Useful Computer Tips for Restoring the Notifications in Your Mac Desktop

Useful Computer Tips for Restoring the Notifications in Your Mac Desktop

High-definition desktops have the potential to bring the entire world at the tip of your finger. Since, these desktops are infused with the latest, innovative, and revolutionary technology; you can perform your entire task from the comfort of your home with simple computer tips and tricks. These desktops will give you all sorts of baits that will force you to get tempted by every bit of it.

These Mac desktops contain latest technology and to cope up with the latest Computer tips you need to be a smart user. The users of Mac desktops have always complained about their inability to match up with its speed.

They cite their complaint owing to the fact that they come across several internet sites and programs that deliver pop-up notifications on their desktop, but these pop-ups are so short lived that before they will acquaint him fully with the information provided, the screen disappears, and the user cannot get hold of the entire thing.

The Boxes gets removed very quickly. Some programs might attract the reader, but before he/she can read the entire notification the pop-up disappears which shatters the interest of the reader. So, the question that arises is, that whether there are any computer tips through which the reader will be able to hold the notification, until they acquaint themselves fully with the content of the drop-up box.

The innovators of such desktops have developed certain beneficial computer tips through which they can help the user to restore the notification for a longer time, so that they can linger for more than a while on the screen. These pop-ups tend to slide away from the right side of the screen whenever there is another mail or a news alert for a website, but the users need not worry now, the harbingers of technology has an answer to this problem.

They have said that the user of such desktops can now see the news related to the latest websites and programs and can even see them at a later point of time, if the settings are done in a such way so that these notifications get restored in the Notifications Center of the system of your desktop.

To open the Notification Center, you just have to tab on those three lines that appear at the top right corner of the main menu bar of your Mac-desktop and then you just have to click on the tab relating to the Notifications and you can witness all the recent messages dropped in by several applications and websites.

The experts have also given tips on how you can change the way the alerts come up on your screen. For that, you just need to go to the Start menu and choose the Settings application. Select the desired icon, notification and action and your work will be done. These Computer tips are the landmarks of creating a well-informed and smart user that can do everything as per his/her convenience. Therefore, Computer tips are directly proportional to the shortcut that makes your life less stressful.

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Windows 10 will Throttle Apps to Improve Battery Life

Windows 10 will Throttle Apps to Improve Battery Life

Windows 10- Preventing the function of background Apps for preserving battery power

Your laptop is one of the precious assets to you, and you like to use it for all your personal or business purposes. No matter whether you are at a café or your office room, your laptop always accompanies you. But, you face the real problem, while your laptop battery starts malfunctioning. While you have started your business presentation, you may find that the battery has started all its power very fast. There are perhaps various reasons for which a battery can shed its energy quickly in Windows 10 OS. However, according to some experts, one of the common reasons is the activation of background apps. Some background apps that are running in your device are responsible for absorbing much of the power.

Stop background apps from functioning anymore in Windows 10-

The best news for laptop users is that Microsoft has decided to make some modification to their Operating System in order to preserve battery of laptop. Background applications will not get significant level of power to keep on their functioning. However, the upgrade is intended only for Windows 10 users. Microsoft is trying hard to make more adjustments of the system to give better results. Those, who have recently installed Windows 10, may enjoy the newest feature for sustaining the life of your laptop’s battery.

Microsoft has planned to improve your laptop’s battery life by throttling background apps. Microsoft has set up Windows 10 in such a way that the OS will be able to find out the applications, which you are presently using for doing your work. All the remaining apps will be prevented from using power. As per the experts, this type of feature may help you in saving almost eleven percent of the laptop battery energy.

It’s now easier to save battery-

The latest feature is also accessible to the notebooks, which are equipped with Kaby Lake or Intel Skylake processor. While you have any such device, you may see a slider, which allows you in controlling the use of energy for retaining battery life. At the same time, it will also boost up the performance of the device.

However, it is to be noted that while you have plugged your laptop to an outlet, you will not have chance to make use of power throttle system. Besides, you may also select any specific apps for avoiding the throttle, while you require for some of the background apps. At present, the users of Windows 10 OS need to access their Control Panel system in order to make adjustment of the power level.

However, the slider has made everything simpler so that you can control the life of device battery with no hassle. If you are Apple’s Mavericks OS, you will find the same type of feature, which is known as App Nap. It holds back the function of background apps.

In addition to the power control option, Microsoft also wants to launch a feature for automatically maximizing the storage limit by removing temporary folders. So, take advantage of some more additions, introduced by Microsoft.

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Apple has received the permit for officially testing its self driving car technology

Apple has received the permit for officially testing its self driving car technology

The mega tech company, Apple has been the centre of attraction in social media platform and news reports in the last few weeks. Though, the company decided not to make any official statement, new reports surrounding the company has been escalating. The company was the subject of numerous rumors and reports, including one that stated that the company is all set to test its self driving car. This news report confirmed that Apple has been working for quite some time on its ‘secretive’ project. The company was also the subject of a latest survey which concluded, that Apple is extremely popular amongst teenagers.

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Apple GarageBand, iMovie, and iWork Apps are Now Completely Free

Apple GarageBand, iMovie, and iWork Apps are Now Completely Free

GarageBand, iWork and iMovie- All have become free apps

If you love creating new music at mobile platform, GarageBand app is perhaps not unknown to you. This app helps you in recording music with touch-screen User Interface. On the other hand, those, who want to work on the official documents at mobile interface, iWork is the right app for them.

It creates an excellent collaboration of Pages (create gorgeous-looking files), Numbers (insert dramatic tables or charts) and Keynotes (to present spectacular slideshows).

Again, if you want to watch excellent 4K videos, iMovie has the best solutions. All these highly functional apps from Apple were originally available in only premium version. However, good news for Apple users is that all these interesting apps are now accessible at free of cost.

Free Apple apps- Not for old devices

Whether you are an iOS mobile user or a Mac PC user, you will be able to avail the above three apps without making any payment. But, if your handset is too old, you may not get these benefits. Apple devices bought on 1st September, 2013 or later, offer all the users free apps. It is one of the amazing initiatives, taken by the company.

Since the year 2013, all the users start using free version of the apps. But, if you were an old Apple mobile user, you had to buy the app. While you had a plan to install Garageband and iMovie on your mobile, you should pay $4.99. For every iWork application, it was $9.99. In addition to it, the desktop versions of these apps were comparatively costlier. The price for iMovie app was about $14.99, while for iWork, it was $19.99.

At present, no user needs to spend their bucks to utilize the apps. Due to the availability of the current free version, most of the educational institutes and organizations have started making use of these apps to explore all its features. Moreover, it has been found out that GarageBand has become a unique app in the market.

It is because there is no similar Android app, which is effective to compete with this software. However, there is a plan of Google for incorporating fresh features and APIs, considering the needs of music lovers, who are using Android O handset.

Apps with newer features, added by Apple

Recently, Apple has also made a noticeable update for all the iWork apps in order to offer better experience to the users. It has created a unique and strong protection system to ensure a good level of safety to all the important files and documents.

With the help of Touch ID system, you can protect all your personal documents. Moreover, it has introduced a number of amazing changes to the features of Keynote, Pages and Numbers apps. You can now edit your new creation perfectly and also get the details of those things.

Thus, use your Apple devices to enjoy three apps, including GarageBand.Visit App Store to download the apps directly on your device.


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Google AutoDraw Tool Helps You Doodle Better

Google AutoDraw Tool Helps You Doodle Better

Turn any of your doodle into a master piece with the Google AutoDraw

A lot of people like doodle but almost same amount of people hate it due to their poor drawing skills. Google seems to have understood the problem faced by the majority of users and it has brought along the artificial intelligence to help out the users in effectively translating the drawn doodle into a professional doodle. This automated drawing bot has been named Google AutoDraw which is available for free to use.

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