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Best PDF Search Engines

Best PDF Search Engines
Written by twitiq

Have you ever thought about where the free PDF textbooks, magazines, and other PDF files are coming from? Do you know which website contains all the different necessary PDF eBooks that you need? If you don’t know, then a PDF search engine site will come to your help as it enables you to find your desired PDF book with a tap. In this article, we are going to review Best PDF Search Engines. Let’s dig in.

What is a PDF Search Engine?

It is an Internet website used to find and index all pdf files in the database, like PDF eBooks, academic papers, and magazines. When you need, you can use these PDF finder websites for free. Once you enter a keyword or the book title in the search box, you need to press the Enter key, and it is possible to get the PDF book instantly.

You should know that a PDF finder can cover several fields like education, business, fashion and a lot of topics. If you are a student or a scholar or prefer reading books, you will always get the latest PDF eBooks or files meeting your needs to complete your research. As soon as you download the pdf file from a PDF search engine, you can use a pdf editor to edit as it is simple to use, or you can annotate the content.

Best PDF Search Engines:

We have given the names of the Best PDF Search Engines.

Pdf Search

This search engine finds free pdf books, e-books, pdf & MS Word files, and many more which cannot be found so easily with the help of other tools. You can find relevant pdf & MS Word documents for research using the Google Programmable Search Engine. It is easy to use, like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. You only have to type the question into the text box. Then, you need to hit enter or the search button. After that, you can see a list containing all the search results related to your query.


Sometimes, a few scientific articles, research papers, and posters are unavailable online or in print. In such cases, this tool can be used. This tool can make everything available in PDF format for free. Around 80 million scientific documents are available in it. Besides, you can find e-books on different interesting topics like biological sciences, programming, etc. It is possible to find more ebooks results also on other topics. You can now get Google Custom Search Engine for this Web search engine pdf.


It can incorporate the biggest document search engine where you can find all your necessary documents. This one is a new online platform where you can find PDF files & other pdf documents. More than 320,577 documents will be available on 3,296 websites when you search by keywords. The result of which, it becomes an ideal place to start the journey for those who are finding ebooks online.

Search PDF with Google Advanced Search:

Are you looking for PDF files like XLS, DOC, or other formats? If yes, knowing how to use specific Google search commands like Google Search Operators is essential. These are advanced search commands on Google. With the help of these commands, you can find your desired item quickly. One command is used to locate files with pdf and other extensions. If you are willing to find a CIRS Certification Syllabus PDF, you should go through the steps.

  • Navigate to the GOOGLE.
  • Once you head toward the search bar, you should type filetype:pdf CIRS Certification Syllabus.
  • Then, to search, you should hit ENTER.
  • Many PDF files about CIRS Certification Syllabus are visible when you go to the search results page.


This tool can conduct a comprehensive search of the entire web. It can offer pdf downloads, and you don’t need to log in here. Although it uses the Google index, it limits the results to PDF files.


It can help you a lot when you look for free ebooks by category, read them, and download links. For academic research, a total of 34 different books are available. It can showcase the book’s cover with other information before you buy it.

Book Gold Mine:

You can access many top-quality ebooks, notes, lectures, and other publications using this tool. You will find e-books and notes on several topics such as biology, physics, business, mathematics, and computer science. If you need a pdf file that belongs to any of these categories, this tool can help you a lot.

PDF Geni:

This one is a useful custom search engine for PDF files, mainly manuals, ebooks, forms, catalogs, sheets, and other PDF documents. It can give you a similar user experience to other search engines.

You will be anonymous to third parties, and the reason for that is the server doesn’t collect your Mac address, IP address, or other related details. As soon as you start searching, they will gather your details like location and search terms. It helps to compute the most often done searches across the globe.

There are a lot of free eBook downloads, eBook resources, and eBook authors available on this site. Its aim is to present independent authors, inventive writers, and provocateurs ( those who can risk all for their art). Before you add ebooks to your library collection, previewing them up to eighteen pages is possible. 

This is an eBook publishing company which is based in the United States of America. For businessmen, it is useful because its target is publishing instructional resources. The availability of 75 million free ebook downloads makes it the biggest ebook publisher.

Two special types of ebooks— student textbooks and business-related e-books are available. The section can offer more than a thousand PDF textbooks which different professors from different renowned universities wrote. Students can download textbook PDFs for free. Its business ebooks help you to improve your soft skills & personal development. Thus, you can develop professional & business skills.

PDF Drive:

This search engine is especially used for PDF files. Currently, it comes with 76,580,165 eBooks which you can download for free. It is ideal for periodicals, free PDF ebooks, comics, and articles. There is no limit on how you will use free PDF ebook downloads. It is possible to access several search engines for ebooks in an accessible area. PDF Drive’s library is something where you can access a wide range of search engines. The library is expanded continually. PDF Drive and Library Genesis are perfect for professional ebook themes.


This PDF search engine comes with a vast range of contemporary and classic literature. While all are free, this supports all e-reader platforms. It includes an extensive library containing thousands of free digital books, which are available through the internet. The major focus of this website is on the fiction genre. All the books are available online that you can read or download in PDF format at free of cost.


This one is an outstanding source for free PDF books. These are digitized versions of books designated as public domain. It is specialized in famous historical authors like Charles Dickens and Charles Dickens. Its target is modernizing the classic works by converting these to PDF ebook format.


It is the most comprehensive medical and technical information academic search engine source. This one can explore academic journals, books, and articles. Using the website, you can access Elsevier’s bibliographic database of scientific & medical publications.

You can find more than 18 million pieces of content and 4,000+ academic journals and 30,000+ e-books using this pdf search engine. It allows researchers to find answers to different questions like fundamental science and cutting-edge research. The database comes with more than 16 million articles, ebooks and magazines, etc.

CALAMEO PDF Downloader:

With the help of this e book search engine, you can download any book or publication on its site in a PDF ebook form. Despite publishing more than ten publications, it supports only Calameo Publications. As a result, authors can obtain PDF versions of their works. Sometimes, the PDF download link is unavailable. If it happens, remember that the author has still not authorized its download from the website.


It is actually a library where many free books are available, and anyone can use the books from any place in the world. If you want to pursue fiction and nonfiction books, hit the GET MY BOOKS button. After that, you need to browse the category list for links. If you want to do pdf search, go for this tool.

Internet Archive Books:

In this case, you can access 20 million free ebooks, movies, software, music, and websites. Besides, if you have a free account, it is possible to access a collection of 2.3 million current eBooks. It has a lot of books where topics and subjects are available in more than 100 languages. This archive book collection covers more than 1,000. Using this pdf search engine, you can find a lot of historical and intellectual literature and works.

This pdf search engine allows the user to get more than 60 databases and 2,200 scientific websites, and offers more than 200 million pages containing trustworthy government science material of different formats like full-text papers, citations, scientific data, and multimedia. Users can access journal articles, peer-reviewed accepted submissions, and various reports on research which federal science agencies support using it.


This free pdf search engine’s major focus is on academic websites. It comes with more than 240 million documents from over 8,000 content providers. Around 60% of the indexed publications are accessible for free.


This search engine is available to academics and researchers. There are about 135 million specialized papers on medicine, biology, physics, computer science, and social science. For researchers and scientists in Europe, it works as a commercial social networking platform where you can ask questions, share papers, answer questions, work with others on projects, etc.

Google Scholar:

It is ideal if you love spending your time mostly on research papers. You can do a cross-source search from a single spot. In addition, finding ebooks, theses, academic publications, online repositories, abstracts, etc., is possible.

eBook Lobby:

This library of free ebooks can provide free ebooks in different categories like business, art, computing, programming, and education. We call them free ebooks. Business, art, and computers are examples of it.


You can thoroughly search the whole internet to look for ebooks & documents. Find-pdf-doc lets you download PDF, DOC, PPT, TXT, and SWF files. It is a great choice for you if you are finding a specific ebook or PDF file. DOC, PPT, XML, RTF, AI, DWP, MP#, etc., are some file types supported on this platform.

Final Words:

You can choose any tool you like from this provided pdf search engines list to get the best search results for your desired PDF. The right one always offers a wide range of learning resources for avid learners, literati, and some casual reading. These websites come with all eBooks from the primary level to the scholarly level. Therefore, these are helpful for everyone.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How to search PDFs on Google?

If you are willing to find any PDF file, you should use the Google search operator “filetype:pdf + Keyword” For example, you need to type “filetype:pdf Internet Research Paper” in the search box to search for the pdf files for ”Internet Research Paper” term. You can see all pdf files now as per your search.

  • How to search in a PDF document?

If you open a pdf in a browser or Acrobat Reader, you may or may not see the search window panel. So, if you are willing to bring up the search/find window panel in your PDF document, you should use the “Ctrl+F” buttons.

  • Where can you find PDFs for free?

You can get free PDF eBooks, textbooks, and documents of different fields from all pdf search engines. If you want to select the best one, read this article. But you should know that you can not access a few PDF books due to the copyright.


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