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How to Convert a PDF File to a Google Doc?

How to Convert a PDF File to a Google Doc?
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Have you been working on your history essay for several weeks and now want to turn it in? Have you downloaded a PDF publication and are now willing to edit it? Then, you must know How to convert a PDF file to a Google Doc format.

If you are willing to try things out, you can do so, but it will take time. We have given here many ways to let you know how to convert into the format. Always write a text document in the app, as it enables you to select it within seconds.

How to Convert a PDF File to a Google Doc:

PDF is a widely used file format on the web, and it includes plenty of books, publications, magazines, brochures, and booklets. We have given here some steps that let you know how to do it. But before diving into the steps, you should know a few factors.

  • The file format must not come in more than 2Mb size.
  • This format is suitable most if you write the document in Arial or Times New Roman.
  • Whether images are not sharp, their quality can suffer post-conversion.
  • The document orientation must be right-side up. If it happens in any other way, ensure to rotate it accurately.
  • Whether you do not care to keep the actual file format, use Google Drive and your PDF for conversion. But if you want to keep the formatting, your job is to use Microsoft Office Word.

Without Formatting:

If you want to make the conversion process quicker, you must use your Google Drive. The doc version helps you in this case, but hence you can lose your PDF file’s original format.

You need to know that it is possible merely on a desktop. Trying the mobile steps will help you convert the format to a read-only Word file. Unfortunately, you can’t make any changes to it as a result.


  • Your first task is to sign in to Google Drive.
  • Now, your job is to upload the file you are willing to convert on the Drive. It is possible in two ways.
  • You need to drag it to the Drive’s home page.
  • After that, you have to create a new folder and open it. After that, your task is to tap on it and then tap the option “Upload files.”
  • You have to select the file you are willing to convert from the display.
  • Your task is to wait for a while till the document is not uploading. Then, you have to follow the progress in the lower-right corner of the display.
  • As soon as you upload the file, it would be best if you tap on it.
  • Navigate to the drop-down menu and select the “Open with…” option from there. Next, your job is to choose the option “Google Docs.”
  • As soon as Google Docs opens, it will begin converting the file. It can take a while but relies on the size and type of file.
  • When you complete the file conversion, you will find it as editable text on the Google Docs’ main display. After that, you may begin working on it.
  • Use the docs format if the PDF file is full of plain text. If there exist multiple pictures, charts, or tables, you may not receive good results to the point of a few parts.
  • The file may contain a .pdf behind its name, and it is because Docs format copied the original PDF file’s name. So, whether you are willing to download your file while completing editing, your task is to head towards File, Download as, and Microsoft Word (.docx).

With Formatting:

You can use doc if you do not need the original file format. The app helps you a little bit to keep the formatting of your file. It is when you have to use Microsoft Word. Using Microsoft Word can take some additional steps, and however, go through the steps to know about it.

The Word can provide you with a more accurate conversion procedure. Hence, your task is to open the File in Microsoft Word first, and after that, you can open it in Docs. The steps you have to follow are as follows:-


  • First, your job is to navigate to Microsoft Word on the PC and open it.
  • As soon as Word opens, you have to move to the main menu. After that, your job is to tap Open and browse for the PDF file you are willing to convert. Choose the file now.
  • You can now see a pop-up window appearing on display, letting you know that it will convert the file from the PDF format to an editable Word document. Tap on OK to continue.
  • After the conversion finishes, the document will appear in a Word format. Word is an excellent app for retaining the original formatting like indentation, spacing, bold, and other aspects.
  • After that, your task is to choose Enable Editing. You can see it at the top of the window for saving a file to the computer in Word format.
  • When satisfied with the edits, you need to head towards the file and tap on the Save As option.
  • You have to save the IP to the computer. Then, you can save the file as a .docx extension.
  • Head towards the Google Drive account and then move to the folder where you stored the document. Next, tap on the folder and choose Upload Files.
  • You have to browse and choose the saved .docx file and select the option Open.
  • The document is available as a Word file on Google drive. Your task is to tap on it and choose the Open With option. At last, your mission is to choose Google Docs. Thus, you can convert the document into the format. If you convert the file to a doc directly, you will find it in a much better format at a similar time.
  • If you are willing to finish the conversion, move to file on the menu bar. After that, move to the drop-down menu and choose the Save as Google Docs option. It helps to eliminate .docx at the top of the document, and you can store it as a doc. The process may include a few additional steps, but you can save plenty of time restoring the formatting.

How to Export a Google Doc to PDF:

The method takes a few seconds only. Just move to the Google Doc menu, and from there, you can make it possible. Even you don’t have to take the help of any extra software. Please go through the steps to make it happen.

  • First, your task is to log in to the Google doc if you have not installed it.
  • After that, your job is to open the doc you are willing to export.
  • Tap on “File” in the upper-right corner.
  • Move to “Download” and choose “PDF download (.pdf)” from the drop options.
  • Now, the software can do all the jobs for you, and the file can download on the PC in your default download location.

Another process is there that you can follow to save the file as a PDF format on your doc and then send it to your email.

  • Head towards Google Docs and open the document you are willing to export.
  • Move to “File”> “Email as attachment.”
  • After that, your job is to choose “PDF” under “Attach as” in the “Email as attachment” window.
  • You can add an email where you are willing to send the file. Then, after a while, you can get it delivered to your inbox.
  • Tap on the option “Send.”

You can try both ways as these take a few seconds of your time. As a result, you don’t have to waste your time browsing among the sea of software converting files for you. You have complete control— writing, exporting, etc.

How to convert a PDF file to a Google Doc – Three Ways to Convert:

  1. Use Adobe PDF to Word Converter:

If necessary, take the help of Adobe’s free online service for this purpose. After that, your job is to upload the word document on Drive to open it via Google Docs.

  • Hence, first, your task is to go to Adobe PDF to Word convertor page in the browser.
  • Tap on the Select File. After that, you have to select the PDF you are willing to convert.
  • Please wait for a while till it is not uploading and converting the document.
  • After that, your job is to tap on Download when the file is ready.
  • Move to Google Drive and upload the downloaded docx file.
  • Now, it is possible to open and edit in the format.
  • If there exists more than one conversion, try to log in to your Adobe account.
  1. Use PDF to Doc:

It is an online service that can convert the file into a regular Word document used in MS Word or other formats. Use the service to convert up to 20 PDF files at a time.

  • First, head towards any online pdf to the doc conversion site. Then, tap on Upload Files available on the home display.
  • Choose the file you are willing to upload and hit Enter after that. You can see your file converting automatically. As soon as the procedure is over, a Download button will appear under your file on the display.
  • Tap on Download to retrieve your file. If you convert more than one file, tap on the Download All option to save time. You don’t need to download every file individually.

We advise you to try the process to convert image-heavy PDFs. However, you can lose some fonts in the transition, but the result is still good.

  1. Use Ease PDF Convertor:

This cloud service can help you convert the File into Word documents in bulk. Then, you can upload and edit them with Google Docs. If you want to use the format, do the following.

  • First, log in to the EasePDF account and head towards the homepage.
  • Move to the Edit PDF or eSign PDF to give your name as you prefer. After that, your job is to choose the file you are willing to add text to or your signature.
  • You should have the flexibility to upload the file from the PC, Google Drive, Dropbox, URL, and OneDrive.
  • Choose the editing tool on the toolbar as you need.
  • Tap on Save PDF if you are willing to download the file. If you are willing, convert it to another format with the help of the converting tool on the platform.
  • As soon as it completes, your job is to upload the File to Google Docs. Tap on the Upload, followed by Select a file from the device. After that, choose the saved PDF to open it in Google Docs.

Other Methods:

Several tools are available to use to convert a document to Word or Google Docs, and it relies on what you will select at your disposal.

  • Take the help of the online or desktop PDF converter tools to convert PDF to Word. After that, repeat the process to do the same from the Word document to Google Docs.
  • You can get the help of some online tools to convert the PDF document to a JPG file. After that, your task is to insert the JPG into the Google Doc.
  • You need to take the help of online tools to extract text out of the PDF document. After that, your job is to insert the text into the doc.
  • Take the help of the online OCR services to convert troublesome PDF files that are not simple to convert into a text document.

The Bottom Line:

We have given a few simple ways to convert a file into docs format in the article. First, open the file directly in docs or take the help of third-party services to convert the file into doc format.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Why Should you use Google Docs to convert and edit PDF files?

The process is straightforward. Besides, it helps to make the conversion possible easily and most quickly. But unfortunately, the method generally takes a few seconds to finish.

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