failing to authenticate to avoid attacks of portscan.
  • It offers a free subscription to its VNC connect to cloud for home users.
  • You can pre-install the software, or you can connect on demand.
  • Quickly file transfer, printing, and chat during your session.
  • The online team management option helps you to organize and manage your team.


  • VNC lacks one main feature that it can’t connect to the mobile platform.
  • It doesn’t support the file transfer feature and from the free home subscription.

Make Chrome Remote Desktop as Remote Control for PC:

Remote Control Your PC

Chrome Remote Desktop is another popular tool to give remote access. You can securely access your computer from different devices such as tablets, phones, or other computers.

Chrome Remote Desktop is free, simple, and fast. It helps you to transfer your PC to your phone hassle-free. The connection is accessed through the Google account. With this exclusive app, you can flawlessly share your screen for hours.

Its user interface is particularly easy and user friendly so that you can use it seamlessly. You can use a chrome remote desktop with a touchpad, phone, and more.


  • Quickly connect to MacOS, Windows, and Linux desktops.
  • It has a One-time authentication code option, so it’s safer to use.
  • You can flawlessly screen share your screen with ease.
  • Quickly manage all your saved sessions at a single place.
  • You can stream audio and can copy-paste files for windows.
  • Encrypted Sessions will help you be secured.
  • It’s free to install, and easy to use.


  • You can’t access local storage or other remote apps.
  • It doesn’t even support file transfer for some platforms.

Do Change Microsoft Remote Desktop as Remote Control for PC:

Microsoft Remote Desktop is the best to use a remote control app for PC. If you are running windows on your device, then you can connect your windows with your Android mobile device remotely with the help of Microsoft Remote Desktop.

Microsoft Remote Desktop doesn’t need any installation on the remote system to connect. All it needs is a window, and you have to know about how to configure a remote desktop.

In case if it didn’t work, then you need to install a remote desktop Assistant. However, this tool doesn’t work on other platforms. As it works on windows, it has useful features.

This remote desktop app has features such as shared clipboards, access to local storage, and more. However, it lacks advanced features such as file transfer, voice call, chat, etc.


  • Connect to Windows desktop and Servers effortlessly.
  • It has a multi-touch experience that supports windows gestures mainly by using “RemoteFX.”
  • You can access remote resources such as printers gateway and more.
  • Quickly get access to local storage of Android from Microsoft remote windows applications.
  • Microsoft’s tool has a robust security connection to remote control PC.
  • Its user’s network-layer authentication method is the most secure authentication.
  • This tool is free for everyone, but Enterprise users access a few features.
  • By using advanced bandwidth compression, it gives high-quality audio and video support.


  • The main cons of Microsoft Remote Desktop tool are it cant connect to the other apps.
  • It cant be connected to the latest versions of WIndow 10.



KiwiMote is one of the highest-rated apps on the Google Play store because it allows you to remote control your PC from your Android device.

This connects to Android phones over its wifi. Usually, it supports all versions of Android. KiwiMote app requires a PC-side server, so you have to install it on your desktop or laptop.

Just to ensure that it runs perfectly, it requires Java to be installed in your system. This tool is a lightweight tool, and the server is only around 2MB. The software is portable with all platforms such as Mac, Windows, and Linux.

This app requires your phone and PC to remain to connect through the same wifi hotspot or router. Although the connection is easy to set up, it takes some time to get used to it.

For connection, you can use your phone to scan the QR Code that is displayed on your desktop. You can even connect through alternative ways such as, IP, Port, and PIN as well to connect.

KiwiMote helps you to remote control your pc quickly. It also provides features such as mouse, gamepad, and keyboard.


  • The lightweight server is quick to get connected.
  • You can remote control your PC with this app, but you should be on the same wifi.
  • You can connect to all major platforms such as Mac, Windows, and Linux.


  • You can share your computer screen on your device.
  • It’s a bit tricky for newbies who are trying to use it.

Splashtop 2:

Splashtop is another remote control app that helps you to the remote control for PC. This app is secure, and it gives full access to all the applications, files, multimedia, game, and much more, which are on the remote computer.

It’s easy to quickly set up and connect with the Splashtop 2 app as it is using Splashtop streamer on the computer.

In case if you are searching for any local network solution, then Splashtop is the best tool for you. Although its online remote control works only for Premium members, it has even more options for paid subscribers.

In this app, you can access and stream your music and media that are stored on your computer. It happens mainly because of its flexibility and user-friendly interface.


  • You can only connect to windows and Mac platforms because of its restrictions.
  • It helps you to connect various devices such as kindle fire, windows phone, and more.
  • This app has a high definition video and audio streaming feature that remotely connects with your system.
  • It is having strong encryption as it has an audit trail, multi-level passwords, and more.
  • This app is having features like file transfer, remote print, multi-user access, and chat option.
  • You can freely use this app on the local network and access other computers.


  • This app has no free option to access your home computer by using the internet.
  • You can’t connect to Linux and other systems because of its restriction.


This is all about the 6 best Android apps for remote control for PC. In this list of 6 apps, Teamviewer is people’s favorite and works perfectly on any device. So, I did place that in the first place because it has gained that spot with the best performance.

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